The Lucky Two

By Nonyab123
published December 29, 2020
1529 words

Kaden Belle, the young prodigal CEO of the quickly rising Imperio Tech Corporation created open applications to find two beta testers for the new Imperio Fitness tech. Two lucky fathers get selected for the opportunity of a lifetime, or so they thought…

“This thing on? Is this how you do it?” The voice of an older man could be heard. The camera showed his lower torso, but he managed to catch on and laughed quietly. “Oh, sorry about that! The name is Daniel! I know I seem like an old geezer…” he adjusted the camera so that we could see his face now, “but my son told me-” The video stopped now. Kaden Belle, CEO of the extremely private Imperio Tech Corporation sat on his leather chair, watching the audition video. “Mm…I see a wedding ring too. He will be perfect.” He turned to one of his employees. “That settles it. I choose this Daniel fellow, and Viktor. That other father from Russia.” He grinned wickedly at the screen. “Heh, children are a menace, but something about a man who has some just does it for me. Hurry up and send out the invites, then prepare the chamber for them.”

A few weeks later

Daniel stood at the doorway of his home in Michigan, smiling widely at his children. Most notably his 20 year old son who convinced him to try out for the program knowing how much his father loved to work out. “Well, I can’t believe your Pops, some nobody from Michigan was one of two people chosen to work on flashy new tech!” He teared up happily and pulled his family into one big hug. “Now then…all of you behave, it’s gonna be hard not to be able to talk cause of the privacy measures but know I love and miss you guys! Behave for your mother and I’ll be back as soon as I can to tell you guys about how cool it was!” He waved goodbye to everyone one last time before getting into the car that the company sent to get him to the private hangar.

Thousands of miles away Viktor had just dropped his son off at his sister’s house. His wife passed on during childbirth and his son was his world, but he was hoping to advance his career in tech so that he could work from home and be with his son. He said one last tearful goodbye before heading out, getting in the company car and readying himself mentally.

At Imperio headquarters Kaden received the news that both men had been obtained, and the plan could move forward. He gave the drivers the go-ahead and they changed routes, taking both men into a woodland route. The road was rough and the men were confused, but chose not to question it since Imperio Tech was known to value privacy and keep all their secrets under careful lock and key. Then it happened. Vans came down from paths in the forest and rammed into the car on all sides, trapping the men and their drivers. Their phones were destroyed and the men were both loaded into the black vans and brought to a copter. There they were forced to consume a drug to knock them out.

They did not wake for hours, and when they did they were strapped to a strange machine inside of a halfway open tube. The room was dark and quiet save for the quiet humming of the electricity. There were wires and switches everywhere. “What is going on?!” Viktor shouted in a thick Russian accent, thrashing about in his restraints. Daniel was shocked and completely quiet. He had seen this happen in action movies but never thought he would be kidnapped himself one day. Suddenly a door open, and Kaden strolled in with doctors on either side of him. “Hello gentlemen, I am sure you already know who I am because well…who doesn’t? Anyways, I’m sure you want to know why you’re here.” He smirked and stood before the men, looking them over. “I won’t mince words, you are here to be enslaved. The tubes you are in are my own invention, brainwashing chambers. Lame name, I know, but not everything needs to be flashy.” He grinned and walked up to Daniel, rubbing over his lips with his thumb.

“Mmm…I chose well. Don’t worry, though.” He broke away from the older man and walked back to the center of the room. “You aren’t being turned into assassins or anything like that. I have an amazing staff at my home who tends to my every whim, but they are…ah, boring. I am looking for some eye candy. Some hot butlers who will do ANYTHING I say. Yes, I am aware that I can hire escorts, but it would take them a while to learn about my preferences, where to touch me, what I enjoy. Not to mention they are dirty escorts. But you two married your high school sweethearts and only ever slept with one person in your life. I did my research. I want that purity, so here you are. The machine will simply put, erase your minds. You will remember nothing of your life before you got here, not even your own names. Don’t worry, I’ll keep them the same. Then the machine will reeducate you. I have loaded it with almost everything about me to fill your minds. Then I will have my perfect butlers to cater to my every need.”

The men struggled and swore at Kaden as the tubes closed, a screen appearing in the glass in front of them. “Struggle all you want, I am here to do this myself because I value perfection above all else. These doctors are even here to make sure we can administer some drugs safely if you put up too much of a fight. Nothing can go wrong…for me, that is.” He booted up the machines and helmets came down on the men’s heads. They shocked and bumped areas over their heads, forcing their mind to be weakened as the screen flashed and loud ringing played in their ears. After eight hours of struggling the men’s minds were completely erased. They did not remember their families or their wives, but Kaden did make sure to leave their ability to read, write, and speak English. It would take too long to train them to do that all over again. Then Kaden started playing the information about himself. The men learned how to make his favorite meals and drinks, his pleasure points, his fetishes, his turnoffs, his favorite books and television series, the important people in his life…everything, Their minds were nothing but Kaden now. When this was completed they fell unconscious, fried from being overstimulated. He turned to the doctors, smirking. “Alright, I will be heading to my private island now. Make sure they are trained perfectly before you ship them out to me.” Kaden turned and left the room.

In the next few weeks Viktor and Daniel were trained endlessly. They were rigged to sex machines and stimulated everywhere possible, forced to learn how to hold their orgasms in for an entire 24 hours. To make it worse they were forced to go through it all again until they learned to orgasm on command. Then again to make sure they knew how to do both perfectly. Then they had sex with see-through replicas of Kaden’s body, drilled on where to touch him to maximize his pleasure. They fucked the replicas until they could go for eight hours and only touch his pleasure zones, not even needing to adjust their cocks inside the tight replica. Then they had to cook his favorite dishes and mix his favorite drinks perfectly, practically becoming five star chefs. After that they learned special workout routines to make sure they perfected Kaden’s favorite parts of their bodies, especially their pecs. They were also given all sorts of experimental drugs to maximize their stamina and fertility. Finally they were quizzed endlessly about him, given the five-hundred question exam until they could take it perfectly 5 times in a row.

Once this was all over they were given some cosmetic tweaks and shipped to Kaden’s island. Viktor, once proud of his manly body hair was shaved clean, and even had his tattoos removed. In sharp contrast Daniel, the man who was hesitant to allow his daughter to get her ears pierced had lewd and vulgar tattoos all over his body, as well as his nipples and cock pierced. Both men had a tattoo of Kaden’s name arched over their cocks and one lined up over their asses. They stood at the door wearing nothing but a leather tie and jockstraps. Kaden opened the door to his estate and smirked at the two men who stared at their master with adoration, simply saying, “Oh my, you two are perfect.”

(I just randomly got this idea and ran with it so apologies if it is horrible. If this gets some decent support I can try and think of a part 2 but please don’t expect a sequel just yet)

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