Pollination: Brotherly Love

By BadBadBillDad
published March 20, 2021
3136 words

Chase and John have been friends, almost brothers, for a very long time. Will Chase join John’s family? They’ve both felt so isolated lately.

A week ago on the wet, west coast, the situation with John was very different—at the time he was human. Chase and John were sharing a beer at home, well, it was better to call that Chase’s home. The house had an empty look to it with Chase’s wife no longer there. Half the furniture, half the stuff, hell, half the cutlery was gone. There was silence as the two of them sipped on the beer and looked outside as a rainstorm continued to pelt the window.

“Shitty weather.” Chase grumbled, glumly sipping at the beer.

“Yep.” John replied. What was he supposed to really say here? Sometimes he wished this sort of stuff came with a handbook. ‘Hey your wife’s a bitch?’ Nah. Even though he thought that, it wasn’t something he felt like blurting out. He settled with his original response and shifted his weight, unsure how to continue.

No response. Instead, there was awkward silence as the two drank beer.

Eventually, as if realizing something in the air, Chase sighed. He hadn’t been looking at John for some time. Instead, he looked outside, though at what, there was not really much to say since all there was out there was the rain.

“Am I the asshole?” Chase finally asked, “Like, what did I do?”

“Fuck, bud. She cheated on you, it’s not like—”

“I mean you’re not wrong.” Chase interrupted not wanting to go down that route, but John didn’t seem to notice now that he was on a roll.

“What were you supposed to do? Cuck yourself while she fucks—”

“Alright.” Chase interrupted, sharply.

Again, awkward silence. It was just too soon to delve into this, John realized too late.

The two of them drank their beer. Chase was about three beers in to John’s one, but it wasn’t like either of them were lightweights. Hell, it wasn’t like either of them hadn’t been drunk as a sailor on leave at one point.

“Look I’m sorry, man,” John said, “You are a good dude.”

Chase snorted as if he was about to disagree, but John continued.

“Good enough. And you don’t need that sorta shit in your life.” He held up his beer as if to clink it.

Chase nodded and replied with a smile and clinked it back, although there was a hollowness in his eyes that didn’t seem to leave him.

“Fuck her.” John said.

“Fuck her,” Chase replied with a clink. The two bottles happily tapped against one another before the two men chugged. Chase smiled, a little bit tipsy after hitting four beers in, not having eaten much of anything. He nodded with a half-sigh half, half shrug, half response; Chase was quiet in thought and John was happy to have that.

“You’re the only family I’ve got now, you and the guys.” Chase said as he got up to get himself another beer.

“Yeah, you too Chase.” John said, “I haven’t spoken to my folks since juvie.” Fifteen years ago, John realized; he had been on his own for fifteen years, just him and the dudes. Yeah, he had the occasional girlfriend, but they seemed to come in and out of his life, not really a consistent thing.

Again, there was more awkward silence, and Chase nodded as he returned with the beer and the two of them began to talk about lighter things. Chase sometimes held back tears, and John pretended not to notice. Because that’s what he did for family.

A full twenty-four hours after John’s walk, Chase was starting to not get nervous so much as he was getting curious. He had tried to contact John, who he was meeting basically every other day for the past few weeks, and there was no response.

The moon had risen a few hours ago, but it wasn’t that late. Chase just looked at his bare apartment, but didn’t really give a shit yet. Silence was both a friend and an enemy now; he was hoping to get in touch with John and at least shoot the shit for a bit.

No such luck. Ever since she left, there was a lot of silence in his apartment.

Sometimes, he wished he could hear her whine, but Jennifer was good and gone. She was likely fucking what’s-his-face now, so it was just him. He didn’t get or understand, or for that matter care, why she did what she did; her reasoning just sounded like whining.

“I need more attention”, she’d say.

“I don’t like how much time you spend on your bike.”

“I don’t like your friends.”

“I need-”

“I want-”




It wasn’t even so much about ‘we’ or, fuck, Chase would have taken a ‘you,’ but eventually she left. He got served papers of ‘inconceivable differences’ and that was that: two years of marriage and five years together, gone. None of his friends really liked her, and she shacked up with a dude that Chase didn’t even really know much of other than she was likely sleeping with him for some time.

He didn’t even care enough to get mad now.

He didn’t figure it was about him, really. Sure, he had put on a bit of weight, but he was still a catch. Being a few inches over six feet, with that clean jawline, All-American look that made him look a bit a movie star, he was a flippin’ catch. Maybe, he figured, he was more like a B or C rank movie star, but a movie star, alright! Brown hair, green eyes, and that sort of muscle biker look you see in model spreads. Hell, he even manscaped. So, while he had nothing better to do than sit on patio furniture and jerk off while drinking or look in the mirror trying to find some miserable little flaw. Sometimes he thought he could find some flaw, and you know there was always some slight you can find about himself. A thin layer of flab that cut into abs, hell, he didn’t really have cut abs anymore.


He put on some porn and just leaned back in the cheap patio chair. Wearing nothing other than boxers; he spat into his palm and began to palm at his member. On the tv, the blonde chick went down on the dude. Headfirst she gagged and gargled, moaning some garbled nonsense about how big it was. Well, at least believable considering it was porn, and she was hot enough. Not that any woman was really his main concern.

Chase just pawed at his cock, but he was more bored than horny. At least he felt something more than whatever this empty feeling was. Hell, he was barely going half-mast after a solid twenty minutes of watching the smut. Not that he really cared, but he figured he’d just finish off and then go to bed. Or, maybe he’ll get wicked drunk and order a pizza. Had he already ordered a pizza? Maybe? Who the fuck knew?

He was interrupted though by a knock on the door. Was it the neighbors? It wasn’t loud, maybe he had left a window open or something? Fuck, that’d be a top off.

“Dude, open up. We’re actually almost cold.” John’s voice came out, but it was deeper and thicker; like he had switched places with a truck driver or as if John had gargled dirt: a rich, full voice.


No response just like a sort of rapped knock on the door ominously almost-shaking it.

Chase checked his phone to see if he missed any calls, but there was nothing. Whatever, it wasn’t a bad thing that he was here; he could do with his friend’s company.

“Bud you caught me wanking.” Chase laughed as he turned off the tv.

“Don’t care, just open up. We got something for ya.”

Who’s we? Chase wondered. He pulled up and buttoned up his jeans that around his ankles and pushed his half-woody down.

Fuck, whatever, it wasn’t like John hadn’t seen him bare ass naked before in the gym and the lake, or hell, he walked in on him at least once that he was aware of back when they were both playing the field.

Opening the door, Chase’s eyes bulged open and his mouth went a little slack.

This was beyond belief. There was John, except it couldn’t be, because this dude was like three Johns put together into one John. He stood shirtless, but with the old jacket that he liked to wear when the weather dipped down. Dressed in his leather motorcycle chaps and incredibly tight shorts that hid nothing. It was kind of hard to avoid that thought since it basically came out of the front of him like a bulge, and Chase could even tell that he was free balling it. There was a confidence to him that just not there beforehand as he stood. John had always been a bit of a deep thinker despite being a gearhead and a juice-monkey, and that made him a bit less sure of himself. What was beyond though was his physique: he was incredible. Pecs were beyond popping, they hung out like a shelf and he could see the outline of his abs even with all the man-pelt in the way. Had he always been that fuzzy? Were his traps always that big?

“Dude. Holy shit! You’re huge!”

John kind of pushed past him and smiled and Chase couldn’t help but smell the weird musk that hung off of John. A bit like the woods and a bit like aftershave and whole lot like he had just had sweaty, sweaty sex, the smell lingered in the air. Slightly dazed from the musk, as if he had walked past a very pleasant cologne, he watched as John walked past him, soaking wet. The rain seemed to have soaked him, but it was like John didn’t give a shit. It was only then that Chase noticed that John was holding a paper wrapped flowerpot.

“You on like some weird form of Tren or something?” It wasn’t like either of them hadn’t done their fair bit of juice, though John was the second biggest juice head he knew after Devon. A shame since his physique was only like ‘partially good’ compared to some dudes who were, well, even natural. Except now John looked like he had ate a professional bodybuilder and used their bones as a toothpick.

John turned and looked at him, putting the potted plant on the table near him; John smiled, then posed a most muscular as if he were fifteen years old and pretending to be Hulk Hogan.

“You like it?” John smiled. There was no response, though Chase did eventually nod, unsure what to say. He just smelled good, and so John stood there as the rain continued to pour outside with the door a little bit ajar. John turned the most muscular into a double bi.

“We’re so fucking huge now, man.” John finished off posing in a side chest pose. “It feels great.”

“You’re huge man.” Fuck, Chase smiled at last realizing everything was alright. He did look great! He smelled great, and so

Chase relaxed smiling a little bit. “Who’s we?”

Chase looked outside before shutting the door, realizing nobody was there. All there was outside was the cold, wet rain and the wind. In the driveway was John’s SUV and not much else.

“It’s complicated, bud.” John was a bit coy about it, putting the pot down after flexing with it. “Can w—I ask you something?”

“Ye-yeah.” Now Chase was no dumb ass, hell, he was the only one of this group who had finished university. He wasn’t dumb and absolutely caught what John was about to say: we. Who the hell was we?

“You feeling okay, man?” Chase asked a bit out of concern for John and a whole lot of concern for himself now. “The steroids get you fucked up?”

John just smiled and raised his arms above his head, the smell that came off of him; it was almost floral, except not, like a tree maybe? It distracted Chase though, even he was beginning to clue into that.

“Never better. It’s been … an eye-opening last couple of days.”

John got up and started to walk toward Chase and Chase kind of stood there a bit feeling like he was trapped. John was just so massive; he was not any taller than he was before, but he looked it considering how wide and vascular he was. His traps and chest bulged out from his body, he had a flippin’ eight pack. John approached him almost with a predator’s gait.

“Wanna start a motorcycle club with us?” John asked.

Chase in turn laughed, the spell was at least partially broken by the non-sequitur.

“Bro, are you drunk! Who’s us? What the fuck we gonna do, gang bang shit or what?” Even saying that out loud sounded like a bit out of place. “Look man, how’d you get huge? You gotta let me in on this.”

“Chase, you know you’re a really sexy dude.” John said as he slid down putting his arm against the door to keep it closed, ignoring the concerns and the questions.

“So come on, bro,” John said with an almost sweet note, as if he were selling him something. “Start a motorcycle gang with me. We’ll get patches and …”

John eventually carried on.

“We’ll be a family.”

That smell, it wafted from John’s musky, sweaty underarm. Despite the rainwater; he could smell it off of him. It smelled so good, so fantastic. Chase’s breathing became erratic, for the first time he was a bit unnerved by the fact that he was shirtless, it made him feel vulnerable somehow. Still, he never felt more relaxed on top of that. It was like his body was coming down from the rush of something illicitly smoked.

“Bud,” Chase said a bit. “What happened? You’re acting kind of weird. I’m really confused.”

“We just wanna share this with you, man. We want you to be part of our family.” John gently slid his other hand over top of Chase’s jeans, feeling Chase’s package up.

Chase’ eyes almost started to roll back; the smell, he leaned in, towards the source of the smell, and the two of them gingerly kissed. It wasn’t a rough one or an overly masculine one; it was tender. The two of them locked lips briefly. John actually, if somewhat hesitantly, pushed him back and away.

“Can you be honest with us?” John asked as he looked with an intensity that Chase has never seen in that man’s eyes before.

“Yeah.” Chase said almost with a squeak. Fuck what was he doing? Where was this all coming from? Why did John smell so damn good? The two of them locked eyes as John continued to paw at Chase’ jeans; there was no pretending now that the half-erect member was now painfully pushing against the jeans.

“Remember that conversation a few weeks back.”


“Are we really like family to you?”

“Yeah man, you’re like my older brother. You always looked out for me. You kept me safe when we did shit together—when we got high that one time, you dragged me out of there before I got stabbed. I owe you a lot.” Chase spoke with a desperation that he normally didn’t have, his breath was running ragged and he was not quite groaning, but close. There was an honest and thoughtful clarity as the two made eye contact and the two of them smiled.

“John, I don’t understand,” Chase said quietly, “I feel like I should be afraid, but I’m not. What’s happening?” The two of them leaned in together and again kissed, John being a bit more aggressive now pushing him against the wall as he took more control. Chase was fighting it, or fighting to regain control, but weakly, gasping, and groaning, thinking to himself: I shouldn’t be enjoying this. It felt so good to submit to him, the man he considered an older brother. In a whisper to him, John spoke into his

“We wanted to share this with you first. You’re right, we do look after you. We want to share something that’ll make you feel amazing, awesome, and superhuman. Do you want this?”

Chase was still mostly relaxed, his cock and nipples were hard as a rock, but he felt calm as if someone had taken control and was guiding him safely. Still even as he said that, there was a nod, a subconscious wish to be beyond big.

Without warning, John kissed Chase again. The two of them locked lips and began to suck on each other’s lips and chin. There was heavy breathing as John took control and guided Chase’ head to John’s neck, to which Chase began to suck. With one heavy arm around him, the two of them made out. Chase unbuckled his pants as John picked him up and pressed him against the wall.

“You are going to be so huge, little brother.” John said as he carried Chase over to the paper-wrapped plant, Chase’s meaty legs wrapped around as best as they could against John’s supranatural form.

“Open,” said John almost as a command. He lowered him beside the paper-packaged plant.

And as he did, he barely had time to realize that it looked like a circumcised cock before yellow powder splattered against Chase’ face, and he smiled at his older brother as he gobbled up the pollen with ecstasy.

“God, it tastes so good.” Chase groaned as he continued to slurp. John though was just nodding as he was continuing to unbuckle his little brother’s jeans and pulling the pants and boxers down.

“You just enjoy yourself,” said John, his tongue beginning to prod Chase’s virgin hole.

Unlike John, who had fought against the steps every step of the way, Chase gorged himself on pollen before firmly slipping his cock down the shaft within fifteen minutes of this encounter, all the while getting the tongue-lashing of his life.

After all, Chase wanted to make his older brother proud.

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