For Every Occasion

By kuro
published January 3, 2021
1078 words

Browsing through the offerings on display at a Christmas market, a satyr makes some tweaks to give himself the perfect gift.

Based on a prompt by Dace for a story exchange: “Satyr seduces a vendor at the Christmas market”.

The moment the satyr stepped into the square, everything went silent – the sort of hush that presaged shouting, stampeding and general chaos. Thomas, from his wood carving stand near the bandstand, felt like a deer in headlights as he stared at the nude, digitigrade figure…

...Before the bustle of the market reasserted itself, people turning back to their shopping and selling without missing a beat. Thomas’s eyes lingered on the furred figure, but purely from inertia – he watched with mild interest as the horned man unwound a scarf from a display, putting it on in a breezy sort of fashion as the woman tending the stall prepared to yell at him…

...Before turning away to deal with a customer. The satyr continued on his easy way, wending through the stands – taking a piece of kielbasa to munch on here, nabbing a pair of horn-rimmed glasses there – as his route carried him deeper into the market.

“Looking for a present?” Thomas couldn’t help but call out, feeling somewhat brave as the prospective customer turned his way. He’d never been anything but shy, but…

...His easy confidence settled around him as the satyr clopped up to his stall. Close-up, the creature’s height was more imposing than ever: at least seven feet of lean muscle exposed to the brusque winter air, covered by nothing more than the drape of a tartan scarf and the dense fur that gathered beneath his Adonis belt, concealing everything beyond the gentle curve of a bulge. Thomas instantly averted his gaze, completely disinterested in the idea of another male…

...Though he couldn’t help but flick his eyes back more furtively, trying to get the measure of the nestled penis. Nevertheless, he did his best to act professional – which meant no overt flirting with customers…

“See anything you like, stud?” he asked with a cock of his head, backing up a little way into the stall to give the satyr a good look at both his wares as well as his doughy body, which he was suddenly awfully conscious of…

...But why wouldn’t he be? The sleek muscle he’d cultivated filled his apron out perfectly, the gentle curve of his pectorals forming a nice shelf over his tight stomach.

“We’ve got ornaments for every occasion,” Thomas continued in his friendly way, gesturing at the plethora of figurines, chess pieces and wooden letters he’d spent painstaking hours carving…

...A light blush gracing his cheeks at their decidedly sexual bent. From the well-endowed miniatures to the phallic nameplates right down to the numerous polished dildos, Thomas had a theme.

The satyr merely smiled, pointing with two splayed fingers on one hand. One of his fingers was aimed at a particularly large ornamental penis, the other squarely at Thomas himself.

“I can package the cock up for you,” Thomas chuckled, turning to do so, “But I’m afraid that I’m not for sale…”

“...Though I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement,” he smiled, tossing a wink at the satyr as he pivoted a little to present his ass to the mounted dildo. “Here – allow me to demonstrate,” he offered, pressing the warm smoothness of its head against his virgin hole. He couldn’t help the expression of pain that crossed his face as he gamely kept going….

...Even if it was purely for theatrical effect; Thomas sank down the prodigiously thick shaft with practiced ease. The satyr raised an impressed eyebrow as Thomas gasped, his bulge gradually lengthening in response to the display.

In order to keep things professional, Thomas pretended not to notice – it would have been a faux pas to comment, after all…

...But even more of a faux pas not to help a customer in need. Lifting the hinged shelf to allow the satyr admittance into the cramped space of the stall, Thomas gestured the towering figure inside – wincing as horns scraped along the lip of its frame.

The satyr rolled his oblong pupils a little, and…

...Moved behind the shop’s counter. Thomas was grateful for the generous clearance room of the place he’d rented as he offered a tentative lick to the narrow head of the lightly-dripping cock, ass fully bottomed out on the dildo.

The satyr wasted no time in taking advantage of the polite offer, fisting elegant hands in Thomas’s hair as he tilted his hips forward – bringing the lengthy cock home and instantly causing Thomas to choke…

...For the briefest of moments. An instant later, he’d got his rhythm back, and began to see-saw back and forth between the satyr’s spear and his own sculpture, humming in an effort to coax the most pleasure into the perfect prick.

The pleasant burn of his ass, which was rarely without a plug of his own design, was the ideal counterpoint to the unfamiliar fullness that occupied his mouth and encroached on his oesophagus. He couldn’t claim to be the biggest fan of the subtle musky scent his nose was pressed against, but…

...He couldn’t deny that he was growing to love it. It had an earthiness to it that reminded him of nothing so much as being out on a nature trail – with the notable advantage that he didn’t have to leave his shop to get his fill.

The shop was quiet for the next few minutes as Thomas grew properly acquainted with the invading cock – broken only by the jingle of the bell signalling a new customer. He began to pull away from the lengthy prick…

...Before diving back onto it, deepthroating it as well as he could – privately thankful for the temporary lull in business. He didn’t know that he’d stop his rhythm even when faced with a queue of potential sales.

The cum, when it came, was pure and sharp – almost pine-scented. It shot a bolt of relief directly to Thomas’s hindbrain; he knew, with sharp clarity, that if the satyr took him away from his artisanal sex shop and mundane life, he wouldn’t regret it for a moment.

When the satyr left with only the dildo, Thomas was upset. Desolate, even.

When the satyr came back the next day, he’d never been happier.

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