A New Pet

By N-Omen
published April 10, 2021
1369 words

A recent graduate checks in on his friend who has not been replying to messages

I hadn’t heard from Mike in three days. I wouldn’t count this as wholly unusual, but we were supposed to have met during that time and ghosting was not really his style. We’d been friends since school and throughout college, so I rang him a few times when he didn’t show. He didn’t answer any of my calls or messages.

I decided to check on him just in case. When I got to his flat, I knocked but there was no answer. Taking a chance, I twisted the handle. The door opened. “Hello?” I said entering. “Mike?”

The front door opened directly into Mike’s front room. He wasn’t there and everything looked off. I closed the door behind me. Mike wasn’t a clean person but the entire front room was completely spotless. I walked further into the room. There was a couch and a small coffee table which official looking documents were piled upon. I examined the papers and recognised the company logo, some gaming VR. Mike wasn’t anything close to a gamer.

So maybe a new job? That made sense. Maybe Mike got a new job and was swamped by work. I noticed something. A hum coming from the coat closet. Like a phone on vibrate. Slowly, I walked up to the closet and opened it.

Within was Mike. His twinkish frame was slumped in a chair in the closet. He was naked asode from a strange headset that was placed over his eyes. And a propeller hat, the type like little kids in cartoons wear, which is red hair stuck out from. His mouth was agape and he was drooling. His dick which I tried to avert my eyes from was fully erect. Pointing upwards. His bare chest was covered in semen.

“Oh my God!” I yelped. I leaned down to try to pull the headset off Mike but then I heard footsteps.

A man with a bald head and a salt and pepper beard was standing behind me, holding another headset. He shook his head at me and tutted. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He tapped his phone and the headset in his hands began to vibrate.

I turned on the balls of my feet and rocketed towards the door.

“Mikey!” The man barked.

Mike, still naked, cum-covered and in the headset, appeared before me and I staggered backwards then the man clamped the second headset over my eyes.

All I could see was a swirling spiral. I felt hands on my body. But I couldn’t move to push them away.

I heard the voice of the man. “Aw, it’s nice that you came to check on your friend but as you can see he’s just fine. Isn’t that right Mikey?”

“Yes Daddy,” I heard Mike’s emotionless voice say.

The spiral was drawing me in. I couldn’t move. The spiral was the only thing I could see. The more a stared at the spiral the more the spiral took over my thoughts. The man ran his hands across my chest.

“Big muscles,” the man chuckled, “Are you an athlete.”

“Yes,” I answered without hesitation. The spiral was the only thing in my mind now. The spiral and his voice. “I am a wrestler.”

“Very nice,” said the man. “I would love to let you go,” he continued, “but I can’t. So, what am I going to do with you?” he opened my shirt and began to twist my nipple. “Mikey.”

“Yes Daddy,” said Mikey.

“Go back to school Mikey, I’ll pick you up at the end of the day.”

“Yes Daddy,” Mikey repeated and then there were footsteps and the sound of a closing door.

The man unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down along with my underwear. My cock sprung free. The man began to stroke it.

“Does that feel nice?” the man asked.

“Yes,” I responded.

“Yes Master,” the man corrected. “I am your Master.”

“Yes Master,” my voice now as dull and emotionless as Mikey’s.

“Good,” Master removed the headset, but the spiral remained spinning in my mind. “Get naked,” Master commanded.

I obeyed and stripped for Master. He ran his hands over all of my body. Taking time when his fingers examined my asshole, my pits and my cock.

“Very nice,” he tapped his chin. “Hmmm, maybe Mikey could use a brother,” he wrinkled his nose. “Orrr I could get him that pet that he’s wanted for a little bit now. Yes. I think I’ll do that. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Master,” I replied.

Master moved me into the corner of the living room. He positioned my body onto all fours and then opened my mouth so my tongue would fall out. “Now,” he tapped his phone, and the headset began to buzzed differently then before, “I’m going to have this train you until Mikey gets back from school then I’ll let him play with you. You’ll like that won’t you dog?”

“Yes Master.”

“Ah, dogs don’t talk do they.”

I didn’t respond.

“And,” Master reopened my mouth. “Keep that mouth open, I might want to use it during your training.” Master wrapped the headset over my eyes. The spiral began to swirl again. But this spiral was slightly new. Every few seconds the words YOU ARE A GOOD DOG would appear in the centre of the spiral for a second and then vanish. I would respond in my mind, because dogs don’t talk.





Every so often the spiral would flash bright green and I would cum. I felt the spunk spray out of my cock and onto the floor underneath me.



Master took the headset off of me and I was panting heavily. A trail of drool spilling from the end of my tongue to a small puddle underneath where it mixed with the large loads of semen. Master reached underneath me and stroked my cock. I cam again and he jolted back.

“Ah, stupid dog,” Master snapped.

I whimpered.

He put his semen splashed hand down in front of my nose. “Lick,” he ordered.

I obeyed and licked Master’s hand clean.

Master patted the top of my head. “Good boy, now,” he pointed to the drool and cum beneath me, “clean that up while I get Mikey back from school.” I am a good dog. I licked the cum and semen from the floor. And then sat down tongue already dribbling again.

Master got Mikey out of the closet and dressed him in a pair of dungarees and a light blue shirt. Master removed the headset and Mikey stood staring directly forward. Master spun the small propeller on top of his hat and said, “Mikey school is over.”

A big grin split across Mikey’s face. “Yes Daddy.”

“Good boy,” Master said. “Come cuddle with me on the couch Mikey, I’ve got a surprise for you,” he guided Mikey down and gestured towards me. “Look Mikey, I got you a dog.”

“A dog,” Mikey echoed. Mikey came up to me giddy, he wrapped his arms around my neck and I licked his face. “Oh, thank you Daddy. What’s his name, Daddy?”

Master paused. “Oh, erm, you can name him Mikey.” Master patted the seat next him and Mikey sat down. “Because you’ve been such a good boy at school.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” Mikey said. “I’ll name him Buster.”

“That’s a great name, Mikey,” Master nodded and kissed Mikey deeply. “Now Buster will be doing puppy training whenever you’re at school. We’ve got to make sure he behaves himself. Buster come here.”

I obeyed and trotted over to Master.

“Roll over,” Master instructed.

I did as I was told.

“Good dog,” Master said.

“Good boy,” Mikey squealed and got down on the floor to rub my belly.


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