Chapter 2: Binding

By IvorySilk -
published February 16, 2021
3215 words

Every hero has an exploitable weakness. Even the strongest of them all…

Disclaimer: This story is going to get dark, particularly in the later chapters. Specifically, I’ve incorporated elements of non-fantasy emotional manipulation into this story, and murder as a plot device (no graphic details though), so if you don’t want those things in your porn, I recommend clicking away now.

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The second time Lucas awoke, it was with slow cautiousness, his body instinctively tensing when he remembered he was still in foreign territory. It wasn’t until he noticed he was under silken sheets instead of strapped to an examination table that he allowed himself to relax somewhat, stretching out under the gentle caress of the fine material. He was still naked, he noted with disdain, curling back up again when memories of what had happened surged vividly to the surface, making him nauseous and somewhat light headed.

The worst part was, he also remembered how good it had all felt, and even now, probably hours later, his body was still betraying him, beating with a yearning for his captor’s touches as his mind replayed phantom touches over his skin. Voclain wasn’t kidding when he said that the drug was a “training” drug. The scumbag had never been known for his humour, but now it was clear to Lucas that he had to get out now if he wanted to do so with his sanity intact.

Flexing cautiously, Lucas grinned to himself when realized that he had his powers back. Whatever Da – Voclain had used to subdue him earlier must’ve worn off. The villain had also been too overconfident in the lasting effects of his drug to cuff him up again – not that those could’ve held him with his powers intact. Escape was going to be so easy after he found some clothes.

Taking a quick stock of his surroundings, an opulent bedroom of some sort, Lucas focused his energy to his fingertips before unloading a few well aimed energy blasts to the cameras he noticed placed around the room. Voclain, that fucking perv. This’ll show the asshat to not creep up on him. Throwing the silk sheets around himself, Lucas then slid off the bed and took a look out the wide window that ran along the wall beside the bed, another big mistake on Voclain’s part. The window had no openings and the room he was in was high up, but Lucas could fly. Additionally, this would by far not be the first window of Voclain’s he’s smashed, bulletproof or not. The whole setup was so unlike his nemesis. It was too easy, but he was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Rummaging quickly through the drawers in the room, Lucas wrinkled his nose when he found that they were mostly empty. Empty of any clothes anyways. There were towels and a bunch of other nasty stuff he did not want to see. Especially considering his earlier experience. It seemed the flimsy silk sheet would have to do. Better to get going now before Voclain somehow got back and found a way to use those messed up things on him again. So, keeping his eyes on the sky out in the distance, Lucas took a few steps back and prepared himself to lunge through the bulletproof glass. Unfortunately for him though, he didn’t get two steps before a quiet cough from the door had him freezing on the spot.

“Where exactly do you think you’re going, son?”

It was ridiculous, but somehow, Lucas all of a sudden felt like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, guilt ridden and unable to move. He was supposed to be perfectly within his rights to leave. That was supposed to be the obvious thing to do. And yet…and yet somehow, of all a sudden, it felt wrong. Voclain wanted him here, so shouldn’t he stay? No, that was the drug, the…conditioning. It must have dug deeper into him than he thought it did, and now he had wasted his chance to escape. Shit.

Lucas spun around and shakily raised a hand at Voclain, charging up an energy blast, aiming right between the villain’s eyes. “Don’t move, or I’ll blow your head off.” Voclain was just a man. Lucas was the one with the leverage here, the one with the power, but somehow, it was his voice that came out shaky while Voclain looked completely unfazed.

Those infuriating blue eyes just smiled at him as Voclain slowly tilted his head to the side, his expression almost lazy. “My my, somebody’s jumpy today.” He then slowly, pointedly, took one single step in Lucas’ direction.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare move another step!” Lucas hollered as memories of that dark room flooded his mind again. His insides twisted in confusion and want and revulsion. The swarm of conflicting emotions was dizzying. Sparks crackled between his fingers as the energy concentrated there intensified. If he slipped just a little more, he might actually disintegrate Voclain right there on his feet, and maybe even take out this section of his building too.

Despite being the one staring down the barrel of the metaphorical gun though, Voclain remained as calm as still water. In fact, despite Lucas’ threat, he continued to advance on him, step after graceful step. “Now, now, my boy,” he tutted, “You don’t mean that.” With each step Voclain took one forwards, Lucas took one back. It was an involuntary, nonsensical reaction to a man he could so easily overpower, and yet as Lucas felt his back hitting the glass, it still was like all exits were suddenly cut off for him.

But just as Lucas prepared himself for actual murder, Voclain somehow impossibly, yet effortlessly, took Lucas’ wrist and nudged his arm back down beside him. All the fight disappeared from him then and Lucas allowed the energy charge to fizzle out into nothing. He was frozen. He couldn’t believe he’d just let this villain, his arch nemesis, do that. It was even more frightening how a tiny part of him had hoped this would happen. Even with his powers back, he, Power, was still effectively powerless here.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He muttered, head hung and voice deflated. If he couldn’t even turn and break through the two inches of glass right behind him, what was there even left to do?

There was a grip on his chin, and Lucas resignedly let his face be lifted up so Voclain’s eyes met his own. “I told you, my boy. Because I want you by my side.” They just stared at each other like that for a long while, Voclain’s calm and soft eyes locked on Lucas’ wide and frantic ones. The hero meanwhile, felt his heart hammering so fast it was like it was going to beat out of his chest. When Voclain leaned in, his breath quickened, and when Voclain moved even closer, Lucas found himself abandoning all rationality and pulling him in the rest of the way. The tattered silken sheets he hadn’t even realized he’d been holding in deathgrip slithered to the floor as he kissed the mastermind feverishly, leaving him once again bare and exposed to the man he called his worst enemy.

It was like he was on the “training” drug again. He felt warm and aroused as Voclain licked his way into his mouth, and his dick quickly rose with interest as he felt the older man’s hard body grind against him from under the stiff fabric of his expensive suit. The cool glass of the windowpane dug into his skin, but Lucas didn’t care. He just wanted more. Whatever it was the Voclain could give him, he wanted more of it.

“You’ve already learned so well,” Voclain told him as he steered them back to the bed. “Now if you could just be a little less tense and try to enjoy what I have to teach you, we can go so much further.” Lucas sighed against those words as he let Voclain push him back onto the mattress, too blissed out to argue. He could do enthusiasm. It wasn’t that difficult a thing he supposed, even for Voclain. Wait, what was he thinking – shit, it was happening again. How long did the effects of that drug last? He had get out, had to —

All thoughts of escape evaporated from his mind again when he felt Voclain’s hand wrap around his dick, this time without those leather gloves on and it felt delicious. Lucas gasped and sagged back into the softness of the bed. Meanwhile, Voclain kept monologuing to him as if he was a child, “I know it’s hard,” he said. “We’ve been at odds for so long it’s difficult to listen to me, to trust me, but I really do want the best for you Lucas.”

His hands massaged Lucas’ balls for a moment, then drifted down further, and Lucas flushed hard when he felt those deft digits circling his hole again, all the sensuous pleasures that came with the exquisite surrender he had previously given. He automatically reached down to try and push Voclain away, embarrassment making his chest tight and his legs clamp together. Oh god, he had let Voclain talk him into thinking he was slut. He had actually believed him for a moment there, and he had actually screamed in pleasure as he begged the villain to fuck him into cumming. How the hell was he supposed to come back from this?

As if reading his thoughts, Voclain took that moment to use his free hand to pinch hard on one of his nipples, twisting. Lucas yelped out in shock and pain and immediately retracted his hands to grab at the sheets. “Don’t pretend to be all delicate now.” The villain scolded him like he was a child. Like he was his boy, Lucas’ brain unhelpfully supplied. “You and I both already know you’re slut, so why don’t you just own up to it and spread those pretty legs for me?”

“I - not - ” He should not like hearing that word as much as he was starting to, but there was no denying the way his erection throbbed at the reminder.

Legs. Open.

Lucas squeezed his eyes shut and dug his fingers into the coverlet. He didn’t have to listen to Voclain, he reminded himself. He had his powers back, he wasn’t drugged, and he could easily throw Voclain straight out the window now if he wanted to.

Lucas slowly, obediently, spread his legs apart.

There’s my good little slut.” Voclain smiled. And he really was a slut, Lucas realized, there was no other reason he would’ve done that. Voclain wasn’t forcing him - the only thing compelling him was the tingling sensation at his entrance and the memory of his embarrassingly great prior experience taking it up the ass. No, there was also an undeniable thrill of exposing himself like this, to Voclain, of hearing that word and knowing it was being applied to him. He was falling deep and fast, and there seemed to be no slowing down. When Voclain pressed to fingers to his lips, he greedily sucked them in.

“Hmm, excited now are we? I told you things would go better once you let yourself enjoy it.” Lucas nodded. His mind was going into that haze again where everything Voclain, no Daddy, said sounded like a good idea, and he couldn’t care less how depraved things got. He slurped loudly around Daddy’s fingers and drew his knees up so his ass was exposed even more. The whole act had his cock throbbing and he loved it.

“Touch me Daddy,” he pleaded as soon as Voclain withdrew his fingers. “Touch me more. Please.”

The smile that curved onto Voclain’s face was simply predatory. “Didn’t even need to be prompted this time. My boy really is a fast learner.” He leaned down and Lucas eagerly opened his mouth to welcome him in again. The kiss was searing and Lucas openly arched into it, wrapping his arms around the older man and slowly rocking his hips into those spit slicked fingers.

They were panting by the time they broke apart, Lucas panting breathy little moans against Voclain’s lips as the older man, Daddy, curled his fingers against Lucas’ prostate. “Aaah, yeesssss…”

“Do you want me to fuck you now my boy?”

“Yes daddy. Fuck me. Please, I want your cock inside me.”

Voclain was already unfastening his belt and slacks with his free hand. “In due time, my boy. But first…”

Lucas shook his head in bewilderment when all of a sudden he felt himself pulled upwards, until he was in a sitting position on the edge of the bed. The fingers in his ass meanwhile, had withdrawn, leaving him feeling empty and deprived.

“Daddy?” He blinked as Voclain slid onto the bed next to him. The mastermind had shrugged off his suit jacket and was now in the process of rolling up his sleeves, bottle of lube in hand.

“Come sit on daddy’s lap, my boy,” he told him, patting his leg while simultaneously slicking himself up. Lucas couldn’t pull his eyes away from the prominent cock that was standing proudly right in the middle of that lap so he eagerly complied. As he allowed Voclain to guide his hips right at where he was to be penetrated though, Voclain’s left arm snaked up along his and gripped him by the wrist.

“Can you look out that window for me, dear?” Lucas blinked at the sudden odd request but complied, blushing as he caught his reflection in the process. Voclain chuckled. “Hmm, yes. We’ll have to get you a proper mirror to dance in front of another day. But for now…” He pointed off into the distance to the waterfront park area of the city, specifically where Hero Memorial Park was. “I can’t see it from this far, especially not in the dark, but you can, can’t you, my boy?” Lucas blinked but quickly found his eyes zooming in on the target. There was only one thing worth noting in that direction afterall.


“Hmm, correct.”

Not sure where Voclain was going with this, Lucas just let the concern slide away, focusing instead on Voclain’s cock pushing into him inch by pleasurable inch. “Do you remember what I told you my boy?” Voclain whispered into his ear. “That I want you by my side?” Lucas moaned and nodded.

“Well now’s your chance to earn that privilege.” One of Voclain hands on his hips then shifted to Lucas’ left wrist. From there he guided the lust addled Lucas’ arm up so it pointed in the same direction as the Truth and Justice Monument. Oh. Lucas froze.

“Wait —” But Voclain did not wait, did not give him any moment to ponder his actions, and instead relentlessly continued pushing Lucas further down on his cock. Lucas gasped out again, until he had well and truly taken Voclain to the hilt. He was breathing rapidly now, from fear, lust, or confusion he couldn’t tell, but he was still rock hard and leaking, with waves of arousal washing through him unabated.

“Come now, give us a nice show to conclude the evening.” Voclain encouraged as he slowly began to thrust.

No, he wouldn’t do it. Lucas internally screamed. This was too much! But he couldn’t think, wasn’t given a moment to, with his thoughts instead interrupted by pulse after pulse of riveting pleasure. He should probably just do what Volcain said. No! That’s the monument of everything he stood for! But it’s just a statue, a snide part of his mind countered. It’s not like anybody’s going to get hurt. Besides, it’ll make Daddy happy. You want to make Daddy happy, don’t you?

“Go on, my boy. Show Daddy how talented you are.” Lucas’ eyes went wide as he realized his hand was actually charging up the attack. “Yes. That’s my good boy.” The hand on his hip had now moved to rubbing soothingly up and down his other arm. Voclain was never anything but conniving like that. And yet…

Lucas squeezed his eyes shut as he let the energy fly free from his palm. There was a loud shattering sound and a spray of glass, followed by the boom of an explosion in the distance and Voclain’s laughter ringing in his ears. Warm summer night air washed in through the new opening where the window was a second ago. Then, and only then, did Voclain finally release his wrist. Lucas let it drop to his side as he stared on, too dazed to do anything else.

Voclain however, wasn’t about to let him meditate on the matter as he started rocking into him in earnest. “Good boy,” he told him as he tilted Lucas’ head back and kissed him on the side of the lips. “You’ve made Daddy very proud.” Both hands returned to his hips and Lucas once again felt himself lifted and driven onto Voclain’s cock, again and again, flooding his mind with all-encompassing pleasure once more. The spikes of euphoria quickly dissolved his concern for the monument, then washed it away completely as Lucas returned to that state of blissed out euphoria.

“It feels good to obey me doesn’t it?” Lucas hummed. He hadn’t thought of it like that, but he supposed it was true. It did feel good to do as Voclain told him. “Answer me, Lucas.”


“You like being a good boy for me, don’t you?” Voclain’s words again amplified his arousal, so Lucas moaned in agreement.

“Yes…feels good.”

“You see? You should listen to me more. Worry a little less about those nagging thoughts in your head.”

“Hnngh – yes…” It was too hard to think anymore, so Lucas just let his head loll against Voclain’s shoulder and closed his eyes. There was nothing but pleasure now, just the blessed sensation of Voclain’s cock driving into his welcoming hole and striking his prostate.

“That’s it. Relax. Daddy’s going to take care of you now.” The strikes against his prostate then picked up in speed, causing the falling hero to cry out once more.

“Ah yes! Daddy! Please — Ah! More!”

And of course, Voclain obliged.“Go ahead, my boy. Come for me. Come for me and remember how good Daddy made you feel.”

“Yes—Ah! Daddy!” There were stars behind his eyes again when Lucas came. A white hot explosion of pleasure that completely drained him, causing him to slump against Voclain’s chest. Then, blearily, just before he blacked out, Lucas’ eyes fell onto the dresser by the bed, and he saw for the first time, that familiar vial along with an injector sitting there, its contents empty.

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