The Blue Room, again

By BlankRasa
published December 29, 2020
1183 words

Adrian and Caleb are growing up again, just a little different, and are ready to move back to the Blue Room

Part 4: The Blue Room, Again

At that point, Mrs. P informed them that it was time to move back back into the blue room. She escorted them back to their old playroom, and it was just as they’d left it. Now that they were back, their world opened up a bit. Meals were downstairs at the table, both of them sitting at the table still eating with their fingers. And she started taking them outside to play each day. The first time playing outside - Caleb wearing colorful briefs, Adrian wearing just a diaper - was hard for Adrian, who kept tripping over roots, but Caleb seemed to absolutely love the chance to run around wildly in a bigger space.

The routine of getting new responsibilities continued. The first morning they woke up in the blue room, they got a new responsibility for both of them at once - wearing clothes Mrs. P put them in - and, for the first time, Adrian got a responsibility that Caleb hadn’t gotten, talking politely to people. For the first time in weeks, they wore clothes. At least, Caleb did - Mrs. P pulled a yellow t-shirt over his head and then helped him into overalls. She pulled a striped t-shirt with words Adrian couldn’t read over Adrian’s head, but no pants. Neither of them wore socks or shoes.

Instead of playing outside, each of them held one of her hands and she walked with them all the way to town. Adrian saw a couple looks over at the oddly dressed boys; even in his most exhibitionist moment, he hadn’t come to down with just a diaper on his otherwise bare lower half. But he kept reminding himself that his responsibility was wearing the clothes Mrs. P put him in, and holding on to what a good little boy he was being helped distract him from the embarrassment.

Mrs. P led them to the library. There was a crowd of toddlers seated around a librarian, and Mrs. P led them over and told them she expected them to sit quietly and listen. They joined the crowd and proceeded to sit with the toddlers and listen as the librarian read a story to them, slowly and melodically, showing each page to the group and sometimes commenting on the pictures. Adrian sat and squirmed, but not as much as Caleb, who was having trouble sitting still, and Mrs. P ultimately took Caleb to the back and let him run back and forth around some shelves while keeping an eye on Adrian.

After, Mrs. P escorted Caleb back, took Adrian by the hand, and went over with both of them to talk to the librarian. “Thank you for letting my boys join us for this,” she said.

The librarian smiled at them. “Of course, we’re so glad you could come.” She smiled at Adrian and Caleb.

Adrian remembered that talking politely was one of his new responsibilities. “Thank you, ma’am!” he said.

“Oh, this one is so polite,” the librarian said, and Adrian was glad the thick diaper concealed his sudden erection at that.

The next morning, at last, Adrian’s responsibilities included walking all the time and telling Mrs. P when he needed to use the toilet. She took off his messy diaper for the last time, cleaned him up, and then put him in briefs like Caleb was wearing. Like Caleb, he still needed to ask permission and get escorted to the bathroom whenever he felt the urge, and he was still wetting the bed at night, but he was glad to be out of diapers. He’d noticed that usually when Caleb got a responsibility, he got it too within a day or two, but it had been days and days since Caleb was out of diapers.

Caleb, meanwhile, was now responsible for eating with a fork and spoon, and at meals that day Adrian continued eating simple things he could eat with just his fingers, while Caleb got cereal for breakfast that he ate with a spoon and ate the meat at dinner with a fork. (Mrs. P had, of course, still cut it into little bite sized pieces for him.)

Mrs. P dressed them again, Caleb in a sleeveless t-shirt but no pants, Adrian in shorts but no shirt, took them on a walk through the woods. Caleb kept tugging at her arm, wanting to run around, and eventually, at a clearing, she let him. Adrian enjoyed running after him, finally able to run properly without constantly stumbling.

Between their more supervised schedule and regularly wearing clothes they couldn’t easily take on and off on their own, the boys naturally found themselves jerking off less. In the morning, Caleb would climb on top of Adrian and the two boys would rub against each other in their underwear until they both came. And in the evening before going to sleep, they’d lie next to each other, legs against each other, rubbing themselves through their briefs. Good little boys get to cum. The constant, urgent arousal had receded, though, and waiting until evening no longer seemed unlivable.

Over the next couple days in the blue room, they picked up skills quickly. Soon both were back to eating meals normally, no longer even depending on Mrs. P to cut food for them. Caleb was using the bathroom on his own and dressing himself, though Mrs. P still picked out his clothes. And Adrian had gotten his full vocabulary back, speaking like an adult again, though Caleb was still using simple sentences with short words.

The morning Caleb started dressing himself, Mrs. P put out Spiderman briefs, mesh shorts, a basketball jersey for him, and sandals and informed him that he was going to start putting his energy to use. Caleb pulled the clothes on while Mrs. P dressed Adrian in Pokemon briefs, cotton shorts and a Pokemon t-shirt. She walked the two of them down the road to a nearby farm and told Caleb to help the farmer haul hay. She then supervised Adrian playing and running around on the edge of the farm for a couple hours while Caleb worked.

When Caleb rejoined them, he was tired, sweaty, but also obviously aroused, his hand repeatedly drifting down to his crotch. “Go ahead, Caleb. You’ve been a good boy. You can join him, Adrian.” Caleb pulled down his shorts and briefs, and Mrs. P pulled Adrian’s shorts and briefs down so he could join, and the two boys jerked off together right there on the farm. Good little boys get to cum.

At home, Caleb had chores too now, helping Mrs. P prepare meals. This left Adrian playing by himself for much of the day, which he found lonely. Fortunately, it only lasted one day.

The next morning, he woke up with a fresh phrase in his head: Good boys get to cum. And suddenly playing all day didn’t seem as appealing. Good boys, he suddenly knew, weren’t just obedient, they were also helpful.

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