Holiday Miracle

By Dace -
published December 31, 2020
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Tom’s not one for holiday cheer, but a chance encounter with Noel is going to change his mind.

The holiday market was in full swing this year, with delicate porcelain snowflakes dangling above spiced wine vendors and tinsel hanging above stands selling nick-knacks and festive treats. The crowds weren’t too bad, compared to the densely packed city streets he was used to, but he knew that this was about as thick as they could get in a town like Stanesville. He hadn’t been home for Christmas in a while - usually his family visited relatives and he met them there, or everyone packed into his brother’s ranch home in the suburbs. But this year his brother was taking the whole horde of children to the in-laws and his parents were on a holiday cruise, so he was house-sitting. So instead of hunting for the best holiday parties in the city and dancing till the sun came up with his friends, Tom was stuck back home, where the only things to do were long drives to the next, equally small town, and wandering around the kitschy holiday market.

It wasn’t that he hated the holidays. If anything, any excuse to party was welcome - he worked hard at his job and liked to unwind when he wasn’t working. It was that the holiday season was so transparently commercialized that he couldn’t really get into it. Christmas was now about selling low-quality toys to kids and stressing adults out trying to discern if they were on their friends’ naughty or nice lists. Even Hanuka and Kawanza and the old pagan celebrations were infected, with tailored adverts from every corporation trying to get their cut of family-feel-good PR where they could get it. Everything had to pause for the holiday season - if only so people could spend their money on things they didn’t need, to impress each other in ways they wouldn’t care about the other eleven months of the year.

Still, it was a nice excuse to see the town square done up and hold a thick earthenware mug of spiced wine. There was a family-friendly krampus chasing the town children around to the general delight of the crowds, and seeing people strolling and chatting in groups was a nice change from raiding his mom’s wine rack and bingeing the same old shows on the streaming services. Speaking of, he noted that his mug was mostly drained and that the dregs were getting cold, so he meandered towards the nearest gluhwein stand to see if he could get a refill. His parents had downsized into a nice place near the center so he didn’t even need to drive home tonight. He might as well enjoy himself, he thought, draining the last of the dregs in one bitter gulp before stepping up to the stand.

At first he thought the wine had hit him pretty hard, because this was definitely not the vendor he’d bought the first mug from, and he felt a little woozy looking up at a goddamned angel in novelty lederhosen, a knit sweater, and a perfectly trimmed blond beard. The man smiled at him, exposing perfect teeth and a smirk that left him weak at the knees and - whoops!

With a surprised cry he slipped and fell flat on his ass in front of the mulled wine stand, dropping his mug and his dignity in a fell swoop. For a second Tom just lay on the ground, staring up into the winter sky, feeling a furious blush rising in his face at the thought that the beautiful creature he’d just met had watched him wipe out like a child on an ice rink.

Then, the worst possible thing happened: that angelic man was hovering over him, saying something with those perfect lips and gently reaching down to him. Tom shook his head and fell back to the reality of cold street at his back and the gluhwine vendor standing over him.

“Hey, are you OK? You took a rough fall there.” The blond came down to a squat, leaving Tom a fantastic view of his crotch.

Shaking his head, Tom winced and managed to sit up. “Yeah, sorry - guess I just lost my balance there. I swear I only had one mug earlier.”

“You know we put a little brandy in these things, right? Best to pace yourself.” The man smiled, then held out a hand to help him up. “Here, I’ll spot your next round.”

“Oh, uh, you don’t have to do that, I …” Tom stammered, but the vendor gave him another thousand-watt smile and it was all he could do to focus on standing upright again. “I can afford a cup of wine, you know.”

“Please, my treat. And I’m sure my boss would approve, given that you slipped right in front of our stall.” The other man’s smile softened into a little grin, and he held his hand out again. “I’m Noel.”

“Noel! Like the song.” Tom smiled. “Oh, I’m sure you get that a lot, this time of year.”

“I don’t mind - makes it special, like the holidays and I belong to each other. I … uh, didn’t catch your name.” Noel slipped back into the booth, busying himself with pouring and mixing another mug.

“Thomas. Tom! My name’s Tom Hastings. Thomas, but everyone calls me Tom.” Tom stammered. He hadn’t crushed this hard, this fast, since he’d first come out a decade ago. “Sorry, must have hit my head.”

“I think you were a little scrambled before you hit the ground, mate.” Noel gave him a cheeky wink. “Don’t think I’ve ever seen someone say ‘oh wow’ and then just fall right over because I smiled at them.”

“Oh god.” Tom blushed, mortified. “I didn’t - uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to - I don’t even know if you’re -”

“Relax, Tom. I definitely am.”

“Um. What? Single? … gay?” Tom stammered, then dared: “Uh … interested?”

“Oh man, where would the mystery be in answering that?” Noel laughed, busying himself behind the bar with something. “Hey, I’m almost done with my shift, can I walk you to your car? Just, you know, because you slipped and fell.”

“Uh - oh! No, I didn’t drive, my parents live near here - I mean, I’m staying near here, I’m house-sitting and … definitely over-explaining because I’m nervous.” Tom clamped his mouth shut before he embarrassed himself further. Noel seemed to slow behind the bar, giving him a little look.

“So … can I walk you home, instead? Or would you prefer to … not?” Noel ventured, and Tom felt a moment of panic.

“Wait! Yes, um, of course I’d like that. Shit, I’ve messed this up haven’t I?” Tom took a long draught of gluhwein. The warmth settled in his gut with a slight burning tickle.

“You haven’t messed anything up,” Noel grinned, then started flicking switches and catches. “and honestly, it’s kinda cute, this whole infatuation thing. I’m just a wine vendor, enjoying the holiday, and I’d like to walk you home.”

“That … would be nice.” Tom smiled, taking another sip of the spiced wine. There was definitely some brandy in there. Noel hopped out of the wine stand and closed it up behind him, then fell in next to Tom as they drifted through the holiday market.

“So, you’re just visiting for the holidays then?” Noel asked, and they started comparing life stories along the way. The hunky blond was only in town for the season himself, taking a sabbatical from the university just outside the city. Tom worked in business, Noel taught mathematics. They both had siblings, straight, with families and in-laws, and accepting parents had other plans for this holiday season by chance. He was staying in a little garret efficiency while working on some theorems, while Tom’s guest bed in his father’s office was getting uncomfortably cozy. It was the little dance of a first date, with all the anticipation but none of the anxiety.

The entire time, they kept bumping into each other like eager schoolchildren, giggling and taking shy glances. Tom was in awe of the other man’s effortless grace, trim muscle bulging under the knit sweater as they strolled past the houses decked with holiday cheer. The other man’s firm presence behind him as he fumbled with the keys made him feel like a blushing virgin again, but once they were inside he pulled himself together. He asked Noel to pour them some wine while he started the fire in the hearth, then they chatted and cuddled on the couch, stealing kisses between sips and savoring each others’ warmth.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Tom murmured, then drained his wine glass. Noel didn’t even bother with that, springing up with a prominent bulge and lifting a hand to chivalrously help his host up off the couch. As he led them to the spare room he’s set up in, he could feel the iron-hot bulge of Noel’s erection pressing against his back as the lean man gripped his hips and ducked in to kiss the nape of his neck. The process of ripping off his clothes was interrupted by Noel kissing at each new piece of exposed flesh, with little nibbles along the line of his pectorals or a love bite on the rise of his hips. Somehow the hunky man had no problem slipping down to his snowflake-patterned briefs while Tom was left in a confusing tangle of his own clothes.

Tom finally managed to extract himself to see Noel stroking along an … impossibly long cock bulging along the line of his briefs. He froze, staring at the sheer gravity of it, practically resting on the man’s trim waist.

“… everything OK down there, Tom?” Noel snapped his fingers, “My eyes are up here.”

“Holy … you are … incredibly hung, man.” Tom breathed, reaching out with a trembling hand.

“Yeah, it gets the job done, right?” Noel shrugged. “You’re gonna get acquainted real quick, don’t worry.”

“I mean, I definitely wanted to bottom tonight but whew, boy.” Tom shrugged, reaching for Noel’s waistband to pull him into bed. The other man oomphed into place above him, wiry arms trapping Tom under his muscled chest.

“Oh? And why wouldn’t you, if that’s what you want?” Noel chuckled, going in for a kiss. Tom shivered at the warmth of their skin pressed together and let his hands wander.

“I mean … nobody could … wait, you mean -” Tom broke off from the kiss, giving a grave look to Noel. “You can’t be serious.”

“We don’t have to if that’s not your thing, of course.” Noel grinned, “There are so many other ways to have fun with another man in bed. But you sound brokenhearted about it.”

“There’s now way you can fit that inside someone.” Tom laughed, poking at the wrist-thick bulge throbbing between them. "It’d be like … "

“You’d have to relax, is all. Trust me.” Noel went in for another kiss, and Tom felt himself warming to the idea. He’d certainly never taken a cock so - so vast but Noel seemed so confident that surely …

The thick, heavy slap of flesh on flesh drew him out of the ecstasy of kissing Noel, and he looked down in shock. Noel’s cock was impossibly huge, a thick pole of flesh topped with an angry, bulging head that was steadily dribbling precum onto Tom’s waist. His own penis looked almost comical in comparison to the beast resting above it. Despite himself Tom felt lust surge past and overwhelm his shock - the sheer masculinity of Noel’s erection drawing him like a moth to flame.

He found himself gently hooking his legs over Noel’s waist, letting the furnace-hot girth rest against the join of his hips as the wiry man gently kissed along his body, nibbling and teasing. Even as he trembled a bit in fear, he could feel his body responding to the sensation of Noel’s wiry body against his own, the hot, slack touch of the other man’s balls against his thighs as that outrageously thick cock rested against the bottom of his rib cage. Noel’s hands were lifting him gently, practically dragging him along the length of himself, until the apple-sized glans slipped down and pressed firmly against Tom’s ass.

“Are…. are you sure?” Tom whispered, looking up into Noel’s kind, guileless eyes.

“Just relax, babe.” Noel smiled, leaning in for a kiss. The motion pressed the head of his cock just so into the tight knot of Tom’s ass, and he couldn’t help but flinch … even though the slick sensation of precum right at his ass made some part of him moan with desire.

“Yeah, like that.” Noel chuckled, kissing along the line of Tom’s neck. Tom hadn’t even realized he’d moaned aloud, but the slow, inexorable intrusion of Noel’s cock overwhelmed him, fully severing his mind from his vocal cords. A low groan of some sort, maybe a growl, escaped from his chest as the head fully lodged itself inside him. Above him, somewhere far away, Noel said something, then laughed and gently took Tom’s hands in his own and hooked them behind the stud’s neck. Maybe because it was the only anchor he had in a universe that had just been sundered apart by Noel’s cock, Tom felt himself grip the tense muscles of his lover’s shoulders.

“Holy - fuck, Noel, how - fuck.” Tom gasped, letting the fullness of it ride through him. A low growling moan ripped out of him as an involuntary twitch let the iron-hot pole inside him slip deeper into the center of his being.

“It feels good, huh, babe?” Noel cooed, letting Tom settle slowly. “Don’t worry, the hard part’s over now.”

Tom felt there was something else, something wrong, but the sensation of that thick cock pressing him open overwhelmed everything. At first it was just fullness, then he felt swollen - not uncomfortable, somehow, but like the skin was stretched tight on his body.

Noel rocked back, letting the thickness of his cock slide even deeper, until Tom was wrapped around him and slowly being pulled down to the base of the organ impaling him. It was all he could do to gasp and mumble incoherently as he felt his ass come to rest against the taut muscles of Noel’s groin, his body pressed to its limit with the thick heat within and without.

Then, the warmth receded, and he mewled with want. He needed it back, the warmth, the fullness of it. Noel gave it back to him, letting the thick column of heat ride into him in waves. Little rubs that just seemed to settle deep into every tissue of his body, then surging crashes that shattered the entire universe down to the space between ass and spine.

Something became too much; he felt his balls trigger and spurt a load out over himself and onto the sparse chest hair of the stud breaking his world. He could hear Noel laughing with joy, but far more important was the feeling of the thickness inside him, shoving deeper, faster. Tom felt himself wailing with pleasure as his body became a living sleeve for the cock inside him.

The mind-shattering rhythm sped up, the hard knot of Noel’s glans riding all the way along Noel’s body in ever faster waves until it seized, frozen, and surged in thickness that made it feel like every seam of Tom’s body was going to burst at once. The hot spurt of liquid inside him felt like it was replacing his flesh, but as Noel’s cock slowly withdrew all it left behind was a slick emptiness, and a desire for more.

Noel cuddled him and cleaned him up as Tom slowly pulled his mind back together, but it was a little while before he was coherent enough to speak.

“How the hell … did I do that.” Tom wheezed. He still almost couldn’t believe it had happened, but the deep, happy strain in nearly every part of his body assured him that he had, indeed, been fucked to orbit and back.

“Shh.” Noel murmured, half asleep. “Just had to believe, babe. Happy Holidays.”

Tom let himself fall asleep in the stud’s arms, and his dreams fell to wonder at the thick meat behind him … and eager contemplation of the next time it would fill him up.

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