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The Stripper

By erotichypnostories -
published March 20, 2021
1028 words

‘Spike’ is the best stripper at his strip club. Or is he?

“The fuck am I paying your for if your just gonna stand there” said the man who sat before me in a private room of the strip club I work at.

This man was right, he was a big spender, I better give him the show of my life. Slowly I peeled off my skin tight shirt in hope that my big tipper would enjoy what he was seeing. Sensing he was, I slowly straddled the man’s lap and began to gyrate my hips so that my crotch would rub up against his shirt.

My name is Spike. I’ve been a stripper for as long as I can remember and I love it. I’m the best stripper this club has which is obviously why Mr. Deep Pockets here chose me for his special dance.

Facing away from the man, I could feel him reach around me to place a crisp hundred dollar bill into the front of my pants.

“Keep it up and there’s more where that came from” he added.

A hundred dollar tip in a place like this is rare to come by. I decided that to keep my customer happy I should start working on removing my pants. Once my bottom was exposed I felt the man begin to grab at and spank my ass. This is normally not allowed at the club as it is a hands off club but since the man made such a generous tip, and seemed like he was ready to make more, I decided to let it slide. I really needed the money so letting some stranger grab my ass for a couple hundred bucks seemed like a fair trade.

That changed however when the man reached around and grabbed my now exposed cock. I sprung off the man and began to inform the man of the clubs policy

“Sir,” I said with authority, “I’m glad you are enjoying yourself but this club has a hands off policy.”

The man said nothing. I couldn’t read what he was thinking. I hope I hadn’t ended my night with only one tip from this guy.

Slowly, the man raised his right arm. I was confused as to what the man was doing. He held up his hand, level with his face, and snapped his finger.

“Continue” was all he said.

My now naked body returned itself to its former position, sitting on the man’s lap with my back to him.

What was I so mad about again? I thought to myself as the man once again reached around and grabbed my cock.

The man’s touch felt incredible. The way he slowly stroked my cock as I manivered my body made me feel more pleasure than I had ever felt in my life.

After a couple minutes of this the man removed his hand from my dick and reached into his pocket to pull out another hundred dollar bill. He crumpled it up with one hand and tossed it to the other side of the small room.

“Fetch” the man demanded.

I assumed the man just wanted a better look at my ass and I wanted that hundred dollar bill so sure, I’d stand up for a second and grab the bill. I slowly removed myself from his lap and bent down in a way I knew would make my ass look as good as possible. I held that position for a couple seconds before I straightened myself out.

I turned around to see that the man had undone his zipper and pulled out his cock. Instinctively, I threw my hands up to cover my eyes.

“Sir, I need you to put your genitals away” I said as professionally as I could.

“Suck my cock” The man replied.

How dare this man speak to me this way. “Sir, I’m sorry I’m gonna have to ask you to leave”

The man responded only with a snap of his fingers.

I turned to the man to see that he had his cock poking through the fly of his jeans.

“Give me a blowjob” the man stated.

I had never given sexual favors to one of my clients before but at the same time, I’ve never had a client tip me as well as this man had in the past. I might sound like a hard decision but a hundred bucks is a hundred bucks.

Without saying a word I made my way towards the seated man and kneeled down. I noticed that the man was already rock hard. Looks like I was doing a pretty good job earlier. I lean forward and put his cock into my mouth and begin to give the man the best blowjob I have ever given.

The man began to moan and I could tell that he was enjoying this. After sucking off the man for a few minutes he said he was close to cumming. In addition to announcing he was close the man also said that he wanted to cum in my face.

“I’m sorry that won’t be happening” I replied, still stroking the man’s cock.

The man once again just snapped his fingers “Get into position” he commanded.

Quickly I pointed his cock in the direction of my face and awaited for his cum.

The man let out a huge moan followed by three large ropes of cum. By the time he was done I could hardly see I had so much of this man’s seed on my face.

“You did a very good job today, ‘Spike’” the man said, making hand quotations around my name.

“I’m sorry?” I replied

The man leaned forward, got close to my ear, and gently whispered “sleep.”

I felt my hold body collapse as I quickly lost consciousness into a wonder deep hypnotic trance.

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Author's & Reviewer's Panel
This is a community series!
Everyone can contribute to this series. Please click "Add chapter" below to add your own chapter to it!