1. The Rules

By Tyrol
published March 28, 2021
2718 words

A frat house receives a letter with extremely explicit details pertaining to a curse that has been cast on the residents. This chapter contains only the rules of the curse. Skip to chapter two if you want to jump into the juicy stuff.

This idea came to me in a dream or something. I just really wanted to do a frat story where they’re all trapped into having to do things they don’t want to do while fully aware. Hope you enjoy and leave comments, feedback, and requests! This will be posted alongside chapter 2, and I’ve already started chapter 3.

Gamma Sigma Kappa was the most notorious fraternity on campus. They were exclusive to only the sportiest, jockiest, fit bros who were down to party and fuck as many girls as possible. The rule was to have fun at any cost, even if it meant disturbing the peace in the neighborhood, failing classes and having to get a coach to threaten a professor to change grades, or cheating on and lying to their girlfriends over and over and over.

The brothers of Gamma Sigma Kappa never knew where the curse came from, but they remembered when it started. It was a cold February day when an old, yellowed letter arrived in the mail. Only one of the guys in the Dalton Street house was responsible enough to check the mail. Greg opened the envelope, addressed simply to “The Brothers of Gamma Sigma Kappa”.

It was a pretty slow Sunday after a rager in their home, and all the girls had already left, makeup and clothes in disarray after the debauchery the previous night. Seven brothers lived in the house, three of which were in the living room passively watching TV. The only non-resident, Alex, was still there, still sucking up to Trevor, the president. Greg squinted looking at the letter, confusion growing, until he laughed out loud.

“Guys, you gotta take a look at this faggoty letter we got. It says we’ve been cursed!”

Trevor didn’t react, which meant neither did Alex. Zeke and Yuri, however, were always excited for random drama and leapt to peer at the letter.

“Brothers of Gamma Sigma Kappa, Dalton Street,” Yuri read aloud in his slavic accent. “You have passed the point of toleration and are now sentenced to be eternally cursed in the house in which you live. The terms of the curse are outlined below.”

Zeke laughed. “This is incredible! What the fuck?”

“And I thought Anna’s inevitable blow up on you was going to be the most exciting thing of the day,” Greg teased.

“Bitch ain’t got nothing to complain about,” Zeke chuckled. “I thought it was her!”

“You damned well knew you were fucking her sister!” Greg protested in humor.

“Sure, but she don’t have to know that!” Zeke retorted. Greg rolled his eyes as Yuri gave Zeke’s ass a congratulatory swat.

“Hey! I want to hear the rest of the letter!” Trevor shouted from the other room. “Tell me how badly we’ve been cursed!”

“It’s long as fuck,” Yuri said. “You sure?”

“Yeah why not? Nothing else happening at the moment. Let’s gather all the boys.”

The eight brothers all gathered in the living room, some on the couches, some sitting on the floor. Half of them were shirtless from having just awoken. All were muscular as per the rules of admission, though some were leaner than others.

Trevor, the president, was a hockey player. Blonde and charismatic, he was known for his ruthlessness with women and knowing how to get things done for his brothers. He single-handedly kept the fraternity afloat with the skills he learned from his corporate lawyer father. He knew how to charm the girls and lied his way through many lays, rarely sleeping with a girl more than once. He may have had a reputation, but the girls couldn’t keep away from him.

Greg, the vice president, was mixed white and black, and was known for maintaining the day-to-day rules of the household. He was a football player of average height but with a decent bit of bulk.

Zeke was one of the bigger ones, however. A black football player, he was known to be energetic and personable. Unlike Trevor, Zeke actually entertained the concept of monogamy from time to time, but never took his promises seriously. He had medium-length dreads and a personable disposition that belied his habits.

Yuri was a brown-haired swimmer hunk, the only foreign student in the house. Although he didn’t tend to lie or cheat his way through women, he defended his brothers’ nasty habits. Girls thought he was one of the nicer ones, however, and this typically provided a reasonable stream of girls who thought of him as an alternative to the more unsavory guys in the house.

Dan was the only Indian in the fraternity, and also a swimmer. He and Yuri got along well, but Dan was unlucky with women, as they tended to say they “weren’t into Indian guys”. As a result, the brothers would typically try to help him by springing surprise double-penetration threesomes with their other conquests, or having him participate in orgies where a girl would be assigned to him. To their surprise, some girls actually found Dan to be particularly good at sex, and despite the dubious methods of getting to them in the first place, he typically held on to a few regulars that he was honest with, never letting them believe he was interested in exclusivity.

Jack and Joe were the twins of the frat. They were Korean tennis players and shared everything, even tricking girls into thinking one was the other so they could both get off. They would from time to time share a girl at the same time, or fuck two girls in the same room. They were surprisingly thick in build for tennis players, and were known for the bulk of their asses.

Finally there was Alex. He had long, curly, dirty blonde hair and was a new member of the frat, idolizing Trevor with whom he shared hockey. Conning girls wasn’t a skill that came easy to him, and being new he was given little help from his brothers, but he was determined to bring his numbers up and managed to lose his first girlfriend to a cheating scandal, for which he received the praise from his brothers he so craved.

Trevor had given Greg the task of reading the letter aloud to the frat. They all held beers, ready to cheer for the more ridiculous points.

“Brothers of Gamma Sigma Kappa, Dalton Street,” Greg started from the beginning again. “You have passed the point of toleration and are now sentenced to be eternally cursed in the house in which you live. The terms of the curse are outlined below.”

“OOOOOOOOOOH” several voices mocked.

Suddenly, the letter caught fire.

Greg dropped the letter quickly, and attempted to stomp out the flame, but it neither quenched nor spread, and the letter did not burn away.

“WHOA WHOA WHOA!” the boys scrambled, but a voice shouted above the chaos.

“Now that you are all gathered, we can begin!” a strong, female voice rang throughout the house. It was obvious that it originated from the burning letter.

“One: you will listen quietly to all these rules without leaving.”

Most of the boys were silent with shock, but Alex reacted. “Holy shit holy shit holy–MMM!” Alex’s mouth disappeared as he grabbed at his face in shock, unable to speak. Zeke shouted in terror, and was suddenly silenced as the same happened to him. Dan tried to back out, but suddenly found his legs unable to move as his feet felt practically nailed to the floor. He knew not to scream, but panic welled up in his stomach. The voice continued as if it had not noticed any distress at all. The only person who seemed unperturbed was Trevor. He recognized the voice and knew they were all screwed. He had been expecting this for some time, although maybe not something this dramatic.

“Two: all residents of this house will convene here every Sunday by noon for the Choosing, starting today, except that today we are meeting later than usual, most likely, which is acceptable for the first Choosing.

“Three: The term ‘resident’ applies to anyone who currently lives in this house. Once you obtain residency status in this house, you maintain it, even if you leave and sleep in another house, taking all your things. There is no way out of this curse for the seven of you. Male visitors who are in the house on Sunday at any time before the Choosing are considered temporary residents for the week.

“Four: If any permanent residents are not present at the time the Choosing begins due to lateness or early exit, they will be automatically chosen during the Choosing, in addition to another.

“Five: during the Choosing, one among you will be chosen to be the House Bitch for the week. The House Bitch will have the honored duty of receiving the semen of his brothers within himself.”

Whimpers could be heard through the room as some of the boys began to tear up.

“The House Bitch will have an insatiable libido and need to be fucked and dominated in any manner possible. If he receives the semen of every one of his brothers who were present at the Choosing in his mouth or anus, he will return to his normal state of mind, but for the rest of the week he will still be obedient and submissive to any brother, willing to be fucked whenever they choose to use him.”

Trevor considered the rules like a lawyer. He knew that what would come next would be a threat or incentive for the brothers to fuck the House Bitch.

“Six: any brother present at the Choosing that week must ejaculate inside a House Bitch on Sunday. Failing to do so will result in that brother becoming a House Bitch himself on Monday in addition to the chosen House Bitch. Any who become a House Bitch in this way will need to receive the semen of each of their brothers to return to a normal state of mind, but will remain obedient and submissive until the end of the week.”

The whole room was melancholy now. The boys were sobbing, holding their heads, rocking in place. Trevor thought about the rule. Blow jobs weren’t so bad between bros. From time to time, they made their pledges do it to their older brothers for a laugh. So if they couldn’t figure out a way around the curse, they could just fuck the Bitch’s mouth one by one and never speak of it for the rest of the week. They could even put on some porn with girls and try to imagine the mouth was a girl’s. It didn’t feel that different, he knew. And at least the Bitch wouldn’t be complaining in the moment.

“Seven: Brothers who are not a House Bitch must then ejaculate during anal or oral sex one more time with any brother, including the House Bitch. This means that, in all, each brother must have sex twice a week at least with a brother.”

Trevor thought about it. The penalty would be easy to avoid by simply using the Bitch for a blow job once again after the first time.

“Eight: One of the two times each brother has sex with another brother in order to avoid being automatically chosen as a House Bitch the following Sunday must be anal–either giving or receiving, with the giver ejaculating inside the anus of the receiver. If this condition is not met, that brother will become a House Bitch the following Sunday just as if he had failed to do the required two times.”

Trevor cursed under his breath. They wouldn’t be getting off easy with simple oral sex. The best solution seemed to be one anal and one oral from each brother into the Bitch…but could the Bitch take that much punishment?

“Nine: House Bitches have magic anuses and mouths which enchant the penises of each person that ejaculates in them until the following Sunday. Individually, the enchantments do nothing, but combined, they will result in penile shrinkage. The effect is less extreme the earlier in the week the enchantments are combined, but the enchantment will cease completely on the following Sunday and the penis will regrow to its original size.”

Trevor cursed again, louder this time. He didn’t even flinch when his mouth disappeared. He knew it would happen. He was just so pissed. This witch had thought of everything. There would be little to no fucking pussy on saturday nights if they waited until the last moment to fuck the Bitch a second time, or they would have sub-optimal dicks for the whole week if they didn’t want to have tiny dicks on Saturday night. Maybe they could just do all their parties Friday night? After all, they couldn’t have anyone stay the night on Saturday anymore considering they had the Choosing on Sundays now. After all, the only way to avoid shrinkage completely was…to try to fuck a non-Bitchified brother. And good luck convincing anyone to do that, even if it was just a blow job. And even if they were to agree on it they would have to make sure that they fucked the ass of the Bitch on Sunday so they didn’t have to have fully aware anal sex during the week. This was going to take an annoying amount of coordination already, and the rules weren’t even done.

“Ten: Every week, before the House Bitch is chosen, there will be a selection of three cards in this envelope which will modify or add rules for the week. You must unanimously decide on which card’s modification comes into effect. If you are not unanimous, one or more will be chosen. You will have only fifteen minutes from the time the House Bitch is chosen to discuss and decide on the modification. The options that are available will change every week. The options will be humiliating and undesirable for those that are not House Bitches that week, but will become less so and even beneficial and desirable as you build up House Points. Up to fifty House Points can be earned by serving and giving to needy communities, especially those you have previously wronged. Apologizing sincerely to those you have hurt in the past will also give you points. Another fifty points may be earned based on the variety and amount of gay sex you have. Points will be lost if you knowingly cause physical or emotional harm to anyone outside the fraternity.”

Trevor slammed his fist on the coffee table in front of him. This witch thought of everything! Even if he could find her again, which he very much doubted, the curse would remain. Even demolishing the cursed house wouldn’t work. Their only hope was to cope with the curse and try to minimize the pain it caused them.

“This is your reward for all the suffering you have caused in the world. Retribution for the wrongs you have inflicted. I only hope that this curse will cause you to turn your lives around and be better. Farewell. You will hear of me no longer.”

The fire went out. The letter remained. Those without mouths gasped as they returned, and Dan could move his legs again. The brothers were shouting and panicking, asking if it was real. Could it be? It seemed legit. How did this happen? Why did they deserve this? Fucking bitch! Did you understand all those rules? I wasn’t paying attention, I was too terrified. Are they still on the paper?

Trevor silenced them all. “QUIET!” He shouted. They looked to him. “We have to strategize now. Look.” He pointed toward the envelope. A large hourglass had appeared, and the sand was draining. “It looks like we have about an hour for me to explain our situation to those of you too dimwitted to have paid attention. If, god forbid, I get chosen this week, it’ll be chaos with you lot trying to figure out how to minimize the damage. So listen up.”

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