Skin Vamp

By Pakman
published February 1, 2021
6005 words

Scott was a nobody, but all that was about to change.


I was nobody, 22, an ordinary looking guy who easily got lost in a crowd. Lost both my parents in a car crash when I was 18. I worked in retail, selling whatever crap I was cajoled into shifting. My life existed between works and home, punctuated with the gym and the odd fumble wherever I could find it. I could be accused of being a cottager, but always with older men, grotesque daddy types that served a purpose, but nothing more. My appearance was just as predictable and conservative; in fact I was just an awkward looking fella who also just happened to be gay. I’d never had a proper relationship with another guy; no one had ever come close. All that being said I still had fantasies, needs and desires.

I always had a thing for skinhead boys, you know the type, good looking, hard looking, gay skinheads who liked you to worship their cock, sucking long and hard and then fuck you to the hilt during great rough sex. The uniform they wore was just as enticing, the Fred Perry shirt, the tight arse-hugging bleachers, slick braces that matched laces of white, yellow or red tightly straining through gorgeous boots of 20 or 30 holes of unadulterated leathered glory, to lick and if required to obey, smother and submit to. Hardened bodies punctuated with the metal piercings of septum, balls, nipples, ears glinting silver and glorious tattoos sprawling over a tight torso and musculature arms, topped off with a close and smooth head; it was easy to see why I was so turned on.

There were 5 of them; I had spied them on many sorties around this city at dusk, my favourite time of day to wander aimlessly. The brotherhood they so readily conveyed was crawling into my sinews, like a catalyst, bringing forth all those obsessive feelings and desires into the here and now. I’d hide in the shadows of a summer evening and work my sweaty bollocks off just lusting after these magnificent specimens of man and their demeanour and outright playful arrogance; it was an intoxicating mix that nourished my hunger to be part of such a group.

I had finally decided to change my appearance to match those of my desires. I had decided to get rid of my glasses, my eyesight wasn’t that bad and I could function without them for most things, they really didn’t work with my newly shorn number two crop, which was awesome to touch and stirred my 7 inch dick. The sun naturally took away my pasty, indoors appearance that I had had for so long brandished, I looked better than I had ever done and my confidence grew. I had also gambled on my first tattoo, a mono coloured tribal, barbed wire mix, full armband that looked impressive and I had one earring in one ear glistening chrome; the ‘body transformation’ workout at the gym was beginning to pay off. Out of the entire group one skinhead stood out, he was the sharpest of the bunch, undoubtedly the leader. He filled every wanking desire I had; he was truly ‘cum-soakingly’ amazing. I’d finally get to know him and embrace his essence during the summer of 2019… by chance, or fate, the reason was now lost and I really didn’t care. His name was Tommy.

The heat of a continuing blistering summer played havoc with my sleep pattern; in the city there was no breeze, just a muggy stillness, that did very little to aid restful sleep. My unconditioned flat was situated about a 10-minute walk from the old harbour and derelict part of the city. It was a favourite hang out of mine, as most upwardly mobile people never spent any time within its boundaries, so many times I’d find myself alone with space to breath away from the metropolis. After numerous attempts to cool myself off, I decided that a walk out in the night air, down by the old docks, would do me good; the lapping water may provide much needed relief.

I ventured out into the sultry night air in just camouflaged shorts and a old t-shirt, wearing a pair of trusty old flip flops on my feet, my eyes were tired so I wore my old glasses to help things along the dimly-lit passages, at this time of night my appearance was the last thing on my mind. Once I reached the harbour’s edge an extremely high tide afforded me a chance to sit at some stone steps and immerse my feet into the cool lapping water; it was a blissful feeling. The moon shone brilliantly and lit up much of the harbour shore and it was then that I saw him. I couldn’t believe his timing as my heart started to pound from within my rib cage. He walked towards me, partially silhouetted in shadow, as if in slow motion, he was looking amazing even at this time of night. In this heat he was still dressed to impress. The tight bleachers smothered a handsome package that must have been at least 10 or even 11 inches of unsheathed, throat swallowing greatness, under his bleachers, snaking down one thigh. His black Fred Perry shirt fitted snug around his impressive sculptured torso and dominant tattooed markings paraded on both arms to hair-standing effect. His red braces accentuated his protruding, enticing pierced nipples. His boots smouldered in the harbour lights a blood red colour. My eyes initially transfixed by this specimen of sheer unadulterated horniness, shied at the moment when our eyes engaged. I looked down realising at that point that my trusty old glasses were still perched on my nose. I quickly removed them and hurried them away into the pocket of my shorts. I turned my head slightly to see if he was still in my view, he had stopped and caught my eye, giving a brief grin before he continued to walk away slowly into the distance, I stared at those red braces which had hitched his bleached arse into ‘fuckable’ heaven. My dick had not been so shy and achingly tented my shorts.

“Oi mate!” he shouted from a stationary position just a bit further along the wooden dock. At first I thought he was aiming the greeting at someone else, but on a quick scan of the surrounding area it became obvious that he was facing back at me, talking to me. He approached strong and decisively, though seeing in me slight apprehension, he quickly squashed it with his personality, “Yeah, you mate; just being friendly, put your specs back on and don’t look so bloody scared! Not often you meet another soul out at this time of night, especially round here!” “Sorry!” I replied, fumbling for a coherent sentence, alongside the fidgeting of my hands whilst I fumbled to retrieve my glasses, “Don’t be fucking sorry pal, nothing to be sorry about is there?” he said, his voice was as warm as his demeanour was friendly, “You on your own?” I asked as he moved closer coming to a halt just to the right side of me, I saw bemusement in his face, so I backed up my question, “I’ve seen you around…with a group of lads” he looked intrigued, “…I mean, skins” I stumbled back trying to sound cool and failing miserably. “Oh yeah mate, they are out…er recruiting” he replied, “Recruiting for what?” I asked, “Nothing that concerns you boy!” he finished. A deathly pause in the proceedings was only punctuated by my heart still continuously beating down the inside my rib cage.
“So, you been watching us or something?” asked the skinhead, though I felt somehow he already knew the answer. He just grinned as he looked down and saw the tent in my not so baggy shorts, I chose a raspberry shade to gleam back at him, even the moonlight couldn’t smother that…how bloody embarrassing! “Name’s Tommy, loving what your showing me boy!” he replied with a sparkle in his eye, he stretched out his hand and I accepted the assistance as he helped me to my feet.

I held on to his hands like a comfort blanket, covered in tattoos they were surprisingly supple and cool, not hard and calloused, as I had imagined. He looked down at my grasp; dumbfounded by this wondrous sensation, I clumsily tried to rectify my position by eventually moving my hands back to my side. He reached out and took back one hand and guided it down to his own bulging tent. He steadied it towards his impressive tool, outlined spectacularly in his bleachers. My eyes transfixed on what was happening, the gentleness of his seduction was unique. No one had ever communicated to me such feelings of desire, want, in just a few short breaths, but as I looked up towards his face our eyes engaged totally, this time my shyness had gone, and we tongue tangled our way into each others willing mouths. I was devoured wholly by the experience, Tommy knew he had me; I was an easy victim.

Our bodies interlocked, the sensations coursing through my veins were electric as this skinhead dominated my every thought. I sunk to my knees, unzipped his bleachers and feasted on his thick, long, pierced, tattooed dick. Obsessed by this sweet tasting ramrod my throat quickly surrendered to its girth as I swallowed much of its length, he was completely hairless, almost too smooth to be true, but it only ravaged my wanton soul to pleasure him. The sights and the sounds hung in the night air; I glanced upwards and saw on his face that I was succeeding in my quest to satisfy him, he instinctively glanced down, the moonlight enhanced his ruggedness to its extreme, as for a mere second he looked different, but Luna light can play tricks and in my heightened state of lust, it mattered very little, “That’s it boy, relax your mouth and take all of my tool, many have succumbed to its majesty!” his voice caressing every syllable and involuntary tingles crawled through my aching body. I did as commanded and soon felt his full magnificent cock inside my mouth. He stroked my short hair;
“You want to be with me don’t you?” he asked, my head shook vigorously, whilst still savouring his tasty dick, “You want to be me, don’t you bitch?” the affirmations were coming thick and fast, just like my own pre-cum soaking my shorts, “You want to become a skinhead boy…just like me?” his questioning resonated throughout my soul as if he knew all my inner delights, Tommy was now resonating at a new level and his voice echoed through my soul, my mouth disengaged from his purple headed masterpiece as I adorned this effigy, “You can be all this and more!” “Yes! Oh yes!” I released my 7-inch hard throbbing from its confinement “Just give yourself wholeheartedly to me boy and you will be mine forever!” “Oh my God, yes!” I exclaimed and shot the most extraordinary untouched orgasm I had ever experienced, Tommy too ejaculated like molten lava and I greedily swallowed him clean whilst still shooting copious amounts of spunk over Tommy’s glorious 30 holed ox-bloods.

After that epiphany, I disengaged from my master’s dick and hung my head, still giddy with what had just occurred, but all the time relishing the taste of Tommy’s heavenly cream. Tommy returned his phallic weapon to his bleachers, steadied himself and looked down towards me, “Clean my boots boy!” he ordered. My tongue quickly gobbled up my jizz from off my master’s boot… I was in heaven. He bent his head down towards my neck, licking his lips then diverted his mouth towards my ear, “ You’re coming with me boy” he whispered, taking a bite on my ear lobe, drawing a pin prick of blood which sent an electric shiver shooting down my spine. All very quickly my head felt light, my vision blurred to black and my body unworldly… I collapsed.

I awoke to find myself in a small-darkened room, lit by a solitary candle, and lying on a lumpy mattress that was wedged into a corner; weird shapes threw themselves on the walls surrounding me. My body felt numb and cold and I quickly realised that I was totally naked. As refreshing as it was, it was a little unnerving. Somewhere in the darkness a door creaked open and a figure approached me brandishing a flaming torch. I cowered somewhat till I heard the voice that greeted me, “Oi mate, don’t be scared, you got nothing to be afraid of!” It was Tommy; I stood back up to my full height, all 5ft 10in, “I bet you could do with some clothes boy huh?” he laughed and I joined him breathlessly giving him a reply, “It would be a good idea, I’m fuckin’ freezing here!” “Not a problem boy, but I think you need some new clothing more appropriate to your new standing” he replied “What yer talking about?” I asked, “Haven’t you felt your head proper boy, you’re an apprentice skinhead mate, just like you wanted!” he answered, he was right as I felt for any hair on my head, it had been shaved smooth, “Much better” he said as he rubbed his free hand over my smooth dome! “Now come this way and we can start on the rest of your transformation!” For a moment I hesitated, was this really happening, was this some bizarre dream that I would wake up from? “How did I get here?” it was a question that was a long time coming, “I brought you here after you feinted boy” Tommy replied. The realisation that maybe this was all very real made my dick start to harden once more.

He offered his tattooed hand and I grabbed tight hold and followed as we walked out of the room and down some stone stairs, which were cold on my feet, as I shivered once again. Tommy led me into a long dark, partially lit room. Broken windows down one side fractured the night sky as we carried on walking along this room’s surprising length. We walked towards two openings, one off to the left that shone moonlight, the other off to the right; just as dark as a black hole…it was here that Tommy stopped, “Your transformation truly begins here…if you want it to? You only have one chance to back out, it is entirely your choice and one that once made cannot be broken. If you take the path of the moonlight you will return to your old life as you were, you and I will never meet again; if you take the path of darkness boy, you will emerge reborn into a new world, the one that I will have given to you for eternity, one that will inspire, attract and devour you forever!”

Tommy vanished out of the corner of my eye. I was alone, naked and had a stonking hard on; erect nipples that felt tantalising to my touch, my mouth drooling at the possibilities that had been afforded me. Was there ever any doubt which path I would choose, Tommy had already planted a seed deep within my subconscious and the idea of never being able to see my master again was something I could not live with. Any resemblance of feeling for any other alternative crumbled; I did not disappoint my master, I entered the black corridor and welcomed the dark.


The disorientation of the situation disappeared as I found my eyes adapting to the blackness quicker than I thought possible, just like my rampant nakedness. An instinct, an urge was leading me through what seemed like a labyrinth of rancid smelling corridors even that did not sway me from my intention. A hunger within me pushed me on regardless of all that my senses were feeding me. My relentlessness led me to a clearing, which had a table at one end with a lone candle, sparsely lighting a chair. I approached with a no amount of caution this time, just famine and sheer excitement, a heady mix that would help me conjure up all my wits and wonders in a short space of time. On the table was a plate with what looked like and smelt like food and a vessel that was filled with a dark brew. My insatiable appetite devoured the food and drink in no time. The food dripping as my fingers scooped it from the plate, it tasted like nothing I have ever tasted before, but it tasted good and that was all that mattered. The dark liquid slid down my throat like honey. I could not help but inwardly smile, which showed itself as an evil grin on my face. Soon more shivers invaded my spine and in so doing heightened my rock hard cock, which could not contain itself any longer, I erupted my hardest ever orgasm, one that brought a guttural moan from deep within me. My spunk surged out of my purple headed dick like molten lava, just like my master’s had; I convulsed and displayed a magnificent spectacle,

“You are one horny bastard!” came a voice to the right, as Tommy once again appeared and came towards me and took my cock in his mouth and cleaned my now withered weapon. “Mm…You taste so human!” he rejoiced. It was a strange statement, but I was too enthralled in having this skinhead suck my cock to really notice. “Well boy, I see you made your choice, you are now mine, how does that feel?” asked Tommy with a wickedly gorgeous smile on his face, I grinned back with lust in my eyes, “Time to rid yourself of all your old demons, and give you new and more purposeful ones!” Tommy stopped talking and shoved his tongue down my throat and I accepted his advance without any concerns. I responded and thrashed my hungry mouth into his, swapping, salivating fluids in a debaucherous attack on this skinhead. He then raped my nipples to the point of surrender, his teeth sharp and precise, probing, every so often nipping my skin and drawing blood that I could taste as he sucked and then we kissed, lost in the lust, my body aching for his every move. He turned my body to the wall and pinned me up against the brick facade, spreading my legs wide and ruthlessly shoving his magnificent pierced cock up my willing hole with no sign of tenderness or concern and started to thrust in and out as he raped my virgin hole. My mind had turned rabid and I just rejoiced in the willful punishment of my accommodating orifice. My master showed no mercy, just how I like it! My seed was building once more… I glanced my head backwards to marvel at this god like creature; his face, momentarily changed and this time I saw a difference in my master before me. The transformation was awe-inspiring; he spoke only briefly, “Now you see who I really am boy!” my eyes on stalks, gazed back in awe, “Are you not afraid of me?” he asked, I shook my head negatively “No master I am not afraid!” The creatures cold eyes stared back at me, then brandishing its china white fangs for the first time, drilled them into my neck, sending a cascade of red down my naked torso, I surrendered myself to the inevitability as the cold damp floor rescued my limp body, my eyes closed, my mind blank.

However many hours later I finally became conscious again, but my body felt different and internally I felt sensations that I had never experienced before. I could hear a vibrating hum that filled the my heightened feelings quickly, “Now don’t move an inch boy!” the creature whispered, as needle and ink embedded itself into the side of my neck. It was an instant turn on, knowing that I was being transformed. The creature was an accomplished tattooist or so it seemed as the needle punished my skin vividly, any associated pain didn’t seem to affect me and my body was his for the marking. I was high on the intoxicating aroma that was surrounding my ordeal, as the needle did its work in marking both sides of my neck and the base of my shaved head, spine and shoulders. “I see you have an armband boy?” it was a statement rather that a question, to which I nodded, looks good, but I want it to look better. With that the machine whizzed back into action and my first tattoo had a make over. It was soon apparent that my body was to be consumed by ink, but I had given myself to the creature and trusted his every action. My hands, knuckles were all given a new look, inked forever. My rigid cock was brutally assaulted by the tattoo needle, marking me and reminding me of who and what I was to become.

“Now you are done with inking boy, you look so much fucking better!” shouted Tommy, as the creature left him “I need to see it Tommy!” I cried “All in good time boy, much more work to be done on you, but trust me…” and with that my now tattooed dick, displayed itself in all its brilliance as Tommy moved his willing mouth to attend to its needs, still tender after the needles, it made the whole experience mind numbingly perfect, “You will heal so much faster now though only for a short time before these changes are embedded on your body for eternity. “The night is waning fast, time for some metal boy!” he said, and I willingly obliged, soon my newly pierced nipples were caressed by cold steel bars, my dick by a ring of substantial proportions, both ears and septum weighed heavily by adornments, all I could do was feel them, and they felt amazing. Tommy then moved the candle, positioning it in such a way that I saw him, head to toe, in all his glory, as he proceeded to unzip his bleachers and fish out his impressive pierced, tattooed cock. My lips started to tremble, drooling down my mouth; as for the first time I saw what had just been done to me.

“Your dick has been pierced and inked just exactly like mine boy, it shows who created you, now feast on this!”

I didn’t need to be asked twice and I ravished that object of desire like a whore possessed, I knew by the moans and groans coming from Tommy that I was a worthy slut, a cocksucker of the highest calibre. I changed, Tommy changed and the momentum and power transferred as he began face fucking me, with a ferocity and abandon like I could never have believed until now, but I awakened to his every need and let him use me as his dick erupted inside my mouth and I swallowed every ounce of his seed. His eyes glowed against the candlelight and his mouth gleaned white daggers of enamel as he turned me over, and sent his hot rod careering into my eager arsehole, jabbing my prostate for eternity! Lost in the ecstasy of it all he once more exploded into my insides, pebble dashing his seed into every cell. As he did so, his teeth showed themselves fully as he attacked my tattooed neck once more, this time on the left, and sunk in his gleaming greedy fangs, an intoxicating mix of rape and debauchery. I screamed! Not only from the bite in my neck but the constant throbbing of his enormous dick within me, as he continued to pound my arse into total submission. “A matching pair…beautiful!” was the last words I heard Tommy say before the world went dark once more.

The next thing I knew it was daylight, and I found myself sprawled on the old mattress once more. The sunrise showed itself through the windows, my eyes began to sting with the sight of the sun; I looked around and could make out a box sitting no more than 6 foot away, next to a collection of mirrors. I stumbled to my feet, I was still naked and cold, but I felt different…in any way a person can feel different, as I approached the mirrors I saw first hand the markings that had been tattooed onto me, back and front. My neck showed a bloodied skull on one side and a blooded chalice on the other, with two small circular marks just below each one that looked so realistic. Gothic markings splayed across my shoulders and down my back, the intricacy of the work was exquisite, yet it seemed to only happen in a short space of time. My nipples showed brandishing glistening spikes and my dick standing proud in girth and length with a large PA ring adorning its bell-end, my ears covered in earrings and spikes and a hard looking ring through my septum. My musculature was more defined, hardened, and solid more than ever before. My hands strong, covered with symbols and on the knuckles the letters that spelt out SKIN VAMP,

“Skin Vamp…what the fuck was a Skin Vamp?” I questioned out loud, no answer came back, just a cold eerie silence. I opened up the large box at my feet to find clothes, not just any old clothes, but a uniform, the uniform of a skinhead. I hurriedly put on the Fred Perry; it fitted like a glove and showed off my newly inked work on both arms, including my new looking armband. Next a tight, clearly worn and intoxicatingly vivid to my senses jockstrap, that showed off my bulging sack and greatly enhanced dick, with its striking Skin Vamp lettering stretching to its new full 10 inches. Then I pulled on the bleachers, they showed off my arse successfully and I couldn’t help but feel myself up, instinctively springing the trap at the back of the bleachers for extra assurance that I could have rough sex whilst still in my uniform. Then I secured the braces tightly over my shoulders as they hitched up my crotch, finally pulling on long white football socks and red lacing over them 30 hole gleaming black docs, the image was complete. For a brief moment I stood and I gazed in the mirror of the view I saw before me. I was an impressive sight!

On returning to the box, I saw a piece of paper and a pack of cigarettes and a lighter; I took one out and immediately sparked up. I had tried smoking before but had never seen it in this light, as it just made me look even harder next to how I was dressed. I took a long satisfying drag, swallowing down deep into my lungs, I took in the sight before me a glorious looking, hard looking, tattooed, pierced skinhead, feeling fucking awesome!

I eventually opened the piece of paper, it read: “Oi Oi Skinhead, welcome to your new life, just as you wanted it. Look at yourself for one last time in the mirror; the vision staring back at you is the only one you will remember. Go out and enjoy the new you, you only have the rest of today to enjoy before you will say farewell to the daylight and join me and the rest of my skinhead gang in manhandling humans, for our enjoyment and gratification. Return here as the sun dies, and that small part of your human soul that is left will die alongside it, you will become a warrior of the night, I will be waiting for you Skin Vamp…Tommy xxx”

With the realisation of what had happened and its finality, was all too much and a tear escaped from my eye, followed by many more, as I howled like a grieving widow. But I sparked up again, taking another look in the mirror, took another drag which steadied me and I swallowed away my final tears.

The sun was gaining strength but so was I. I knew my time was short, so I left without a thought of anything except life. The looks and stares that I received overwhelmed this newly born skinhead, I had to face the world on my own and after a meek start an inner confidence surged through every sinew and I strode confidentially through my new world. I had had few friends and most of those had let me down too often for me to care any more. A defiant finger was thrust at my workplace as I strode on by, my work mates shocked at the fine specimen I had become. I ate, drank, smoked and purged myself on anything or anyone I fancied. No family, no ties, I was free to express what I had been holding inside forever and it felt amazing. Some guys stepped out of my path, some walked purposefully into it and I gave them what they desired. I was not afraid, my master had already given me the tools to satisfy them all.

The day was passing quickly; only one thing itched at my brain enough to finally halt my charge towards sunset. His name was Ben, he was the only person who ever gave a fuck about me, through school, through work, through coming out and although we had drifted apart in recent years, I knew I owed him enough to show him the skinhead I had now become. With the sun waning I finally reached his address in the outer suburbs of the city. He was two years older than me, married with a kid and was living a middle-income life. The looks of shock and disdain I was getting from his neighbours was nothing unexpected, in fact I started to revel in it and made short work of any blunt comment with a short but defiant gesture. I whistled sharply outside Ben’s expansive property. “Oi Benny boy!” I shouted, “Get your fucking arse out here mate!” After a few more whistles and shouts, Benny finally appeared at his front door, he was in some sort of dressing gown, his hair wet and dripping down onto his handsome face, towel in hand wiping away traces of soap from his eyes. “Hey Benny…sorry if I got yer out of the shower fella…were you playing with yer duck or your missus?” I hollered back. “What do you want, get out of here you f…who the fu…?” As he was putting the pieces together, I decided to spark up and took a long drag on my cigarette then I grinned back as I blew a cloud outwardly towards his direction. “What the fuck…Scott is that you?” as the proverbial penny finally dropped with a crashing thud! “Who else do you think it would be, come visiting you in this ‘poncie’ neighbourhood?” “What the hell has happened to you?” he shouted back, not daring to get too close. “Just found my niche, you could say!” I laughed “Wanted to come and see yer before I changed for good!” “Change for good…what does that mean?” he asked, still showing concern in amongst all that was going on. “Fuck all to worry about, just wanted to say thanks for being my only true mate…I won’t ever forget it!” I replied somewhat sincerely, even though the sincerity in me was dying by the minute. I took another long hard draw on my cigarette before flicking it into the road and turned and started to walk away. “Wait!” shouted Benny, I stopped and half turned towards him, “Will I ever see you again?” he pleaded, “Maybe some night, if you’re very unlucky!” I answered. His own dick was chubbing up and started to show through his loose clothing, I gave him a sly wink, “Nice” i said before turning and striding off at speed into the distance, still using a one-fingered salute to all those interested spectators.

As the sun crashed into the horizon, I found my way back to where I was made. A feeling inside me died and I sank to the floor. The internal ache convulsed my insides, as I screamed and shouted, expelling expletives and endless profanities to the hearing world, I knew then that this was it, I was dying just as the note said.

My last human breath exhaled then silence, a breathless pause, as I rested on my knees, my head bowed, in my full skin outfit. Tommy came from behind me as an inhuman breath filled my lungs as I came back to life. I rose to my new 6ft stature, my whole uniform grew with me fitting perfectly once more. My mind clear and I viewed the night in all its glory. Tommy then gave me my final piece of skinhead armour, a green MA-1 jacket which I immediately put on. I rose my head up as the vision afforded me was all too apparent, and I saw around me a group of stunning skinheads, all with tattoos and piercings in full uniforms, some with Mohawks, some smooth like me, all hard looking and ready for action. My newly acquired instinct kicked in as I stood tall and proud to be a Skin Vamp! I smiled an evil smile, for the first time I brandished my pristine white fangs and my eyes turned into piercing white discs. I let my tongue feel my mouth; the sharp essence of newly born vampire rushing through my system, it was exhilarating! Each skin lad turned and brought into view a naked human male and then got them to present their willing hole to the new recruit. Instinct took over, and I moved purposefully towards my first victim with my 10 inch pierced rod of steel I laid into him with venom and lust, raping this specimen and laying my seed, before taking a great big bite out of their neck. The feeling was one of sheer exhibition and I gorged myself on each and every one of them, feeling no remorse, just pure satisfaction.

Soon there was sex over spilling the demonstration and any trace of human had left me forever. This was my new existence. I was magnificent! We were magnificent! As the angels wept and the darkness rejoiced and welcomed the newest member of the un-dead, I finally came face to face with my maker. Tommy stood there proud and for the first time I saw him and me as equals, he was even more magnificent through these eyes, and we attacked each other like rabid dogs lost in the lust of the moment, the celebrations howled into the night under the celestial brilliance of the full moon. I finally understood the full meaning of being a Skin Vamp. I was complete.

A wisp of dawn crept over the far horizon; it was time to sleep. All my vampire brothers slept in twos closely entwined together. Tommy had chosen me for his own and welcomed me with open arms into his dark resting place, a place I would never wish to stray from as we recharged ourselves for the following nights hunt. I slept like a baby.

So if ever you decide to take a walk, in the small hours of the night, be aware boys cause maybe there’s someone waiting, a tough looking, good looking skinhead perhaps, to say ‘Hi…I’m Scotty!’ What is there to be frightened of? Nothing. Nothing at all!

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