Finding a New Purpose

Series: The Cage
By Droinn
published March 17, 2021
1394 words

An encounter in a bar leaves you with a gift that is sure to change your very being.

This is my first ever story so it may be on the rough side. Feel free to critique and comment! Enjoy~ :p

Out and about my local college town, the variety of stores always amazed me. Regardless of how much I searched, I always found something new just about the corner; including a variety of sex shops, all generic in their merchandise. Today seemed no different. As I walked throughout the town, hopping from shop to shop, nothing seemed to interest me. Even the sex shops in all of their unique weirdness didn’t seem to hold my attention. I sigh as I exit the last store of my journey, deciding to head back to my apartment and just play games, like usual.

Walking back to my apartment, I notice a bar with a pride flag and decide to get a quick drink before I finish my trek home. Going to the counter I order a cheap whiskey and enjoy it for a few minutes. I order another, then another, and another. Next thing I know I’m pretty fucking drunk and need to take a piss. I stumble over to the bathroom and enter the nearest stall. Undoing my fly and beginning to relieve myself, I see a glory hole to my right. Finishing my pee, my dick begins to harden at the thought of sucking some dick through that hole.

I sit down on the toilet seat and begin to jerk off, fantasizing about being used through that hole. I moan and grunt, lost in a sexual haze as I creep towards orgasm. Right as I begin to approach the edge of release, the stall door next to mine closes and locks, and a few seconds later I see a large penis squeeze through the hole before me. I stare at the cock for a few seconds, noticing the growing glob of precum forming at the tip and dripping down to the ground. I can’t resist! I fall to the ground and take the meat completely in my mouth. The immense amount of precum satisfies my taste buds as I suck this dick with purpose. I almost completely forget about my own cock as I bob and suck, taking as much as I can and slowly pushing this man to orgasm. My nose periodically pushes itself into the gloryhole as I force my face as deep as possible. The smell of musk and sex fills my nose, driving me further into ecstasy.

I can tell he’s close. He begins to thrust slightly as his dick begins to swell beyonds his limits. His grunts create a symphony with my moans as He does one final thrust and releases a torrent of cum deep into the back of my throat, forcing me to consume every drop.

His dick stays in my mouth as I obediently wait for him to remove it when he wants. The dick begins to soften before he finally decides to pull back, releasing me from my service. I slowly regained composure of myself as I noticed that I had came sometime during that whole ordeal. My cum stuck onto my pants in thick globs, yet I didn’t even notice till now.

I hear his stall door open and see his shoes as he stops in front of my stall. I hear a zipper open before a metal chastity cage is put on the floor in front of my stall.

“I was going to give this to my boyfriend but FUCK you deserve it way more than him,” he said.

His voice was deep and smooth, though slightly winded from the blowjob. Peering through the crack in the stall door, I see a hint of a well muscled man with a tight fitting shirt and a face that was young yet rugged and tough. His eyes caught my attention the most though. They were a deep golden colour that seemed to pierce my soul. Just as I was staring at him, he was staring back at me, looking upon my twinkish form as I remained kneeling on the ground with my cum on me. He suddenly broke eye contact as he left the front of my stall door.

“Meet me here tomorrow at the same time with this cage on and I’ll fuck you if you want, cutie,” he said as he exited the bathroom and rejoined the busy bar.

As suddenly as he left, I realized the state I was in. I quickly got up and cleaned the cum from my pants, unconsciously salivating at the sight. With my pants only slightly wet now, I left the stall and stopped when I saw the cage on the floor.

Looking at it, I thought if it would be weird to take this from a stranger. Then again, I did just blow this guy so how bad could it be? I picked up the cage and tried to hide it in my pocket before I exited the bathroom. The bulge in my pocket was suspicious but I quickly left the bar, hoping no-one noticed either the cage or the cum stains on my pants.

I hurried home, from both embarrassment and excitement at what had just happened. I’ve never been so promiscuous as to blow a stranger in a bar yet I had done it and had been rewarded with a chastity cage. I’ve always wanted to try these but I had no one who could make me stay locked. I knew that if I did it by myself I’d never be locked for more than a few minutes. I thought my roommate could do it. He was gay but he never seemed interested in anything other than a quick blowjob or a few gropes of my ass. Then again, what harm could come if he just holds the keys for me.

Entering the front door to my apartment, I see my roommate, Kyle, sitting on the couch watching anime. He notices me and lazily raises a hand to wave a greeting without taking his eyes off the screen. I make my way to my room and lock the door. Pulling the cage out from my pocket, I set it on my desk. I sit down at my computer and login. I began to scroll through Twitter but my mind can’t seem to shake off the events that had just happened a half hour ago. My heart quickens as I imagine that man’s thick cock again, going deep into my throat and unloading in me. My pants begin to tent as drool escapes my lips. My thoughts of his cock start to shift to that of my roommates, and the many times I’ve sucked it before. I can’t take it anymore! I get up and unknowingly grab the cage as I head out into the living room, focused on sucking my roommates cock. I swiftly get on my knees in front of him and rub my face into his groin.

“Not right now,” he says, still half focusing on the anime.

Regardless, I am persistent, “please,” I rasp out, still nuzzling my face in his crotch.

He sighs before pushing me away and undoing his pants.

“And here I thought you were the shy one,” he says, “but make it quick, I really enjoy this show.”

I fish his hardening dick from his underwear and plunge onto it. I suck with enthusiasm, growing rock hard in my pants. I hear his breathing grow heaving and look up to see his eyes closed and sweat on his forehead. I focus back onto his dick when I feel his hand grab the back of my head and force me deep on his growing 9 inch dick. He begins to gently facefuck me, meaning loudly as he picks up the pace. He gets more rough by the second, slowly losing himself to the pleasure. He grows more forceful and starts to go balls deep in my throat as hard as possible before he, with one final thrust, shoves his cock fully down my throat and orgasms, holding my head firmly against his hairy crotch.

Reeling from the orgasm, he notices the chastity cage on the floor next to me, and looks at me with a wicked grin on his face.

[To be continued]

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Series: The Cage