By Hypnothrill -
published April 11, 2021
2287 words

When airline pilot Chuck shares a hotel room with a colleague, he takes onboard an unexpected passenger.

Author’s Note: This is the first part of what might be a fairly long ongoing series. I’ve been downloading a lot of pictures from the mainstream porn studios, and they work pretty perfectly for this kind of parasite invasion/serial recruitment story, because the same actors appear in multiple sex scenes, and they tend to have one of two facial expressions: intense ecstasy or total impassivity. You can use the links to click on the images, but I think the story also works perfectly fine without them. If you’d like me to continue tracing the progress of the infestation, give me some positive feedback in the comments section!


Day 3

Chuck had been flying for the airlines for nearly 20 years now, long enough that he remembered the good old days: the days when they had enough money for all the crew members to get their own hotel rooms. True, they’d booked him in a pretty nice hotel this time, a spacious suite that was all sleek and modern with brushed concrete on the walls. But still, it was the principle of the thing: back when he started flying, the pilot always got his own private room. Back then, being a pilot really meant something; it carried dignity, prestige. Nowadays, he sometimes felt like a glorified bus driver or cargo hauler.

That said, it’s not like he disliked the guy he was sharing a room with; Diego, his co-pilot, was actually a pretty interesting fellow, with all kinds of stories about the adventures he’d get into on their days off: scuba dives, cave exploration, jungle treks all around the world. It had taken him a little while to warm up to Diego; he’d judged him harshly at first, what with the long hair and tattoos down his arm. Chuck supposed he still had some old prejudices from his Air Force days about what pilots should look like: clean-cut, short hair.

But they’d flown together enough times that Chuck now had a lot of respect for Diego; he was a damn good co-pilot and an intelligent guy besides. Of course, he was also a bit of a playboy type—he also had plenty of stories about the pretty girls he would hook up with in every city—but a lot of the younger unmarried guys were like that.

Maybe he should start taking a cue from those guys, Chuck mused. He could stand to play the field a little; he was still relatively young and kept himself in shape. And he was unmarried too, had been for seven years now. Of course, that was her idea; she’d ranted and raved at him about how he was always away, how she felt like a single mom. And then she ended up with the house and the kids, and all he got was a rental home with bunkbeds for the boys so they could stay with him when he was in town. Christ, he never wanted to go through that again! So maybe he was better off just using his right hand to satisfy his needs; after all, it would never take him to court and claim it was entitled to half his earnings.

As he hung up his jacket and started loosening his tie, Chuck tried to make small talk with Diego. “So, you just spent a few days in Brazil, right? See anything interesting there?”

“Yes, I visited the rainforest. There are many interesting insect species there.”

Diego was usually such a storyteller, Chuck had never known him to be this terse, distant, cold. But maybe he was just tired from the trip. So he tried to ask some more questions: “But aren’t a lot them really dangerous? I watched this show on the Discovery Channel once all about bugs that lay their eggs inside you and parasites that swim up your dick when you’re pissing.”

“No!” Diego sounded almost offended all of a sudden. “We’re not… they’re not dangerous. Humans must just learn the proper way to… accommodate them.”

Chuck didn’t quite know what to say to that, and as the two men started unbuttoning their white work shirts, revealing hairy chests and well-defined muscular pecs, Diego finally broke the silence. “You are going home soon, yes? To see your sons? How old are they?”

Chuck was taken aback. Usually his conversations with Diego were pretty one-sided, with Diego talking (bragging, really) about his life of adventure and the beautiful women he bedded on every continent. On the few occasions when Chuck managed to share something about his own normal middle-American life, he always got the impression that Diego wasn’t listening to him. He wasn’t quite sure what had caused Diego to suddenly take an interest in his life, but as far as Chuck was concerned, this was a welcome change.

“Well, my oldest, Vince, is 22 now, and his younger brother Dalton just turned 18. Dalton’s graduating high school in a few months, and just got into Purdue. His mom and me couldn’t be prouder.”

“And are they popular boys? Plenty of friends?” Diego asked, fixing Chuck with an intense stare as he began unzipping his trousers.

“Yeah, I guess they’re pretty popular. Dalton runs cross-country, so he a lot of friends on the team.”

“And you? Do you have many friends in this town? Many social connections?”

Chuck thought he would welcome Diego’s questioning, but this was beginning to seem uncomfortably like a grilling. Made all the more uncomfortable by the fact that Diego was now standing in front of him in nothing but a tight, bulging pair of grey high-cut briefs.

“Um… I guess you could say that. I mean, I grew up there, so I still know plenty of people. In fact, Tony, one of my best friends from high school, he just got reelected sheriff. Sheriff! That’s a laugh, if you knew the kind of shit Tony got up to back when he was a teenager.”

Diego just nodded curtly and said, “Very good. Do you mind if I shower first?”

“Sure…” Chuck sighed, “Just don’t take too long, okay? I’m beat, and I just want to take my shower and then catch some shut-eye.”

Diego nodded. “It will only take a few moments,” he said, then peeled off his tight briefs, giving Chuck a good view of his rounded muscular ass as he headed for the shower.

Chuck stripped down to his comfy plaid boxer shorts and texted Vince and Dalton, reminding them that he was coming home in a couple of days, and one of them would need to pick him up at the airport. Then, good to his word, within ten minutes Diego stepped out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist, and said, “It’s ready for you now.”

Chuck had only been in the shower for a minute or two when he felt a tiny something crawling over his crotch. Before he could reach down to swat it away, he felt it sting him right on the scrotum. What the hell was that!? Some kind of spider or something!?

The sting was starting to throb now. Shit! Maybe it was some kind of poisonous spider that had just bitten him! That throbbing sensation was starting to spread now, to his ass, to his dick which was beginning to swell, despite his sense of panic.

Chuck jumped out of the shower and hastily grabbed a towel as he shouted, “Diego! I need you to call 911! Something just bit me! Something poisonous just bit me, and I’m starting to swell up!”

He opened the door to find Diego waiting for him. Totally naked, with a half-hard cock that was quickly beginning to swell with blood, just staring at him impassively.

“That’s perfectly normal,” Diego replied, his voice eerily calm. “You need to be relaxed so that the Implantation can proceed.”

“Wha…. Did you….?” Chuck wasn’t sure what was happening right now; he just knew that there was something very wrong here, and he needed to get help. He needed to run out of the hotel room and get help. But the throbbing, numbing sensation was starting to spread to his legs now, and as Chuck tried to run towards the door, his legs gave way beneath him. He let the towel drop to the floor, exposing his bare ass.

Diego strode calmly toward Chuck’s sprawled body, his thick hard-on leading the way. He grabbed Chuck and started manhandling him like a puppet, dragging him towards one of the marble tables. Chuck tried to fight back, but the throbbing, numbing sensation had spread to all his limbs now, and it was starting to fill his head. He tried to scream for help, but all that came out was a throaty moan.

“Don’t try to resist, Chuck. You’ll enjoy your Implantation. Just like I enjoyed mine.” Diego manipulated Chuck’s paralyzed body so that it straddled the table with his ass up in the air, his hairy hole exposed. Then he knelt down and began rimming Chuck’s ass. Even in his current numbed state, Chuck could feel Diego’s tongue thrusting into his throbbing hole.

And then he heard Diego make a retching sound. And then he began to feel something else, something big and slimy, beginning to crawl and wriggle its way out of Diego’s throat and into Chuck’s distended ass. It was climbing up inside him now, stuffing his guts, making him feel so full.

Despite the numbing sensation in his head, Chuck moaned out in pain. Or was it pleasure? He couldn’t tell the difference anymore.

He could feel it wriggling inside of him, seeking out any nook and cranny where he might possibly have resistance and swiftly eliminating it. He could feel it creep into his scrotum, tightly grip his balls, and then his dick. Oh fuck, his dick! It was inside of his dick now, and it felt incredible!

Chuck let out another groan of pain-pleasure and shot his load onto the marble table. The orgasmic high coursed through his brain, and yet it never went away. It would never go away. As long as he submitted. Complied with his Implantation. Accepted the thing inside of him.

Accepted that it knew best. That it wanted what was best. Best for him. Best for his boys. Best for their friends. Best for everyone.

He could do that, couldn’t he? Yes, it would be so much easier to do that. So much easier than fighting all the time. So much easier to just accept it, like Diego had.

Chuck let out a sigh of contentment as he submitted to the superior will of the creature inside of him. Diego moved over to face Chuck, then stroked his back as he said, “You see? It feels good to submit to Implantation, doesn’t it?”

Chuck found himself lost in Diego’s eyes—Diego’s beautiful, placid, distant eyes. “Yes, it feels very good,” he murmured, as the same faraway look came into his eyes.

That was all that needed to be said, really. The two men remained silent for a few minutes, staring into each other’s eyes as the creature continued to spread inside Chuck and take further control of his central nervous system. Words, deep thoughts—none of those were required anymore. Instead, they could just follow the higher consciousness, the hive mind, of the things inside their asses and their dicks.

Once the paralyzing venom began to wear off, Diego helped Chuck back to his feet. The two naked men stood close to one another, their hands gently exploring each other’s hairy muscular chests as the creatures inside of their dicks communicated with each other.

Chuck’s dick had now been modified so that it was like Diego’s, a sensory organ that could hear and smell, communicating by scent and motion. The two men’s hard-ons twitched and brushed against each other, secreting musky pre-cum and sending out complicated signals that Diego and Chuck’s human brains could barely comprehend. But it did not matter. The Masters inside of them would tell them everything they needed to know.

The two men stayed like that for several hours, silently sitting naked side by side on the marble table. They kept their eyes open, but their human brains were idle, resting up for the next day’s flights. Only their twitching hard-ons kept communicating, well into the night, sharing information harvested from Diego and Chuck’s brains, devising strategies.

Finally, reluctantly, the Masters implanted inside of them commanded Chuck and Diego’s human brains to awaken, and the two men quickly got dressed in their flight uniforms. They moved swiftly, efficiently, never saying a word to each other.

They both knew very well the tasks they needed to perform. Diego would continue to spread this gift to flight crews around the world. And Chuck—well, Chuck was heading home. And what a surprise he was bringing to his sons Vince and Dalton.

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