Just Another Beach Boi

By Zhuge_Lin
published March 7, 2021
4233 words

A chance encounter at the beach makes someone a little too horny for his own good, and leads to a drastic transformation.

Look, whatever you thought you saw, I’m telling you that you’re wrong. So just turn around, go about your day and forget the whole thing happened. It’s not like anyone’s going to believe you saw someone magically transforming guys, somehow turning them into into twinks anyway, so it’s really in your best interests to drop it and… Wait. What did you just say? You’re telling me you liked what you saw? That you want in on it?

Wow. I mean it’s nice to meet a fan, someone who can appreciate fine art but, well, this is pretty uncharted territory for me. Normally if someone notices I make sure to fry their brains before things can get messy but you… you look like you’re more likely to make a different type of mess. Yeah, I can see that wet spot on your crotch and I’m pretty sure you haven’t pissed yourself out of fear. No no, don’t cover yourself up. That’s not the right attitude for someone who’s into slutty twinks… maybe someone who wants to be a slutty twink?

Oh yeah. With that kind of reaction there’s no doubt about it. You’ve got it bad my friend. Normally I take guys by surprise, I never figured that anyone would actually want this transformation. For themselves I mean, there are a lot of guys who are happy with an increased supply of slutty twinks. But you seem about ready to burst… maybe I should look into offering this as a service. Could be a nice little earner… but ah, I digress… I’d ask why you want this so badly but I guess it doesn’t matter that much. Hell I doubt our reasons are all that different, when it comes down to it. I find making guys into dumbfuck twinks hot, you find the idea of being a dumbfuck twink hot.

Ah… you do know what this transformation involves, right? You’re not just getting a tan and some abs. You’re not just going to be you in a shiny new body. I’m going to fundamentally rewrite you, right down to the very core of your being. Dunno why I’m saying this really, I don’t wanna risk talking you out of i- okay, I can see that’s not going to be a problem. Oh who am I kidding, there was never any chance of me not twinkifying you. You sealed your fate the moment you didn’t do the smart thing and keep on walking. Guess the loss of your brains isn’t going to be too big a deal, not like you’ve been making great use of them as is… Hah, this is all just dirty talk to you isn’t it? Okay, I’m feeling generous, so I’ll make this more exciting for you by telling you exactly what’s going to happen.

Don’t worry, you are going to get that tan and those abs. Hell, because I’m feeling generous I’ll even give ’em to you while you’re still in your right mind, give you a few fleeting moments to appreciate what you’ve got. So yeah, you’ll get to be a walking wet dream. To be the envy of others, just as you envied my bois. Everything about you is just going to scream twink when I’m done with you. Some will want to be you, some will just want to shove their cocks in you. Still others will probably be put off be how brazen you are, just how flagrantly you flaunt your body, but that’ll be water off a duck’s back to you. Love you, hate you, the important thing is that they’re not going to ignore you. Right now you might be a shrinking violet but soon you’re going to practically feed off attention.

First off, let’s give you that perfect tan. You never miss a training session at the beach, or the tanning salon if it’s overcrowded. You’re a sun worshipper now darling. Oh, and a cock worshipper of course, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Sorry, I keep wanting to rush to the best bits, and I promised I’d give you the full experience. I could just snap my fingers and boom, twink. But I want you to savour this, just as I’m going to savour doing it to you. Next, and that dull brown hair just won’t do. Well, maybe it would work for a twink, but I’m going to make you a Twink. No half-measures. You wanted it, you’re going to get it. So of course we have to make you blonde. Nothing but the best, nothing but the twinkiest for you dear. We need to make sure everyone dismisses you as an airheaded bimbo at first glance. We want the first impression anyone has of you to be that of a brainless beauty. And of course we want it to be a case where those first impressions are completely accurate. I know some blonde twinks who are intelligent, thoughtful souls. They really chafe under the stereotype that everyone who looks like they do is a vapid airhead. I suppose I owe them apology, as I’m about to promote the stereotype once again. I’m going to make sure you’re all surface and no substance. Many guys are stereotyped as ‘twinks’, placed into a box when they’re unique individuals with rich, inner lives. You’re not going to be one of them. When I’m done with you you will be the stereotype, nothing more.

But we need to get the basics right before we make you the caricature you so clearly, desperately want to be. Your typical Twink doesn’t have an ounce of fat to be found anywhere on his little body, does he? Sure, you’ve got a skinny enough frame right now, but you’re more… skinnyfat. Not great, not terrible. So very… average. Bland. Uninspiring. Oh don’t give me that look, soon enough you’ll be the one looking down your nose at everyone who isn’t a perfect 10. You must have at least a seed of vanity, or you wouldn’t be so obviously into this whole thing. We’ve just got to water that seed until it flowers, smothering your modesty and all those other undesirable, unnecessary traits until you’re a vain, vapid narcissist.

You’ve got to always be beach body ready, always a prime piece of meat for men to devour. Your body has to be a temple for men to worship at, a tool to attract the men, the cock that you deserve. I’m sure you know all this already, you come across as a man who diligently ah, studies twinks. I’m just telling all you this because it’s making you so desperately horny. There’s the obvious appeal in seeing a twinkifying boi get horned up and, well, it’s nice to see how much you’re enjoying my work. Call it my professional pride as an artist. Hell you’re into it enough that I could hand over control of this process right now and you’d mould yourself into the perfect little twink for me. I bet you’re picturing him now, and I bet it’ll look very similar to my ideal twink. But I’m an artist, I like giving my twinks the personal touch. Or maybe I just like control. Either way, you’re going to be exactly what I want you to be, how I envision you. Everything about you is going to be designed by me.

Sorry, got a little sidetracked there. Let’s get back to what’s important. Like feeling that fat just melt away. Oh you’re going to give so many guys hard-ons, and so many other guys body image issues. Feels good, doesn’t it? No need to hide it, I know how badly you want this, how much you’re enjoying it. People say seeing is believing, but seeing someone become a gorgeous twink is nothing compared to actually feeling it happen to you, right? You might as well get used to putting yourself out there, no time like the present to get started. So spread those legs a little, let me see that hard on… good boi! You’re a quick learner. Ugh, another undesirable trait destined for the bin. Let’s shrink you too, we’ve gotta make you the cutest little boi we can, ready to be manhandled by those burly, beefy tp[s/ Oh you just look so precious now!

And we are going to have to fix that drab attire right up. Blacks? Greys? No no no darling, pink is much more your colour. Yes, pink. We can’t have anything original about you can we?. You’re a twink, so you adore pink. It’s just a law of nature. Besides, your pink attire will make a perfect match for that bubblegum pink mind of yours. Bright, cheery, attention-grabbing. Yup, that’s going to be so you. There, now you’re all nice and colourful but… so concealing? It’s like you don’t want to show the whole world that tight little body of yours. Like you’re trying to avoid being ogled. So let’s get rid of that, and that and ew, that’s definitely a goner. Hmm, I guess we can keep those glasses but do they have to be so… practical? Baby when I’m done with you you aren’t going to spell practical. They have to be purely ornamental, just like everything else about you. You’re going to be the physical embodiment of perfection after all, you can’t have a single blemish or flaw. Shallow perhaps, but shallow’s your middle name babe.

Now there’s an outfit fitting the new, improved you. Bright pink underwear, and no other unnecessary clothing anywhere to be found. No no, don’t bother covering yourself up. You wanted this, remember? To crave attention, to be the centre of attention. Don’t worry, you’ve got all the tools you need to attract those tops. Not clothing of course. You’re not gonna have much need for clothing going forward. From now on you’re going to feel most comfortable in just your underwear. You’ll have a range of outfits, mostly designed to make you look like even more of a slut rather than serve any practical purpose, but underwear is going to be your comfort zone. Though don’t worry, you won’t be stuck in the same pair every day. You’ll have quite the underwear collection, maybe even some gifted to you by ‘well-wishers’. It’s a shame that there may be times when you have to put on more than just underwear, might have to cover up that gorgeous little body. I know, society is so prejudiced against the humble twink, isn’t it?

Hah, sorry, I’m not boring you am I? I haven’t even started with the mental changes yet, and you’re already far more interested with your body than anything I have to say. You’re a natural, only the slightest of pushes and you’re already embracing a life of debauchery. Go ahead, feel yourself up, don’t hold back on my behalf. I’m not really into modesty, in case you hadn’t noticed. And it’s always nice to receive positive feedback from a client. Oh yeah, that’s a good, high pitched moan. Really makes you sound vapid and empty-headed. Yeah, just hearing your voice is gonna make guys dismiss you as a vapid slut with nothing intelligent or meaningful to say. Haha, that just made you moan even louder. You really are some of the best material I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

So now you’ve got the body of your dreams, free of charge. I hope you appreciate it because I have a strict no refunds policy. And besides, after the next stage of the process there’s going to be no turning back. I’m not just going to give you a few tweaks, you’re not just going to be ‘you’ with a hot new body. I’m going to replace you entirely. I’d say I’d be giving you a whole new personality but functionally speaking, you aren’t going to have a personality. Not a real personality at least. Not like the one you have now, one that’s complex, and deep, and unique, with all those little foibles that are quintessentially you.

You’re going to be too empty and basic and hollow inside to be able to construct one like that. To put it simply, you’re going to be basic honey. I say you’re going to be, but I should more accurately say that you always have been. Yeah, I’m replacing your past, your present and your future, taking away all of those cherished memories and future potential. You’re going to lose that spark to become someone who’s always been completely unremarkable and unexceptional. Never had an original thought in your head, always been dumb and slutty and uninteresting. The new you just drifted through life, lacking any sense of drive and ambition, until you figured out your sexuality. That was a real lightbulb moment for you. You finally figured out who you were, what you were meant to be. You were Gay, that’s what had been missing! You just needed to devote all of your attention to being Gay, you could substitute that for a personality.

Searching for people who were like you, ultimately you fell in with a group of twinky sluts and let them shape you, mould you in their image. They embodied being Gay to you, so for the first time in your life you were an eager learner. They told you that being Gay was all about sex, about fucking as many guys as possible. And you sure took that to heart. You finally felt like you were amongst your people, that they understood you. Okay, they understood you because they were helping to create the new you, but you didn’t care about that. You just cared about about learning your lessons. About being what some sluts thought you should be because you were too empty to be anything to else.

Yup, you’re giving up your life and accomplishments, your personality and education to become some basic beach bimbo. You’re going to have a way more worthwhile existence now, that’s for sure. The world doesn’t need the old you, what it really needs is needs another dumb blonde twink slutting it up, with no talent or potential besides being a hole. Exactly like a million other slutty blonde twinks up and down the beaches, nothing special about you except that you’re even dumber and sluttier than the rest of them. You’re going to have the time of your life hanging out with your new slut friends, spending your days acting sluttier and sluttier to attract a man because you don’t have a personality to do it with.

Now this is the bit I love, watching the mental changes really take hold. I can see the light go out of your eyes as I’m talking to you. Your expression visibly becoming dumber, more vapid. Oh yeah, that’s a nice slack jaw there. Fuck, it’s obvious just looking at you what a dumb fucking slut you’re becoming. Ah, whoops. Gotta make sure I don’t take it too far, we don’t want you drooling or anything. That wouldn’t be cute. Guys like their twinks dumb, but you’ve still gotta be functional. There’s a difference between ‘cute dumb’ and ‘disturbingly dumb’ after all. We don’t want you posting anti-vax comments under your thirst traps or anything. Well, some guys would still go for you if you were functionally brain dead but honestly babe, you can do better. I know your preference is going to be ‘cock, any cock’ but let’s try and maintain some bare minimum standards. Hey, don’t say I don’t look out for my bois. Sure, I’m frying your brain to make you some dumbfuck twink but I want you to enjoy the experience. Twinks should be happy, and fun! So let’s keep things light and fluffy.

You work as a hairdresser of course, as befits a total basic bitch. You spend your days with your fellow basic bitch twink coworkers at the salon talking about hot guys and pop music and gossiping about drama in the twink group then going out clubbing together in the evenings, seeing which of you will stand out from your identical fellow twinks enough to land a top first. On your days off you spend most of your time hanging out at the beach, of course. It’s the rare place where it’s socially acceptable for a guy to strip down to his underwear after all. Your dream, insofar as you’re capable of such abstract thinking, to score yourself a sugar daddy who’d let you sunbathe all day every day, finally freed of even the slightest requirement to care about anything besides your appearance. Of course I’m not confident about the chances of you being able to limit yourself to one dick, so it’d have to be a sugar daddy who’s fine with sharing you around. Hey, it could happen! Never stop dreaming, reach for the stars!

After all, you’re the perfect beach boy slut, a beautiful blonde bubble-butt tanned toned twink. You’ve got all the advantages you need to go out and grab that daddy by the cock and cling on for dear life. Always ditzy and airheaded and boy-crazy, more focused on boys than education, spending all your free time hanging around beaches and bars looking for hunks to get fucked by or working on your looks to get hunks to fuck you. You’ve internalised your lessons well. You know that your only value is in having as much sex as possible, in pleasing as many men as possible. You have no hope of attracting men with intelligent conversation or a sparkling personality, the only thing of worth about you is your dazzling appearance. You’ve completely hollowed yourself out to become that beautiful twink that men lust after.

You’re effectively going to be anonymous, having effectively given up all your individuality to become some generic twink who’s effectively nameless. No, not actually nameless, silly. You have a name, it’s just that the guys who fuck you won’t bother learning it or remembering it after they’ve fucked you. They can’t tell you apart from any other twink after all, and they’re not particularly fussed as long as you’ve got that perfect bubble butt, those nice, fuckable holes. You don’t need an identity beyond being a cute, fuckable twink. It’s not like anyone cares about your personality, what you have to say about anything. They care about how fuckable you are. To be fair you’re doing your best to stand out from all the other fuckable twinks, in the ways befitting your skillset. You’ve got yourself an OnlyFans because like, everyone has one but there are sooooo many twinks out there, you’re going to have to produce some premium content if you want the adulation you deserve.

As you’re such a good sport, I’ll tell you a few more details about your awesome new life. Like how you’ve become a bit of a groupie for the local rugby team. They’re big lads, with big muscles, big cocks and big libidos, and you’re a big enough slut to satisfy even their sexual appetites. It’s a match made in heaven really, you’ve almost become part of the team. You play a vital role, keeping them satisfied and making sure that they’re de-stressed and free of distractions for the big match. Sometimes they even let you dance at their matches, an informal cheerleader of sorts. You’ve got your own custom uniform and you look darling in it. And slutty of course, but you have a special ability to make any outfit look slutty. You’re very good for morale, and you’re not above distracting the other team with your moves.

You love being played with by those big strong lads, getting handed round the locker room, getting load after load added to your hungry hole while they ruffle your hair and tweak your nipples. And it turns out they love the way your greedy hole milks their cocks too, so everyone’s a winner. Sometimes they even play with your little dick while they work their huge cocks in and out of you, just to show how much they appreciate your efforts. You’re way more focused on their fat cocks than your own little dick, so you generally forget to touch it yourself. You’ve long since trained yourself to achieve anal orgasms, so sometimes your cock just seems superfluous to requirements. Other times guys just like seeing you squirm as your dick leaks, seeing what a horny little slut you are as you take load after load after load. Regardless, these moments are what you live for. Your tight little body is so sensitive that being fucked, manhandled by these guys gives you such an overload of pleasure and bliss that you don’t even think at all. You love those moments when you can let go of those few thoughts that do rattle round in your head and just be a pure slutty sextoy, just the way you like it. You adore being nothing more than a sex toy for men to use, no need to think, no need to be anything but a hole. Really, those moments are when you can really be yourself, be the purest expression of your true self.

And boy, everyone’s going know what a slut you are, what a sex object you are. Everyone knows that the whole team fucks you in the locker room until you can’t walk straight, plenty of people have seen you do the walk of shame out of there with cum dripping out of your hole. Tales of your exploits have spread far and wide, even amongst those who haven’t seen the evidence for themselves. Boys will be boys after all, and you know how much they like to brag about their conquests. Not that you need much conquering, or like you keep quiet about it yourself. What reason could you possibly have to be quiet about it? You’re so proud that everyone knows that you’re gonna get railed by the whole team after the game, that everyone sees you as a sex object. Proud that those guys will casually fuck you from both ends while discussing the plays from the game and what pub to go to afterwards, not giving you any more consideration then they’d give a sex doll.

Just to be aware, you might not be able to follow them to that pub, you’ve gotten yourself kicked out of most of the local establishments because you got caught giving one guy or another a blowjob under the table. You’ve had to had to find establishments more suited for your… talents. Hell, the seedier gay bars would practically advertise services like yours. You get to suck guys off, the bar gets more patrons, and guys get a mouth-warmer while they have a drink. Everyone gets exactly what they want, and you have a whole new way to be objectified!

Fuck you’re so slutty. So perfect. You’re ready. Ready to experience life as an unexceptional, uninteresting twink. You’ve got no choice in the matter, you came to me and tossed away all your potential so you could be a vapid stereotype. And boy is that what you got. You probably had dreams, aspirations before you came to me. Not like I know what they were, not like I care. Because they’re long gone, tossed aside for your sexual gratification. Now you’re not going to aspire to anything more than snagging a top tonight to fuck you silly. Fuck that makes me hard, knowing I’ve wasted another life to craft another generic, dull-minded twink.

So thank you for your contribution to the cause. Oh don’t worry your pretty little head about what ‘the cause’ is, just run along and play with your empty-headed little friends. Oh, you’re looking for someone to fuck you? Well, I suppose I could help you out there, if you insist. I just can’t say no to you, you look so cute with that little pout of yours. Oh, the things I do for my boys…

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