Symbiotic Surrender

By Hypnocigarboy
published March 31, 2021
2619 words

Flash Thompson wants to be stronger, but is hitting the gym the best way to do that? Maybe Venom could show him how to really bulk up…

Symbiotic Surrender

Sweat dripped from Flash Thompson’s head as he set both barbells down onto the ground with a massive clang. He’d been trying harder to get stronger, to grow bigger, anything that’d make sure he would never deal with being embarrassed like that again.

Standing up, Flash lifted his water bottle to his mouth, gulping down the ice cold drink and chilling his overheated body. Staring back at himself in the mirror, his eyes scanned his muscles with a smirk, they’d grown much better than he’d thought in such a short amount of time.

His body, already well grown from years of high school football and wrestling, was intimidating, but not enough. He wanted to be stronger, smarter, someone who’s able to hold his own when supervillains attacked. The last thing he wanted was to be embarrassed again.

Shaking his head, the sweat splattered out like a dog drying itself, hitting the mirror and drifting down as he could smell the musk from it. He’d definitely need a shower again soon. His spiked blonde hair was a mess after the intense workout, but he couldn’t be bothered with it.

The last time they’d had football practice, he had been humiliated on the field. Swooping in just as halftime had ended, Spiderman had ended up bringing Sandman onto the field, probably leading him away from the scene of his latest crime. The thick sand had coated the green of Midtown’s football field, as the two battled it out while the crowd watched and cheered, escaping from the stands.

Flash had taken no time to think of the danger and rushed forward, trying to help Spidey, his favorite hero, but neglected to consider the danger. Sandman, seeing the opportunity, sent the football star flying after he tried to wrangle the villain, jettisoning him through the air and over the field.

Flying through the air, Flash was only narrowly saved by a few stray webs that snagged him right at the center of the goalposts. Spidey had managed to successfully get the Sandman out of the school, but even when the team returned, he heard the laughter. It was beyond embarassing to be laughed at for trying to help out a hero, and he wouldn’t be that weak or stupid again.

How could he think attacking Sandman was a good idea? He was literally made of sand! Flash grumbled to himself, hopefully at least the next time Spidey decided to send a villain through their school, it’d be someone he could at least pin down.

Maybe he was jealous. Spiderman had so many cool powers, super strength, agility, web shooters, even a ton of high-tech gear to help him against stronger villains, but Flash was just muscle. At least he could try and be the best at that, but he’d kill for even just a bit of that power.

He couldn’t imagine how amazing it’d be to be a hero, and have all the fame and glory, even if Spiderman never did reveal his face. What would it be like to sling across the city, beating up baddies left and right? Not only that, but to be in the same league as Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, even Captain Marvel? He couldn’t think of anything more amazing.

Returning to his routine, Flash laid back onto the bench, staring up at the bar above him. It wasn’t weighed down too heavily, he could handle it on his own. Lifting the bar up, it clattered off of the metal beams that held it, hoisted above Flash’s chest carelessly as he raised it up and down, steadily beginning to struggle more and more with each rep.

Hw could feel the sweat now, returning the bar to it’s metal perch and sitting up. Wiping the sweat away with a quick dash of his rag, he sat in silence for a moment. The eerie quiet of the gym was getting harder to not be freaked out by. Normally at least a few people would be around with him this late, but on this night, it was empty.

What was there to be afraid of? Nobody could get in without a keycard and even so, who’d want to rob a community gym? Flash smirked to himself, gripping his fist tightly, and even then, he could easily defend himself, no supervillain was gonna come and attack him here.

Laying back down, Flash breathed deeply, feeling his body relax. His arms, warm with sweat and cooled by the metal pressed against them, clenched, ready to lift again. They had grown significantly well, but he wanted more, and he’d keep pushing himself until he couldn’t take it.

Lifting the bar again, he raised it high, dropping it back low as he continued his workout, the quiet beat from his earbuds and the grunts of his workout the only sound in the empty gym. It echoed off the walls, bringing some change to the eerie silence.

As Flash struggled to raise the bar, his body and arms began to feel the fatigue. They wobbled, and Flash grimaced, he couldn’t be feeling this weak, he couldn’t let that stop him. He needed to keep going. His sweaty palms struggled to hold the bar still as he pressed it up, raising it above his head, before he felt it slip from his grasp.

The metal bar slid down his palms and began to fall, right towards his chest. It was heavy enough to hurt, and at that height, it could be dangerous. Flash had little time to think before wincing, waiting for the pain to set in.

But…it didn’t. Breathing heavily, Flash felt the sweat pool near his eyes, shaking his head. Carefully, his blue eyes opened to stare up at the figure above him, staring down at him as it held the bar with a finger, almost mocking him.

The glistening black suit rippled as it moved and shifted above Flash, dropping the bar back into it’s shelf as the form let out a strange laugh. It was both high and low pitched, vibrating out of the impressive framed body as Flash’s eyes met the face.


Scrambling off the bench, Flash fell onto the matted ground, staring up at the intimidating form of Venom. The beastly monster smiled wide, its sharpened fangs making even Flash shudder, as the tongue lashed out, dripping green saliva onto the ground before him.

“Looks like someone needs a spotter.” He spoke, stepping close, “Better be careful, wouldn’t want any…”, he shuddered, laughing low, “Broken bones, now would you?” He loomed closer over Flash.

The blank white eyes were unreadable, he couldn’t tell what the monster was considering, but he didn’t want to find out. “You stay away from me!” He warned, “Spidey’s gonna come soon, you wait and see!”

Even now, Flash knew his odds. Maybe a normal guy couldn’t handle a supervillain, especially one like Venom. He watched the muscles ripple and shine beneath the symbiotic sheen, every shape of the physique was ideal and chiseled.

Venom stepped closer, making Flash scramble back further, standing up slowly. “Oh Flash, we know the Spider isn’t on his way. You don’t have to lie to us. We came to help, after all…” he raised a clawed finger and pointed to the young man.

“We’ve watched you, ever since that day, ever since every attack, ever since our first…taste. We want you back, Flash, to return to us.” Venom’s eyes looked into his own, and he could feel the intensity.

Flash backed against the mirrored wall, “What do you mean ‘first taste’? What the hell are you even tal-“, with a quick lash forward, a tendril of ink black symbiotic slime met with Flash’s head, as his eyes sunk back.

In the midst of his fear, he watched the memory come forward. It was a year ago, far earlier than the Sandman incident, or the Green Goblin incident, or the Electro incident. He had been alone after school, leaving detention.

The dark hall of an early sunset invited him as he found his locker, grimacing as he placed the badly torn and worn textbooks back into his locker. Only, they didn’t fit so well. Falling onto the ground, the books clattered and brought some sound into the dark hall.

Picking them back up with an agitated sigh, Flash shoved them back into his locker harder, crushing the discarded bag of burgers long left to sit and an old project. The only strange sound was the squirming.

Staring into the dark of his locker, he could hardly see the amorphous black blob shifting and bubbling in the back of his locker, until it shot forward, directly at him. Falling back, Flash felt the slime invade him, wrap around him, and consume his form.

He felt the embrace of the alien, the warm wet cocoon of muscle fusing with his own as he grew, his mind going to Spidey and how much he…despised him. Hated him. Spide-no…The spider was a menace, an enemy that had denied him, and soon he would pay…

The symbiote used him like a puppet to fight Spiderman, attacking him and battling through the city that night. Flash had no memory, but looking back, he could feel it, that strange comfort of not being in control, of submitting and relaxing within the slime, of letting it all take over and control…

Snapping back, Flash opened his eyes as the tendril recoiled back, returning evenly into Venom’s form as he spoke again. “You’ve wiped it from your memories, we see. Do you deny the bad that you’d done, or the pleasure you felt?” The sharp grin almost seemed to grow larger than before, nearing an impossible sized sneer.

Flash shook his head, he didn’t hate Spidey, he couldn’t but…but how come he got superpowers? Why was it only fair for some random guy to be so strong, and everyone else was so helpless? “I-i don’t want you back, you made me think…made me feel weird. Just leave me alone!”

Gripping a barbell, he pitched it at Venom, who easily grabbed the weight and snapped it, sending the metal ends onto the ground with a clang. He recoiled at the sound of the vibration, but shook his head, staring back at Flash.

The suit began to wriggle, writhing and warping, “You can’t deny your true feelings Flash, we made you feel good, we made you feel bad. You enjoyed it, and you repressed the thought. But now, we can become one again, and this time…” Venom stood against Flash now, staring him down as the tongue lashed down, licking across his cheek, “Permanently. You will be ours forever, Flash Thompson.”

Flash’s eyes darted from side to side as Venom’s arms pinned to the mirror at either side, shattering the glass. “P-please, I don’t want to be a villain again, I don’t want to fight him. This isnt…!” Venom pressed his head against the boy, coaxing his chin up.

“You want strength, you want purpose. We can give you both of these, and you will never feel alone with us. Join our side and you’ll see our way soon enough. Do not fight it, surrender to it.” The suit began to liquify as Flash felt it begin to pour onto him. Wrinkling his eyes, he felt it pour into his clothing. Biting his lip, he tried to resist the corruption, but…he couldn’t. He wanted it, as much as he tried to deny.

Quickly, Venom wrapped himself around Flash, consuming him in the slime as Flash moaned out a final protest, his mouth gulping down the inky black goo as it invaded his body, invading his mind, bonding far more than before. Flash’s fearful eyes stared into Venom’s, as he sank into his cocoon completely.

Fighting against the slime inside, Flash felt the cocoon warm. His sweat dripping and mixing into the symbiotic slime, fusing with it as he stretched to accommodate it. It poured into every pore, draining the salty stench of strength and overexertion from him. His arms began to swell as layer after layer of slime coated them, growing thick and strong just as Venom was.

He felt his chest become slick and smooth, like rubber as layers of goo assimilated his body, transforming his pecs and growing his chest wide, his abs now prominent and large. Clawed fingers brushed against his nipples as Flash groaned, sharpened fangs now growing within his mouth.

His once tan skin became pale, covered by the blanket of tar, bonding into the very cells of his body, his already thick thighs expanded and grew large, his ass propped up by the smooth suit as well. Slime spilled inside of him as he let out a moan, the warm goo filling his ass deeply as he opened his now red eyes, letting out an inhuman growl. He loved this, he wanted more. More power, more symbiote, more of it all!

Narrowing his eyes, he smirked as his cock twitched and bonded with the goo, the thick slimy tendrils twisting and twirling around his rigid manhood as it coaxed out his load. The goop slid around his balls, expanding and corrupting his seed as it also slid deep into his cock. Every part of him was corrupting, every cell and fiber of his being was becoming…Venom.

With a groan, he felt his balls retract, his massive cock now full with a thick load, as he threw his head back against the cocoon, rubbery claws gripping the erection and beating it, forcing the load free. Grunting and groaning, he could feel it, coming close.

Venom watched the cocoon shake, vibrating faster and faster as he knew what would soon be coming, or…who. The smooth exterior of the sac vacuumed against it’s captive, one last attempt, as it went solid and hard, ripping as the captive completed their transformation.

Thick plumes of black slime jetted free from Flash, now completely bonded. His face hidden behind a mask of his own groaned, slitted eyes narrowing as he emptied himself over the gym mats.

Venom stared down at the young protege as his body relaxed, shifting as they breathed in and out, relaxing from their release, feeling the relief. His arms reached down to grab him, wrapping them under his arms as he was hoisted to his feet.

“Doesn’t this feel so much better? Look how much you wanted this…” Venom whispered into Flash’s ear, “You wanted our power so badly, our corruption, and look at the mess you’ve made.” He grinned.

Looking up into Venom’s eyes, Flash felt the room spin…no, his eyes spin, spiralling as Venom’s did. He was content, he was happy, and as his suit cocooned his face again, he felt himself be lifted from the floor, taken away from the gym and off into the night.

Soon, Flash would find much more corruption with Venom, and he couldn’t wait to share it.

(Since i know i have a bad habit of only doing one shot stories, this will be in 2-3 parts for the full story. Please tell me what you think!

Please, tell me what you think!

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