Sorcerers Slave

By Alpha Artemis
published February 11, 2021
1034 words

Jafar has Alladin right where he wants him. Vulnerable.

It was all so easy, Jaffar thought as he lounged in his rooms in the royal palace. Little sound pierced the quiet and calm Arabian afternoon. Everyone in the city down below had settled down for a rest while the heat of the day reigned.

A soft moan from the corner of the room drew Jaffar’s gaze and he smiled a pencil thin grin as he beheld the site before him. Aladdin was tied to an elegant frame of gold made to look like two serpents twined around one another with contact points at the heads and tails. Spread eagle, he was currently covered in a thin sheen of sweat across his bare skin. He was naked as the day he was born and his muscular brown torso heaved softly with exertion as he let out another moan.

The source of his exclamations was obvious to Jaffa’s delight. The device below him was slowly working a large golden dildo with a flared top almost like a cobra coiled forward in and out of the lad’s hole, stretching him open and prodding at his innermost parts. A small golden cock ring with another stylized snake on it looped around the base of his penis. It’s eyes where bright red rubies that seemed to glow with an inner light.

Jaffar stood up and languidly walked over and ran one finger down his captive’s cock watching him tremble in response and a bead of pre cum to dribble forward into the collection dish placed there by Jaffar. He smiled again and lifted the boys head up so he could look him in the eyes again. Aladdin’s eyes where their usual shade of blue, and seeing this Jaffar clucked his tongue and held out his hand, summoning his staff into being and holding it in front of Aladdin. The boy’s eyes began to glow red and swirl softly as the magic took ahold of his mind and Jaffar began to speak. “Very good little street rat. Your learning well. Do you remember what I said to you when we started our little game?”

Aladdin opened his mouth and moaned again before answering in a voice straining with pleasure and desire.

“That I’m your servant. I’ve always been a servant. A boy like me needs to serve a man like you. My place is on my knees. My hole belongs to you. My cock is your property.

” As he said this he seemed to struggle and began to pull upon the chains that held him as if disbelieving his own words. Jaffar held the staff closer and smiled again.

“That’s right my little pet. You SERVE me. Your owner Jaffar. Serve me as my pathetic little pleasure Slave. Because you love to give pleasure don’t you my pet?” Jaffar stroked the lads cock again eliciting another moan and several more drops of pre into the pan. Aladdin shuddered and tried to fight but the spell was just too powerful. He struggled in his bonds more but the toy pressed in deeper hitting his prostate and the boys defended crumbled again.

“Yes, Master Jaffar. I’m your little pleasure pet. I’m yours to use however you see fit. I serve at your whim.”

Jaffar laughed softly and lowered the staff. He patted the boy’s cheek and took a moment to take in his trim, athletic figure. He had decided when he found him in the dungeon that this little treat would be his and his alone. He had had the boy brought to his chambers and subdued him with a simple exposure to his staff before putting him in his current predicament. The toy sliding in and out of him slowly wore away at his resistance well the cock ring ensured he stayed hard but unable to cum unless Jaffar wished it. This combined with Jaffar’s natural talents had worn the boy down over the past few hours and he was sure he was soon to crumble.

Sure enough within a few minutes Aladdin began squirming and moaning and he began to beg.

“Please Master let me serve you! Your pet wishes to service you however you see fit. Use me please Master.”

He continued to beg and plead until Jaffar at last raised a hand to silence him.

“I shall free you to serve me if you will promise me one thing."

“Anything for you Master!!” Aladdin answered pitifully, his cock straining and leaking more pre and his hole now straining to feel his master’s cock. “Become the Pet you were meant to be. Submit yourself to my authority forever!” Jaffar smiled and raised his staff again as the eyes of the snake on both the staff and the cock ring began to glow brighter.

“Yes Master. I swear forever to be your pet!” Aladdin gasped out as his cock finally erupted and he shot his load straight into the already half full bowl of pre cum. He thrashed in his bonds as the last of his orgasm left him and the glowing cocking seemed to flow and expand into a golden chastity cage resembling a serpent coiled around his cock with the teeth mere centimeters from his cock head.

At this happened Jaffar rapped his staff once and the chains holding the boy up snapped open and he fell to the floor on all 4s.

Jaffar touched the tip of his staff to the boy’s neck and a pool of gold seemed to spread out and around from it. It quickly became a golden collar with a thin leash leading from it which attached to the base of the staff.

Jaffar smiles again and used a foot to shove his new pets face into the bowl he had filled. “Drink up doggy” he laughed, high on power as the boy lowered his head tamely and began lapping up his jizz and pre, “Drink up and then we shall see what you know about pleasing your master.” Aladdin lapped up the juices happily and wagged his ass happily, proud to serve his master from his place on all 4s like a proper pet.

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