Hydrated 2

Series: Hydrated
By Hypnothrill - hypnothrill@yahoo.com
published March 20, 2021
3413 words

Ben discovers what’s happening to his stepdad and brother. But will he be able to stop it?

Author’s note: Thanks so much for your comments, everyone! They really motivated me to spend some more time on this one. As you know, I like to be a bit of a tease, so I decided to wait a couple more days to post the exciting conclusion in another short chapter. If you follow the hyperlinks in this story, you’ll see the various pictures that inspired it.

Ben was the first one up the next morning, and he figured he’d clear his head by going outside and doing some morning exercise: a run around the ten-acre property, followed by some jumping jacks, burpees, and sit-ups on the grass. He changed into his green running shorts and headed outside.

As he was running around the property, his little brother Parker was waking up, trying to remember the sexy dreams he’d just been having. He idly groped himself through the crotch of his blue Calvin Klein briefs, feeling the bulge of his morning wood. Then he reached for the plastic bottle by his bedside and took a deep gulp of water. Parker carried the bottle with him as he headed for the casement window and flung it open to soak up the sun and fresh country air.

He took another swig of water and set the nearly empty bottle down on the stone ledge outside the window when he felt a set of strong arms wrap around him.

“That’s my good boy! Getting hydrated!” Parker heard his father purr in his ear. He could feel his father hugging him close from behind. So close, in fact, he could feel the hard-on just barely contained by his dad’s white briefs rubbing against his butt. But Parker wasn’t bothered by that. Actually, he kind of liked it. In fact, he liked it so much that he felt the bulge in his own briefs start to grow bigger.

It made him feel so good, so excited to know that he had such a strong daddy, such a caring daddy, wanting to make sure his boy stayed hydrated. He wanted to stay hydrated for his daddy; all of a sudden, he wanted to do a lot of things for his daddy. Parker leaned back into his father’s strong arms and massive chest, slowly grinding his butt against the bulge in Tom’s white briefs.

They stayed like that for a moment, so close that Parker could smell his daddy’s sweat and feel his daddy’s warm breath on his neck. And then Tom broke the moment by pointing excitedly out the window.

“Look, Parker, it’s your brother!” he pointed to Ben, who he spotted doing sit-ups on the lawn. “Hey, son!” Tom called out, “How are you feeling this morning? Did you drink your water?”

Not this again! Ben thought, but instead he said, “Yeah, sure did. Thanks for the water. Drank the whole thing.” He didn’t bother looking up; he never could look his stepdad straight in the eye when he was lying to him.

“That’s my good boy!” Tom called out happily. “Now this calls for a celebration. I’ll cook us up a big breakfast.”

“Okay, sounds good,” Ben said, still working on his sit-ups, still oblivious to the sight of his stepfather and brother standing there in their underwear, holding each other close. “Just let me finish up my workout and take a shower, and I’ll join you guys in the kitchen.”

Ben showered, shaved, and got dressed, then headed downstairs to join his stepdad and brother in the kitchen. He was surprised to see that they were both wearing nothing but their briefs. Parker’s T-shirt lay discarded, hanging from his chair, and he was proudly showing off the tattoo on his left arm to a fascinated Tom.

“So then what does the star symbolize?” Tom was asking, running his fingers over that part of the tattoo on his son’s upper arm.

Ben didn’t even know what was happening right now. His stepdad hated Parker’s tattoo. When he got it, Tom had actually called him up in the middle of the night, yelling, “Do you know what your brother’s done to himself!? What he’s gotten permanently inked on his body!?” Afterwards, Parker even took care what kinds of shirts he wore when he was around his dad, opting for ones that completely covered the tattoo, just so he could avoid the constant barrage of critical comments from Tom. And now Tom was fawning over the tattoo, acting like it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen as he fondled his son’s shoulder. What the hell was going on?

“The star? Well, like, it means…” Parker started explaining, then trailed off as he spotted Ben. “Oh hey, bro, I didn’t see you there! Come and join us! Dad made egg white omelets!” He pointed to an empty chair in front of a plate heaped full of egg whites and a big plastic bottle full of water. Ben’s brother and stepdad had similar water bottles next to their plates. And then Ben noticed something else odd.

“No coffee?” he asked Tom. He’d never known his stepdad to start a morning without a cup of freshly brewed coffee, sometimes two.

“No, too much caffeine,” Tom smiled blithely at him. “Gets you dehydrated. I’m sticking with my water.”

“Oh, okay,” Ben replied, eyeing the water bottle in front of him suspiciously as he dug into his omelet. He was actually pretty thirsty right now; he wouldn’t mind a big drink of water to wash this food down. But Tom had been acting so weird, ever since he’d turned into some kind of evangelist for the local tap water, and now Parker was drinking the stuff and acting weird too. Ben’s stubborn streak kicked in; he was going to swallow down that food without touching a drop of his water.

Unfortunately, Parker noticed: “Aren’t you gonna drink your water, bro? It’s soooo important to stay hydrated.” He took a big gulp from his own water bottle. “And the water here is soooo sweet and soooo pure!” Parker broke out into a beatific smile, then reached down and adjusted himself in his briefs.

“Oh, I drank a whole bunch after my workout,” Ben lied, “I just took my water bottle into the shower and filled ‘er up. Gotta stay hydrated, right?”

“That’s my boy!” Tom said encouragingly, “Gotta make sure those big muscles of yours stay hydrated!” As he spoke, Tom rubbed his own muscular chest sensuously. Ben could see his stepdad’s hard nipples poking out like erasers, and he had to look away.

Desperately trying to change the topic, Ben asked, “Okay, so where are we going to go first today? I checked, and there’s a Home Depot out by the highway, and the same shopping center they have a Linens and Things. Or we could just go to Costco first and see if they have everything we need. What do you think?”

“Why do we need to go anywhere?” Tom smiled at him, “I’m happy staying right where I am, at home with my two beautiful boys.” He leaned in close to Parker and started stroking his son’s shoulder; Parker smiled back at him with doe eyes, and for a second, Ben thought that the two of them were about to kiss. “Wouldn’t that feel much better? Staying home and spending the whole day playing with your daddy?”

“Yes, daddy!” Parker let out a sigh of pleasure and rest his head on his father’s bare shoulder. “I’d love to spend the day at home with you. We can have so much fun!” he added, sounding like a little kid.

What the hell was wrong with them? Were they on drugs or something? Ben couldn’t figure out how his stepfather and younger brother—two of the most Type A personalities he’d ever met in his life—had overnight changed into these lazy bums who just wanted to sit around the house in their underwear all day and “play.”

He tried talking sense to them, “No, seriously guys, we’ve got a to-do list that’s a mile long, and we’re scheduled to open this place in a month. We can’t just sit around here and do nothing.”

Tom walked over to him and started massaging his shoulders. “Relax, son. We’re at home now. It’s just us guys. Relax and make yourself comfortable. Take off some of those heavy clothes and make yourself at home.” His fingers reached down and started fumbling with the buttons on his stepson’s shirt.

Ben pulled away from his stepdad’s firm grip and headed for the door. “No! Someone has to get things done around here. I’m taking the car,” he grabbed the keys off the counter. “I’ll be back in a few hours.”

Buying supplies for the B&B and checking items off his to-do list provided a welcome distraction for Ben, but his mind still kept wandering back to his little brother and stepdad. He wasn’t sure what was going on at the breakfast table that morning; all he knew was that it made him very uncomfortable. He didn’t want to go back there. But he knew he couldn’t just leave him.

Maybe he could find something or someone to help bring his stepdad and brother back to normal. But who? A doctor? A psychiatrist? An exorcist?

In the end, he settled on just buying a couple of big bottles of Aquafina at a convenience store, then ripping off the labels. That would at least get his brother and stepfather off his back, so they wouldn’t keep pressuring him to “stay hydrated” or whatever.

The few hours away helped Ben calm down and clear his head. But he still wasn’t prepared for what he saw as he pulled into the driveway of the B&B.

His little brother and stepdad were standing outside in their underwear, groping each other. Tom’s hand was cupping his son’s tight muscular ass, and Parker was reaching over to fondle his dad’s package through the front of his white briefs.

“What the HELL are you doing!?” Ben yelled.

“Relax, bro,” Parker slurred, a dopey smile on his face as he ran his fingers over his dad’s pubis. “Daddy’s just letting me feel his muscles. Daddy has such big sexy muscles. I wanna have big sexy muscles just like you, Daddy!” he said, leering at his father.

Tom smiled back at his son and gave his buttcheek a tender squeeze, “We’ll finish getting the gym set up today, and then I can show you how to get big muscles like mine. But make sure you keep drinking your water. You need to stay hydrated to grow big sexy muscles like mine.” Then he turned to Ben and asked sternly, suspiciously, “Have YOU been staying hydrated, son?”

“Sure I have!” Ben blustered, pulling out an unlabeled bottle of water from the plastic shopping bag he was carrying. “In fact, I took this one with me just so I could stay hydrated while I was shopping.” He took a big swig of Aquafina and pretended to savor it like a fine wine. “Mmm… so sweet and pure!”

Ben wasn’t sure if that fooled his stepdad, but he didn’t wait around to find out. Instead, he took his bags and hightailed it to his room, where he planned out his next move. Part of him just wanted to get as far away from this madness as possible. But he couldn’t just leave his little brother and the man who raised him to devolve into these… lustful degenerates. It was sick! They were sick, and it was up to him to cure them.

So what was making them sick? It had to be the well water. So it stood to reason that if they just stopped drinking the well water, they’d get better again and go back to normal.

Maybe he could blow up the well? No, too complicated. But maybe he could just smash up the well pump and stop the flow of water to the house. He couldn’t be too conspicuous about it though, or else Parker and Tom would stop him. No, he’d need to wait until it was dark outside and then sneak out and destroy the well pump.

But that still left him with a few hours to kill, and he couldn’t spend them all in his room, or else his brother and stepdad would be suspicious. So he’d have to go back out there and pretend to be just as sick as they were. And so Ben stripped down to his white briefs, grabbed one of his plastic water bottles, plastered a fake smile on his face, and headed downstairs.

He finally found his stepdad and brother in the gym, doing dumbbell curls. “Hey guys, mind if I join you?” he smiled at them, taking a big swig of his water to help put them at ease.

“Sure thing, bro!” Parker smiled back at him. “Daddy was just showing me this awesome exercise I could do to build up my bis and tris. Show Ben, Daddy!”

Ben just kept smiling and nodding along, pretending like this was all perfectly normal, pretending like he didn’t notice the visible erections tenting his stepdad’s and brother’s tight briefs. The hardest part was not recoiling in disgust when they rubbed up against him or stroked his muscles with undisguised lust in their eyes.

“You’ve got such a sexy chest, big bro!” Parker practically slobbered as he ran his hands over Ben’s hairy pecs and traced the outline of his nipples with his fingers. “I wish my pecs were as big and round and sexy as yours!”

Ben felt like he wanted to throw up, but instead he just smiled like a horny idiot and forced himself to say, “I don’t know, little bro! I think you’ve got a pretty sexy chest too.” He reached out to stroke the hairy, sweaty cleft between his brother’s pecs.” But here, let me show you some butterfly presses that might make them even bigger.”

Ben thought that if he could just keep his brother and stepdad focused on their workouts, he might get through this ordeal. But even then, the conversation had a strange way of turning back to sex at the slightest opportunity. They were doing lunges when suddenly Parker came out with, “Who do you think has the hottest ass, Daddy? Me or Ben?”

“Hmmm… that’s a hard one,” Tom said, staring longingly at his son and stepson’s underwear-clad butts. “You boys both have such sexy, fuckable asses. I think I need to feel them first before I can decide.” Ben felt his buttocks clench as his stepdad ran his strong, rough hands over them. “Mmmm… such a tough choice… but Parker, son, I think I’ll give the edge to that fuckable bubble butt of yours. No offense, Ben. It just runs in the family. Parker takes after his daddy.”

Parker moaned in agreement, “Oh yes, Daddy! Your big musclebutt is soooo sexy!” He reached over and ran his hand down the back of his father’s white briefs, feeling the sweaty cleft between his firm round buttocks. “Anyone would want to fuck that hot ass of yours! Don’t you agree, Ben?”

“Uh… oh yeah… you’ve got a real sexy ass there… um.., Daddy.” Ben awkwardly reached down and grabbed at the crotch of his briefs in an attempt to simulate sexual interest.

“I love it when you call me Daddy,” Tom said, suddenly all misty eyed. “You haven’t called me that in I don’t know how long. It’s so good that we’re all properly hydrated now. Now we can be a family again. Just me and my two sexy boys!” He pulled Parker and Ben into a bear hug, and Ben tried to ignore the feeling of his stepdad’s erection pressing against his thigh.

Ben just kept telling himself that all he needed to do was get through another hour or two of this. Then he could sneak out, destroy the water pump for the well, and soon his brother and stepdad would be back to normal. He hoped.

And so he forced himself to remain calm and hide his disgust, even when Tom insisted on spotting him while he bench pressed, so that each time Ben lifted the barbell, he found himself looking up at the outline of his stepfather’s erection in his tight white Calvin Kleins.

And then Parker, who was doing crunches on the incline bench, spoke up to complain, “Ugh, these sweaty briefs are chafing me!”

“Then take them off, son!” Tom replied. “In fact, that sounds like a good idea. I’ll do the same thing.” He pulled off his white briefs, tossing them beside the weight bench, and before Ben had time to look away, he caught a good glimpse of his stepdad’s huge erect cock.

Ben started to panic. He didn’t know how he was going to keep doing these bench presses with his stepdad’s hard cock and sweaty balls dangling right over his face. So he slowly lifted himself up off the bench and then pretended to swoon.

“What’s wrong, son?” said a concerned Tom, rushing over to steady him.

“Whoa… I just got a little dizzy there,” Ben lied. “Must be all the water I’ve been drinking, going straight to my head. Maybe I should go up to my room and take a nap.”

“Yes, that’s a good idea, son,” Tom smiled benevolently. “Just lie down and let the water properly hydrate you. And when you’re ready, you can come back down, and the three of us can have some fun together, as a family.”

Relieved to be away from that madhouse, Ben stayed up in his room for a couple of hours, then grabbed a hammer and crept quietly downstairs on his way to destroy the well pump. He paused when he reached the bottom of the stairs—his brother and stepdad were there in the main room, sitting side by side on one of the couches withfull erections. Tom had his arm around Parker’s shoulder, and they were gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. When Parker finally leaned forward and started kissing his father passionately, Ben made his move, swiftly tiptoeing behind them so they wouldn’t see him.

Once he was finally outside, Ben quickly made his way to the well. Once he found the water pump, he took out all of the aggression and frustration he’d been feeling over the past two days, smashing it into little pieces. Then he slowly made his way back to the house, satisfied that he’d destroyed whatever it was that had corrupted his brother and stepdad.

Peeking into the main room, he was relieved to find that Parker and Tom were no longer there. He grabbed the half-full water bottles they’d left behind, then briefly wondered what they were doing now. But then as he crept back upstairs, the sounds coming from Parker’s bedroom left little doubt what he and his father were up to now.

Just a few more hours, Ben told himself. Just a few more hours, and this mind-altering water would be out of their systems. Just a few more hours, and they’d be back to normal, and they could pretend like all of this never happened. Just like a bad dream.

Ben felt a sense of satisfaction as he quietly opened his bedroom window and poured out all the tainted water that his stepdad and brother had been drinking. And then he soon fell asleep, secure in the knowledge that he had just saved his family.

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Series: Hydrated