It’s Hard to Get Good Grades

By Derek Williams -
published March 15, 2021
2860 words

Marc shows up to class and finds a surprise – Caleb has transformed into a tightly muscled stud. Caleb invites Marc back to his dorm for a fuck, but first Marc has to visit his professor and take care of his failing grades.

I got to Professor Wilson’s class late again. Blame the physics major I ate breakfast with. Our hands brushed together when he passed the salt, and next thing you know I was banging him in the dining hall bathroom. Before I left, I convinced him that he’d made a mistake - he meant to enrol in the phys ed. program, not physics. It’s easy to make that error when you’re as dumb as he was now.

Good reason or not, I was late. The middle-aged professor was already droning on about economics or whatever, clicking through his powerpoint at a breakneck speed.

It wasn’t like I cared about being late. Hell, I barely cared about the class at all, but I didn’t want the ring to control my life entirely. If I was gonna make it through college, I had to go to class sometimes, right?

I slid into my usual seat, closest to the door at the back of the lecture hall. As usual, the class was half-empty, a symptom of Wilson’s monotone style. At least there was some good eye-candy in class today.

Sitting two seats to my left, a muscular jock was flipping through his book, trying to look like he was paying attention. I caught his eye when I sat down and he gave me a smirk. I let my gaze linger, taking in his strong body, packed into a pair of workout shorts and a lime green tank top that only served to call attention to his heavy pec shelf and explosive delts. I was surprised that I’d never noticed him before – the guy looked more like an underwear model than a college kid.

I wasn’t subtle, but I was still surprised when he slid his books over besides me and quietly changed seats so his meaty leg was pressed up against mine. I felt a minor tingling as the ring dumped erotic energy into him, but it was nowhere as intense as it usually felt.

The underwear model flashed his eyebrows at me and reached his left hand over to lap, smoothly sliding it into my sweats and taking hold of my cock with his thick hands. He rubbed under the tip, bringing me all the way up to full mast.

Whoever this guy was, he knew exactly what I wanted.

I leaned back, half hearing the lecture as the muscular jock wrapped his fingers around my pole, rubbing up and down until I couldn’t focus on anything else. He cupped my balls, giving them a light squeeze and making me squirm in my chair. Man… I was like two seconds away from cumming when he pulled his hand back.

He scrawled a note on a blank page and handed it to me. Then the underwear model pushed his books back to his original seat and changed seats, sticking his tongue out and winking as he did it.

‘Wanna count my abs?’ the note asked. ‘Taylor hall room 227. Cum after class.’

Something triggered in my memory. Abs? I looked over at the jock again, taking a long look at his face. It was familiar, like a friend I hadn’t seen in years. I could feel the gears turning in my mind, the horny brainfog he’d left me with making it difficult to focus at all.

Was that Caleb? The chubby guy from last week? The guy I’d gotten horny and then sent to the gym? Oh my god… I’d told him we could fuck when I could count his abs. How had he gone from a chub to a stud in like… a week? He looked like he’d been hitting the gym for years.

I must have looked surprised because Caleb gave me another cheeky grin. Without all that fat on his face, he was actually really hot. Strong features stood above a chiseled jaw, sparkling eyes full of only one thought. He wanted me to fuck him. He pulled at the bottom of his tank top, exposing treaded abs and the waistband of a red jockstrap.

I rubbed my junk through my sweats, tempted to pull it out and finish myself off right there. Maybe clear my head enough to figure out… what the hell happened? I mean, when I fucked Riley a second time, his body had changed a little. Max had changed a little too, growing his beard and getting a nicer haircut. Maybe the effects didn’t stop in Riley’s dorm room like I thought? Maybe it had somehow changed Caleb too?

But how? I hadn’t even fucked Caleb for the first time, let alone twice. Was this a side-effect of leaving him unfucked? If I dropped in on Dale, would he be a muscle beast now too? I rubbed the band of my underwear, that pair that had gotten transformed in Riley’s room. Just how far did these changes go?

Riley hadn’t become a muscle beast, at least not more than he already was. Why would Caleb and Riley be affected differently?

I asked myself all those questions and more as the class dragged on. I kept myself hard, idly playing with my dick and taking the occasional glance at Caleb’s guns, but mostly I was distracted by my thoughts. I didn’t even notice when the TA approached, dropping a graded quiz on my desk.

It was from Friday, when I’d been distracted thinking about my shower fuck with Brad. There was a big red zero at the top, with the words ‘See me after class’ scrawled beside it.

“Okay everybody, that’s it,” Professor Wilson said from the front of the room. “You should all have your quizzes back. I shouldn’t have to remind you, but I will anyway – I have office hours right after this class. If you aren’t doing well on the quizzes, please come by and we can figure out how to get you back on track.”

The room was filled with the sound of book bags being filled and laptops being shut. Beside me, Caleb stood and pressed his body behind my chair. I felt his beefy hands rub gently on my shoulders, giving me a light massage.

“So what do you think,” he said, his voice now a low rumble. “My place?”

“Uh, yeah,” I said with a grin. “But I gotta stop by the profs office first. I kinda flunked the quiz bad…” I said.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long,” Caleb said playfully. “I need your dick, ASAP.”

I hurried to Professor Wilson’s office, arriving only a moment after he did. Nobody else was waiting, so he ushered me in and told me to take a seat in the hard wooden chair that sat across from him.

“Marc, thank you for coming,” Wilson said calmly. “I’m sure you know why I asked you to drop in. Your grades are slipping Marc. I’m used to seeing you get an eight or a nine on a quiz. Your most recent one was… I shouldn’t say this, but it was truly the worst quiz I’ve ever seen?”

“Wait… really?” I asked. I mean, I got that zero was bad, but the worst?

“Do you still have it with you?” Professor Wilson asked.


“What’s question four?”

“Uh… in an inelastic market, what role does the seller play in setting the price of goods?”

“Right. And your answer was ‘Depends if the seller is horny’.”

I chuckled. Yeah, that was a sick answer.

“Marc, I know that being a freshman can be challenging. There are so many new experiences and pieces of responsibility to take on, sometimes it can be overwhelming. But if you want to be successful in life, you need to take a step back from your… extracurriculars… and focus on your studies.”

“Successful like you?” I asked, motioning around the small office.

“Yes, with enough effort, you could end up in my position,” Professor Wilson agreed hesitantly.

“And what position is that?” I asked, leaning across the desk and grabbing his hand.

I felt the lightning flow through me, infiltrating another person, infecting him with it’s relentless need. Wilson’s eyes shot open in terror before his face suddenly relaxed, a confused look of need overtaking the fear.

“Marc, I don’t… I don’t think that’s appropriate…” Professor Wilson stammered, standing up from his comfortable chair and pacing behind his desk. His face was red and flushed, beads of sweat forming as he tried to deny the urges I’d planted inside of him.

“I don’t think this zero is appropriate,” I said, leaning back in my chair. “I’m young and hot, why should I have to put up with your bullshit?” I asked.

“You think you deserve an A,” Wilson said, dabbing at his forehead with a handkerchief.

“I know I deserve an A,” I said. “And if you give me one… I’ll let you suck my cock,” I offered.

For a moment, I thought he might actually resist. He struggled internally for a moment, finally breaking and gesturing me to stand.

“Okay Marc, but you’ll need to sit here,” he said gesturing to his leather desk chair. “You’re too hot to get sucked off in that shitty chair.”

I grinned and swaggered over to the desk chair. I pulled my pants and briefs down to my ankles, then dropped into the professors chair and spread my legs. He grinned and lowered himself down onto his knees.

“You should take off your jacket and tie,” I suggested. “You might be old, but you’ve got a decent body. You should show it off.”

He shrugged off his coat and clawed at his tie until they were both crumpled on the floor behind his desk. I was right – he looked better in just a dress shirt. It showed off his barrel chest and his trim waist. He sure wasn’t twenty-two anymore, but get him into a gay bar and guys would line up to call him Daddy.

Professor Wilson wrapped his lips around my pole and sucked hard. I talked to him, telling him what worked and what didn’t. Making sure he understood that with enough effort, he could end up in this position frequently.

Soon enough I was ready to burst. I pulled my cock out as it was spurting, half my load going down his throat, the other half wiped across his dark beard. He looked up at me with pure adoration, like the good cockslut I was making him.

I moved my hand down to his head and watched his face go blank. His eyes emptied of any thoughts as I opened him up for reprogramming.

“You’re a cockslut now Professor, a gay dickhound who loves sucking any cock that’s close enough. You can’t resist. When a male student comes in, you’re going to offer to suck their cock. You think every young guy is hot, and you won’t hesitate to tell them. You’ll give anyone an A, so long as they let you suck their cock first.”

Professor Wilson stared up at me with empty eyes. From this angle, he didn’t look like such an asshole.

“You’re going to dress to show off your Daddy bod,” I instructed. “Go online and look at some pictures, you’ll get the idea. I want you to let your beard grow out, get it nice and thick. And I want you to figure out how to teach your class better… it’s too boring. I need it to be interesting for studs like me, okay?”

I removed my hand from his head and watched as he twitched, new ideas pushing out old ones inside his mind.

“Thank you…” Professor Wilson said, genuinely grateful that I’d blown a load all over him. “You’re such a fuckin’ stud,” he said, pawing at my legs.

“Move,” I said, pushing him out of the way and pulling up my pants. “I’ve got places to be,” I explained. “But you should hang out here for a while, see if any other students come by. Maybe checkout some studs on Instagram, give your cock a pull while you wait.”

Wilson nodded, slumping into his chair and loosening his belt. I watched him grab his phone and download Instagram, chuckling as he typed in ‘gay studs’ to the search.

Outside his office, there was another student waiting nervously. He was holding the same quiz, jiggling his leg as he stared at the 7/10 on his page.

“Hey,” I said laying my hand on his shoulder. “He’s pretty cool about helping you improve. Go in there and ask about getting an A.”

The guy with the quiz stared at me, his cock suddenly raging inside his jeans. He had no idea why his mind was filled with sudden lust. He stumbled towards the open door, eyes growing wide as he saw the professor pumping at his stubby cock.

I left the building and headed across campus.

Taylor hall is this old brick building with ivy growing on the outside. It didn’t take me long to find room 227 and give a fast knock.

Caleb answered the door wearing nothing but a red jockstrap. It had Andrew Christian written on the waistband, and was doing a great job of pushing his cock forward to meet me.

“About time,” Caleb said, giving me a slutty pout.

I looked over his body, reaching out to run my hand over his eight pack. Holy shit, it wasn’t just an optical illusion or something. In less than a week, Caleb had gone from chubby to studly.

“I’ve been warming up without you,” Caleb said, pulling a buttplug from his ass and tossing it in his bathroom sink. “Take my ass bro,” he begged.

I walked inside and closed the door behind me.

“Get naked,” he ordered. “Lie down.”

I stripped off my clothes and left them in a heap on the floor. A moment later, Caleb was lowering himself onto my cock, riding me cowboy style. He moved his hips fluidly, making me lose myself as his ass pushed down onto my cock over and over.

“Ugh… uhn….” Caleb grunted, looking like he was in heaven. His thick legs pushed his muscular ass up and down the length of my pole. His jock covered cock bounced above me.

“You’re so hot…” I gasped, barely able to speak.

“Take my ass bro,” Caleb repeated. “Take my ass.”

“How… how did you…?” I asked deliriously. “You’re a hunk… how’d you…?”

Caleb grinned and tossed his head back as he kept riding my cock.

“I dunno bro,” he grunted. “I started hitting the gym, just like I wanted. The guys there were pretty….ugh… pretty cool. They showed me around, taught me some lifts…. fuck you got a great cock bro…” he grinned.

“That’s all?” I asked, barely able to form the words.

“Nah… last Friday I was there lifting. I just finished my squats… oh yeah, that’s the spot,” Caleb said, his mouth hanging open.

“Squats…” I said.

“Yeah, I finished my squats and some guy slapped me on the ass. And I just sorta….ugh… uhn… unf…” Caleb grunted. “I just got buff bro,” he said in ecstasy. “Like when you made me me slutty…”

“I’m gonna cum,” I moaned.

“Me too!” Caleb screamed, his deep voice pushing me over the edge.

I watched his jock flood with cum, the sticky liquid darkening the fabric and leaking out onto my chest. At the same time my dick went off, shooting a full load up his ass until it leaked out around my cock. He collapsed on me, his heavy body knocking the air out of my lungs until I rolled him off to the side.

I laid there in silence for a few minutes, lost in the afterglow, my thoughts a muddled mess. What happened to him? I heard Caleb get up and turn on the shower, rinsing himself off. Did someone else have a ring to make people buff? By the time I came around, Caleb was rummaging through his dresser, finding a fresh jockstrap and a compression shirt.

“That was great,” he said, leaning over and giving me a peck. “You wanna hit the gym?”

“Huh? Uh, no, sorry bro,” I apologized. “I gotta get going.”

“You should really hit the gym sometime bro,” Caleb said, giving me a flex of his powerful bicep. “You’d like it.”

I looked at Caleb’s impossible body. Powerful and confident and sexy as hell. Had that all that come from a slap on the ass?

I had to hit the gym soon.

I’m a slut for the comments guys. It’s what keeps me writing. If you’re enjoying this series, be sure to leave a note and tell me what you’re thinking. Thanks! -Derek

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