Personal Toy Chpt. 12

By JoSmith -
published February 9, 2021
9827 words

Jake plays with two boys in blue

Chpt. 12

“Aww fuck…” I whimpered. God, now I wanted to get fucked. I wanted him to throw me like a rag doll and get me to put out for him like he had done for me.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to—” He began to say when he felt me begin to move, trying to hide my boner since I didn’t want to ruin the moment with my need for his cock.

I interrupted him; “No, it’s, well… I like you holding me and… it’s nice, is all, being like this. It’s just that, well, ummm… your touch makes me lose my mind… and right now I’m hard again and sorry, you were talking about the kid and, sorry, you’re just so fucking hot being all fatherly and I just want to be with you like a lot and I like us being like this and I think I would like if we were a thing but if it’s weird because of me being old and whatever is fine, but I just thought I’d say so because I like you and while it would suck if we don’t end up being a thing, I still would like to have you fuck me and vice versa, you know if you wanted to but if not, I guess I can slut out with someone else or get Jake to fuck me more often or have literally anyone else use me… or I… Let me take a breath, I’m rambling and I’m probably making a fool of myself and making you sick of listening to me talk stupidly on and on about needing cock. Fuck… shit… I feel like a teenager again, sorry, did I make sense? Fuck, I should not have said anything, I’m–”

“I understood perfectly, Markie. I like you too… like, a lot…” I blushed at his admission.

“Good… I mean, oh, great, me too, like you too I mean.” I looked at him and saw him blushing too.

“So… we’re a thing now… Markie?” He asked in a whisper.

“Yeah, I think we are, Stevie.” I replied, finally confident in what I was saying.

“Good.” He hugged me and I nestled into him as we continued to see the moving pictures on the T.V. but I wasn’t really paying attention. I was content, my cock was drained but hard again, his arms around me, everything was good.


I drove us to my place which was nothing extravagant; a small apartment half an hour from the station when traffic was light. I was excited and anxious as I got closer to having him in my place. I never had people over and now that I was in the car, I was quiet thinking if I had gotten the trash out or if I had cleaned. Fuck, did I put away my dirty clothes in the hamper or were they all over my room. Wait, did I wash the dishes or left them there like a pig. Oh fuck, what about my sweaty gym clothes! Were they near the door stinking up the place or did I wash them already? Shit, I can’t remember anything, what if we got home and Jake saw how I lived and became disgusted by me. Fuck, maybe I’m overthinking it, maybe I need to relax and just drive or he’ll—

“What are you thinking?” His voice brought me out of my mini panic.

“Uh, I never had anyone over and now I’m nervous my place is a mess.”

He looked at me and smiled, fuck, he was so handsome.

“Come on, I’m sure you are overexaggerating. If you saw the way that dad and I lived before you met us, you would run for the hills.” He said and then looked out the window. He made me feel good inside and out. Just with couple of words he was able to calm me down, make me realize that yeah, I was being dramatic for no reason. If shit was bad, I’d apologize and then clean, no big deal.

We finally got to my place, an apartment in a 7-story building in the 5th floor. I was anxious to show him my place. As soon as I opened the door, I looked down, nervous that he’d feel it wasn’t good enough or not be to his liking.

“Wow.” He said and I got scared. I looked up and he was smiling, looking at the poster of Chicago on the wall next to some figurines I got back in my college days. He looked back at me, “This is a really nice picture, did you take it?”

“Uh, no, I got it off Etsy. Some girl took it from the Sears tower.”

“It’s cool. Your place is cozy. I feel like you just are missing a fireplace and you’d can cuddle up in front of it and relax.” He continued to look around my place and to my relief, the place was clean, and it smelled decent—thanks to the diffuser I forgot to turn off this morning, by now empty and off thanks to the self-timer.

“Want anything?” I asked, trying to be the good host. He asked for water and I made a dash to the kitchen. Opening my fridge, I realize that I had not cooked or anything. Shit, I had a half-opened water bottle and just enough water in my jug for him. I closed the fridge, embarrassed that I was such a mess.

I poured the water and felt him come into the kitchen, “I don’t know what you were anxious about, your place is nice.”

“Thanks boss.” I handed him the water and then asked if he wanted anything else. He took a sip and then walked towards me, “How about we pick up where we left off in the locker room.”

“Aww fuck.” I whimpered as he jumped on me and we began to make out. It was like I was a fucking teenager again, horny, needy for release. With him, it was like I was finding out what I really wanted and needed. He was a great kisser, nothing else in my life mattered but him, us in this moment.

“I love kissing you, boss.” I said and then I blushed.

“I like kissing you too, Fornelli.”

I carried him to the living room where I placed him on the couch.

“You going to put a show for me?” He asked, amused. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to do but if he wanted me to put on a show, I’d do it. Anything he wanted; I would do.

“I’m not a good dancer boss…” I said but willing to try. He got up and grabbed my face and whispered something. I don’t remember what he said or how long we talked for, but I felt so good. It was a calming feeling, like a warm hug from someone you love deeply. I felt free, not limited to my own limitations, it was exhilarating. I turned around and put on music and began to slowly strip off my clothes. I don’t remember what he told me, but it didn’t matter, I knew exactly what to do and how to act. He was smiling and groping himself and that made me feel sexy.

Slowly, each article of clothing on my body began to be stripped off and his smile grew wider. God, he was so fucking perfect. My nipples were hard, and my cock was beginning to strain my underwear. I was swaying, ‘dancing’ I guess as I removed the last pieces of clothing from my body until I was down to just my underwear.

“Good cop.” He said and that made me moan. It was like some phantom hand was groping my chest, playing with my nipples. It felt so good. I began to flex my arms, licking at my biceps, moaning as the sensation of my nipples getting played with washed all over my body. It was electric, my whole body was beginning to vibrate with pleasure.

“Good cop.” He said it again, sending a jolt of pleasure down my spine down to my ass. I spasmed, almost like I was shocked with something. I looked down when I felt my underwear getting wet, shit, I was leaking like a faucet. Was it just precum or had I shot my load?

“Great cop.” Aww God, I felt like I was getting jerked off by someone. I leaned on the wall, my hand on my ass, the other balled in a fist on the wall. I was a moaning mess, my face registered the pleasure I was feeling, I looked over at Jake and felt like I needed to beg him to take me there. Please, take me, fucking take me boss. I couldn’t talk but my eyes, I was trying so hard to communicate with him. He smiled and got up from the couch and began to take off his clothes.

“Great cop.” He said again and I couldn’t stand anymore. I got on my knees, spasming as though a vibrator was glued to my prostate. I was rolling all over the floor, my legs up in the air as my hands grabbed my ass. Fuck me, I was on fire. My toes were curled from the pleasure I was feeling, I was moaning and whimpering like a bitch in heat all over my living room floor; I had never felt this wired. I looked over at Jake and he was naked, his beautiful cock at full-mast and I began to drool. I was a fucking mess, a hot and horny mess, I was such a shameless whore. I wanted him to take me and use me for his pleasure. He was my superior and he could do anything he wanted, and I would let him because I knew that he would take care of me. He’d make me feel good and continue this amazing pleasure all throughout my body.

I felt him kneel and move my hands away from my ass and calmed me down. I was breathing hard; it was like I had been working out nonstop for hours. I was getting exhausted. My underwear was drenched in sweat and precum, my ass was tingling, my heart beating.

“Beautiful.” He whispered and made my dick twitch. He had seen me turn into a whimpering mess and still found me desirable. His hands roamed all over my body. I began to harden my abs, making them hard for him to enjoy them. I loved being his object of desire. I’d go harder in the gym to get more cut for him. He deserved a hard muscle man to call his own and I’d do everything I could to be that for him.

I closed my eyes and felt his hands find my nipples and tug them before his mouth began to kiss my abs.

I whimpered. He chuckled, making me feel self-conscience before I shook that feeling away and got turned on. Why shouldn’t I whimper? It shows he is turning me on, and I want him to know it.

He began to tug at my underwear and peel it off my body. When he tossed it, I heard it splat a bit, shit… It was drenched in my sweat and precum. By now, I was back to a normal heartbeat. I opened my eyes and saw him between my legs, his hand on his cock and the other on his stomach.

“I want to get in you…” He whispered, “Do you want me to?”

I didn’t say anything. How could I even try to deny him? I nodded dumbly and raised my legs again, giving him access to my puckering hole. God, I wanted the real deal. I needed to feel him in me again.

He grabbed my legs and inhaled my scent from the soles of my feet. He then began to kiss them before rubbing his face on them.

“Aww fuck.” I moaned and felt my eyes go to the back of my head as he continued to lather up my feet with his spit. I loved it, loved being his object of desire. He didn’t care I was sweating, wet from precum, or moaning like a shameless two cent slut, he wanted me all the same. My hands were spreading open my hairy cheeks, dutiful to give him the best access to my hungry ass.

He was saying something, but I couldn’t quite catch it. All I know is that I was owned, in mind, body, and soul. He was my boss and owner, master of my being. I was his muscle toy, his trophy slut, his dutiful boy.

“Fuck me boss, please fuck me, I need to be filled with your cock and seed. I want it in me, no… I need it. God, I need so bad.” I found myself saying aloud.

I looked up and saw him smiling. He kissed my feet and then came back down on me. I hugged him, moaning into him as he kissed and left a hickey on my neck.

“Aww boss, please…”

“Shhhh…” He calmed me down, I was on fire, my entire body was vibrating. I looked at him and he kissed me. What a fucking kiss. This man was perfection, sex on a stick and he chose me to take, I was the luckiest fucker in the whole city.

We continued to make out, my hands never leaving his body. I wanted cock in me, but I also needed his mouth on mine, wrestling with my tongue but ultimately overtaking me. I was close to start begging for him to fuck me again but then I felt it. As we were making out, he maneuvered himself in me. His cock slowly going into my tight hole, making me moan into his mouth.

“Aww shit, yes…” I managed to say before his mouth came on mine again. I kissed him with appreciation and lust as he continued to push his thick cock in me, making me feel like putty in his hands.

“You like that?” I heard him ask. I opened my eyes and nodded, unable to form coherent sentences.

“Good cop.” That made me contract my ass muscles, squeezing his cock, milking it. I threw my head back as I moaned loudly. I felt my cock twitching, shooting precum all over my body as he began to pick up the pace of his thrusts. I was in heaven right now, ass plugged, cock twitching, tits hard.

I had a smile on my face as he continued to dick me with that cock, I had become obsessed with since he taught me the pleasures of man sex. He was tugging my nipples, making them longer and redder. His cock began to really hit my spot, making me spasm occasionally.

“More boss, fuck me harder!” I was done pretending I wasn’t getting royally fucked. Maybe my neighbors could hear me but, in the moment, I could care less. I was feeling pleasure like I had NEVER felt before.

“Great cop.” I heard him say and I began to writhe in pleasure. I grabbed a fist full of the rug, my toes were curled, my ass continued to clench around his cock, making him groan in pleasure. I was crying now, tears of pleasure and lust. I wanted to cum, it was like I had a something that was stopping me from shooting. Even then, I knew this would be the orgasm of my life.

“Great cop.” Again, I began to moan and scream in pleasure.

“I’m close big guy, I’m close to seeding that tight cop hole. You want me to breed you? To shoot my baby makers in ya?” I heard him say between my screaming. YES! SHOOT THAT LOAD UP MY ASS!

That’s what I wanted to say but I couldn’t form any thoughts verbally. I was moaning, groaning, screaming in pleasure. I was crying, sweating, writhing all over the floor. I had tugged my carpet, making my coffee table move and dropping something on the ground. He picked up the speed and I knew that he was on the verge of shooting, unloading deep in my cop hole.

“Fuck!” I heard him scream and soon I was flooded with the load I was promised, the cum of the man that had conquered me. He was shooting rivers of warmth into me, making me wet inside and out, completely sealing my fate to being his. I was over the moon, conquered and tamed, a mountain of muscle made to be this man’s trophy. Then I heard him say something. I looked up at him, “That was hot.”

“Boss, I—” I was going to thank him, but he smiled and said, “Perfect cop.”

I felt my body burn from deep within me, my face contorted, my body spasmed as I screamed. My cock had exploded, letting a torrent of cum escape my cock until it splashed all over my abs, chest, and chin. I kept cumming despite hearing him talk. I couldn’t distinguish what he was saying but I just kept cumming like I had never done before. I was flopping on the ground like a fish out of water. His hands burned my skin in pleasurable way, I was calming down now, still my cock twitched each time he glided his hand on my thighs.

“Dude…” I finally heard him clearly say, my screams disappearing, my body becoming calm, my cock finally stopping the cum production.

He pulled out and laid next to me, his lips kissing my shoulder and his hand tapping my thigh, “That was amazing… good thing we waited to get here instead of making a scene back at the precinct.”

I was still breathing hard but that made me laugh. Once the laughing ended, I sat up and looked at the mess I was in. I looked like a used whore, soaking wet like a cum rag. I looked to the man that had made me burn with passion next to me and I was overcome with devotion. He had his eyes closed but I could tell by his face, he was content, satisfied by what had happened between us. I wanted to thank him, but I couldn’t come up with a proper way to say it, so I did what was natural for me. I got between his legs and began to clean him off, nice and slow, sucking him clean and tasting myself on his beautiful dick. I was addicted and appreciative of everything he had shown me.

I was lost in my worship of him that I didn’t even notice he was staring at me, his hand playing with my sweaty hair. I moaned when I felt his cock twitch in my mouth, hoping he was somehow superhuman and had more in there for me to take down my throat. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and once he began to get sensitive, I stopped.

“You’re so fucking perfect, boss.” I said, crawling up his body until I was on top of him, kissing his neck, licking his face until we began to make out again.

“You’re not so bad Mr. Universe.” He smiled, slapping my ass, calling me the pet name Mark had used for me.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked, laying on my back while he climbed on top of me and laying his head on my chest. Fuck, I could stay like this forever.

“Well… we made a mess, how about I help you clean and then we can shower.”

“Or we can stay like this and you can use me again…once you are recharged.” I said, almost too eagerly.

“You ready to go again already? You came gallons.” He said as he pushed himself up, showing our bodies covered in my own jizz.

“Sorry…” I began to apologize.

“Don’t… it was hot making you cum handsfree.” I looked into his eyes and saw the sincerity of his remark. I smiled at him, “I’m glad… you can have my hole anytime you want.”

“Thanks Tony.” He said. If I wasn’t mistaken, that was the first time he ever called me by my first name. Before, it was always either Antonio or Fornelli but now, him calling me tony… it was like he and I had gotten elevated to more intimate level in this relationship. Sure, he fucked me, and I sucked his cock, but it was different now. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it but things had changed.

He got up and gave me his hand to help me up. Fuck, I was sore, and I knew I’d be feeling it the next day, but it was damn worth it to feel like I was in heaven. I made my way to the kitchen to get some cleaning supplies while he asked me if he should help.

“No boss, you take a break, you did all the work.” Cleaning in front of him naked as the day I was born was a turn on. I bent down slowly, wiped, and rearranged the furniture as seductively as I could. All I needed was a French maid apron or a bow tie and I’d really look like a sexy maid cleaning for his man. He was stroking himself as I finished cleaning. I just knew that the shower we were about to take was not going to be a quick one… and I couldn’t fucking wait.


I continued working all day; debriefs, meetings with the some of the other captains, and interrogations. I was good at my work, but right now, all I wanted to do was call up my pal Jake and have him tell me where to go. It was like it was my birthday or something. I had a feeling that Jake would make me feel good again, just like last night.

I was trying to piece together how I knew him or how we met but as soon as I began trying to think about that, I would brush it off. He was my pal and what a friend, he had introduced me to Mark, and he was good people too. Even better that he took me down his throat with ease and then up his ass no problem. Maybe we would watch the highlights and have a repeat of yesterday. I don’t know what was in store, but I was eager like a kid on Christmas morning.

The hours ticked by and the closer my time was coming for me to go home, the more angsty I got. Even the detectives and patrol guys would look at me and ask me if I had a hot date.

“No, why you ask?” I would ask as I dabbed off sweat from my brow.

“Sir, you keep checking the time and fixing yourself on each reflective surface. Bet you got yourself a hot one for tonight.”

“Shut up Kowalski, go write a ticket or something.” I laughed and punched his arm. He laughed with me and walked away but I couldn’t deny it, I was getting hornier by the minute and extremely restless. As soon as my time was up, I usually stayed behind couple of minutes to make sure I wasn’t needed and then I’d let everyone know I was gone. Tonight, was different. I was already packing up ten minutes before my time was up and when the clock hit my out time, I was gone with the speediness of a man being chased.

“Bye everyone, have a nice night.” I said loudly and before anyone could say anything, I sped down to the elevators until I was inside and making my way to the parking lot.

I got in my car and sped away until I got to the park where I pulled into the parking lot. I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and began to clean up, making sure I was presentable. I wasn’t going to go anywhere with my pal Jake looking bad. I sprayed some cologne, dabbed off sweat, brushed my mustache, and cleaned my glasses. Once I was done and my heart wasn’t bumping so fast, I called the number that he gave me.

“Hello?” Something about his voice made me feel nervous, like I was indeed getting ready for a date.

“Hi, hello, yes, it’s me, uh David, hi.” I shut up; damn was I really getting butterflies in my stomach from calling a friend?

“Oh, hi David. How was your day?”

“Fine, uh yours?”

“Interesting. So, you off already?”

“YES… clears throat yes, I mean.”

“Good. Come down to this address but before you do…” He began to talk, and I became transfixed in his voice, lost in thought, felt a calmness wash over me. I just nodded as though he were in front of me able to see me. He talked, I heard even though I couldn’t understand fully what he was saying. I felt drool escaping my lips until he said, “Okay, see you soon David.”

I blinked several times, looked around and saw the time on the dashboard. How the hell had I talked with him for almost thirty minutes? I cleared my throat and responded; “Sure, I’ll see you soon, I, uh, okay bye.” He chuckled and hung up. I saw my phone and saw that the call lasted almost thirty minutes even though it felt like we talked for five minutes.

‘David, what a dumbass’ I thought looking at myself in the rearview mirror. I took a deep breath and instead of heading to my place, I drove to the address he had given me. I turn on the radio and tried to calm myself down, I don’t know why I was so nervous.

After a short while, I got to his place. Even though I had gone to several places beforehand, though I had no memory, I went shopping and had my bags with me as I went to his place. I don’t quite know how I shopped or what I got or how long I was shopping for, but I just knew that I got things that were needed of me.

I looked at my phone again and saw the code I needed to get into the building. As soon as I parked, I walked to the building with my bags and soon I was in the elevator going up. I was curious as to what was going to happen, but I didn’t think too much into it. I was excited, nervous even, but I knew that whatever happened next it was going to be fun.

The elevator doors opened, and I made my way to the apartment number that I was told to go. I was in front of the door and knocked. I took a deep breath, made sure my shirt was nice and tucked, my jacket was crisp, my breathe smelled good. I heard footsteps and then the door opened. I smiled when I saw my pal there, “Hi David.”

“Hi Jake.”

“Come on in, Tony is making some snacks.” I walked in and was hit by with the scent of a candle burning, the place seemed like my old bachelor pad straight out of the academy. I saw Fornelli there, wearing nothing but a pair of academy shorts. Good cop, great body, wonderful work ethic. If he kept it up, he could go up the ranks soon.

“Hi captain. Make yourself at home.” I cleared my throat, I was openly staring at him, I nodded and sat down. I set the bags down and waited to be told what to do next.

“You got everything?” Jake asked, bringing me out of my own thoughts.

“I think so, not sure what I bought though. Weird, I know, must’ve been a long day.” I said laughing sheepishly while rubbed my bald head.

He nodded and looked in the bags and then took them to the back of the condo. He whispered something to Fornelli and then the half-naked man came and sat near me. I knew he worked out and was cut. I knew that but seeing him like this, in an informal space, I was getting a chub. Sure, I only fooled with my buddy Donovan before and then Mark last night, but I was still attracted to women more than men. I don’t like labels, you like what you like, and I liked sex no matter who was at the end of my cock.

“Captain, you okay?” I heard Fornelli cut through my fogged mind.

“Sorry, what?” Damn, I was out of it tonight.

“I said if you wanted some chips?” He asked while he popped a chip in his mouth.

“Oh, no thanks but uh, you got water, my mouth is suddenly dry.”

“Sure thing.” He smiled and patted my arm. As soon as he got up, I saw the way the shorts were stuck between his ass cheeks. Damn, Fornelli had a great ass.

“What I miss?” I heard Jake ask as he came back in the room.

“The captain asked for water. Want anything yourself?”

“Nah, come on, let’s not leave our guest by himself.” Both came back to the couch, one at each of my sides, leaving me in the middle of them.

I took the glass of water and chugged it, getting a chuckle from Jake and a “Want some more, captain?” from Fornelli. I declined and waited for what Jake had planned.

Fornelli turned on the T.V. and soon we were watching the highlights. As the time went on, though, I began to get hot. I was sweating but both Jake and Fornelli looked normal. Why was I burning up?

“Uh, fellas, can I take off my jacket? Got hot in here.”

“Sure captain, go ahead.” Fornelli said.

“Yeah, go ahead, get naked if that’ll make you feel better.” Jake said, rubbing the back of my neck. I chuckled and began to take off my clothes. I had no qualms of showing off my body, I felt better and better after each of my pieces came off. First my jacket, then my shirt, followed by the undershirt, my pants, shoes, and socks until I sat down I just my underwear. I felt one thousand times better now. I looked at Jake and smiled and he was grinning. I looked over at Fornelli and he smiled and went back to the game.

We stayed there for a while until I felt Fornelli pull down his shorts and show off his thick thighs and fat package inside a pair of a black jockstrap. Then I felt Jake begin playing with my chest before my arm went over his shoulder and brought him closer to me. This was normal, just two pals being friendly. He continued to flick and twist my nipple until it was nice and angry. Fornelli pulled my leg over his own and was rubbing it slightly as he continued to watch the highlights.

I closed my eyes and let myself become lost in the relaxing feeling of being touched and rubbed by two guys that in my eyes were attractive. Soon, I felt someone touching my balls. I opened my eyes and saw Jake playing with my package, I looked at him and smiled nervously. I didn’t want to get a huge boner in Fornelli’s place, what would he think of me, his captain being inappropriate?

“What?” I asked in a whisper as I looked at Jake. He was saying something, but I didn’t pay him much attention. He repeated himself and again, like when I was in the car, I began to feel a sense of calmness. A blissful state of pure relaxation where the day’s worries washed away, the stress of being the man in charge of a precinct of amazing people went away, the need to be the man with answers to everything was beginning to slip away. Soon, I was in a room where I was laying down, relaxing, not needing to think or give orders. I was happy, relaxed, and calm.

I felt myself stand up and walked towards the back room where I knew what I needed to do. It was like I was sleepwalking but each time I did something new, I felt a slight shiver wash over my body. It felt nice, like a breeze hitting you when you are at the beach, a cooling moment to give you a reprieve from the heat of the day.

When I was done doing what I was told to do, I walked back out to the living room with the things I purchased this evening in hand.

“Holy shit.” I heard Fornelli say. I made my way until I was in front of the couch. I knelt, bowed my head, and extended my hands with the things I was ordered to buy. I felt Jake grab them and waited for him to tell me what to do next.

“Good boy, David.” He said and that made my cock twitch. Then I felt the cool sensation of something on my skin.

“You ready for us to begin?” I heard his voice say. I looked up and smiled, nodding my affirmation.

“You have to use your words, so I’ll ask again, are you ready for us to begin?” He asked again.

“Yes, Master Jake, I’m ready for us to begin.” That send a jolt down my spine, making me feel good.

I looked from Master Jake to Master Tony and waited for them to begin.

“Ready Tony?” Master Jake asked Master Tony. He nodded and looked at me with lust in his eyes, making me feel like a piece of meat, an object for them both… that turned me on immensely.

“Let’s begin.” Master Jake responded. He grabbed the leather collar and fastened it on my neck. It was nice and cool to the touch. It was just right, as if the fit had been made custom for me. There was a tag on the front with the name ‘Bull’ on it and a clip on the back of the collar for the next thing I bought: a leash.

Master Jake gave the leash to Master Tony and he fastened the leash on my collar. My transformation was almost complete. The men continued to put on me the different leather accessories I had purchased this evening: leather gloves, a leather biker cap, the black leather bands for both my biceps and a pair of black leather boots. Master Tony got up and went to bedroom and came back with a pair of aviator glasses and told me to put them on. When they were done dressing me up, I stood up and waited for more orders.

Both stared at me, hungry for what I had to offer. I was turned on. The leather jock I was wearing was nice and snug, making my hardening cock hurt a bit. It was like each time a new piece of leather touched my body, I got harder and harder. Now I was at full mast, but the leather pouch was not expanding anymore. I kept my head up, chest puffed out and my hands on my back waiting on my masters to let me know what was needed of me.

I could tell they liked what they saw and that made me proud. Sure, I wasn’t built like Master Tony, but I still had a body that showed years of dedication and careful maintenance. They both got up again and it was Master Jake that grabbed my leash and took me to the back, Master Tony trailing behind me.

I didn’t talk, I wasn’t told to. I followed Master Jake until I was staring at myself for the first time since I put on my leather jock and saw a hot leather daddy staring back at me. I looked like the typical leather dream, all I needed was a fat cigar and that’d make the scene complete. I was getting turned on by my own reflection until I heard chains and both of my masters talking.

I didn’t ask or speak up, they were talking amongst themselves, laughing and joking. It was like I was not even in the room; I was invisible even though I was bigger than both and again that turned me on. Couldn’t explain why but it felt so hot being this massive bull of a man and being talked of as though I were not even in the room. I saw the chains and handcuffs that were being placed on the bed posts and then my attention was changed to my boots, “Take them off, Bull.”

I nodded and began to take them off. I was barefoot but still wearing everything else that masters had put on me. Master Tony came towards me and looked up at me, “You look hot captain.”

“Thank you, Master Tony.” I responded in my deep voice. He smiled and pulled on my tits before he turned around and grabbed the padded leather restraints and put them on my wrists and then on my ankles. When he finished, he pulled on my leash and directed me on the bed where I took the hint and laid down. Master Jake then looked at me and smiled before caressing my stomach, “Do you trust us, Bull?”

“Yes, Master Jake, I trust you both.” It was true. I wasn’t sure why, but I knew deep down that I trusted them wholeheartedly.

Master Tony had begun to fasten the cuffs and chains to my restraints and walked next to Jake. They both looked at me with hunger, making me feel desirable.

Master Jake began to whisper in my ear as his hand played with chest. I began to feel a warmth envelop me as he continued to talk. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but the feeling throughout my body was warm, content, relaxed, and horny. I felt myself trying to break free from my restraints, not because I was scared or nervous, but because I wanted to hug and touch Master Jake as he continued to whisper in my ear. Then I looked at Master Tony getting stuff from the bags I brought with me tonight.

When I was driving here, I had no recollection of what I bought but as each item made an appearance, a memory from tonight’s shopping spree began to come into my mind. The leather outfit items I got from the neighborhood called ‘Rainbow Row’ by locals.

The guy in the store was around my age and quite helpful. I think I was there for a good hour or so trying things on, making sure everything fit me perfectly. He got me set and after leaving there with all my leather goods, I went to the local 99 cent store. While I was there, I got toothbrushes, matches, a feather pen from the kids’ section, whip cream, baby oil, clothes pins, and a bow tie from the party section. I went to a sex shop next where I got special candles and some toys.

I know I got more stuff, but I couldn’t quite remember them right now. I was brought back to the moment when Master Jake stopped talking and began to ask Master Tony for one of the toothbrushes.

“If you want to stop at any point, you say ‘red’ and we’ll stop. Say ‘green’ when you are ready to begin and we’ll resume playing. Do you understand?”

“I understand, Master Jake.”

He smiled and leaned down to give me a kiss that made me melt into the mattress. When the kiss broke, I was smiling, and my cock was twitching again.

Master Jake went to the end of the bed and stood next to Master Tony where they began to make out as they opened the toothbrushes I bought. I don’t know what they were planning but them making out was hot.

“That’s hot…” I whispered, the first thing I said without being talked to or asked something directly. Master Jake smiled and looked at me briefly before returning to make out with Master Tony. Once both were finished, Master Tony handed the toothbrush to Master Jake and he got out the feather pen from the bag.

“You ticklish, Bull?” Master Jake asked.

“Not sure, Master Jake…” I responded, concerned as to what they were going to be doing soon. He smiled though and began to use the head of the toothbrush on the soles of my feet. I began to squirm and then started to laugh.

I was laughing hysterically as Master Jake continued to do that to my feet and then Master Tony straddled my body and with the feather pen began to tickle my exposed pits. I was moving even more, squirming under the massive cop on top of me, laughing like a mad man. Master Tony began to laugh too, filling the room with our laughter as they continued to torture me.

Soon, they discarded the toothbrushes and the pen and gave me a chance to recover. Even throughout that tickling torture, I was turned on, my cock was again straining against the pouch of the leather jock I was wearing. I wondered if Master Tony could feel it since he was still sitting on top of me, his ass was close to my cock as he tossed the pen and began to play with my tits.

“You have such a deep laugh, captain… and also, great looking chest.”

“Thank you, Master Tony.”

“Such great nipples, nice and long, good for tugging and pinching.” He continued as he slowly leaned down and kissed me. I never in a million years thought I’d ever kiss him. He was such a great cop, honest and hardworking, but before today I never thought of him in a sexual capacity. Right now, though, he was mesmerizing. I could see why Master Jake kissed him so frequently, he was an amazing kisser.

His tongue explored my mouth as his hands continued to explore my chest. I was moaning into his mouth; my body was constantly being bombarded with a new feeling as I laid in bed. I was getting more and more horny as the minutes ticked by.

“You ready for what we have in store next, captain?” Master Tony whispered.

“Yeah… God yes, I’m ready Master Tony.” He smiled and got off the bed and went to get the candles and matches. Master Tony dimmed the lights of the room and lit a candle. Master Jake dripped something on my skin and then rubbed it all over my chest and stomach, I looked curiously at him; “Baby oil, it’ll make the cleanup easier. Not sure if your hair will make it harder but let’s try a bit first.”

I nodded and relaxed into the way he massaged my body. I closed my eyes and began to moan from the way his hands glided all over me, rubbing the baby oil all over my hard body. I felt him lean down and kiss me, “You’re ready?”

“Anything for you Master Jake.”

He beckoned Master Tony to the bed. Master Tony brought the candle and slowly began to drip the wax on my skin.

It was so sensual, a heat on the skin that was arousing me even more than the tickling. He only dripped a bit and stopped, letting the wax cool and harden before trying to get it off my hairy chest. It came off, though taking some hair with it. It wasn’t painful and once I gave my consent to continue knowing clean up wouldn’t be easy, Master Tony continued to drip the wax all over my chest close to my nipples and down to my stomach. I was breathing hard, loving the way they were using me, playing with my body, and making me feel all these amazing sensations. Master Jake went to the end of the bed and knelt as Master Tony continued to drip wax on me.

“You’re being good, Bull.” Master Jake said and then began to rub my feet.

The combination of the massage Master jake was giving me and the wax on my skin from Master Tony’s candle, I was beginning to moan in pleasure. I had not touched my cock at all since I came in here, but I was hard and ready to blow. I got my arousal from being played with, used as a toy by these men that were younger than me, experimenting with my body for their pleasure.

Master Jake surprised me by kissing my feet, licking my toes, rubbing his face all over the soles of my feet.

“Aww fuck…” I moaned again. I bit my bottom lip as masters continued to play with me, making me their moaning toy.

“Let’s switch, Tony.” Master Jake said and that made Master Tony stop dripping wax on me. My body was covered in baby oil and dry wax. My feet were covered in Master Jake’s saliva and my forehead with sweat from the leather cap still on my head.

Master Tony played with my feet while Master Jake came up to my face and began to kiss me. We made out as Master Tony began to worship my feet just as Master Jake had done. I don’t know how long we stayed kissing one another but he took off the aviators and looked me in the eye, “You’re being really good, Bull.”

“Thank you, Master Jake.” I whispered back as I felt Master tony beginning to caress my strong legs.

Master Jake got off the bed and joined Master Tony at the end of the bed where both began to touch, kiss, and massage my calves and thighs. They looked at one another before they whispered something, and Master Tony nodded and reached for my jock’s pouch.

The front of my jock had a detachable pouch that I was really hoping they would detach soon. I was so hard and if this were a normal jock, my cock would have more accommodation, but this leather wasn’t very stretchy. Master Tony rubbed the pouch and smiled at me, “You’re hard captain.”

I bit my bottom lip and nodded. God, how pathetic was I being, totally lost in my horny haze, wanting to just get release. I’d do anything at this point to be able to blow my load. Everything so far had been a long tease, getting me nice and hard, getting me to the edge of the edge and then they would stop or slow down. I was being edged with no mercy.

“You want to cum, right Bull?” Master Jake asked me, and I moaned.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He chuckled and told Master Tony to release my cock from its confinement. Master Tony smiled and took off the pouch while Master Jake went to the bags and got the clothes pins that I had purchased.

“Aww fuck…” I threw my head back on the pillows as Master Tony began to play with my cock, rubbing it with baby oil and stroking it. I was sensitive and even if I wanted to, I couldn’t shoot. Sure, I was leaking precum and the inside of the pouch was already wet, but I couldn’t cum. Something in me told me that I was prohibited from doing so unless given permission. Even if I wanted to ignore that, I literally couldn’t… it was like I had something blocking me from shooting.

Master Jake came back to the bed and leaned down to suck on my nipples. I whimpered and encouraged him with my moaning. He seemed to enjoy himself and that’s all that mattered. Whatever Master Jake wanted; I would do.

“Beautiful tits, Bull.” He said, putting his thumb on my lips before I opened my mouth and began to suck it. He licked his other thumb and used it to tweak at my other nipple before he withdrew his thumb from my mouth. He grabbed the pins and attached them to my nipples, making me groan.

“He liked that.” Master Tony said to Master Jake. I did, my cock had a steady stream of precum that Master Tony continued to use to stroke me.

“How does he taste, Tony?”

“Let’s find out.” Master Tony got between my legs, sticking his ass out in the air, and beginning to lick and suck my cock.

“Argh, fuck, oh my God, yes…”

“Be a good Bull and don’t shoot, let Tony have some fun with your cock.” Master Jake said as he played with my mustache. I looked at him and nodded. I continued to moan and whimper, moving my head side to side, my toes curling and my limbs trying to break free from the restraints.

Master Tony continued to suck my cock and played with my balls. I began to tear up, it was such a good place to be in, a hot guy sucking my cock. I was in so much pleasure and then Master Jake got down there with Master Tony and began to get between my legs and found my hole. I never had anyone play with my ass before and though I was nervous, I knew that everything they were doing to me was going to be pleasurable.

I closed my eyes and let myself be used. Master Tony continued sucking and Master Jake began to use baby oil in my hole before beginning to probe me with his finger. I inhaled harshly, prompting Master Jake to instruct me. I nodded and wanted to be good for him. I did as he told me and as Master Tony stopped sucking my cock, he used baby oil to continue stroking me.

I took deep breaths, did everything I was told to do by Master Jake. Master Tony stopped playing with my cock and began to undo the restraints of my ankles and after rubbing out the knots on my legs a bit, he positioned my legs in a way that it looked like I was about to give birth.

Master Jake continued to play with my hole for a while. He was being patient with me, taking care of me and encouraging me throughout. When I was able to take three of his fingers, I was starting to feel the pleasure from having my hole played with. My cock was hard as steel, my body was covered in baby oil, hardened wax, and sweat from my whole body being used by the masters.

“I think you’re ready, Bull.” That made me so fucking happy. I wanted to be up to his standards. Master Tony undid my wrist restraints and helped me stand up. Master Jake was looking for something in the bag while Master Tony played with the clothes pins on my nipples.

“You are doing amazing captain.” He whispered at me but before I could respond, he pulled me by the neck and began to kiss me again. This time, I couldn’t help myself and pulled him into me, hugging him and turning this kiss into a full on make out session. My cock was hard and dubbing on his body. He liked it, reaching down, and tugging at my cock.

“Got it.” Master Jake said to himself and began to tear open the box before he came towards me and Master Tony.

We pulled apart and I was finally close enough to Master Jake to touch him, hug him, to be able to bring him towards me and hold him like I wanted ever since we started our session. He smiled and went directly for my ass. I didn’t mind, if he liked anything on me and got pleasure from using me, that was enough for me.

“Get on the bed, Bull, doggy style.” He said, pulling off both pins at the same time, making me groan and pant. My cock twitch, spurting a bit of pre on the floor. I blushed but nodded, getting on the bed, and sticking out my ass like the slutty leather daddy that I had become.

Master Tony came towards my face and looked at me, “Now it’s your turn captain, show me how good of a cocksucker you are.”

Finally, something I had practice with. I wasn’t the most proficient, but I knew for a fact, I could not be the worst. Master Tony took his big cock out of his jockstrap and almost slapped the shit out of me with it. I had my work cut out for me as his cock began to slowly push into my mouth. I looked up at him and began to suck, really trying to make him feel as good as he had done for me.

I think I was doing good, making him moan and his hands beginning to rub my shoulders. I was getting into it when I felt something wet being dripped in my ass. I sucked faster when I felt Master Jake fingering me again. The room filled with moaning and grunting from Master Tony and myself.

“Take my finger up your virgin ass and take care of Tony’s cock, Bull.” Master Jake said.

“Mmhm!” I got a second wind, beginning to suck harder and faster, making Master Tony pull out of my mouth, “Easy captain, I’m not trying to shoot so soon.”

“Sorry Master Tony, you taste good and I got carried away.” I blushed again, I could feel I was crimson red. Master Tony chuckled and squatted until he spit on my face and then attacked my mouth. Fuck, so damn hot. I was getting a workout on both holes; Master tony sucking my tongue and Master Jake finger fucking me. I was excited for the moment I would be able to get something bigger in my backdoor.

As if thinking it into existence, I felt something way bigger replace Master Jake’s fingers. I groaned and took every suggestion I was given earlier to heart to make it easier for me to take whatever it was being pushed into my hole.

I inhaled in as Master Tony stood up and fed me his cock again. As Master Tony pushed his cock in, Master Jake pushed the rest of the toy into my hungry hole. God, I had never been used like this and the pleasure I was feeling was something I have never felt in my fucking life before. I was on fire and then it happened.

I pulled off from Master Tony and screamed, “Holy fucking hell! Aww my God!”

My ass was vibrating, rubbing my spot, I collapsed completely on the bed. I was writhing in pleasure, pulling my legs towards my chest as my hands went for my ass. The vibrations were making my entire body pulsate in perfect pleasure. Then the vibrations continued increasing, “Aww my God!” I was fucking crying, spasming, moaning and groaning.

“I think he is loving it.” Master Tony said, chuckling at me having an anal orgasm on his bed.

“I think you should take him there.” I heard Master Jake say. I don’t know what he meant but I was at this point face down on the bed, sticking my ass in the air and using my hands to cover my hole as if that would help in any way.

Then Master Tony showed me that he was having too much fun with the toy in my hole. He lowered the vibrations, giving me a five second break before he shot the vibration to the max.

“AGH FUCK ME!” I yelled, making the bed shake under my flopping down and pushing the bed against the bed as the toy continued wrecking me into a mess.

“Want to cum, Bull?” I heard Master Jake ask loudly as I was drowning all noise with my moaning screaming.

“YES!” I flopped to my back and then I heard Master Jake utter the words that gave me the release I had been wanting. I screamed again and shot all over the wax, baby oil, and sweat. I was crying in pleasure, the vibrations died down and I was left panting on the bed.

I had never felt like this before. I was breathing hard before I felt Master Tony come on the bed and play with my load on my stomach.

“Great show captain.”

“Master Tony… I have never…”

“Yeah, I understand exactly what you mean. Welcome to the club.” He kissed me and then I felt Master Jake getting on the other side of me, “Welcome to the family, Bull.”

“Thank you, Master Jake, glad to be included.”

Soon, we decided to try and wash me off, cleaning me up and finding it hard to take off the wax because of my hairy body but after a long process, we managed to get me cleaned. I took off my leather and made sure to clean it like the man at the store told me to and we settled down on the couch. I liked giving control to them, letting them do what they wanted to me and if what just happened was any indication… I would gladly give all the control I usually had to them for the pleasure I felt.

Tony was accommodating, letting me spend the night and Jake… damn, for someone so young, he was amazing and sexy. We would end up kissing all night before I began to kiss Tony. Without the leather collar, I was David again, but I wanted to be Bull again, the sex animal that my men liked using. Hopefully I wouldn’t have to wait too long for our next session but for now, swapping spit and rubbing our bodies together was fine.

We ended up cuddling together and falling asleep as the highlights continued to drone on in the background.

Thank you all for the amazing comments, emails, and messages. I don’t know when chpt. 13 will go up but it will go up eventually. Hopefully this chapter was worth the wait.

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