Kevin’s Cam Shows

By Alpha Artemis
published February 11, 2021
1447 words

Be careful who you accept gifts from. Specially strangers met online.

Kevin has been logging into the camera site for a few weeks now. It had started as a bit of a joke and quickly became a decent side job. All he had to do was log on and get naked and people would pay him to jerk off and listen to music. And they showered him with compliments and several had even sent gifts!! Yea this was a great idea.

Kevin logged in one day and began he usual routine of getting people to pay him as he slowly stripped his clothes off. Eventually he was laid back jerking off as usual as the tips poured in. Then he saw the PM asking him for a private show. They said they would pay 25$ a minute to watch Kevin jerk off! Kevin clicked right away and started really getting into it for his new customer and milked it for ten minutes before finally blowing his load across his chest. They complimented him and then another 300$ was sent to him before the user logged out.

The next time Kevin logged on the user was waiting for him with another private show request. He clicked yes and started to jerk off. This time the person made a few requests like rub his balls and please let his legs spread a bit more. Kevin did so and lasted 15 minutes before he boiled over and shot. And another large tip was sent as the user logged off.

This continued for a week with the user making different requests that gradually got stranger. But as long as the money kept coming Kevin did not care. If this person liked seeing him play with his nipples and balls and talk about how good it felt to play with himself, he was going to do anything.

One day after the show the stranger said he would buy Kevin something extra nice. And less than a day later a large package arrived. Sitting on top was a small box labeled open me first. Kevin did and found the latest iPhone loaded with some of his favorite bands he had listen on his profile. He quickly slipped in the ear buds and began enjoying the jams as he set aside the other packages and then logged on to thank his new friend.

They were glad he liked them and asked if he was up for a show. Kevin nodded and stripped leaning back and started jerking well the music played.

As he continued jerking, he found himself going slower and slower until finally his hand dropped from his cock and all he could do was stare at the screen. There he saw instruction about the other boxes and hurried to get them. Inside he found a small plug with a button on top. He ran back to the camera and follow the instructions inserting the toy inside of him. He moaned and squirmed, his hardening cock forgotten as the toy slowly slipped inside of him. After it was in, he felt a click as it began to buzz inside of him making his cock shoot straight out and begin to drool . He resumed masturbation well the user praised him and he let out soft moans and whimpers from the toy in him. He began to whimper and spread his legs open so that his plugged hole was visible and continued jerking his cock.

As he was getting close he was again told to stop. His hand reluctantly pulled away from his cock and he read the instructions on the screen. Hurrying back to the boxes he pulled out a thick leather collar and put it on followed by ankle and wrist cuffs and a bright white puppy hood. He then ran back to the camera and sat down.

His friend praised him, calling him a good doggy and rewarding him with several more pulses from the plug. Kevin whimpered and his cock dribbled gobs of pre cum onto the bed in front of him. He desperately wanted to touch his bone but knew he had to wait. The man on the screen told him to log off and go sit by the front door like a good boy and wait. Kevin quickly obeyed, powering off his PC and rushing to the front door and sitting down, grinding his ass into the floor making the plug feel even better.

A short 10 minutes passed and the front door open and a man stood there. Mid 40s with salt and pepper hair and a body that showed he was comfortable in a gym. He looked down at the boy he had watched jerk off on camera for weeks. The cocky confident straight boy swagger was all but gone and his eyes held nothing but lust and submission now. He reached down to pet the boy and then with little effort lifted him into his arms and carried the boy up to his bedroom. He teased the plug in his new pups hole and called him a good little pup slut.

Kevin’s cock leaked like crazy as this handsome man swept him up and began to carry him. He could only think of service and serving and obedience and behaving. He was a good dog. Good dogs serve. The man got the boy upstairs and set him on the bed. He turned the plug on a low setting and told his puppy to hump the bed but not cum. He listened to the whimpers and smiled as he logged back into the streaming website and set up the boys camera. Soon it was live and set himself up comfortably on the boys bed with everything accept his head visible to the camera and began breaking in his new toy. The next 2 hours where spent humiliating Kevin on cam in whatever ways the man could think. He made the boy gag on his cock, pushing him down time after time until he was drooling copiously and whimpering. He relented and let the boy lap at his balls for a few minutes well he watched the chat. Everyone was wondering what was going on and who the man was and if the guy in the hood was really Kevin.

To put the debate to rest the man ordered Kevin to sit facing the camera and well he stroked the boys cock, slowly removed the hood showing the drooling and obedient boy under it. The audience then watch with glee and shock as the man lifted Kevin into his lap and slowly spear him on his cock. Kevin whimpered and squirmed and moaned loudly, begging for more with cute little puppy sounds.

The man felt himself get close and slipped the hood back on the pup. He then spoke for the first time since the stream had started. His voice was a soothing light baritone and upon hearing it Kevin let out a barking yelp and began to shoot his load across his chest, coating himself and the mans hand that continued to milk his puppy.

“As you all can see Kevin has become quite the little pup slut. Stay tuned here I’ll be auctioning off visits with him to his loyal followers. If you ever wanted a go at this ass nows your chance,”

With a grunt and one final thrust into his pups ass the man shot a huge load of cum inside his puppies hole. He let Kevin catch his breath for a moment then lifted the pup up and off his cock and placed him on all 4s in front of the camera. The viewers watched as Kevin gladly began to suck the cock of the man clean, even as the strange man reached over and spread his pups legs and ass, giving everyone a full view of the now slightly gaping hole slowly leaking cum down his taint.

The chat went wild with tips pouring in and several PM’s inquiring about scheduling time with Kevin. Kevin panted dumbly as he nursed on the cock in front of him, savoring the aftertaste of cum and his own hole. The man gently patted the boys back as he made a general announcement of things to come soon and then logged off.

The man smiled as he closed down the stream. He dressed his little pup slut in the bare minimum and had him grab a Few things for weekend stay. The man planned to spend lots of time with this new puppy toy before sending him back to his day to day life. But with a word the man could have his dumb drooling dog boy back in a heartbeat. Life was good.

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