A Chance Gift

By Appalachia
published April 4, 2021
3137 words

Cato’s father receives a gift from a mysterious friend of his, but Cato finds a way to abuse it and his father.

It was a stormy and rainy Sunday afternoon out in the countryside. The constant pittering was the backdrop of a quiet, uneventful town.

Cato sat alone in his room. He was tired, both physically and mentally. He had just dropped out of college, and was now living at home with his father, Marcus.

A bolt of lightning shot across the sky, illuminating the dim street outside of Cato’s window. Cato sighed, and stood up to stretch. He might as well make himself some dinner.

Cato slowly made his way downstairs from the third floor of the enormous house. Marcus had been an incredibly successful business man. So successful that he retired before Cato had graduated high school and moved into a huge house in the countryside.

His elder brother Julian had managed to attain a life of great renown, and was working as a stock broker in far off New York. Cato had failed every class he’d taken in college, and was forced to crawl back home to his father.

In the sprawling kitchen, Marcus was seemingly having a small party. Among him were a small group of his close friends, all successful, all rich. The crowd grew a little silent when Cato walked by, but quickly returned to their usual volume when Cato reached the far end of the kitchen.

Cato’s father may have been rich, successful, and good-looking, but his ears had not kept up with him. Some say he looked 20 years his younger, which was true. But his ears were that of an old man, just like the rest of his friends. A small wall sat between Cato and Marcus’ party, but Cato could still hear them speak, even if the old man ears of the men didn’t know.

“I tell you what Marcus,” said a loud one. Kyle was his name. “You gotta find another girl. You’ve been out for too long.”

“Kyle I ain’t looking for another one after what that last bitch did to me,” Marcus snapped back. The party of men burst into uproarious laughter.

“You? Of all people?” said a different friend. This one was Isaac. “Man we work out every other day together and you ain’t using it?”

Again laughter ensued. Banter was thrown back and forth and beer bottles klinked together. There was altogether too much commotion for Cato to discern, but it must have been fun.

“I’ll tell you what,” came a third voice. The party went silent to listen. This voice belonged to Mino.

Mino always confused Cato. He was considerably younger than the rest of the men that Marcus hung out with, being literally only two years older than Cato. Being young and spirited, Mino was huge and seemingly kept his demigod appearance through sheer force of will alone. Cato never interacted with him, but he always seemed so commanding. Aside from that, he always had another beautiful girlfriend every time he showed up. Not that Cato cared, after all he was gay. But Mini was an outlier. Cato had been here for two weeks, but had never seen Mino before then.

“I have something that might help you,” Mino said seductively. The men laughed but began to listen. Cato could hear the men lean forward in their chairs to listen closely, and he even found himself placing an ear against the wall.

“Not in front of everyone else,” Mino said, feigning drama. The crowd laughed, but then stopped. Cato froze in place, hoping they hadn’t heard him listening. He heard footsteps, but couldn’t move out of fear.

Then another pair of footsteps. And another. The front door opened, and a voice called “Goodbye!” And another. There was Isaac, and then Kyle as well. Finally, the house was silent.

“What the fuck Mino,” Marcus said flatly. Cato didn’t dare move.

“You see?” Mino replied. “I could for e you to give me money for it, but I believe in at least a bit of morality-.”

“Name a price,” Marcus replied quickly cutting Mino off.

“Feisty are we?” Mino laughed. “I’ve grown bored of it. I could be designing better things anyways.”

“Mino I have millions in the bank,” Marcus replied. “I’ll buy it for any price you tell me.”

“Oh just ten bucks is fine,” Mino replied. “I need some cash for the bus fare.”

“Are you serious?” Marcus replied. The room went silent for a moment. Then, Marcus seemed to rustle around for his wallet.

“It’s a pleasure doing business with you,” Mino replied. “I left the password for the tablet over on the other side of the kitchen.”

Cato tensed up again. His eyes surveyed the mass of islands and countertops that were laid out before him. Sitting right beneath the sink was a sticky note with a series of symbols and letters on it. Cato didn’t know what had happened on the other side, but in this moment he was acting out of spite. His father labeled the item at worth millions. Cato would hold it hostage.

He darted quickly and quietly towards the paper, snatching it up. Marcus and Mino had stood up, and were heading towards the front door. Cato crept through the other rooms towards a hidden and advantageously available position.

“You’re traveling then?” Marcus asked.

“As I do,” Mino said blandly and sighed. “You probably…uh don’t remember?”

“Remember what?” Marcus asked. “You’ve always been a great friend.”

“Technically no,” Mino replied. “But you think I have.”

There was silence.

“A-a-anyways,” Mino continued. “I don’t know if I can come back. I mean I’ve given you the device and all. Maybe I’ll just travel for a while, and not meddle.”

“You make no sense Mino.” Marcus said. He let out a loud and heart laugh. Mino laughed as well, and the door shut behind him, leaving nothing but the pitted patter of rain to fill the silence.

Cato made his way back up to his room and hopped onto his bed. He quickly typed the passcode into a secure note on his phone. After double checking the digits and symbols, he tore up the sticky note into tens of illegible small scraps and threw them away.

It was getting late, and the sky had darkened even more. There was a great sound from a few floors down, probably Marcus raising hell to find the sticky note. Marcus may have been a corporate mastermind, but normally he was pretty ignorant. He’d probably forgotten that Cato ever was in the kitchen and would never make the connection.

As Marcus razed the first floor, Cato sat and wondered what “the device” could be. Mino had called it a tablet, which would explain the password. Presumably it did something for Marcus that impressed him. Perhaps it was an aggressively successful stock portfolio. Or maybe a revolutionary new app for identifying disease.

After another few hours, Cato began to stalk the halls of the house. It was nearly 2 in the morning, and the house was still. The manly snore emanating from his father’s bedroom meant that Cato had free reign.

The first floor of the house had been move and shuffled completely. The paranoid Marcus had probably checked under every surface in the house to search for it. Cato reached the kitchen table, and using his flashlight found “the device.”

It was a normal sized tablet, though curiously it had no marks or identifying logos. Marcus must have left it here under the assumption that no one could use it.

Cato tapped the screen, and was greeted by a blinding white screen. Old people these days have no respect for dark mode. Cato input the password and was met with the face of Mino.

“Hi! Welcome to the comprehensive tutorial on how to use the Command Pad!” Mino said cheerfully. Cato grabbed the device and hurried downstairs to avoid waking his father.

“Please, allow me to introduce myself,” Mino said. “I am Mino Sun, creator of the Command Pad. With this incredible tool, you will be able to send commands to any person you come into contact with.”

“Before we elaborate on what exactly this device can do, let me tell you how you use the device,” Mino continued. The camera panned to a bored looking woman sitting in a chair. Mino grabbed the device and faced it towards her. “First, we must take a photo of the person you want to send commands to. Then, wait just a moment for the system to process, and you’re all set!”

The woman looked unimpressed. Mino began typing on the tablet. All of a sudden, the woman stood up and began to dance.

“I promise, this is not a stage video,” Mino continued. “Simply input commands into the profile of the selected person and hit send!”

“There are of course some big options to consider,” Mino continued. The woman continued to dance as if Mino wasn’t even there. “First, we have the ‘Aware’ function for each command. Turning it on will mean that this poor woman here will have no idea what is going on.”

Mino tapped a button on the command pad. Instantly the dancing woman began to freak out.

“What the hell?” she yelled. “Why am i dancing?! Why can’t I stop?!”

Mini tapped a button and the woman calmed down, but continued dancing. “Unless you specify in the command, the command will last indefinitely,” Mino continued. He tapped a button, and the woman stopped dancing and sat down. She stared, bored and unimpressed with the presentation. “Simply turn off the commands you want off and keep those you want on.”

“Our other command option is a habitual one,” Mino continued. “Say you want someone to do something every week, or every other minute.”

He patted the woman on the back, who stood up and left the screen. “Now that you have the basics, it’s up to you to enjoy yourself. Just be careful!”

And with that the video ceased and Cato was met by the same interface from the video. Cato was feeling a little mixed. On one hand, he was horny beyond belief. But on the other hand, it all just seemed too good to be true. This Mino guy shows up, befriends his father, gives him a seemingly magical technological wonder, and leaves to fly to Brazil? Cato needed proof.

He walked up the steps slowly, and made his way through the kitchen. He would have to just try and take a photo of father.

Cato set up a profile for his father. Below was a space for commands. He put in something simple, like “put arms behind your back.”

Next was the photo part. He’d need to get a good one, otherwise he feared it may not wor-

Cato turned the corner and slammed into a wall of muscle, falling to the ground. Above him stood Marcus, standing tall in nothing but his briefs.

“Cato,” Marcus said sternly. He leaned down and picked up the device. “I know college has been rough, but that doesn’t mean you need to resort to a life of crime.”

Cato was filled with dread. He’s fucked up.

“It’s a nice photo you took though,” his father noted. He turned the pad around and showed a stunning photo of himself. Cato must have bumped a button and captured it. The device dinged, acknowledging a successful upload.

“What is all this anyways,” Marcus said, searching around the small profile of himself. Like an elderly man experiencing the internet for the first time, he began clicking around wildly. Suddenly, his arms forcibly flung themselves backwards, sending the command pad flying.

“Ah shit,” Marcus muttered. His arms had folded themselves behind his bare back, making him look like he was about to go clogging. He hurried over to the command pad, and attempted to grab it with hand, but only succeeded in faking over himself.

Cato bolted. He darted down the hall and snatched up the device before running down towards the basement. His father called out after him, but struggled to stand up immediately.

Cato was a mix of adrenaline, arousal, and fear. His father had accidentally clicked his command, and IT WORKED. He didn’t even seem to realize what had happened, only that he dropped it.

Cato locked himself in a bathroom and began furiously typing and sending commands. Will not hurt Cato, will not use command pad. Can move arms freely. Will-

Before he could continue, the door burst down before Cato’s eyes. In the doorway stood Marcus. With all his muscle and might he’s managed to break down the door. He was seething. He stomped forward and grabbed the device from Cato’s hands and just stood there, holding it.

“This is a valuable device Cato,” Marcus yelled. “It was given to me by one of my best friends Mino.”

“You knew Mino for what, three weeks tops?” Cato rebuked.

“For my entire life,” Marcus said nearly spitting at his son. “I won’t use it, but this device is worth millions! Millions of dollars Cato! Do you have any idea-“

“You won’t use it?” Cato asked slyly. He began to walk around his father.

“No, of course not why would I use it?” Marcus said chuckling.

“Can I use it then?” Cato asked. Without warning he grabbed it out of his fathers hands.

“No, it is extremely valuable!” Marcus yelled. He reached out to grab it, but Cato turned quickly.

“If it’s so valuable, why won’t you use it?” Cato said laughing.

“Cato I won’t hurt you,” Marcus said gruffly. He was reaching out at Cato, awkwardly trying to grab the device without hurting him. “I won’t use the device.”

“What does this device do?” Cato asked innocently, batting his eyes as Marcus finally gave up.

“It can do a lot Cato,” Marcus replied. He stood and folded his massive arms firmly. “Give it to me.”

“What if I just type something in here?” Cato asked. He held the tablet close to himself and dramatically began to type. “Will call Cato Master! How about that?”

“Master, I would t type anything there if I were you,” Marcus said seething. He snatched the device away from his son. “You have no idea what this can do, Master. I’m not trusting this with a college drop out.”

Marcus tried to leave, but found that Cato was blocking the doorway. Cato was living for this. The device actually worked.

“Master, I need to go back to bed,” Marcus said succinctly.

“Then force me out of the way!” Cato said.

“I won’t hurt you Master,” Marcus replied. He waved the tablet in front of Cato, gesturing to his son blocking the door. Cato snatched the device and quickly typed in “Will not touch the Command Pad voluntarily.”

“Master, you have no idea how to use that thing,” Marcus said crossing his arms. Cato reached out with the pad, only for Marcus to recoil.

“Something wrong dad?” Cato asked.

“I won’t touch that thing master,” Marcus replied angrily. “Damnit master you need to put that thing down!”

Cato laughed and walked up the stairs to the kitchen. Marcus was hot at his heels, but never got enough to grab Cato or the device. Cato sat down at one end of the table and selected for Marcus to be aware of all commands. Marcus’ face melded into an angrier and more disgusted version.

“YOU,” he shouted. He began to shake. Spit flew, muscles tensed. “What the FUCK did you do Master? Master? MASTER!”

He began to run at Cato, causing Cato to fall out of his chair. But Marcus stopped before reaching him, unable to hurt him. He tried reaching for the device, but his hands shook and stopped an inch from the screen.

“You’re making me call you MASTER you fucking fag,” Marcus screamed. “Oh master if I could only get close enough to touch your shitty little face I would destroy you and tear you bit to bit! You are messing with TERRIBLE things master.”

Cato was shaken. His father was a hulking man, and no amount of magical devices could convince him that Marcus would not hurt him. But after a minute or two of further insults, he slowly stood up and sat back down.

“Master you asshole!” Marcus screamed into his ear. “I am your FATHER. YOU do anything that I tell you to do.”

“No Marcus,” Cato said seething. He typed up a short sentence and showed Marcus the screen. “YOU, will do anything CATO tells you to do.”

Marcus’ eyes went wide. His meager intellect failed to calculate that his tirades would have a consequence.

“Now Marcus,” Cato continued. He gestured at his father’s enormous frame. “I like this whole thing you have going on here. Let’s see, ‘Whenever at home alone with Cato, will always be naked.’”

“Fucking fucker,” Marcus spat. He had lost his confidence as he lost his briefs.

“Now Marcus,” Cato went on. He shook his head a little. “This has been fun to see you react like this, but I really can’t deal with you. So angry, so we’ll have to make sure that you are unaware.”

All Marcus could do was widen his eyes before his awareness vanished. “Come on now master, just put the device down.”

“Hmmm, still jot good enough,” Cato said shaking his head. “Let’s try, ‘Will always be happy around Cato,’ ‘Will always let Cato do whatever he wants,’ and ‘Will forget about and never think about the device.”

Marcus’ expression changed. He smiled, and ruffled his son’s hair. “How are you doing on this fine night Master?”

“Will jack yourself off,” Cato said as he input it in. Marcus began to feverishly jack himself off, right in front of his son. He kept a smile on his face the entire time. Just before he reached a climax, Cato unselected the command, and Marcus stopped. All the while, he smiled and beamed at his son.

“I’m going to bed,” Cato said yawning. This had been an exhausting, but exciting experience. “Deep clean the entire inside of the house top to bottom EXCEPT my room WITHOUT waking me.”

“Of course Master,” Marcus said smiling. He immediately ran off, smiling as he went. Cato unzipped his pants, and jacked off all the way to his room. At the very top, he shot out his entire load on to the carpet, before shutting his door, placing the Command Pad under his pillow, and falling into a deep sleep.

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