Submit, Chapter 2

Series: Submit
By ControlMe
published February 17, 2021
3653 words

Matt provides answers I don’t want to hear.

Legs and shoulder day. My least favorite day. I hated legs. But, it was important, I knew. You got that powerful, well-rounded ass from leg day. And the quads and calves–they needed to look sexy also. Plus, shoulders. You couldn’t create that classic, masculine “V” shaped body without strong, built pairs of shoulders and traps. It was an important day and we treated it seriously.

All throughout the workout, I didn’t ask Matt anything about yesterday. Honestly, I didn’t have the breath to do it. One of the reasons Matt had us train two different muscle groups each day was so that we could immediately jump from one set to the next. We got our “break” for one muscle group while we were working the other muscle group.

Day One was chest and triceps. Day Two was back and biceps. Day Three was legs and shoulders. Every day was abs and core–that was an additional “break” time we started working in as the workout became harder due to muscle fatigue. Matt’s workouts seldom lasted longer than 45 minutes, but by the time they were over, you were done. We crammed an hour and a half of working out into just 45 minutes. And, we hit each muscle group twice a week, only resting on Saturdays.

We finished and I felt the same urge to look at myself in the mirror and check out the pump in my legs and my delts and traps as I had yesterday when I checked out my biceps. I did so, pulling up the leg of my gym shorts so I could see the full length of my leg. And, again, I started to sport a hard-on. As soon as I realized what I was doing, I looked up with concern at Matt, who was looking at me with both lust and pity.

“Here,” he said as he came up to stand right behind me. “Pose yourself more like this.” And, he turned my leg slightly to change the angle it was being posed at, while at the same time holding his own hard cock against my firm, bubble-butt. I gasped when I realized I could feel his hard cock through the fabric of our gym shorts. My hard-on intensified and I blushed wondering if anyone was watching our pornographic display.

Matt saw how embarrassed I was when he rubbed himself against me and he relented, but he was still smiling at me. I was rock hard, and at this point, I was mostly holding up the leg of my shorts to hide my hard-on. I kept on with the act of posing until I could will my dick to soften up enough that it was just a suggestive bulge, rather than a tent pole in my shorts. Matt knew exactly what I was doing and just laughed.

“It’s not funny,” I complained, still beet red.

“Oh, but it is, little bro. It really is. It’s charming how embarrassed you are by your body’s reaction to your own hotness.”

“Matt, we need to talk about something…” I began, intent on asking him about the bizarre events of yesterday. Me jerking myself off to the thought of Matt fucking me. Me sucking on a dildo and cumming while watching a porno of a guy who looked exactly like Matt sucking a cock. Me sucking my roommate’s cock and swallowing his cum while he watched a motivational video that I didn’t remember loading onto his laptop. And Matt telling me that I was going to make an amazing whore. I really wanted to ask him about all these things, and what he knew about them.

“Hang on. Let’s shower and change first. I need some protein and carbs. Let’s go get a burger and I can answer your questions.” I nodded my assent.

And that’s exactly what happened. After the server brought our beers and took our order, Matt looked up at me.

“So, what are your questions, little bro?”

“Well, yesterday, you said something to me right before you took off from the gym that left me confused,” I began.

“You mean about what an amazing whore you are going to make?” he asked, as if it were the most natural thing in the world to talk about me being a whore.

“Ummm…yeah. What did you mean by that?”

“I meant exactly what it sounds like, Eric. You really didn’t have the body to be one of Master’s gay cockslut whores when we started on this journey almost six months ago, but look at you now. You are almost ready–and all the pieces are falling into place. In a couple of days, you will be an amazing whore. What else is bothering you, little bro?”

I didn’t know what to say. “But, I’m not even gay,” I protested. “And, I would never whore myself out.”

“You won’t have a choice,” Matt assured me. “Not about being gay, not about being a cockslut or a cumdump, and not about whoring yourself out. Master will make those choices for you–and he’s already made them. I’m sorry to inform you that you are already an obedient, hypnotized, gay, muscle slave, cockslut, cumdump, whore. You just need to realize what you are.”

I shook my head and started to get up from our booth. “This is ridiculous,” I said.

“Sit down and keep your voice down,” Matt ordered me, and I found myself immediately complying.

“Why am I obeying you?” I asked, half whining.

“Because your hypnotic programming has made you obedient to my orders. Since you began on this journey in October, you have never consciously disobeyed an order from me. Hadn’t you noticed?” I considered his words for a moment. He was right. I couldn’t think of a single thing that he had directed me to do in the last five and a half months that I had failed to do. Workouts, diets, supplements, motivational videos. If Matt said do it, I did it.

“Why me?” I asked.

“Actually, you were just a means to an end. Master used you to get to me. He used me to get to my roommate, Carl. And, now he’s also used you to get to your roommate, Justin. Master is very fond of you, Eric. You were a four-for-one deal–though, admittedly, it took some time and effort to develop you into gay whore material. The rest of us were ready to start immediately upon conversion into slaves.”

“Wait. You’re a whore, too?” I hissed.

“Of course. I have been since you led me to my enslavement back in October.”

“But, I didn’t.”

“But, you did. You just don’t remember it because Master has blocked it from your conscious mind. Don’t worry. You’ll remember once you fully embrace your submission to Master.”

“What about my roommate?” I asked. “What does Justin have to do with this?”

“Justin is being turned into one of Master’s cockslut slaves as we speak. The next time you see him, he will be the same as me–another useful slave of Master’s keeping an eye on you until you fully submit to Master’s ownership of your mind and body. Now, stop speaking, the server is coming back.”

The server brought our plates of food. As soon as he left, Matt addressed me again.

“Eat up. You’re going to need your strength. Tonight, I’m going to teach you that your ass is now your primary sex organ. Tonight, we turn you into a cockslut.”

What the fuck? I didn’t know how to react to that statement. Part of me wanted to run. But, part of me was rock hard and couldn’t wait for his ass to be raped by this Adonis. And, neither part could disobey Matt, so I dug into my burger. It was pretty good.

I looked Matt in the eyes as I silently munched on my burger. He met my gaze, and I could tell that he was completely serious. He was going to fuck my virgin ass when he got me back to my dorm room. I could see it in his eyes. When I finished my burger, I spoke up.

“I don’t want you to fuck me,” I said quietly. Matt laughed.

“Yes, you do. You don’t want to want me to fuck you, but you want me to fuck you. You’ve been programmed to want it. You are just still resisting your programming. Master is going to love this report. He loves it when his slaves resist their enslavement. Don’t worry, he wouldn’t have allowed you to become aware of your programming if you were still capable of resisting it. You’ll fight, but you will lose. That’s how Master likes it.”

“You enjoy watching me fight you and fail?” I asked miserably.

“Not I,” he said. “Master loves it. I’m just an extension of his will–as you will soon be. But, it’s not a bad thing, Eric. I’ve never loved my life like I do now. Constant peace and joy. I have no worries. Master has taken them all from me. All consequences belong to him, so I don’t live in a world with uncertainty or guilt. And, the sex is fucking incredible. You are about to discover how amazing it is to have your ass properly fucked. You will be a bottom forevermore after tonight. I don’t even know why any gay man chooses to be a top, but thank goodness some do.”

I felt like crying. I was being turned into a gay sex slave, and there didn’t seem to be anything I could do to stop it. I didn’t understand.

“How did this happen?” I asked out loud, more as a plea to understand why I had been chosen than asking for an explanation of the process, but Matt interpreted it as the latter.

“Well, you had already been implanted with a slave identity in your subconscious when you drew me into Master’s control, but Master wanted to bring you into his complete control in your conscious mind in a gradual way. He enslaves each of us in a unique way that he selects to fit our personality, situation, and his personal desires. He has been gradually transforming your conscious self through your motivational videos–ever since I started training you back in October.”

“The motivational recordings?” I asked, incredulous.

“Were hypnosis sessions. Don’t worry, you were programmed not to realize that, nor to think of any of the mental changes you experienced as strange. You aren’t stupid, you were just carrying out your programming.”

“But Justin didn’t notice anything, either,” I objected.

“One of your first commands was to get him to watch a hypnotic induction video. He was left with a post-hypnotic suggestion to ignore your behavioral changes and your body transformation until you revealed it to him. Master had you follow that up yesterday with a new video that drew him to Master’s side. That’s where he is right now, being transformed into a cockslut slave–much faster than you have been, by the way.”

“I did this to him,” I said feeling guilty about what I had inflicted on my innocent roommate.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Matt retorted. “You were operating under Master’s control when you lured me into his control and when you led Justin into being inducted. You never had a choice. You are a slave. Stop blaming yourself. You have no power or choice here. That all belongs to Master.”

I suddenly felt the guilt vanish as the truth of his words struck me. Matt saw it on my face as I realized that I had done nothing wrong. Blaming myself was like a bullet blaming itself for killing a man. It had no will of its own. It was nothing but a tool used by a man who had a will. I had no will of my own. I was nothing but a tool used by a man who had a will. I felt relieved of my burden of guilt. Matt smiled.

“See? Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“Yes,” I whimpered, terrified by how good it really did feel. The server came by to collect the empty plates and I looked at him with a stare that said, “save me–I’m being transformed into a perfectly obedient slave and I don’t want to be…” but he just looked back with confusion at my expression.

“All on one check,” Matt said. The server nodded at him and left.

“They cannot help you,” he stated simply. The server did not understand what I was trying to tell him, but Matt did. “Besides, we are in the final stages of your enslavement. All the groundwork has been laid, or you wouldn’t be so obedient to me right now.” After Matt paid the bill, like he was taking me on a date, we left. We walked to my dorm room.

When we entered, I found the room empty just as Matt had said it would be. Justin was normally here by this time on a Friday afternoon, getting ready for whatever party he was attending Friday night.

“Get naked,” Matt commanded after he locked my door. I tried to resist obeying him, but it was no use. I immediately stripped my clothes off, and in less than a minute I was standing naked in front of him, shaking in terror at what was happening to me. Matt pulled his shirt off, showing his perfect, magnificent body–the body I had jerked off to in the gym shower just yesterday.

“Shhhh,” he shushed me as he saw me beginning to cry. “There, there. Nothing to be afraid of. This is going to be so good for you.” Matt slipped off his shoes.

“I don’t want to be a slave,” I cried.

“We’ve been over this–yes, you do. You are just terrified because you know you want it.” He slid his shorts and briefs off. I stood there quivering as he stepped up to me and embraced me. Oh! He felt so good against my shivering body. I was hard in seconds. So was he.

“See there. See how badly you need this? You’ve been getting prepared for this moment for almost six months. There is no turning back now. But, I’m going to make this much easier on you.” He pulled away a little and looked me in the eyes. Those gorgeous, piercing, blue eyes with that irreverent twinkle in them. Then, he leaned forward and whispered into my ear.


My entire world shifted. I became dizzy, but Matt held me up. My world became one of being owned. I was no longer Eric, fighting to resist control and failing. I was Slave Eric, owned by Master and set aside for the use of Matt. This was right and it was all I was ever meant to be. I had never felt so completely fulfilled, so at peace with who and what I was. And, not only was I utterly obedient and thrilled to be so, but I was completely aroused by my enslavement.

I went from simply having a hard-on as Matt pressed his naked body against mine, to grinding and kissing his body. I wanted him to fuck my mouth. I wanted him to fuck my ass. I wanted him to own me in any way that pleased him, so long as he owned me completely. Matt pulled my face up to his and began kissing me fiercely. His tongue invaded my mouth, a prelude I hoped, to his cock invading my wet and begging hole.

As we made out, we groped each other, our hands all over each other, and we ground our naked bodies together, our fully engorged members rubbing against one another. I was on the verge of cumming just from the foreplay, but Matt pushed me away and onto the bed.

“Don’t cum until I give the word, Slave,” he ordered. I knew instantly that I would be incapable of cumming until he ordered it–he had that much control over my body. And, that perfect obedience just turned my crank that much harder. I whimpered with lust. He guided my head down to his leaking cock and I engulfed it.

“No more gag reflex, Slave. It’s gone. You can deep throat the whole thing. Now, do it.” And, I knew that I could. I did. I could hear Matt moaning from my efforts and I looked up at him eyes pleading with him to be pleased with my ministrations. His cut cock was almost seven inches long, thick, and meaty. I could feel the veins along its length as it filled my throat.

Matt reached down and grabbed my head as he began to fuck my face. My cock twitched. I would have cum right then if he hadn’t ordered me otherwise. This went on for nearly five minutes, Matt moaning and telling me what a good cock-sucking bitch I was, until he suddenly pulled me off of him. I immediately reached for his cock, trying desperately to get my mouth back on it.

“No, you greedy, little slut. Stop. This load is destined for your ass. Now, get up on your hands and knees.” I complied without delay, kneeling on the bed with my ass facing him. I thought he was going to simply enter me with his cock, so I was shocked to feel his tongue on my hole.

“Oh!” I called out involuntarily in lust as I almost came. I had never felt anything like that ever in my life. If this was being a gay bottom, then I was in! It felt amazing! Matt’s tongue taught my hole the meaning of pleasure for several minutes before he pulled away and grabbed the lube.

“Turn over onto your back, slut,” he ordered. I almost came again. But for his order not to cum, I would have done so three times by now. I turned over onto my back instead. I grabbed my legs with my hands and exposed myself, expecting Matt to start fucking me. Instead, he just started to finger me.

His lubed fingers traced around my hole, and teased it, just barely entering it. I started seeing stars and began to whimper. I was worse than a bitch in heat. I was absolutely, completely his in that moment. He had total command of my whole being. He must have spent 15 minutes just playing with my hole, getting my ass so hot for him that I couldn’t help but beg for his cock.

“Be silent, Slave,” he commanded. “I’m in charge here. You will submit to my cock when I decide and not one moment sooner. Understand?” I acknowledged with a crying whimper of utter defeat. There was nothing I would not have done at that moment to get him to take my anal virginity. I needed to be fucked. Hard. I needed to be bred. This needed to happen. Now. Finally, after a few minutes of torturous pleasure, it did.

My hole was so wet and ready, Matt didn’t even need any more lube for his cock. It was like a piece of warm marble, covered in a thin layer of flesh that stimulated the lining of my ass. As it slid in, he hit my prostate and I yelled out loud. I didn’t realize prior to that moment that sex could feel that good. My brains became scrambled. I couldn’t focus on anything other than the sheer pleasure that emanated from my ass.

All I could think was how right Matt was. My ass was now my principle sex organ. This was so much better than straight sex. How could I ever consider sex with a woman again? They couldn’t do this to me. I was gurgling incomprehensible gibberish–loudly–as Matt pounded into and out of me. It only lasted a few minutes, I think. But, I was in heaven the whole time and leaking precum into a pool on my abs.

Finally, I heard him give the order. “Okay, Slave, cum with me!” Then, I felt his rapid thrusting morph into long hard thrusts as he grunted loudly. I could feel his cum filling my insides and the torrent was released from my own cock. It shot straight over my head and onto the bed, tracing itself back over my head, face, neck, and upper chest. Five loads that arced onto my bed and upper body, followed by several more that just leaked into the pool of precum on my abs.

I hadn’t even touched myself while I had the most mind-blowing ejaculation ever and orgasmed in my ass at the same time. I knew I would never be the same. Matt was panting as he collapsed on top of me, still buried deep in my ass. The spell that made me lust to be a slave seemed to have been broken by my orgasms, but I had no energy to even try to move. And, truthfully, my ass still felt electric with Matt’s cock in it.

After a moment, he whispered into my ear again. “That’s what it feels like to be one of Master’s slaves, Eric.”

I knew, in that moment, that I truly did want to be an obedient, hypnotized, gay, muscle slave, cockslut, cumdump, whore.

That realization terrified me, and I whimpered pathetically.

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