By screamingmoist
published April 18, 2021
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A trip to the gay bar sets two friends on the right course.

“Dude, just relax. All we’re doing is going to a bar. It’ll be fun, I promise,” Mike said, grabbing Adam by the arm. “We didn’t drive all the way over here for you to pussy out at the front door.”

The reluctant young man dug his feet in like a kid being dragged to the dentist. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea after all. What if someone we know sees us,” he protested, his heart racing as he looked at the bustling club. The flustered, sandy-haired jock had never been to a gay bar before. Other than to his roommate, Mike, he wasn’t even out of the closet, and even that discovery had been accidental. It was bound to happen sharing such a small apartment, but Adam had still been mortified when Mike discovered the porn he’d been watching. A lifelong swimmer and athlete, Adam felt like he had to fly under the radar. He was terrified that if people knew the truth they’d treat him differently. Given his outward charm, leanly muscled build and All-American features, Adam enjoyed a position of popular privilege, whether he sought it out or not. People just naturally gravitated to him, men and women alike, and though he felt increasingly like he was living a lie, he wasn’t ready to risk giving it all up. He went on dates with girls to maintain appearances when forced by his friends, but word was starting to get out that the ripped, handsome hunk never seemed interested in finishing the job. Adam knew it was only a matter of time before people figured it out, that he’d have to face the truth sooner or later; he just wasn’t ready.

Mike thought differently. The brawny, dark-haired hunk was every bit the popular, athletic Adonis that Adam was, and he didn’t see any reason why his friend should have to hide. He’d been pushing the stifled man since the moment he learned the truth, trying to reassure Adam that no one would care. He used himself as the example, making it a point to still lounge around in his boxers and act the way he always did around the apartment after he found out. Mike had no problem flirting with other guys when they’d hit on him at the gym or when they were out drinking with their friends, and it had been his idea to drag Adam to a gay bar in an attempt to force the other man out of his shell a little in the first place. There were a few near their university, but Mike had volunteered to drive nearly an hour away just so they could go to one in another town where Adam wouldn’t have to worry as much about being spotted.

“Do you want me to hold your hand,” Mike offered, his wide, stubble-covered jaw offset by a wry grin. “Might make us fit in a little better.”

Adam laughed and pulled his arm out of the other man’s grip. “Aren’t you worried about giving these guys the wrong impression?”

“Whatever, man. When in Rome…” the dark-haired jock shrugged. “Bet these dudes give some mean head.”

Adam raised an eyebrow but followed along when Mike started walking. “Wait…are you telling me you’re…”

“I’m telling you we just drove an hour away so you could be more comfortable. We’re not driving an hour back unless one of us gets something out of it,” Mike said, holding the door open. “After you, stud,” he winked, giving his friend a swat on the ass when Adam passed.

The nervous jock froze as soon as he was inside. He’d never been anywhere like it. Men of all shapes, sizes, ages, and undress whirled by with the pulsing music. Adam saw lithe, slender men mingled with thick balls of hairy beef and everything in between. He saw younger guys that appeared to be around his age, all the way up to weathered, rugged studs that were at least twice, if not three times, that. With the flashing lights reflecting off the dance floor it was a kaleidoscope of masculinity, the one shared trait amongst the crowd being the overwhelming sense of freedom. Some men strutted by in nothing but a jockstrap, while others were dressed like himself and Mike in jeans and a t-shirt. Leather seemed plentiful, but so did lycra, leaving Adam with a feeling of whiplash as he looked from one scantily-clad man to another. He’d spent years swimming around in front of crowds wearing nothing but a speedo, yet Adam couldn’t imagine feeling confident enough to saunter around a bar in some of the revealing outfits he was doing his best not to stare at.

As usual, Mike was far less concerned. “Whoa! Nice jock, bro,” he cheered as a particularly chiseled young man walked by in a flashy, neon-striped jockstrap. Before Adam could comment, Mike peeled out of his t-shirt, exposing his prominent pecs and firm abs to the crowd. He laughed at his friend’s stunned expression and tugged on the bottom of Adam’s shirt before wedging his own into the waist of his jeans. “What? I’m just trying to fit in. Don’t make it weird, dude.”

“We’ve been here for thirty seconds and you’re already getting naked,” Adam sighed, shaking his head.

“How often do we get this chance? Let loose a little! You’re every bit as jacked as these guys,” Mike said, puffing his chest out as he felt the eyes turning in his direction.

Adam gasped when a hand reached around from behind and slid up under his shirt. “You should listen to your friend, hon,” the stranger said, stroking his fingers along the surprised young man’s abs.

The flustered jock was hit with conflicting emotions when he turned to face the grinning stud. Whoever he was, the man appeared only a few years older than himself, and was wearing nothing but a pair of mesh shorts not much larger than the speedos Adam was used to. He was also every bit as built, but as Adam gawked, he began to notice that the man didn’t carry himself like the guys he was used to on campus. There was a flair to his movements and an ease to his posture, not to mention the unobscured desire in his expression. The sensation of the lingering hand on his stomach sent a thrill through Adam that was tempered by jealousy. Here was a man just like himself, living the kind of life he secretly desired.

“Or not,” the man said, pulling his hand away. “Whatever makes you comfortable, sweetheart. First time? You’ve got that deer-in-headlights look,” he said, his eyes going from hungry to sympathetic. He nodded at the beefy young bear behind the bar. “Go get yourselves some drinks. Tell Luke to put it on Charlie’s tab.”

“Uh, th-thanks,” Adam stammered as the man turned and walked away.

Mike clapped him on the shoulder, beaming. “See? Free drinks and a new friend already! What’d you freeze up for? Guy was cute…you should’a hit that.”

Adam ignored the comment, opting instead to find a pair of open stools at the crowded bar. They wedged themselves between a heavyset, older man in a polo on the left, and a fresh-faced Twink in a tank-top on their right. Before either of them could order, the shirtless slab of muscle behind the bar turned around with a pair of whiskies at the ready. “Oh! Thanks,” Adam said, his stomach fluttering as he stared at the furry hunk’s muscled torso. He felt dizzy and overwhelmed, both emotions clearly showing in his wide-eyed expression.

“I saw you talking to Charlie. You guys seemed like whiskey drinkers. I’m Luke,” he said, his girder arms inflating as he leaned forward against the bar.

“You guessed right!” Mike took a long sip, smiling at the guys on either side in the process. “I’m Mike. This charming and talkative fellow is Adam,” he said, nudging his friend in the ribs with an elbow.
“Sorry, I’m just a little out of it,” Adam stammered, clutching his glass and forcing a smile.

Luke patted the light-haired jock on the back of his hand. “I remember that feeling. First time I came here? Showed up in my boxers after getting lost during an underwear run. Imagine my surprise at walking in a place like this, dressed like that.” He smiled and shook his head, looking down at his hairy slab of a chest. “Best mistake I ever made! Can’t imagine how different the last couple years would’ve been if I hadn’t.”

“See? Straight from the source.” Mike clapped Adam on the back as he finished his drink and ordered another. “We’re trying to get this flower to blossom, if you know what I mean,” he said to Luke. “I keep telling him it’ll be fine, but…”

“Hey, it’s easier said than done,” Luke shrugged. “Sometimes people just need a little encouragement. If that’s what you’re looking for, you guys came to the right spot.”

Mike hesitated for just a moment. “It’s what at least one of us is looking for, right,” he said, fixing Adam with a stern gaze before slamming back his second drink. “You gonna be okay at the bar by yourself if I go check this place out? I want to mingle.”

Adam laughed and nodded, envious of Mike’s ability to acclimate to any situation. He watched his friend’s broad, bare back disappear into the crowd, his focus shifting back to calming himself down. The booze helped, as did Luke’s friendly demeanor. The thick hunk seemed to know everyone by name, as if they were all regulars, and he was eager to grease the wheels of conversation for Adam. It wasn’t long before the infectious, free-spirited atmosphere began to punch through his anxiety, and when the handsome blonde in the tiny shorts came back for another drink, he was all too happy to pop his shirt off.

The rush was just as intoxicating as the liquor. For the first time in his life, Adam didn’t feel like he was pretending. He could actually return the lustful stares pointed in his direction, and he actually wanted to for a change. This wasn’t the performative flirting he did with drunk girls to maintain appearances; it was the real thing. His cock swelled at the thought, just in time for Mike’s slurring voice to creep up from behind.

“There he is!” The drunk jock cheered, rubbing the thick pile of muscle between Adam’s shoulder blades. “Dude, this place is awesome!”

“I’m glad you’re having such a…” Adam trailed off when he spun around on the stool and saw his boxer-clad friend grinning at him. “Oh. My. God. Where the fuck did your pants go?!” He hopped up and started to pull Mike aside, but a smiling giant stopped him. Whoever he was, the man had to be close to six and a half feet tall, covered in bulky, granite muscle, with a thick layer of curly hair coating the entirety of his towering frame. Adam’s eyes immediately dropped to the huge bulge in the man’s small leather shorts, then traveled slowly up to his grinning, statuesque face.

“You must be Adam,” the man said, making the younger jock feel small when a meaty, calloused hand reached out and clapped him on the shoulder. “Your buddy Mike here wanted to come find you and drag you out onto the dance floor.”

“Bro, did you know how much fun dancing is? How come no one told me?” Mike slurred, a look of genuine surprise on his glassy-eyed face. “Oh, yeah, this is Dave,” he said, giving the hulking man’s furry muscle gut a pat. “He said he can help you out!”

Adam gave the taller man an apologetic look. “Sorry about him, he’s clearly had one too…”

“It’s alright,” Dave said, his deep voice rumbling through the din. “I put your friend’s clothes in one of the lounges…why don’t we go back there for a bit?”

Adam was still sober enough to think twice about letting Mike go off with a stranger in his exposed, drunken state, so he nodded and followed. As they walked, he was surprised by how similar Mike and his new friend actually were. They both had broad shoulders, powerful arms, and sturdy legs, and while Mike was more cut, it wasn’t a stretch to picture him bulking up to Dave’s size. The thought sent another throb down his spine, but he pushed it aside, not wanting to think about his friend and roommate in anything close to a romantic manner.

That became harder as soon as they were in the small, private lounge. The dimly lit room had a leather sofa at one end and a pair of substantial, matching chairs across from it. A two-way mirror served as a window on the wall, letting them look out on the dance floor without anyone else being able to see in. Adam spotted mounts on the ceiling and walls, for what purpose he could only guess, but Mike was on him before he could ask any questions.

“We should come here all the time, man,” Mike said excitedly. “When was the last time you went to a bar where you could just take your pants off and dance? And everyone’s so cool,” he slurred. As he spoke, his hands shot to the front of Adam’s pants, undoing the fly and shoving them down.

“Hey!” Adam was so stunned that he didn’t have time to try and stop his friend, but when he bent to pull them back up, Mike gave him a shove that sent him sprawling onto the couch. “What are you…dude! Come on,” he cried when his friend grabbed the denim at his ankles and tugged it free, leaving him in nothing but his twitching grey briefs.

Adam’s toned chest heaved as he looked up at the men and did his best to keep his aching cock under control. As much as he tried not to think about just how handsome Mike really was, being forcibly stripped by the other man, whose own athletic frame was covered only in a pair of thin, low-riding boxers, made that impossible. “It’s cool,” Mike said, his half-hard cock bouncing against the front of his underwear as he swayed his hips to the music seeping through the walls. “No one cares!”

“Your friend here has the right idea,” Dave added, stroking a hand against the back of Mike’s thick, dark hair. He cocked his head to the side, raising an eyebrow as he looked at the pair. “He’s also got his own issues to work through…don’t you, bud?”

Mike’s brow furrowed, but he didn’t pull away from Dave’s hand. “What? Nah, I’m cool. It’s Adam who…who…” he trailed off, shivering as Dave’s hand dropped from his head to trace a wide finger across his upper back, then down his tapering sides to run it along the top of his boxers.

“Then how come you’re so scratchy back here? It must be a lot of work to keep this all shaved,” Dave said, his finger becoming a full palm when it reached Mike’s stomach. The rugged paw drifted up the blushing jock’s abs, then wiped across his pecs like a chalkboard eraser.

Adam could only watch, knowing full well that the man had zeroed in on Mike’s secret shame. Living together as they did, he knew how hairy his friend really was, and just how many hours the dark-haired jock spent on manscaping. If he didn’t constantly stay on top of it, Mike’s smooth skin would very quickly look more like Luke’s. What’s more, all the places Dave stroked where the very spots that sprouted fast and thick. Even after shaving, Mike’s shoulders sprouted almost immediately, sending wispy strands of hair cascading down his pecs and back in equal measure. Adam thought it was a good look. He liked the days when he spotted his friend with a dark diamond in the center of his pecs, or a fuzzy patch at the base of his spine. The sandy-haired jock’s lean frame sported it’s own, lesser carpet that he kept trimmed out of habit from his days on the swim team, but Mike’s impulses were deeper seated. Apparently the men in his family were all big and hairy, and he was determined not to end up like them.

Dave had other ideas. “What was it you said when you got here? Something about a flower blossoming?”

Mike gasped, his eyes going wide as the hair started to grow. It followed the natural progression, the follicles poking up at his shoulders before flowing down to join with the expanding patch in the center of his pecs. It came in fine and silky at first but rapidly darkened as it spread, settling like wings on his upper back and creeping like weeds out of his fully-tented boxers. The growth was relentless. In a matter of moments, Mike had gone from smooth to carpeted, a dark line running down the center of his abs before thinning out towards his sides. “What…what just happened…” he stammered, his jaw dropping when he looked at Adam. “Fuck! You too?!”

“What do you…shit!” Adam hopped off the couch when he looked down and noticed the golden carpet coating his own torso. He’d been so focused on Mike’s body that he hadn’t paid any attention to his own. He shivered as he ran a finger through the thick pelt on his pecs and abs, wondering why he’d never let it grow in. It felt good against his hands as they traced the ridge just below his shoulders and down along his firm stomach, and he couldn’t understand why Mike would ever dread something so appealing.

Though that dread appeared to be fading. As Adam watched, Mike’s expression went from stricken to curious as the dark-haired hunk prodded his hirsute frame. “This is…this is wild…” he muttered, a dazed smile on his face as he stared at Adam. “That’s a good look, stud,” he laughed.

“Sa…Same…” Adam said, swallowing hard. His heart was hammering in his chest, but not from fear.

“We’re not done blossoming yet, little flowers,” Dave said, his tone calm and reassuring. “What exactly brought you here?”

Mike blushed, his eyes still glued to his friend. “I…I just wanted Adam to have a chance to let loose. He always said he feels like he has to hide…it doesn’t seem fair…”

Dave nodded. “So you like to take care of your friend? You probably like to do that with everyone, don’t you?” He waited for Mike’s nod. “But that wasn’t the only reason, was it?”

It was Mike’s turn to swallow hard. “I mean…yeah. Why else would I…”

“You didn’t also have the same curiosity?” Dave interrupted. “The same hidden desires? You didn’t think that maybe it was a convenient excuse to dip your toes in at the same time?”

“That’s…that’s…no! I just wanted to help…” Mike stammered, his furry chest rising and falling like a piston.

“Oh, you helped. Both of you,” Dave said. “You know what I think? I think you’re right…you DO like to look after your friends. You DO like to watch out for Adam here. I think beneath that jock exterior is a real father figure…or maybe I should say Daddy?” Dave ran a finger down Mike’s now-hairy torso like he was undoing a zipper, and there was a momentary pause where Adam watched Mike’s expression grow confused before his friend’s body erupted.

Starting at his abs, Mike’s stomach shot outward into a cresting muscle gut, his ample definition fading as his torso inflated. Precision-sculpted pecs became heavy and round while his shoulders steadily swallowed his neck, the extra bulk flowing back the other direction to turn his chiseled arms into burly logs. There was a ripping sound as Mike’s boxers gave out when his perky bubble and toned thighs pressed outward, fully exposing a cock that had become just as wide and meaty as the rest of him. The last to change was his face, his sharp features softening as they filled out, a roundness that was accentuated by the sudden thinning of the thick, dark hair on his head.

Adam couldn’t believe his eyes. In a matter of seconds Mike had gone from a smooth, athletic pretty boy to a burly, hairy bear. But instead of being horrified, the inflated jock had a dazed grin on his face as he stared at the other two.

“Don’t worry…he’s fine. He’s just fast forwarding through his new life, aren’t you stud,” Dave said, rubbing the new bald patch on Mike’s head.

“Fuck yeah I am…holy shit…” Mike gasped, pawing at his furry new bulk. Adam knew his cock was rock hard and throbbing as he stared at his friend, but he couldn’t look away. Until Dave turned in his direction.

“Don’t think you’re off the hook, sis,” the big man laughed. “Take a look.”

“Shit!” Adam yelped when he looked down at himself. Like Mike, his body had begun to expand, but unlike his friend, the sandy-haired jock seemed to be keeping his definition. Instead of pure bulk like Mike, he was packing on lean, chiseled muscle. Coupled with the new layer of hair, it left him radiating masculinity in a way he never had before.

And then the new memories began to filter in. Adam felt dizzy as key scenes from his past replayed, but where before he’d always kept his mouth shut about who he really was, now he saw himself speaking his truth. With each new path he felt the weight on his shoulders begin to lessen, and not just because his body was changing along with his behavior. As he watched his formerly uptight demeanor disappear, replaced instead by an exuberant flamboyance, he felt himself reaching his true potential. He didn’t have to be just another stifled jock doing what he thought he was supposed to. He could be the giddy muscle queen he’d always longed for. A part of Adam was embarrassed when he heard his new manner of speech and saw the way he carried himself, but it was short-lived as, just like Mike always told him, no one seemed to care. He still played the same sports and had the same friends; the only difference was the addition of a thriving love life.

Which is where Mike re-entered the picture. Instead of remembering his friend as he had been, Adam’s memories were of the thick bulk he suddenly had an intimate familiarity with. His cock surged and his muscled globes tingled as he saw himself writhing at the end of the other man’s fat log, their relationship now much deeper than mere friends and roommates. Adam didn’t know all the details of his friend’s altered past, but Mike’s attitude had undergone a shift of its own, leaning more towards the unrefined. The other man was still every bit as charming and outgoing, only now he had a dominant streak that drove Adam wild.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck me this is wild,” Adam gasped when his head began to clear. He blinked down at himself, grinning instead of blushing at the sight of his tented briefs beneath his hairy, granite abs. “Is this, like, actually real,” he asked, his eyes simultaneously glued to his inflated arm and the way his hand moved when he spoke. “Girl, look at us!”

“What do you mean? Why wouldn’t this be real,” Mike asked, raising an eyebrow as he lumbered over and slipped a hand in the back of Adam’s briefs.

“Oh! Helloooo,” the light haired man purred, grinding his tented bulge against Mike’s hairy thigh when the other man pressed a pair of fingers against his hole. He looked around the dim lounge, wondering why he expected to see someone else in the room with them.

“For real though, babe, what did you mean?” Mike stroked a hand through the silky carpet on Adam’s chest, the golden hair paling in comparison to his own ample pelt.

“I don’t…I don’t remember…” Adam stammered. He felt like the words were on the tip of his tongue, but all he remembered was him and Mike making the trek so they could get a change of scene from the bars by the university. “Maybe I just can’t believe I’m here with someone so hot,” he chirped, running his hand through the other man’s thinning hair.

Mike responded by shoving Adam’s briefs down, letting the other man’s long, thick hose spring free. “Maybe you’re just trying to get me to blow you,” the beefy bear grunted, dropping to his knees. Adam let out a gasp as the other man started bobbing his head, loving the sight of the crowded bar through the glass. If it were up to him they’d be doing this out on the floor where everyone could watch, but Mike liked having him all to himself.

Unless they found a friend for each of them. On the other side of the glass, Adam saw a massive wall of hair and muscle in a pair of small leather shorts who seemed to be staring right at him through the mirror. The man was mountain of masculinity, like Mike but twice the size, and just his type. A little ways off he saw his new friend Charlie sitting at the bar, lean and blonde and just the way Mike liked them. “He…hey…hon…” Adam panted, running a finger through Mike’s bald spot while the other man licked his churning balls clean. “We still owe Charlie for the drinks earlier…and I see a real prime slab out there who looks like he wants to play. How do you feel about some new friends?”

Mike ran his tongue slowly along the underside of Adam’s shaft, grinning at the other man’s loud whimper. “You wanna go get ‘em or should I?”

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