By Baldwizzard
published March 15, 2021
4061 words

A new bar opens in town right after lockdown. They need new employees. But the boss has his special taste

“What about starting today?” Jaime was surprised. He had not thought that he could start that quick. “Yeah, sure, why not?” During the pandemic he had lost his job as a waiter and he really needed the money. Jaime was a student in his last year and during the long months of lockdown he had been quite desperate. Normally, he worked in that sweet little gay café but when everything had to close due to the plague that had the entire world in its grip, he had lost his only income as well. His parents had helped out but he never liked being depended on somebody. After weeks of intensive search, he had found this agency that offered students’ jobs. After sending in his CV and several pictures they had asked him for, he had thought that they would never call. And now, the Lockdown was finally over and on the first day of the new and still strange feeling freedom, the agency had called and offered him a job in a gay bar. He had never heard of the place before, but job was job and he was a good waiter, so why not. “It is a job as a bartender, you see? Can you manage that?”, the man asked, and he nodded. The new wonders of skype! A real meeting was no longer necessary, and it was still possible to see each other. The man behind the expensive looking desk was a middle-aged guy in an expensive suit, a smile on his face and shiny blue eyes. The guy one trusts immediately without a second thought. “Yes, I guess. I worked in several bars and restaurants and as I stated in my CV, I was the bar supervisor in ‘The Queer Mango’.” The man smiled. “Great. You see, the ‘Shad’ is not exactly a fancy bar, more … let’s say sporty and casual. And they have a strict ‘no private clothes’ rule if that is ok with you.” He nodded. “Sure. I am fine with that. Is there anything else I should bear in mind, Sir?” “Just a tiny thing. I know, lockdown, we all suffered form that, but you need to get a haircut. Don´t look at me with that big eyes, Jaime. Nothing drastic, just to look tidy and neat. The owner of the bar has a contract with a local barbershop and all his employees go there for free. See it as your personal bonus!” “Great, needed a haircut anyway!”, he said and laughed. His hair really was a mess. Just longish and untidy. He really needed a fresh-up and one for free sounded great. “Wonderful. Your shift starts at seven p.m., you have an appointment at ‘Mate’s barbershop’ at five. I’ll send you an email with the exact address. Enjoy your first day of work, Jaime!”

He had taken a shower before leaving. Man, he really needed that haircut! His long, brown hair covered his ears and nearly reached his mouth. Girls liked that longish out of bed style and always told him it was cute, but he felt untidy and it was nightmare washing, combing, and styling it. Normally, he had cut his ears free and all a bit shorter. Most of the time he brushed his hair back with some gel and that was it. He grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and checked himself in the mirror one last time. He was a lazy shaver and during the lockdown, his usual three day’s stubble had turned into a veritable beard. He was not really fond of his facial hair and maybe the barber would just shave it!

In a very good mood, Jaime left his apartment and checked the address, the guy from the agency had given him. It was not in his direct neighbourhood but not too far, neither. As it was a sunny and quite warm day, he decided to walk. What a nice feeling after such a long time he had spent mostly in self isolation! The fresh air, the gentle breeze and a slight odour of flowers and spring. It seemed to be his lucky day.

Around twenty minutes later he was in a part of the city he normally avoided. It was one of those forgotten neighbourhoods once built for the lower social ranks and the working class. Like so many of those borrows it was in a state of constant decline and today what the politicians would maybe call a ‘social flashpoint’ with a high unemployment rate, drugs, a high crime rate and everything that comes with those problems. He felt a bit uncomfortable when he passed a group of young men around his age who stood around a car. Sometimes, he was surprised that those cliché guys really existed: Most of them quite skinny, dressed in trackies, all with big brand logos, the pants tucked into white socks, very expensive sneakers, silver chains around their necks, shorn heads of very short hair, earrings. They were listening to techno music that echoed from the car, smoking, drinking beer and laughing. Guys his father had always warned him to socialize with and his mother would have called ‘plebs’ or ‘proles’. What nearly made him laugh was how comically stereotype those guys were. Like from a catalogue of role-models for gay sporty fetish chav lads. They even grabbed their balls now and then.

“Ay, wut are ye smirk’in at?” One of them said and he felt his heart racing. Shit! “Nothing, dude, was just looking around. Nice car, by the way.” To his own surprise that seemed to do the trick. The guy who had shouted at him lost interest and so he could pass the group without any problem. Just when he had reached the next corner one of the shouted: “Hey Princess-Boy, If I were u, I wouldn´t run around this hood looking fancy like dat!” The other guys laughed but nobody threw anything at him or something …

He finally found the barbershop and it was not really what he had expected. In fact, he was not sure what else he should have expected in a neighbourhood like that, but … just not that. It was no hairstylist like he normally visited but a Barber Shop. Not one of those old-fashioned shops with three elderly men in white jackets but a small shop with only one chair and a barber that looked like an older version of the chav lads he had met just some minutes ago. The guy was standing outside, leaning against the wall, and smoking a cigarette. Great. He hated when a barber smelled of tobacco.

“Hi, I am …” “Ye must be Jaime, the Boss called. Let me finish ma fag and we can start. Want one?” He offered Jaime a cigarette, but he shook his head. “Ah, one of those fancy lads, ’kay, no problem.” Jaime waited until the barber had finished his cigarettes, snipping away the butt and spitting on the floor. “Come in, Princess!”, he said and gave Jaime a strange grin. Why was everybody calling him ‘princess’? Ok, his hair was a bit longer – much longer compared to the haircuts he had seen here – but he was definitely not looking feminine at all. He even had a damned beard!

The barber ushered him into the chair and without much hesitation fastened a barber towel around his neck and caped him. Standing behind him and combing through his shiny hair with his fingers he smirked at Jaime. “Normally we don´t have sissy hair like that in my shop. But we fix that, won´t we? Ah, you know what, I think I could have another smoke while we decide what cut it will be.” Strange. The guy had sounded like the scally guys before they had entered the shop but now his voice was kind of deeper, nearly hypnotic and free from that strange slang. “Sure you don`t want one? Most guys in the bar enjoy a good smoke.” “No, thanks. I worked in bars before and I can live with working through the smoking breaks of my co-workers. Gets me extra tips.” “Ok.” He blew the smoke in Jaimes direction and he coughed. Man, that was really disgusting … although, the smoke had a strange scent to it. Not what he was used to know. It was something nearly sweat, something he knew. No, sweet was not the word, or was it? There was something harsh underneath the first sweetness and it made him crazy that he could not tell what kind of smoke that was.

“So, my friend. You will be the new bartender, the boss told me, is that right?” “Yes, that is what I was told.” Why was that of any importance for his haircut? Damn, that smell really made him crazy. He nearly felt dizzy. “Anything special in mind?” the barber asked and started to massage Jaime’s shoulders. Wow, that felt really good, so relaxing. “Mmh, don´t know, the guy from the job agency just said that I need a fresh haircut.” “Ah, ok, I see, you want it fresh. That is very good. Fresh is my specialty.” “I really need the ears cut free.”, he murmured. Why was he so tired? The massage was fantastic! “Yes, sure, ears free. I like the ears free, especially nice ears sticking out like handles, heheh!” Jaime smiled, too. But he did not get what he meant. His ears were totally normal. Not sticking out at all. Maybe his hair combed behind the ears gave that impression. Yeah, must be like that. “So, why don´t we play a little game?” He had difficulties to stay awake. This guy must have magic fingers … “Yeah, why not?” “Ok, I spin the chair around and the cut will be a surprise, deal?” “Sure … but … nothing … radical.” “Wouldn´t think of that. Fresh, that is the goal. And letting those nice sticky ears see the light. And it would be a shame to hide those nice earrings, no?” And with that he spun the chair. Wait. Earrings? He had no earrings. What a strange thing to say …

The barber grabbed a spray-bottle and a comb and started to work on his head. The teeth of the comb through his hair, that was a great feeling, too, and whenever the tool touched the sink of his dome, he felt little shivers running down his spine and prickling in his feet. “Nice prominent back!”, the barber commented but this time Jaime did not even react to that odd statement. He had a perfectly round head. He knew that from his high-school times when he had tried a short haircut one summer. He could feel scissors on his head and saw hair falling. This guy definitely had a different technique than his normal hairdresser and he felt a bit of concern. It was, as if the barber had noticed that because he stopped and started massaging his shoulders again. Yeah, that was better.  

“Relax, my friend. You are so tight. One would not think that the muscles in skinny shoulders like yours could be so tense!” Skinny shoulders? Ok, he was not exactly a bodybuilder, but he was in good shape and not skinny at all. “Yes, that’s better, just relax!” Jaime thought that he had heard a strange humming noise but then a strange, gentle buzzing made his entire body shiver. That was so relaxing, it was fantastic. “You don’t mind me smoking another cigarette, do you?”, the barber asked and Jaime, his eyes closed in total relaxation nodded. The smoke was not smelling that bad, he had to admit. Again, there was a strange odour to it, something vaguely known to him, something that reminded him of a changing room in school, football practice … strange. The humming at his head went on for some time.

“Ah, better already. Why hide those tattoos? I mean, they are quite nice, I’d say!” Jaime just nodded. Yeah, if he had any tattoos, he would show them. Not that he had any, his parents had been very strict when it came to body modifications and somehow, he had missed the right timing for getting some ink … ink… funny, he never had thought of tattoos as ‘ink’ before. Maybe a small tattoo on his shoulder would look nice. He had worked out a bit in the last months and that could be cool … The barber was massing the top of his head now with the same humming and buzzing device and it felt great, sent shivers through his spine and it was, as if his head was lighter. Funny feeling. The bruh knew what he was do’in.

“We need to get rid of that beard, too, don´t you think?” The barber whispered into his ear and Jaime smelled him, a sweet perfume and tobacco … and that strange scent that reminded him of … socks? Shoes? Yeah, sweaty feet in sneakers. What a delicious taste … Wait. Delicious? Where did that come from? But it was … hypnotizing. He needed to sniff more of it. “Ah, you like it, don´t you?” And with that the barber kissed him. He opened his eyes in a second of shock but then he gave in and the barber’s tongue entered his mouth. The scent and taste filled him up, packed him in a cloud. The guy had a tongue piercing and that felt great with his own. No, he had no piercing, must be the strange sensation of the foreign metal piece in the guy’s mouth. “Back to work!” The barber grabbed clippers and in no time, the beard was history. “Now, hold still, we shape those brows!” and before Jaime could react, the barber was working on his brows. He felt him cutting two lines in the right and one in the left brow. Wow, that was radical, and he was not sure what to think about that. Just like his barber …

“Yeah, much better. The piercing now really is an eyecatcher!” He was talking about strange things. Piercings, ha. Just as stupid as mentioning tattoos he did not have – or skinny shoulders. “Now let’s make that face smooth!” He went away for a moment and Jaime felt like as if clouds lifted in his mind. He felt strange, very strange. His head felt so light, and he had the impression that he could feel the breeze on his scalp. Before he could touch his head, the barber was back, a fresh cigarette dangling between his lips. Instantly, Jaime relaxed again. No need to panic, this guy was taking good care of him. With an old fashion brush, he soaped up his face and then his nape …wait, that was … what was the guy doing. A creepy feeling filled his head. What kind of haircut did he get?

“Could you hold that for a second?”, the barber asked and without thinking, Jaime grabbed the burning cigarette holding it away from him like a poisonous animal. The smell of the smoke made his eyes water but at the same time it was … intoxicating. He was repulsed but felt his trousers getting tighter. The strange smell of sweaty men was there again, a scent he normally would find repulsive and disgusting but now was like the sweetest perfume to him.

“I don´t mind if you wanna have a drag or two!”, the barber whispered in his ear and it was as if something was breaking inside him. He knew he did not like it, he knew he should not … but his shivering hand was acting on it’s own and before he knew it, the cigarette was between his lips. He sucked, inhaled and coughed badly. No, he knew it was a nasty habit and … after a second drag, the cough was not as bad. “Yeah, you remember how to do it, don´t you? Stupid idea trying to stop. Just perfectly fits your looks, mate!” No, he did not want to smoke that cigarette. But when the barber finally took the butt away for one last drag and wrapped his face and his head in steaming hot towels, he felt a craving, he had never felt before. The towel smelled strange. The same sweaty taste to it but something that reminded him of public toilets, too. Why was he inhaling that scent so deeply??? After what felt like hours, the barber took away the smelly towels and he was not sure what to feel: relief or regret. “Here, have another one!” Before he could react, the barber put a burning cigarette between his lips and without thinking he puffed on it. The craving was diminishing but now he felt that he missed that strange harsh smell of the towels. The barber soaped him up again but now he did not care which parts of his head and face were covered in shaving soap. He just closed his eyes, sucked in the smoke of the cigarette and kind of zoomed out in total relaxation.

The shaving took forever, and the barber provided him with a second cigarette. He had a boner all the time, and the feeling was quite funny. As if his cock was pressing against a silky material, not restricted by underwear while he knew that he had short on and a pair of jeans. “Yeah, mate, NOW we are talking!”, the barber said, before he took the cigarette away and covered his head and face with an ice-cold towel. The strange toilet smell was even stronger in those towels and instead of being disgusted, he breathed in heavily, trying to suck all the scent out of the fabric. His eyes closed, he suddenly thought of the guys he had seen before entering the barbershop. Those sexy lads with their track suits and shorn heads that made their ears look like handle of a tea-por. The silver chains, the pants tugged into the sucks, the expensive sneakers. His boner was so hard now, it was nearly painful. He never had a soft spot for scallies or chavs in his life, but the feeling was so natural. He imagined himself being at the feet of the guy who had yelled at him, smelling his sweaty socks, sniffing at his shoes, opening his mouth when he pulled out his cock and … wait! No! He was definitely NOT into feet and surely not into water sports!!!! But the towel, the smell …

The barber removed the towel and before Jaime could react, he was in front of him, kissing him, grabbing his cock through the cape, massaging it. He moaned and felt the piercing in his mouth again, now sucking fiercely at the guys tongue, shaking like in spasms whenever the barber touched his cock. The shiny fabric felt so good, the taste of the barber nearly made him come but then he whispered: “Not yet, mate. We are nearly done here. When I am finished with you, we will have some serious fun! First I will you show you your new look, bruuuuh!”

With that he spun the chair around and in a kind of magic stage trick removed the cape at the same time. It must have been a stage trick as the reflection clearly did NOT show Jaime his own reflection. The foggy curtain that had held him during the cut lifted and he was back in reality. Or was he. That was just not possible.

He wanted to scream but all he could say was “What the fuck?!?” It WAS him in the mirror and it was not at the same time. Gone was his hair. That was the first thing he realized as it was so crazy. His face was clean shaven now and his brows thin and with cuts in both sides. The sides and very prominent back of his head were so smooth, they shone likes glass and where super white while there was just an oval island of hair left on the top. It had the shape of a football and was nearly black. It was not longer than around 12mm and the contrast to those smooth white sides was … brutal. His brain was not able to process all the sudden changes at once and he closed his eyes in shock, touching his denuded scalp with shaking hands as if he needed the proof that it was all real.

He opened is eyes and again and detail by detail sank into his mind. His ears did stick out like the handles of a pot and they were pierced with fat fake diamond. His neck looked thinner with a prominent Adam’s apple and a tattoo at the left side. Stars all long the neck and one behind his ear. And there was a lion’s head tattooed on his right hand. He started sweating, his heart racing. And what the heck was a wearing???? Gone where his clothes. They had been replaced by a shiny black adidas tracksuit; the pants tightly stuffed into white Nike socks. The jacket was open, and he was wearing nothing but a tight black rubber shirt with the word PISS in yellow letters beneath, showing his skinny body and the tattoo “thug life” in a swirly font on his chicken chest. Through the tight fabric, one could see his nipple piercings. Around his neck a heavy silver chain like the one around his right wrist while he had a big golden watch around the left.

Suddenly, the barer was very close to his ear, his smell filling Jaime’s nose once more. “Looking great, bruh, don’t ya think?” “I really don´t know … I mean … “ “Oh, you are right. Something is missing.” The barber grabbed his cigarettes and placed one behind Jaime’s right year and put another one between his lips. “That’s better, isn´t it?” Jaime was still shocked. He wanted to scream, run away but he couldn´t mive a muscle in his body. The smell was conquering his brain again and for the first time, he recognized it. Socks. Sweaty sport socks and shoes. What normally would be a nasty smell know was like a heavenly perfume for him and he felt his cock grow rock hard in the shiny pants.

“Someone likes what he sees, no? The barber smoked, too and with his glowing cigarette, he lit Jaime’s who suddenly felt a nearly painful urge to smoke. The moment the smoke entered his lungs, it was as if he could hear a ‘click’ in his mind. It would have been hard to describe the feeling. It was as if a new Jaime was put over his old self like a mask or a second skin. Alien cravings, emotions and knowledge flooded his mind, leaving the old Jaime intact but kind of paralyzed. He saw his movements change in the mirror. He was cupping the cigarette now exactly like the guys on the street, he sat in the chair, legs spread and looked actually fucking cool, like a dude who did not care what others thought of him. Even the expression on his face changed, giving him a thug look. His old life seemed so boring, so unimportant. He wanted to be with guys like the barber or the bruhs on the street. Hanging out with them, making out with them.

When he had finished his cigarette, he felt calm but horny. The smell was growing stronger and suddenly, the barber grabbed him from behind, bending his neck back and pressing his sweaty sneakers over his mouth and face. For a second, he tried to fight it but after one deep breath, he was hooked, sniffing and licking and rubbing his own hard boner. This went on for quite a while before the barber finally remove the sneaker. In a daze, Jaime wanted nothing more than the shoe back but the guy’s tongue already invaded his mouth and explored his body, pinching his nipples, massaging skinny six-pack and finally his big cock that must have doubled in size. “Now boy, let’s find out, why you wear that kinky rubber shirt, yeah?”, the barber said and guided him to a back-room …

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