Welcome to Asmodeus

By Captainlordgallifrey
published April 15, 2021
4063 words

Paolo enjoys his happy sex life and his active imagination, but when a new job opportunity arises he cannot help but accept and change his life forever.

Paolo and Ethan were a happy couple, spending their days together, and their nights, playing games, going out on dates then fucking like rutting studs. They had a great relationship and loved each other a lot. Paolo was about 6 feet, a caramel skin Latino with luscious black curly hair and a semi-muscular “dad body”, a little out of shape from all the junk food he and his husband loved to eat, but his husband loves his “thicc” masculine body. Paolo had a very high libido, just the thought of his husband could turn him on so easily. If he accidentally allowed his mind to wander at work or on the bus, to his husband, laying naked on the couch at home, Paolo’s thick 6 inch cock would spring to life, visibly tenting his shorts. If he got lost in thought, his pre would make a visible wet patch in the material, which is often why he would make sure to wear dark colored clothing. Paolo was a working professional, working as a programmer for a software tech company that provided, "customized digital services''. It wasn’t his dream job but it paid the bills and gave him the life he loved and wanted. He was often able to keep his mind focused but there were some days he needed to go to the bathroom to “unload” and clear his head.

He would have elaborate fantasies of fucking his husband over the kitchen counter, his husbands ivory skin and muscular body at the mercy of his pounding, as Paolo’s body began to transform; with Paolo’s thick cock still pounding wildly and his husband’s bubble, he would watch as his cock would swell and expand, further stretching Ethan’s hole. Paolo’s wide back spreading and becoming more defined, his pecs tensing and inflating, his belly forming a rugged and masculine muscle gut. His arms and legs growing to the size of tree trunks, fucking his husband like crazy as his average frame is expanded. His feet growing from size 9’s to 15’s his height breaching 7feet, his giant cock now 16inches and as thick as a Wine bottle still fucking way as his husband, as this point using him like a fleshlight. His colossal member sliding in and out of his husband’s stretched hole with ease. Both on Paolo’s large hands holding Ethan in place against the counter, a helpless little slut for him to fuck. His bitch’s moans filling Paolo’s ears, his round little bubble so ready filled up by his man. The thought of him dumping a gallon of cum into his husband, feeling him swell and moan as Paolo unloaded into him, would cause Paolo to shoot into the toilet cubicle at work.

Today he had a big load, no wonder he was so horny, he had made quite the mess, shooting over the toilet bowl and onto the wall in front of him. As the sexual fog cleared in his head, he quickly cleaned up his mess and would head back to work. “Fuck that was hot”, he thought to himself as he made his way back to his desk.

Ethan had the day off today so had slept in, he had few plans for the day other than heading to the gym and making dinner for when Paolo arrived. Ethan paced around their apartment collecting his gym clothes and protein shakers. Ethan tried to take care of himself, he was not too tall 5’10" on a good day, he had a fairly muscular build, with nice round pecs and a slightly visible six pack. He slid on his shoes and jacket glancing in the mirror to make sure no fluff was stuck in his trimmed beard, his short brown hair swept to one side with the waft of one hand. With everything ready he was out the door, ready for today’s workout. Although, he did already have quite a bit of exercise in the morning, he was woken up by his husband dripping cock press up against his ass. Within minutes Ethan was on his knees as his husband pounded him doggy style, he couldn’t think of a better way of waking up than to be filled up by his husband’s thick cock. Paolo was short on time in the morning, so quickly began pounding his man quick and hard, but Ethan didn’t seem to care, he was moaning like a bitch and his hard, bouncing dick leaking like a faucet onto the bed sheets. As he felt his orgasm build, he flipped him over onto his back, Ethan spreading his legs holding them apart as to allow his husband to pound away. Ethan’s dick now belching out drops of pre all over his abs. The sight of his man moaning in ecstasy as he fucked away, staring into his deep honey coloured eyes was driving Paolo wild, he could feel his balls churn and tighten, he was seconds away from breeding his lover. Ethan gave out a cry as he shot his own load into his chest, his husbands dick was too much for him to handle the onslaught any longer. This set off Paolo, “Aaaarrgh”, he roared at he pumped his man with four or five shots of cum.

After their fast fuck session this morning Ethan was in a great mood. He thought maybe after the gym, he might try bake some cookies and be a real housewife for the day, the idea made him smile as he made his way to the gym.

Today was a usual day for Paolo, he sat at his office desk, he and his department members shared the same office space, there were about 8 of them on the same floor space in their office building. A pleasant open plan area clean bright and well little by the floor to ceiling windows. The open design meant Paolo couldn’t jerk off anytime, which was a good thing for him, it kept him productive throughout the day. He was busy going about his work, cleaning up the code for a client’s website when one of his colleagues approached him. “Hey, Paolo?”. It was Mikael an average looking man, blond hair blue eyes, elegant and angular features; your typical handsome looking office worker. “Hey Mikael, how can I help?”. “Vaana just got a call from some big tech company, and they’re starting up some local “e-service” and need someone to look through their website build, to make sure it runs efficiently. They mentioned you specifically and are willing to pay way above our standard asking price to get it stress tested and ready. Vaana wants you to prioritize it.” Paolo looked quizzical, “They asked for me specifically?” “Yeah, must have been recommended by a previous client.” said Mikael, shrugging it off. He leaned in closer to Paolo and spoke in a more hushed tone. “For Vaana to prioritize this, it means these guys are throwing around some serious cash. If you do a good job on this, they might even ‘headhunt’ you.” Mikael patted him on the shoulder before walking back to his cubicle. The thought never even crossed his mind, this could be a great opportunity to get a better job, they already asked for him by name so he smashes this task out of the park, who knows where it could lead. Mikael had emailed him the relevant links and files from the client. Paolo quickly got to work, he was surprised to see such a complete program, there was very little work that appeared to need doing, the project was named Asmodeus, and appeared to be a business supplying individualised self help services. Paolo ran it through a virtual network to stress test the site build to see how it could handle high levels of traffic, it was working like a dream, as far as he could tell. He decided to leave it running for an hour or so, to see if the site would continue to run smoothly. In the meantime he could go to lunch and maybe message a few friends. He went down to the cafeteria downstairs and ordered a coffee and a sandwich while he browsed social media on his phone. As per usual his husband had sent him a few posts and videos his might enjoy, it always made him smile that even after all this time he was still getting messages from his man like the day they first started talking. “Hey baby, hope work isn’t too stressful today. I am about to head to the gym, if I get a nice pump I might send you a few pictures devil emoji” The thought made Paolo’s dick swell a little, but he was trying to stay calm while he was in public. Before he knew it a half hour had passed and he needed back to work. He picked up his coffee and headed upstairs to check on his simulation. When he got back to his desk he was shocked to find a blank screen, black from corner to corner. He moved his mouse to bring up the cursor but it appeared to be unresponsive. Quickly he brought up the task manager and saw that his simulation was still running as normal. “But then why the blank screen?”, he thought to himself. He tried using keyboard commands to bring up the script which worked and noticed an odd section of code.

“asmodeus: hello user_(y/n)”

“What is this? Junk code from production? Maybe this was a test to see if I could find this “easter-egg” in their script.” Paolo decided to play along and see if buried amongst the website code was a little message from the developer.

“Y”. He typed

“> hello Paolo

congratulations on finding me would you like to continue_(y/n)”

The coding looked odd, it seemed to not follow the same logic as the rest of the program. This might explain why the screen went dark, my sim trying to read all lines of text then getting confused. “But it worked earlier”, this intrigued Paolo further so he continued.


“>asmodeus has chosen you out of thousands of potential partners to join with asmodeus

would you like to know more_(y/n)”

“Oh my god this was a test, this is amazing”, Paolo was beaming, smiling from ear to ear. This could be his opportunity to earn more money and maybe spend more time with Ethan.


“>asmodeus provides partners with the ability to be a versatile as possible

partners can work from anywhere in the world and at any time asmodeus also encourages the involvement of spouses and life partners to help grow the strength of the partnership and reap its benefits all previous asmodeus partners have reported increases in life satisfaction would you like to join asmodeus in partnership_(y/n)

This all seemed too good to be true. There Paolo was, at work on a normal Wednesday, sitting in front of the most interesting piece of programming he has seen,one that was offering a new life for both him and his husband. How could he refuse? After all, a company able to make such an elaborate program would definitely teach him a thing or two.


“>Thank you for accepting our once in a lifetime offer

asmodeus looks forward to working with you very soon no other action need be taken at this time current employers will be notified some brief discomfort may be felt at this time enjoy your new life with asmodeus finalize agreement_(y/n)”

“Y”, and with that the program closed. Paolo was at a loss for words, so many questions were racing through his head. “Did i just get a new job? How did that work? How did he miss all this code during early runs? How do they even know who I am? Who even is this company? Why did I agree so easily, there was no discussion of pay or work hours? How would they even know I accepted? Was this just some weird prank Mikael played on him? Wait a second, Mikael gave me the program in the first place, and I left my desk alone while I had lunch.” Paolo, now convinced he was just tricked, got up and headed to Mikael’s desk. Suddenly, he winced, as his underwear pinched his balls and his toes pushed up against the inside his work shoes. Quickly readjusting himself and regaining composure, he continued to march over to Mikael’s desk.

“Hey, Mikael”, Paolo said with confidence leaning over Mikael’s desk, getting inches away from his face. Paolo wanted him to know that he knew about Mikael’s little prank. “Eh-yeah?”, Mikael replied, leaning a little further away from Paolo’s sudden invasion of personal space. “I know that Asmodeus prank was you. You really had me convinced for a second.” Mikael just looked back at Paolo with a confused expression. “I- I really don’t know what you’re talking about, Vaana just sent it to me so I just passed it on.” Now the two of them just looked at each other with a quizzical look. Paolo’s balls pitched again, this time the pain was stronger, he standing upright, thrusting his crotch toward Mikael’s face, his hand shooting down his trousers, quickly pulling his underwear free of his balls, making it completely obvious Mikael as to what he was doing. Never once breaking eye contact. “Are you alright Paolo?” Mikael asked, attempting to be as professional as possible. A layer of perspiration forming on his forehead.
“Ow! Yeah, sorry. My balls are just so big and full”, Paolo’s eyes just widened with panic. The words just fell out of his mouth. He had no idea why he was now cupping his bulge, inches from Mikael’s face. He did not mean to say or do that in front of his work colleague. “Oh my god, I am so sorry Mikael I have no idea where that came from”, Mikael was at a loss for words, but his eyes were weirdly transfixed by the bulge in Paolo’s trousers, unconsciously licking lips. “Maybe, maybe, you should go to the toilet and sort your underwear out”, said Mikael, trying to ease the tension both men now felt. “Yeah, I’ll go do that”, said Paolo, quickly turning face and heading to the restroom. Mikael just watched, unable to look away, his mind spinning from the encounter, his eyes continued to follow Paolo’s his tight round bubble until he was out of view.

Paolo was in full panic, “Oh fuck”, he just repeated over in his head. “What is happening today and what is going on with my underwear?” Without a further thought, Paolo kicked off his shoes and pulled down his trousers. Not an easy task, his smooth round ass and thick thighs filled every inch of space. This morning they had been a lot looser, a point Paolo may have noticed if he wasn’t too focused on the pain in his crotch. Paolo was put into a state of shock by the state of his underwear, they were stretched to capacity as his kiwi fruit sizes testes fought for space, mostly pushing their way out of one of the leg openings. The openings themselves seemed too tight for his thighs, let alone his impressive gonads, the back was no better, they were quickly giving him a wedgie as they rode up between his ass cheeks. The pressure only seemed to be increasing and the pain was getting too strong. Paolo grabbed onto what material he could and with one quick motion ripped his underpants off his body in one quick motion. A wave of relief and euphoria rushed over Paolo as the pain had gone, the remains of his aussiebums in his hands. “Fuck”, Paolo signed as he looked over his lower half, his thighs and ass looked amazing. He slid his fingers up his thighs and around his ass, “Fuck”, this time it was a moan, the sensation felt fantastic. He gave his ass cheek a loud slap, “Urgh!”, he groaned aggressively.

Blood now rushing to his dick, Paolo finally noticed that his big thick cock had also gained some size. He must have now been twice as thick as he was this morning, he was now rocking a big beer can dick. The weight of his inflated dick and balls felt so good, with one of his hands kneading each of his ass cheeks he swayed his hips left to right, feeling his impressive tool swing and harden before his eyes. He was getting so horny, he wasn’t lying earlier to Mikael, his balls were full and ready to unload. He could feel it, they felt so heavy, like sandbags, with each motion they made only further turning him on. Almost lost in the moment Paolo heard a low buzzing sound, it was his phone. He strode to his now discarded trousers and rummaged in the pockets to find the source. He found his phone and noticed a series of messages from his Husband.

“Hey baby, told youI would send you some messages once I got all hot and sweaty devil emoji”. What followed was a series of nudes Ethansent from the gym toilet stall. Paolo looked at each picture with more and more desire, he began to slowly glide his hand up and down his now iron hard, 13’’ dick, his fingers barely able to wrap around its circumference. Paolo’s dick was now belching out dollop after dollop of precum, forming a visible puddle in the floor. Using some of his pre, he smothered his large helmet and shaft with it, using it as lube as he jerked off to the sexy images of his husband. As He increased the speed of his strokes, Paolo wanted more.

“I want pictures of you spreading your ass cheek for me, I want to see your fuckhole”, Paolo typed. Seconds later Paolo’s phone buzzed and he was greeted by his husband’s round bubble butt spread apart just like he wanted. “Yeah that a good little bitch. I wish I was there to breed you for real ”, Paolo replied.

Now lost in the moment Paolo closed his eyes imagining every detail of that scenario, bursting through the toilet door, seeing his husband bent over, cheeks spread like a whore, begging for his giant dick. Lining up his dick with his husband slut ass, using his precum as lube slowly forcing his way into his man’s hole. Grabbing his husbands discarded gym clothes using them as a gag to stifle Ethan’sloud bitch moans as Paolo impales his husband down to the base of his thick dick. “Yeah, you are my little bitch. You love this big dick. You love your husbands fuck stick deep inside you, filling you up”, Paolo would say, increasing speed, making his husband’s ass clap, his muffled cries only spurring on his anal assault. It was as if he was there, tearing up his husband’s ass, making him a moaning mess made only to be used by him, the feeling of Ethan’sass being stretched wider and wider by his growing dick, pushing deeper and deeper inside. He would grab his husband’s pale bubble and watch as his soft pillows inflate in his hands, like two quilted soccer balls. Paolo could almost feel Ethan’ssmooth skin and supple flesh between his fingers, grabbing tightly, pulling his husband on and off of his dick. “Yeah bitch, I’m going to breed you. Fill you up with my hot cum. You’re going to love it so much it’s going to make you cum too”, Paolo was in a state of complete dominant control, his husband a slave to his commandments. “Yeah, bitch I’m going to cum! I’m going to dump my load in you! I’m going to fill you up and you’re not going to spill a drop”. With that Paolo started fucking like a monster, making his husbands ass clap several times a second, his husbands moans now a constant wail as Paolo fired like hose inside his husband. His cock violently pulsing pushing more and more cum inside Ethan, causing his belly to distend. Ethan’s untouched cock shooting rope after rope of hot cum all over the toilet stall. Paolo’s dick continued to pulse for another minute before he started to pull out of his husband’s hole.

As the sexual haze cleared, Paolo found himself back in the staff toilet in his office building. Breathing heavily he panted “Fuck, that was so fucking intense.” “Jesus, you can say that again”, gasped another voice.

Paolo now instantly sobered looked down at the person still impaled on him to the base of his dick. Paolo’s hands still grasping hold of two large, smooth round white ass cheeks. Paolo slowly followed the man’s sweaty muscular back up until he recognized the panting mess below him. It was Mikael, Paolo shocked and dumbstruck that he had just fucked his coworkers brains out on the bathroom floor “Like the dirty slut he was”. Damn, "where were these thoughts coming from? ". Paolo was getting hard again, still inside Mikael. Mikael must have noticed too because his labored pants became moans, as his insides stretched to fit Paolo’s increasing girth once again.

Fighting his urges to stay inside his colleague, Paolo slowly pulled out of Mikael’s tight ass, the motion making both men moan. Paolo looked down at his foot long member, almost as thick as his wrist, absent mindedly still rubbing its length against Mikael’s impressive bubble butt. Mikael still face down, his torso shirtless, with his shoes still on and trousers around his ankles. It was hard to tell how aware he was of his situation, Paolo had “dicked him down good”. There was a small puddle where Mikael had came during the onslaught, as Paolo stood up he tried to ask if Mikael was okay but all he could say was “Lick up your cum, bitch”, not so shocked by his words at this point. Mikael proceded to lap up his cum from the floor like a hungry dog.

It was so hot watching his colleague lick at the floor with reckless abandon, softly moaning at the taste of his own cum, but Paolo was freaking out. He had just had one of the best orgasms of his life, while somehow not knowingly fucking his work friend, and Mikael, a man who Paolo thought was heterosexual, was now the greediest bottom slut he had ever seen. What happened to him, he couldn’t just leave him like that, a moaning mess on the floor. Paolo tried his best to squeeze back into his trousers, the material slowly giving and stretching to his muscular thighs. He walked back upto Mikael, kneeling down and grabbing Mikael’s face with one hand, squeezing his cheeks. “You’re going to get up, put your clothes back on and go back to work. You’re not going to remember what happened but whenever you smell a dirty urinal it’s going to make you remember how much of a dirty, horny, man slut you are.” with that Mikael opening his mouth and Paolo spat in it. Without uttering a single word, Mikael stood up, put his clothes back on and left the restroom.

Paolo was at odds with himself, he was simultaneously in and out of control. How did he do that, how did he know he could. Why did he take so much pleasure in making a colleague a part time dirty slut. “I need to go home. This is too much”, he said to himself. He picked up the remains of his underwear and shoving what he could of them into his trouser pockets, he picked up his shoes, not even bothering to try put them on, and made his way out of the building, doing his best to avoid anyone and everyone.

Hey guys, hope you liked this first part. Future installments coming soon I hope

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