What He Wants - Part 1

By Newjob
published April 8, 2021
2750 words

In a desperate moment I make a stupid wish about my boyfriend Harry, which amazingly comes true. Once he realises the implications of his new powers, I realise that my boyfriend is a lot more sinister than I bargained for.

What He Wants - Part 1

My boyfriend Harry and I had been “getting along” is how I would put it. Definitely not the fiery passions of an early romance, but at 3 years in I guess I wouldn’t expect that either. However, it still left me yearning for days when we were inseparable - him fucking me every chance that the two of us were alone. These days it was more like once every couple of weeks, assuming that we were both in the mood and didn’t have some other event to get in the way.

I had gained a sense over the past few months that I wasn’t alone in this frustration. I could tell that at the very least his eyes were beginning to wander - nothing concrete, just the occasional glance, and a few times where I noticed him turn his phone out of my view. Never enough to bother saying anything, but it did feel like we were drifting a little.

Generally I am a pretty secure guy - I’m 6 foot, with reasonably good ‘classic’ looks, but in a longer than usual dry spell one night last week I ended up absent-mindedly wishing that I could be more sexually attractive to him.

That’s when it happened.

It was a Tuesday night and he was out with friends. As I cleaned up our room and my mind wished I could appeal to him more I felt a surge through my body, almost like something was coursing through me. I could have sworn I had seen a flash of light for just a second, emanating from my chest!

But then, just as quickly as it came on, it died out and I was left sitting in our bedroom slightly confused but otherwise identical to how I was a minute prior. I didn’t see anything different in the room, and I ran to check the mirror but I just saw my usual old self staring back at me. I made a note to visit a doctor if it happened again and got on with my night.

Nothing happened over the next couple of days, things were normal between us and we were used to not being too affectionate so life went on. I started to forget about my experience, not seeing any flow on effects from it, it began to slip away into my memory.

That was until that fateful night…

Harry came home after some after work drinks with a client, catching me right as I was about to go to bed. He had a clear hunger in his eyes, as he watched me finish brushing my teeth from the doorway. Although I missed the sex generally, in this instance it was too late - I had a meeting early the next morning so the window had passed for me and I was going to be firm on shutting him down.

That said, I was definitely visually attracted to him. Although he was the same height I was, he had a bigger frame on him, which made him always look ‘built’ and made me feel submissive to him. With his perfect brown hair and chiselled features he had played off a number of crushes in our lives over the years. He was also a total top, but you could tell that just by the way he acted. I had to admit that with the swagger of somebody who was a little tipsy, the cocky confidence over him did make me a little horny.

“Hey why don’t you come over here.”

Involuntarily I felt my legs pick up and turn me around to face him at the entrance to the bathroom. I had never experienced anything like this in my life, and although I seemed to have autonomy over my head and face, my body appeared to have a mind of its own. The panicked look in my eyes was something that told us both that something was off. I continued to stare at my legs which walked on their own, each stepping one ahead of another across the room before falling into his arms in an embrace. His eyes narrowed while I processed what happened.

“What did you just do!?” I said slightly louder than I should have, fear rising in the back of my throat.

“Nothing…” he responded in shock, as he looked confused at me. “Did you mean to…” he drifted off, knowing full well I did not.

Curiosity in Harry quickly took over, pondering how this had occurred. Then, quickly, his tone changed as he decided to experiment. He followed up with a more authoritative tone - “take off your shirt” he commanded slightly robotically.

Continuing to stare at him in disbelief, I watched my arms, almost like muscle memory, pull my shirt over my head and drop it on the floor next to me.

I started to piece together what was going on, and quickly said “Wait! This is bigger than us and we should stop-“

“Get hard”, he commanded cutting me off mid sentence. My dick, 6 inches, instantly grew to attention. “That’s more like it”, he quietly purred, almost as though I wasn’t there. I hated to admit it, but my mind started to feel the effects of my body, and need for sex grew in me.

I very quickly panicked, both a the situation itself and how Harry was responding to my concerns. “I really don’t like this” I blurted out.

“Stop talking”. And just like that, I stayed silent, protesting with my eyes. I tried to talk but I couldn’t even make a noise. The impacts of this were becoming more and more real for me, but Harry didn’t seem to care.

I jumped up from him and ran out to the bedroom. From the bathroom he called out “STOP”, and like that my body righted itself. I was left standing and mute in the bedroom, with nothing but my eyes giving away my panic.

Now he had all the time to work on me, and Harry was ready to put his new skill to the test and see what he could do!

“What do you reckon Mark, do you think it’s physical as well? Let’s find out!”

“I’ve always thought you were a bit too thin for my liking, let’s put some muscle on you… say 100lbs!”

I looked down in awe as my body started to fill out in all different directions. My usually trim but generally small biceps filled out like something that a bodybuilder would aspire to, with even my forearms gaining mass. In our one bedroom apartment, I could already feel myself occupying more space, mostly by my cartoonishly big bowling ball biceps against my stick figure frame. It felt stupid and heavy, and my arms swung around my body without support.

Next my legs filled out, each quad filling up to the point where my feet repositioned themselves to stand without tripping over one another.

The other thing I noticed at this point was that it felt good. Like REALLY good. My facial expressions were clearly telling on this as Harry commanded “You can talk again, but you can only address me as Daddy or Sir”

“Thank you Daddy!!” was all I could muster as my ass began to fill out from behind me. I knew it was wrong but in the ecstasy of the moment I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Yess make it extra thick, and sensitive!” Daddy stated to nobody, and on command my ass started to compound the muscle growth it was already receiving with some additional fat. I turned back and saw my ass balloon out behind me. Daddy grabbed it roughly sending me into fits of bliss. “Look at you go, you slut” he jeered.

Finally, the attention came to my pecs, which inflated almost comically in front of my eyes. “Ohh yeah baby, this is what you’ve been missing! Although I want to add something special for a little fuck toy like you.” He looked at them once again and whispered something I couldn’t quite hear. As he did they started to get heavier, almost like they were carrying something. Then, they started to feel tight, and finally I noticed this tightness compound in a milky substance leaking out of my very sensitive nipples.

“Oh Daddy” I moaned, feeling the weight and new sensitivity of my muscle-tits as I cupped them in my hands. “Oh Daddy this feels so weird, they’re so full”.

“I know baby” he said reassuringly. He grabbed me from the front, bending down to my right tit as he began to first lick, then suck, drawing out the milk from inside.

He began to groan and I could see his dick growing below, as he drank the milk out of me. It was a feeling I had never experienced, as I gasped from the milk leaving my sensitive muscle-tits.

Meanwhile he scooped up a bit of leaking milk from my left tit, flicking my nipple as he drew past it. I gasped, before he stuck his milky finger in my mouth. That was when I realised how good it tasted. It was like regular milk, but sweeter. I could also tell that it had some kind of other effect on me, as even from that small amount I started to feel stronger and somehow hornier.

He drained my right tit, quickly moving his head towards the left. Just like last time, the relief of that first suck from my leaking tit felt like the first sip of the biggest thirst-quenching drink I had ever had, and he quickly downed this one too. By now he was leaking pre from his dick, watching his boyfriend become a muscle-titted super freak under his control must have been exciting him.

Having enjoyed his first drink of my milk, with a renewed sexual energy he grabbed me, pushing me onto the bed and firmly handling me from behind. As he rubbed my titties I could clearly feel his dick lining up against my back, making my gasp as it ran along the crease of my giant ass.

I thought he was going to enter me right there, but before I could beg he interrupted me. “There are a few more changes I need to make to you if you want to be my perfect slut”, he said.

Then just like that I noticed a wetness in my ass, with a warmth spreading and spilling slightly down my legs. Daddy hungrily jammed his fingers into me, exploring and then just as quickly pulling them out, leaving me feeling empty. “You’re now going to self lubricate when you’re horny, which by the looks of things will be a lot of the time” he stated, dangling his fingers in front of me.

This felt a bit weird, as I once again got the feeling that my thoughts didn’t seem to matter in his mind. “Daddy please remember that this shouldn’t be forever, I have work in the morn-mmmmph!”. He stuck his lube covered fingers in my mouth, reaching right back into my throat. I didn’t think he could go that far, but instinctively I started to luck the lube off, which was delicious and sweet”. It felt like he was reaching beyond the back of my throat, but my body didn’t seem to care.

“That’s right baby, no gag reflex for you! Just a desperate desire to lick and suck me off with anything I stick in your little whore mouth!”

Now I was panicking again, but before I could say anything he thrust his 6 inch dick to my wet asshole and all other thoughts exited my mind. Given that him poking my ass had nearly sent me over the edge, this felt like nirvana and I started moaning into his fingers, which were still in my mouth exploring my throat.

“uhhh… Enjoy this you fucking slut” he continued to dirty talk me as he rode me. With a push I fell down to my hands and knees, Daddy continuing to thrust from behind”.

“OOHHH DADDY!! I’m so close!” I yelled back, feeling that I was about to come.

“Oh yeah!! I forgot about your little dick completely! I want your tiny dick to feel so full, but you’re not coming until I say you can”. I watched in horror as my dick shrunk down to 5… 4… 3…. before settling at a modest 2 inches, although it was practically bursting. At the same time my balls began to fill up, first passing the size of lemons, then oranges, before settling at the heavy size of two ripe grapefruits.

“UHHHHHH” I screamed in frustration, as my libido felt like it was on fire, with a will between it and the explosion I so desperately needed. “Please Daddy, let me come! They’re so full!”

“No.” He said, almost distractedly while he continued to pummel my ass. “When I want you to cum from your tiny dick I will tell you.” For a split second a felt ashamed of my dick, before being overcome again by the now constant horniness.

With that, he grabbed me and flipped me over, so that I was on my back on the bed. Daddy leaned over me, as my muscle legs folded back like those of a trained gymnast. He pounded into me from above, and I could feel his full bodyweight over me. “Oh bitch your ass is so good, I’m gonna have so much fun with this” he grunted.

I could feel him start to build his orgasm in me, as his pace quickened. “Please Daddy let me come with you” I tried one more time.

SLAP Right across my face, he sternly said “No more questions from you, just be grateful you whore”.

“Oh Daddy I love what you’ve done with me” - I heard the words come out of my mouth, but I didn’t mean to say them - it didn’t matter though, I was in pure bliss as he pounded at my hole.

“Oh yes bitch stay tight and…” I felt my as clamp onto his dick.

“URGHHH! TAKE! DADDY’S! SEED”!! My sphincter locking onto his dick had sent him over the edge, flooding my with cum in my ass.

“OH THANK YOU DADDY” I yelled back at him, before he leaned down and kissed me passionately. More passionately than I had felt in a long time from him. We made out for a while, but I could feel him coming down from his orgasm.

Despite this I was still begging for release. He grabbed me in his arms and pulled me up for an embrace. “I bet you really want to come right now with those juicy balls” he said playfully, as I looked at him pleadingly. His fingers traced around my churning balls, and I could feel the new huge amounts of cum in them ready to explode at any second. My ass continued to leak lube down my legs, and my titties were quickly filling up again and starting to dribble down my chest onto the bed.

“Oh no Daddy I’m just so happy you are satisfied”. Once again I stared in horror as the words came out of my mouth, looking at him pleadingly to hopefully get the message across that his last command still stood. I needed him to know that I NEEDED to get off.

Daddy smirked, “Oh well if that is the case, then I’m probably spent!”

I glared at him as he turned out the lights in the bedroom and get back in behind me. “I think you should sleep as you are tonight, I want to know that both of our cum is sitting inside you”. Like that, alongside the searing horniness I started to feel drowsy in his secure arms, almost like I had taken a sleeping pill.

“I can’t wait to see what I do to you tomorrow” he said, snickering softly. My fear spiked just momentarily in the fogginess of my brain, but all I said was “I can’t wait to please you again”. I could feel my brain emptying to sleep, and then everything when black.

“I love you…. Daddy” I murmured as I drifted off to sleep.

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