By DaddyJinn
published February 19, 2021
8503 words

In a future where people can be swapped in and out of bodies, a scientist with a gambling debt ends up helping a cartel leader use this tech to grow his empire. When caught, they learn some hard lessons about what this technology has done and is capable of doing.

“Time to wake up, Doc.”

Leonard shook his head, a thick fog surrounding him, but that voice still called. “C’mon, Doc, up and at ‘em.”

He opened his eyes and saw a couple of men grinning down at him. “W-wha-where am I?” He felt oddly disjointed and not entirely present. Like he was wrapped in cotton candy and couldn’t quite move properly.

The biggest of the men leaning over him grabbed him by the jaw and turned his face to the right and left before peering down into his face with a huge grin on his face. “Your slice was a total success, Doc.”

Slice? Leonard was confused. He hadn’t been up for…

…and then the memories all came crashing back. His massive gambling debts. Carlos threatening his family. The deal they struck. His starting to work on the side for Carlos performing black market slices for him and his crew. But… he had never agreed to BE sliced.

He tried to stand, but Carlos held him down. “Take it from me, Doc. You’re gonna want to let that brain of yours get used to the new wiring. Switching husks is a hell of a shock. Just lay there until the cotton feeling fades.”

The other men chuckled and left to go do other things, while Leonard lay on the table, trying to piece together the last thing he remembered. “Wha-t did you do to me?”

Carlos flashed a brilliant white smile. “Gave you a new, untraceable bod. Yours is in storage now. You do your time with me, pay me back what you owe, and we’ll pop you back in your old body… good as new.”

Carlos was holding a mirror. Leonard reached for it, terrified, and Carlos held it up for him. “Besides, you’ll be much easier to keep in line this way. You were always a bit too big for your britches before.”

Leonard was staring at a stranger’s face. A thin and somewhat gaunt face on top of a fairly scrawny frame. His (now) green eyes stared back at him and for the briefest of seconds, his mind snapped… unwilling to accept this new reality in front of him. “Strange, ain’t it?” Carlos chuckled. “The first time you realize that YOU have nothing to do with your body? Take all the time you need, Doc.”

Leonard had watched many patients over the years have this moment where they realized the face they were looking at was no longer their own. When slice tech was first perfected, it was very quickly grabbed up by two sectors. The authorities and the ultra-wealthy. Because condensing a person down to a slice of code that could easily be inserted into new bodies (or “husks” as the ultra-wealthy came to call them) meant that the police forces now had unlimited storage capability for criminals (a slice being nothing more than a relatively thick disk) and the ultra-wealthy had a path to virtual immortality and achieving the body experience of their dreams… As a result, those two forces were fairly heavy handed in how quickly they locked down the technology to their respective domains.

But crime has a way of worming into the most airtight of places.

Carlos had found Leonard and nurtured his budding gambling addiction. In retrospect, Leonard could see all too clearly why Carlos was being so kind to him, offering bigger and bigger loans. And when the time came, he had agreed and smuggled Carlos into his lab and “sliced” him. It wasn’t like he had much of a choice. He liked his arms and legs unbroken. Carlos had not been like others with his first husk. Most people stuck to a similar build and look, but where before he had been short, stocky, and Hispanic… the body he picked from those in storage had been a very tall and muscular white man.

Leonard thought that would be the end of it, having helped Carlos avoid the authorities by changing his appearance, but soon Carlos was back, with his goons. And before Leonard knew it, he was helping to build a new lab at a mansion Carlos had secured just outside of town. While he worked on converting the crew that worked for Carlos to their newly sliced existence, arranging and making black market connections for the husks they would use in their crime sprees, his current predicament made clear that Carlos had been taking notes on the process used to slice someone. He had been planning this all along.

Carlos grinned down at him. “You never even saw me coming, Doc. But don’t worry. I’m good to my boys and you’re part of the crew now.”

Leonard swung his new legs over the edge of the table and stood up. He was wobbly, but his slice was adjusting the dimensions of the new husk. He could already tell he was significantly shorter than he’d been, just by where he thought the exam table should be against his back and where it actually was when he leaned back.


“Call me Carl now. Good proper white boy name, eh?” Carlos cackled. “And for my scrawny nerdy Doctor, how about we just call you Lenny?”

“Lenny” sighed. He had never felt more trapped in his life. He had no idea where his original husk was and returning to his wife and kids would be problematic at best in his current form. There was no version of explaining that wouldn’t result in admission of his assisting a known leader of a cartel. It would completely upend his family’s life… if they were allowed to live. “Carl” had a long reach.

“Carl, you didn’t need to slice me. I was…”

“Yes, I did. It was already getting questionable why a fine upstanding research scientist was spending so much time in my seedy joints… the last thing I needed was you bringing unwanted attention on our next job. So new faces for everyone.” Carl crossed his thick arms across his chest and smiled. It was a smile that made very clear that Carl could pick Lenny up and snap him in half in their current forms. The smile was not lost on Lenny.

“What do you need me to do?”

Thus began their fairly impressive crime spree. The authorities began to refer to them as the Ghost Pack, as they had an unnatural ability to literally just vanish after the scene of a crime. If the authorities suspected slice tech, they never gave word of it in any of their press releases or interviews. Carl also kept their targets relatively random and chaotic. Hitting a bank. Hitting another cartel. Robbing a pharmaceutical company. They were always big targets, but what “big” meant always varied a bit.

As Carl and his goons did what they did best, Lenny was tasked with improving the tech that made their escape into new identities possible. A task he performed with relatively large success. While he had a lot of misgivings about being slave labor for a criminal mastermind, he did have to admit that it afforded him more research opportunities than the university job had.

He had found a fairly impressive young hacker, only went by M0nk3yK1ng, but had purported to have figured out how to mod a slice to optimize the code of the user itself. Literally make them think faster, respond quicker, and adapt to new situations faster. After some impressive initial testing on the lower level thugs in the organization at Carl’s request, they decided to pull the trigger and upgrade everyone with this extremely powerful, if a bit sketchy, mod.

It delivered. Carl and Lenny and the boys now found themselves capable of feats that seemed almost superhuman at times provided by their new ability to process and adapt to new information in their environment. The scientist in Lenny was reminded of just how valuable to the human race the ability to adapt REALLY was. Now, he and the crew could adapt to any situation faster than the average man. They began to go for larger and larger targets, emboldened by the new tech and their confidence in this new reality they enjoyed.

This would ultimately prove to be their downfall.

Carl had picked a new tech company to rob, having heard rumors about a new bit of slice tech being R&D’ed there that he had become obsessed with getting his hands on. They’d made their way into the vault, without incident, but once inside Lenny had missed a failsafe hidden in the code and the vault door sealed shut leaving Lenny and Carl inside while the other boys ran for safety before the officers arrived.

When the police forces arrived and got the vault door opened, they found Carl beating Lenny to a bloody pulp and gassed the both of them.

Lenny opened his eyes, feeling vaguely nauseated and dizzy. Above him were lab lights and he could tell he was strapped down to another exam table. Drunkenly turning his head, he could see Carl’s large frame strapped down to a table to his right.

“You’re awake,” A woman’s voice said. “Good.”

Lenny tried to focus, but all he could make out was a fuzzy outline of her white lab coat and what appeared to be long blond hair.

“We’ve something of a dilemma with you two. Normally, we process men of your criminal stature fairly quickly. Slice ‘em, toss the slice into the designated husk, and begin rehabilitation. However, it was quickly evident that you have ALREADY been sliced,” she continued, eventually wandering closely enough that Lenny could fuzzily make out her face. “And more than that, you seem to have altered the code somehow? Black market mods? Home grown coding?”

Lenny tried to speak, but his throat was dry and cracked. “Y-yes.”

Carl grunted beside him. “L-let us go. Slip us in a husk and we’ll leave and you’ll be a very wealthy woman,” he whispered, his voice low.

“I think not,” She said curtly. “Unfortunately, we don’t have any real options here but to hope for the best, gentlemen. There’s no way to ‘unslice’ someone and the areas that seem to have been modded are the same areas we insert the penal code. In fact, they share some striking similarities. I’d love to meet the author of this mod,” She paused, the admiration in her voice clear, before she snapped back to attention. “Theoretically, the penal code should overwrite whatever mods you’ve added. But…we just don’t know. This is relatively new ground to all of us. At the same time, I also can’t just leave you here strapped to these tables. So…”

She moved over with a clipboard and pressed Lenny’s thumb against a signature line and then moved over and pressed Carl’s to another board and document. “Thank you for consenting to the treatment and signing the waiver not sue the state despite not knowing the outcome, gentlemen.” She turned back to the panel of machines in front of her.

“W-we, we didn’t…” Lenny managed to croak out before everything went black.

“Carl…Carl, is that you?”

Carl heard the voice calling to him in the thick black blanket that always accompanied a slice move. As his senses returned to him, he slowly cracked open his eyes to see who the concerned man calling his name was and what he wanted.


Sitting on a sofa in front of him was a dark-haired man in his early 40s. Bit of a gut on him, but his strong, hair covered arms made clear he worked for a living and he worked hard. His beard and hair were shot through with bits of grey. “Carl?” The man asked, the concern in his voice mirrored in his eyes.

Carl sat up and then took a moment to marvel that he didn’t feel the cottony sluggishness that moving a slice normally had as it adjusted to the new husk. “Well, thank fuck…at least they perfected that,” he said aloud and then his eyes narrowed. His voice was fairly high in tone. He looked down at his body and saw that his build was incredibly thin and lithe. And for some reason, while the man across from him was fully dressed, he was in a speedo. “Lenny?”

The salt and pepper man nodded. “Carl, I’m not sure where we are. I just woke up too. Just sitting here in this living room with you across from me.”

Carl stood up, still amazed at how little husk swap sickness there was. “Maybe she wised up and slipped us into new husks and smuggled us out. Let’s…”

The tv snapped on.

“Welcome to the first day of your rehabilitated life! You’ve undergone a procedure known as Slicing, in which all of the parts of you that make you… well, YOU… have been put into a small device that can be moved from one body to another. You may have heard of slicing in the news or media. We’ve made one small modification, however. We’ve added a bit of code that works to rehabilitate you and make you a model citizen of our nation, correcting those negative patterns in your behavior. Your current “husk”, or body, was selected along with a personality matrix for who you are as we reintegrate you back into society. Please do your best to accept these changes and adapt to them. The more you struggle and attempt to hang onto your old life, your old ways, the more restrictive the code will become. Compliance is not optional and the code will work to limit actions or certain freedoms until you acquiesce and perform as a model citizen should. A UPO technician should be on momentarily to inform you of your new lives and stations. Please hold…”

A “please hold!” sign appeared with a smiley face and a dull tone played in the background.

“Motherfuckers…” Carl growled, trying to sound angry but his new thin frame and somewhat effeminate voice just made him sound annoyed.

“They had to have told my wife and kids…” Lenny muttered to himself, rocking on the sofa. “Barbara, I’m so sorry.”

A flicker on the screen and then a fairly bored young blond police officer appeared on the screen holding some paperwork. “Hello Inmates 5OC913 and 411ECA2. I’m here to inform you that you have been analyzed and the system has picked the following identities for your rehabilitation. You are now Roger and Mark Bishop. You’ve been married for 2 years. Roger, you work at a local auto shop. Mark, you’re a stay at home husband.” The cop smirked, seeming to enjoy this. Carl shot the TV a look so angry, it should have burned a hole clear through the wall.

“You can’t force us to be faggots!” Carl growled at the tv.

The cop laughed. “We can make you be anything, Inmate 50C913. So I’d be far more respectful, if I were you.”

The cop leaned close the camera, glancing to one side as he was clearly checking to see that he was alone. “You don’t remember me, do you, you bastard? Well, I remember you and your little gang of thugs. And let’s say that your current life? It’s a little gift from my dead partner and me to you.” The grin on the cop’s face was positively feral.

With a cough, the officer sat back up as someone walked behind him and he resumed his script. “As you were advised. The less you fight the new code in your system, the easier this will be on you. I suggest you buckle up and enjoy your new lives… lovebirds.”

And the tv winked out.

There was a momentarily dizzying sensation as a batch of new memories were suddenly dumped into Carl and Lenny’s memory cores alongside their existing memories. Of their meeting when Mark brought his car in for some work. Of the tentative “not sure he’s gay” dance they both did, but feeling the overpowering attraction to each other. The first time they fucked, on the hood of Mark’s car in Roger’s garage. Of how happy they were on their wedding day.

Carl fumed, pushing the fake memories aside and refusing to let them take root. He stalked away to find a bathroom in the house to get a better sense of his new body. Once there, he stared in the mirror, irritated. He was the epitome of a go-go boy. Short, thin, and somewhat effeminate looking, he sported a foppish blond hair cut, the long, slightly curled bangs hanging into his face.. Combined with the high vocal range, this “Mark” would never have had the option to have been in the closet. Carlos felt his anger rising the longer he stared at his new reflection.

Lenny suddenly appeared in the mirror behind him. “Hey babe.”

Carl snorted. “Fuck you, Lenny. We’re going to get out of here. They gave us new bodies but they’ve obviously set us free in a house in the city, we can…”

Lenny’s thick meaty hands slipped across Carl’s hips, tugging him back into his crotch and for just a moment, Carl found himself remembering how much he loved the feel of those strong hands on his body, moving him… caressing him… and involuntarily did a little wiggle against Lenny’s crotch with his ass. Horrified, he shook the implanted memory off, trying to pull forward protesting, despite his growing erection becoming visible in the speedo. “Lenny, get your goddamn hands off of…”

“C’mon babe. You’re walking around in a speedo, taunting me with that fucking perfect ass of yours…” Lenny leaned forward setting his chin on Carl’s shoulder, looking him in the eyes via the mirror as he ground a stiffening cock against Carl’s backside. “You know you want it.” Lenny’s eyes pointedly looked down in the reflection at Carl’s little cock, stiff in his speedos.

Carl sneered and did a quick snap of his hips smacking Lenny right in the dick with his backside. Lenny doubled up a bit backing out of the bathroom. “Fuck, babe. That hurt.”

“I’m not your little fuck toy, Lenny. I’m your goddamn boss. You need to snap out of it.”

The pain made Lenny’s head clear a bit. Still massaging his crotch he looked up. “Boss… bosss… they said if we fight it, it gets worse. The code will get worse. You have to understand. We’re just… We’re only…” Lenny struggled as his old and new memories collided. What did he know about science? Give him an old beater to fix up. That was where he excelled. “Maybe we should…”

“What?” Carl roared. “Maybe we should what, Lenny? Just sit here and I let you get your jollies fucking me every night? Is that really what you’re about to say to Carlos Fucking García? The man that can have your wife and child killed if I say one word to the right person?”

Lenny blanched, his own memories of his family in danger resurfacing. “No, no, I just…I just thought…You don’t understand what they’ve done to us.” And the longer he talked, the less he understood it either, as “Mark” and his memories began to reassert.

“I don’t intend to stick around and find out,” Carl growled, somewhat adorably in his diminished capacity, and he marched into the dining room to peer out the curtains. “I don’t see any surveillance vehicles.”

Lenny followed. “Maybe we should just do what they say for now, Carl.”

Carl turned, the twink body he was trapped in positively vibrating with rage. “I’m not the do what someone tells me to type.”

“Subjects rejecting initial program. Increasing restriction.”

Carl was not prepared for the incredibly predatory look that came across Lenny’s face as his bearded face suddenly split into a wide grin. “No, you the type that likes it when Daddy takes charge and makes you submit, aren’t you my little brat?”

Carl took a step back from that suddenly feral look in Lenny’s eyes. “Wh-what? No… what the fuck does that mean?”

Lenny stalked forward, his frame seeming bigger somehow simply by the change of confidence he had been struck with. Carlos had never been an easy man to intimidate, but he was suddenly very aware of the vast differences in their body types and that Lenny’s thickly muscled mechanic’s body could overpower him in seconds. “Stop, Lenny!”

Lenny cornered Carl against the cabinets in the kitchen and grabbed a wooden spoon as spun Carl around, yanking the speedo down to expose his bare ass as he bent Carlos over the counter, so his rump bare to the world.

“What the fuck are you doing, Lenny???” Carl howled, trying to fight back against the larger man, but finding himself hampered both by his tiny frame and his sudden flood of new memories of being Daddy’s bratty boy who like to mouth off until Daddy would break out a belt, or throw him across his lap, and spank him properly before taking him forcefully. He tried to shake off the flush that rose in his cheeks as Lenny began to swat his plump ass with the wooden spoon, howling in pain, but also being turned on by it.

“Talk back to Daddy, you know what you get. Count for me, boy,” Lenny growled, swinging the spoon with a loud thwack against Carl’s ass again. “Count or I’ll keep going until you’re bleeding.”

“ONE,” Carl snarled, desperately struggling against the bigger man.

He got to 25 before Lenny shifted positions behind him with him still bent over the counter, held firmly. Carl was lost in a heat of memories, his body reacting to the pain of that spanking and igniting fires of lust inside of him that were confusing and terrifying at the same time. “What are…” Carl felt the larger man fiddling around his ass and then he felt Lenny’s cock press up against his ass crack. He moaned and pushed back ever so slightly before he realized what he was doing. He scrambled at the counter trying to find purchase, but Lenny held him firmly pressed in place. “Lenny what the fuck?!!! No! Lenny, we’re not lovers! We’re not…”

Lenny lubed up his cock with a good wad of spit and began grinding against Carl’s hole. “Fuck, babe. I love when your ass is glowing red after a spanking.”

“Lenny you can’t do this!!” Carl howled and then Lenny was grinding his way fully inside him. “O-o-oh fuck Daddy,” he moaned and quit struggling, the sensation of that cock working its way up inside of him sending him entirely over the edge. His new core memories, “Mark”, taking over as a rush of new physical sensations washed over him. His own body betraying him as his tiny cock stood at full attention as the larger man began to pound his hole. “Make me Daddy’s little whore,” he whined.

Lenny didn’t require convincing. He took his lover the way every memory told him that he loved to be taken. The way he had taken him hundreds of times before; forcefully and with total dominance. Carl, somewhere deep in his mind, raged…but “Mark” wouldn’t let go. His body was still responding as if he was this Mark, Roger’s little BDSM love pet, and he loved how rough he was being treated. His tiny cock, one last parting joke from the police, was leaking pre-cum everywhere as Lenny hammered his hole.

Carlos managed to push to the surface through the passionate bliss his body seemed determined to experience. “Lenny goddammit, get out of me…”

Lenny reached around and grabbed Carl’s little cock and began stroking it. “Yeah, you’re Daddy’s filthy little cockwhore, aren’t you? Turned on at being taken like a slut in the kitchen?”

Carl groaned, his breath short and body suddenly tightening at that deep growl and filthy talk, feeling that fat cock buried in his ass as that rough hand jerked him off… and suddenly his cock twitched and began to spurt a huge load against the cabinet doors. A deep sense of relief tinged with a huge amount of shame flooded Carlos. He’d just cum with another man’s cock in his ass! Lenny, at that same moment, plunged deep as he grunted and his own cock began to fill Carl’s ass with his load, his dick twitching deep inside Carl as it spurted his seed.

They stood locked and panting like that for a moment before Carl pulled away from Lenny, Lenny’s cock slipping out of the smaller man as Carl yanked his speedo back up defiantly. His face burned with anger and shame as he turned to look at Lenny.

“Damn, that was hot ba….” Lenny began.

Carl, finding his body responding to him again, slapped Lenny across the face. An act he realized was far more Mark than him. When did Carl ever slap a man? A man punches. The UPO code was getting to him and changing him. Making him weak. Turning him into this effeminate little man that wanted….what just happened. His face flushed red with shame as his tiny cock twitched just thinking about it. “Lenny, you motherfucker. I hope you enjoyed that because the second I can get ahold of the crew, your wife is dead. DEAD.”

Lenny smirked. “Don’t be mad at Daddy…”

“You’re not my fucking Daddy!” Carl howled, furious.

“Subjects continue to reject penal program. Adv!@#!4121928#$&!@#”

Carl and Lenny both grabbed at their heads. The strange machine noises they were hearing were piercing and impossible to tune out.

“@#%)&@()#%!#@$!Cracked by the K1ng!@$#!(*&!#($!#$^!#$!#$”

“What the fuck is happening?” Lenny howled, holding his head.

“Glitch encountered. Stability restored. Further restrictions to ensure compliance enforced.”

Memories flooded Lenny and Carl. Of their life together with Roger raising Mark as a single father. Of their fights and struggles as Mark tried to assert his independence as a teenager and Roger, being the heavy handed man he was, ensured that Mark towed the line. But just as quick as the memories were flooding in, he found them mixing together with the other memories of Mark and Roger. Of them fucking on the hood of Mark’s car. Of Roger tying Mark up and beating him in some BDSM play. The memories began to adapt and merge together into one conglomerate whole where they were not just kinky lovers… they were actually father and son that did those things together.

“No….” Carl whispered under his breath. This can’t be what the UPO had meant to happen. What was the glitch the whisper in his head had mentioned? Was this the side effect that lady doctor had mentioned? Had their mods done something to the penal code and it was now malfunctioning?

Lenny was staring at him, vaguely glassy eyed as the memories sank into his own head and then smiled wickedly at Carl. “Hey kiddo, why don’t you come give your old man a kiss?”

Carl felt his body go flush with warmth, with the need and the hunger for his father’s arms combating with the shame of knowing society would never understand their love. Memories of his father coming home from the bars drunk and passing out on the sofa and how he help his passed out old man upstairs, strip down naked, and get into bed. How, while his father was passed out, he would sniff at his Dad’s manly musk. Starting with the armpits. He loved the smell there, but soon, the forbidden fruit of his father’s cock and balls was too much for him to ignore and he spent many a night huffing at his old man’s musk. That was when he surrendered and just admitted he was in love with his father.

Lenny stepped forward, rubbing his belly and crotch against his boy. He was a lucky dad to have such an amazing son and lover, even if the rest of the world would never understand. His thick fingers found Carl’s nipples and begin to tweak them, teasing his boy, as he stared into his eyes. Carl was clearly lost in thought, memory, but his small cock began to swell again. Somewhere in the back of “Roger’s” mind, Lenny was watching all of this. Some small, logical part of his brain that had let the memories in, because he understood it would be worse to fight, was still ticking away trying to understand what was happening.

Lenny bent down and locked lips with Carl, who moaned lightly and kissed back, surrendering momentarily to the passion in that kiss.

“It’s got to be the mod m0nk3yk1ng installed,” Lenny mused in the back of his mind. “It’s still working and conflicting with the penal code. But how? What is it doing to us?”

Carl suddenly bit Lenny’s bottom lip and shoved him back. Memories of the first time he sucked his Dad’s cock filling him lust and need, but the cartel leader deep at the heart of him was not letting go. Carl swam desperately upstream, trying to push all these new memories aside. To remember who he was. And that was a man to be feared and respected. “GET OFF OF ME, FAGGOT.”

Lenny stepped back. “Son, you know we’re not supposed to fight it. You’re just making it worse.”

“Worse?” Carl sneered. “They’ve made us queers. And more than that, we’re apparently now incestuous too? And you’re into it!” He gestured at Lenny’s boner bouncing in the air between them.

Lenny sighed, momentarily pushing aside the programming. “You have to understand, we don’t have control, Carlos. We have no control here. They are only going to make it worse if you keep fighting. We have a pretty cushy situation here…but we’re just code!”

“YOU’RE NOT THE ONE TAKING IT UP THE ASS! THAT WASN’T JUST CODE!” Carl screamed. His raging fury evident, but coming off more spoiled brat out of his diminished frame and current position.

“Yeah, well, I didn’t pick the roles. And let’s be clear, Carlos… that’s your giant wad of jizz dripping down the cabinet. Methinks you doth protest too much. They gave you the capacity to enjoy being Daddy’s toy. For it to be pleasure and not torture.“ Lenny really didn’t want to know just how restrictive the UPO code could get and the rage in the face of the crimelord’s new husk terrified him that they were going to find out.

“Just… just let the memories in, it makes it easier,” Lenny offered helpfully, already fading behind Roger as he stepped closer to his son.

“Fuck you and fuck your gay fantasy,” Carl stalked out of the room and Lenny heard a door slam upstairs.

Lenny found he liked working on cars. It was a bit like working on people. At the end of the day, he was built for taking complex machines apart and rebuilding them. It was work he found rewarding. His employees at the garage were pretty easy going, if a bit dull to talk to. He sometimes had to fade out and let Roger take over. He could only talk so much sports.

It was during one of those fade out sessions he learned that one of the other mechanics, a one time star football player for the town high school, was queer as well. He had come back to his senses ball deep in the muscular and meaty ass of his employee bent over the caddy they were working on that morning.

It was just as well, “Roger” definitely wasn’t get any at home. His boy was still a bit upset at the power exchange that had happened between them. Lenny would never admit it, but he loved seeing the power hungry thug reduced to a femboy with an aching hunger for his own father’s cock. He could SEE it in Carl’s eyes while they ate dinner. The programing was working on him too, he was just fighting it.

Just last night before bed, he’d swung by Carl’s room and before he knocked on the door, he could hear squelching noises from inside. Listening, he realized he was hearing Carl pleasuring himself. Either jerking off or riding a toy in his ass… he couldn’t tell. But what he could tell was the man was moaning “Oh Daddy…”

Lenny smiled. The programming would get him. And it wasn’t like they were ACTUALLY doing incestuous things. They were barely friends in the real world, much less related. So Lenny was leaning in hard and enjoying the idea that he soon might get to be banging that sweet, tight boy butt on his “son” and how much that would both turn on and fill with rage, the crime lord inside of the smaller man who was slowly learning how badly he actually wanted it.

Shutting down the shop, and bidding goodnight to his recent conquest, Lenny headed home where he found Carl making dinner. Lenny smiled. “Hey kiddo, whatcha making?”

“Don’t ‘kiddo’ me. You’re not my goddamn dad. And I’m making mac and cheese because apparently, “Mark” can’t remember how to make anything else,” Carl grumbled.

Lenny slipped behind him and looked over his shoulder, making sure to press his crotch against Carl’s backside as he peered into the pot and sniffed. He knew his sweaty and musky body was part of Carl’s programming. He had the same memories where Roger had pretended to be asleep while his son rubbed and sniffed on him before they became lovers. “Smells good. Doesn’t it?”

Carl groaned. The scent of his father’s musk was too much. He felt his cock stiffen. “Da-Lenny. Don’t.”

Lenny ran one hand down inside his son’s underwear and cupped his butt cheek, giving it a squeeze. “Maybe a quickie before dinner? Help your old man unwind?” Carl turned, his face flushed and conflicted. Lenny could see the programming taking over as he leaned in and kissed his son, feeling his lithe, thin body press against him, melt against him. Carl moaned into the kiss, feeling that familiar heat and lust building in him from his Dad’s scent.

Lenny swung Carl around and bent him over the table, one thick hand caressing his son’s cock while the other probed at his hole. “D-Da-dad…..” Carl gasped, unable to help himself, pushing back against that thick finger probing his hole.

Lenny smiled. “See, son? It’s so much better if you don’t fight. If we just do what comes natural.”

Carl nodded, pushing back again, riding his father’s finger. Lenny stood up, unzipped and flopped out his thick cock that was already stiffening. He began to hot dog between his son’s cheeks, grinding against them, enjoying the way it looked… the size difference between them very apparent. He worked up a load of spit and let it fall on his son’s ass crack and used that to begin to grind BETWEEN the cheeks now slick with spit and precum.

When he hit Carl’s hole, starting to press against it, to work his way in… he heard Carl mumbling under his breath, louder and louder until he was shouting. “not gay…I’m not gay… I’m not gay… I AM NOT GAY. I’M NOT FUCKING GAY AND I DON’T CARE HOW MUCH CODE YOU PUT IN ME YOU CAN’T MAKE ME GAY YOU FUCKERS!!!”

“Subjects #$&!@#” reject penal program. Sta!@#!1211928#$&!@#”

Lenny grabbed at his head, that strange machine sound building. “Carl, no! Carl, stop!! You’re doing it again!”

Carl seemed oblivious… even as he held his head and he shouted again… “YOU CAN NOT MAKE ME BE GAY.”

(#@#reject. 121ae M0nK3YK1NGcommencing. !#$!#$” “Adapting@#%)&@(ada)#%!#@$!@$#^!(pt&!#ev($o!#$lve!#$!#$” “Glitch encountered. Stability restored. Further restrictions to ensure compliance enforced.”

The memory dump was less dramatic this time. They simply felt the memories in their slice…shift. To accommodate the new reality that was before Lenny’s eyes. All of it was still there. Fucking on the hood of the car. Kinky BDSM dynamics. Lenny spun Carl around, seeing the look of fear in his eyes, as Lenny then lifted him up by the armpits and sat him on the table. Crouching down, Lenny spread Carl’s legs and looked at the beautiful new pussy he had been given.

“Fuck babe, it’s been a long day and Daddy is starved,” Lenny grunted and locking his arms around Carl’s hips, he pulled Carl forward so that his bearded face was right in his crotch. Carl whimpered a bit, still adjusting to his new memories, as Lenny’s beard hair tickled his lips and then gasped as Lenny’s warm, wet tongue found his clit and began to tease it.

“O-o-oh fuck,” Carl whimpered and grabbed Lenny’s hair. “What did they do to me???”

Lenny lapped at the clit, massaging it firmly and gently enjoying the full body shudders it would send through Carl’s lithe frame. “I could eat your pussy all night,” he growled and then dove in earnestly.

Carl’s mind short circuited. He was trying to ignore memories of his life without a cock. Every time he tried to remember his cock, what it looked like, felt like… hell, who he’d used it on… there was just… nothing. But so many new memories of Lenny’s cock buried in his pussy as they made love filled every hollowed-out spot inside of him. The way Lenny would bring him to multiple orgasms with his tongue, his fingers, and then slide deep and find his own pleasure in Carl’s wet slit.

“Where is my cock??? Where is my fucking cock???” Carl howled, but his body got the best of him and he began to buck, unable to help himself, riding Lenny’s tongue. “Ooooh FUCK, Daddy… DADDY! I’m g-g-going to cum!”

And as his first real orgasm, not just the memory of one given to him by the system, swept across his body as Lenny’s large, rough mechanic hands found his sensitive, small, pert breasts and began to lightly flick and massage the nipples. Carl, breathless, began to squirm as his thin legs locked around Lenny’s neck, Lenny’s tongue teasing and causing rolling shudders of pure bliss through his muscles, making his entire body to shake with the force of his orgasm.

When his legs loosened a bit, Lenny kissed his way up the smooth belly to those beautiful breasts and began to use his tongue on the left nipple as his hands undid his belt buckle and Carlos was suddenly aware of a stiff and warm cock rubbing against his now wet lips, nudging his clit and causing small little quakes of pleasure through his body. Lenny knew his way around a woman’s body… surprising for some dorky research nerd. Carlos had never cared for eating pussy, but now he understood why the women he’d kept around kept asking him too. Holy shit.

And then Carlos came back to himself, the memories of his being “Roger’s wife” shoved aside, and he pushed Lenny off of him as he hoped off the counter. “What the fuck did you do to me!?!?” He shouted at the sky. “I’m a man. Not a woman.”

Lenny let him rant as he leaned against the counter, idly stroking his hardon as he watched his “wife” rave at the ceiling. “Of course,” he thought. “That’s the only thing that makes sense. There’s no other way they could have done this.”

“And YOU,” Carlos raged, coming back into the kitchen. “I’m not some bimbo floozy for you to get your jollies on. I’m still Carlos Fucking García and I will absolutely kill your family.”

“Don’t you see, boss?” Lenny tried to explain. “Think about what you’ve been doing just before the code freaks out. Stop and think!”

Carlos narrowed his eyes. “Easy for you to stay calm, you’re not the one they are fucking with.”

“BECAUSE I AM NOT FIGHTING THEM,” Lenny shouted annoyed. “I keep telling you to just ride with it or it will get worse. And every time, you struggle and you fight and when they try to restr….”

Lenny trailed off.

“Oh dear,” he said softly.

“What?” Carlos took a step forward. “What??”

“I know what’s happening to us. Boss, you NEED to stop fighting.”

“The fuck I will,” Carlos snapped and gestured at his youthful breasts and vagina. “You’re not the one with tits and a cunt. I will make these fuckers pay.”

“No, boss, listen to me,” Lenny pleaded. “I need you to stay calm.”

“I’M A MAN,” Carlos bellowed in a high soprano voice. “A MAN. NO MATTER WHAT YOU TO DO TO ME, I WILL ALWAYS BE A MAN.”

“#$&!@##$&!@#()&(( reject @#!1211928#$&!@#” “M0Nk3YK!@$#@#%!%”

“Boss, please,” Lenny begged. “You’re causing a race condition in the two mods, you’re….”


“ada)#%!#@$!@$#^!(pt&!#ev($o!#$lve!#$!#$”“Glitch encountered. Stability restored. Further restrictions to ensure compliance enforced.”*

The changes were even more minor this time. “The two systems are getting closer and closer to being synced,” Lenny thought. He wondered what that meant for the two of them if he couldn’t get Carlos to calm the fuck down.

Carlos… was Carlos, again. His original husk. He was once again a thick, husky latino man. Standing there, naked as the day he was born in the kitchen. He caught his reflection in the microwave and laughed a loud, victorious laugh. “You see, you mother fuckers?” Carlos cackled. “You can’t stop a true man.”

Lenny coughed. “Carlos…”

Carlos turned. “And you, Lenny. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you having your way with my body while their code had me all confused. I hope it was fun. You’re going to be paying for it for a long…” Carlos trailed off, noticing the look on Lenny’s face. “What?”

And then the memories began modifying. Carlos being born a young girl, but from early childhood maintaining his malehood. Identifying as transgender in his early teens. Working his way up through the drug lords gangs, always one step from having some macho gang banger learning his secret. But persevering. Getting on the testosterone treatments that changed his life. Enjoying the protection of a higher ranking member of the cartel who knew his secret but kept it from the scrutiny of the rest of the goons, under the condition Carlos provide service in return as the man’s lover. Having the top surgery that freed him from the chest binders that kept him short of breath and always in danger of cracking ribs. The joy and happiness of watching his body become the image of the man he had always known he was.

Carlos couldn’t look down. His think fingered hand went to his crotch and he moaned lightly as he did not find what he was looking for. “No… no…. why?”

Lenny coughed. “Carlos, hear me out. Do you remember what the woman who was processing our slices said? The code from our mods resided in the same sectors of the slice as the penal code they inserted. So we have two Ais functioning in a shared memory space. One designed to recreate our lives, our memories, and our worlds on the fly to make us into model citizens. One designed to adapt and evolve and process information faster and make decisions quicker than normal thought, allowing us to adapt to the most intense barrage of information.”

Carlos stood there, his hand still covering his vagina. Lenny felt for the man. It was far more impactful seeing him in his original body. So heavy and masculine, a true bruiser, but stripped of something he felt critically defined him as a male.

“Don’t you see boss? Their code and the mod are interacting and rewriting our code. Conflicting at first but now the m0nk3yk1ng mod is working in TANDEM the penal code. To adapt and evolve US in more and more restrictive forms until we become compliant. The penal code itself just takes or gives things. It doesn’t do a complete rewite.”

Carlos shuddered. “Tell me you can undo this, Lenny. Tell me you can make me a man again.”

Lenny sighed. “You’re still not getting it, Carlos. These mods… they can sure as heck rewrite your personality. And they clearly have. But how can they rewrite your body???”

Carlos suddenly snapped back. “Wait. You’re right. How are they changing husks? How did they find MY husk and change it??”

“We’re not in husks, Carlos,” Lenny glanced at the tv. “We’re inside the computers at the police station. I’ve wondered for years how the PDO got funds to use husks for rehabilitation. The truth is, they haven’t. They slice criminals and stick them in what amounts to VR. Much cheaper and easier to maintain. After all, a slice is just code. WE’RE just code. Nothing more. And they can do anything they want with code.”

“W-we’re not real?” Carlos touched the counter beside him, subconsciously seeking reassurance the world around him was solid.

“Oh, it’s all very real to us. But think, Boss. Think carefully. They are no longer bound by the rules of physical form and we have their code and a rogue mod AI merging together in our slices that can literally transform us at will when we struggle and fight back. We need to be very, very careful.”

“No, I can’t stay like this,” Carlos was breaking down. The myriad of emotional journeys he’d been on in this starting to take its toll on him. “I can’t. I need my body back.”

“All this newly emerging 3rd AI, made up of the PDO AI and m0nk3yk1ng’s AI, has done has been to punish us. Using the very thing you were struggling against to punish us and bring us in line. You didn’t want to obey, so it made us a BDSM couple. You yelled that I wasn’t your Daddy and it rewrote us to father and son…”

“I said I wasn’t gay so it made me a woman,” Carlos whispered.

“And you maintained you were a man, so it took your current situation and adapted. You’re now a transgender man,” Lenny nodded. “But at any moment you could fight back and say the wrong thing and end up a baby in diapers I’ll have to change or a pet cat. I really need you to parse that, Boss. Understand it. These Ais are not limited by anything. They can make us be…anything. And the people in charge of containing us don’t give two shits. I doubt they are even monitoring the virtual reality environment they’ve wedged us in.”

Lenny paused. “In fact, I am not even sure how time works in here. We could theoretically experience a hundred years in a minute….”

“I can’t stay like this,” Carlos wasn’t in the mood for science theorizing. He was feeling self-conscious standing there naked took the table cloth and wrapped it around his waist, a bit of a make shift kilt. “This isn’t right. They can’t do this.”

Lenny motioned his hands glancing around. He could feel Carlos getting angry again. “Boss, please. Your temper. Don’t…”

“Don’t what? Resist? I should settle into my life here as Mark, the transman, with his lover Roger?” Carlos sneered.

Lenny sighed. “Yes. Exactly that. Because the code isn’t going to stop until you do. You have your body back…”

“Without my dick, naturally,” Carlos growled.

“I know plenty of transmen. They ARE men, boss. You’re still a man. Ride this out. Ride this out and when they release us, you’ll have your body back. You can’t keep fighting or they’ll restrict you until you can’t,” Lenny pleaded.

“FUCK YOU,” Carlos bellowed. “I’m not some sex toy you get to spend eternity sticking your dick in because you were the compliant one and I fought back for my freedom!”

The high hum filled Lenny’s head and made him wince and close his eyes trying to fight it back.

“ada)#%!#@$!@$#^!(pt&!#ev($o!#$lve!#$!#$” “ada)#%!#@$!@$#^!(pt&!#ev($o!#$lve!#$!#$” “ada)#%!#@$!@$#!(pt*&!#ev($o!#$lve^!#$!#$” “Glitch repaired. Systems operating nominally. Further restrictions to ensure compliance enforced.”**

Lenny opened his eyes and glanced around the kitchen. Carlos was nowhere to be found. Had the system decided his non-compliance was tied to the shared space with his underling and being subjected to being subservient to him? Removed him to his own space to restrict and rebuild?

And then the memory dump began and Lenny shook his head sadly as all of his memories shifted to him being a single gay mechanic that had never really come out, but was a horny bastard and loved his sex toys. He was particularly fond of this new fleshlight he’d bought last month. Double ended. Ass on one side, mouth shape on the other. So tight and pulsing, it felt like a real hole milking his dick.

Lenny walked over and picked up the toy off the table where he’d left it sitting with the bottle of lube from a morning jack off with his coffee. “Ooof Carlos. I tried to warn you. On the plus side, you can’t really get us in any more trouble like this can you?”

He lubed the toy up and began to stroke his meat with it, enjoying feeling it wrap around his cock and grip it. “Fuck Carlos, you make for a mighty good toy. We’re gonna have plenty of fun together.”

The toy, full of cock stuffed in its eternally willing hole, said nothing at all.

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