By MostlySalt
published December 18, 2020
3363 words

Mike tries a new trainer to improve his results at the gym.

Mike stood there sure it was a joke. Working out naked? Wearing sensors all over his body. Even on his dick and up his ass? This Frank guy was crazy or some perv.

Mike stood there staring at him. He was gonna break and start laughing right? This had to be a put-on.

Frank was serious!

Mike thought about his buddy Sam at the gym. Sam had shown huge gains in the past six months. Gains Mike hadn’t seen since college. He said this guy Frank made it happen.

“I got you in here as a favor to Sam”, Frank said. “If you don’t want this slot I’ll have it filled Tomorrow.”, Frank said crossing his arms. “Make up your mind.”

Mike thought again about Sam. Such great gains in only six months. A puny guy all the way to impressive in half a year. Mike wanted to be impressive. He wanted to be noticed again.

“Okay put these on lockers over there…”, Frank said handing him the bag of sensors. “Everything off, shoes only!”

It felt really weird getting naked. They were the only two here. But it still felt strange. Two sensors went on his nips. A choker thing around his neck to measure his pulse and breathing. A little stretchy cock ring thing. And, the one he was dreading. The little butt plug shaped one.

He finally took the plunge. Wetting the plug in his mouth Mike bent over to insert it. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Fuck, he thought to himself, I look like some big fag.

The plug settled up against his hole. Kind of seated in there. He’d never really had anything up there before, maybe a chicks finger once or twice, but just cause he had to put up with it to fuck her.

He kept thinking about Sam’s huge gains. He’d put up with this for a session. He was worried this Frank guy was going to hit on him or feel him up. If that happened he’d fuck the guy up and never come back. If it was bullshit he would be able to tell real quick.

Mike walks out of the locker room feeling the pinch of his chest hairs from the electrodes on his nipples and the clenching of his asshole around the buttplug. The choker felt tight but stretched and gave when he moved his neck. He felt really stupid. He ignored the mirrors. He looked gayer than gay.

“Good,” Frank’s voice booms from across the room. “I thought you were going to pussy out on me.” He’s pointed for Mike to come over. A barbell was on the ground.

Frank then walks around Mike lifting his arms, touching his chest and legs. Even checking out his ass. “You’ve been working out how many years?”

Mike was caught off guard. Anger and shame, memories of his asshole brothers. “Since college,” Mike grunts out. Been a long time since He’s felt this way. Like a piece of meat being judged. Mike tells himself if Frank touches his junk he’ll bolt.

Shaking his head back and forth Frank says, “No discipline that’s why you don’t have any gains.”

Mike starts to argue back…“Hey, wait a minute… you son of…”

Frank cuts him off with a hand movement… “Sam had no discipline.”

That stung. The words cut right through him. Standing there bare-ass naked with some crazy fuck and a buttplug up his ass just for the chance at killer gains. Maybe the last chance at his age.

Frank brought him to the bar on the floor. It had very little weight on it. Frank had him lift it nice and slow and watching his form. And looking at an app on his tablet.

As Mike lifted and pressed the weight overhead Frank watched him with a disapproving look. Frank motioned to keep repeating the exercise.

Mike tried to concentrate on doing the movements perfectly. ‘I’ll Show you discipline you mother fucker’, he thought to himself gritting his teeth. He carefully moved through the motions making sure he did everything right.

Frank touched the tablet again. Mike jumped a little. There was a twinge from the sensors.

“Now again, slow and perfect form…”, Frank shouted at him. “25 more” He mostly watched the screen glancing up at times shaking his head.

“Okay, now we’re going to teach you form”, Frank said stepping up behind Mike as he lifted the barbell again. Frank was right behind him. Mike felt him brush his thighs, then his hands were on the v of his torso pushing and guiding him into the posture he wanted. He was business-like and quick.

Mike felt super uncomfortable with this. He was about to say something, but just as Frank pushed him into a certain position he felt his dick jump and a vibration ran through his body.

Mike almost lots his grip. He felt the vibration/sensation through his whole body just as he locked it out at the top of the rep. Then he lowered the bar, the sensation went away but he got just a bit of it again as he set it down.

“The gear will train you to use the proper form”, Frank was bellowing at him from just half a step away. “No more wasted effort.”

Mike was kind of freaked out. This guy had just run electricity through his body, his cock and balls and his hole, even his nipples. But, kind of in shock, he just kept repeating the exercise. As he did it just how frank wanted, he would get this vibration or sensation. It felt kind of good.

“Again let’s go..”, Frank yelled clapping his huge hands together in front of Mike.

Mike picked up the bar carefully trying to recreate the form Frank amid his yelling and manually guiding his arms or hips. The sensation would start as a tickle when you were getting close and then you got this rush of it when you nailed it.

“Keep going…”, Frank yelled after a couple of reps.

Mike was feeling good, he was starting to nail this form each time. The feedback made it so intuitive. But, he was also getting this buzz from nailing the moves.

He kept going and doing each slow, controlled rep. Each time when he did it right he got the feedback. He forgot how crazy this was. He lost count of the reps. He forgot Frank was there.

“Ok good”, Frank shouted and moved them to another exercise. For the next forty minutes, he trained Mike on half a dozen basics of the gym. Things Mike had been doing most of his adult life, but somehow, perfecting the form. These low-weight exercises were targeting the muscles better than he’d ever felt. The feedback got stronger each time.

His cock kept getting hard. Frank didn’t seem to notice or care.

When they finished the session Frank yelled…“You starting to get it?”

Mike grinned and nodded yes. He really did feel good about this. It wasn’t bullshit. He knew he was coming back.

“Rinse ’em off in the shower”, Frank said pointing to his tits and crotch.

He slipped the plug out first, rinsed it off real good. Then handed the bag back to Frank as he was leaving.

“Next time the real work starts…”, Frank said clapping him on the shoulder.

Mike winced a bit. He could feel the burn. He hadn’t felt this sore after a first-time class since some girl made him try yoga. That shit kicked his ass. He felt good that night. Even dreamed about the workout and the zing of the feedback.

Mike came back once a week. Frank trained him harder and harder. The feedback made it easier. It felt good. He could see the gains. Slowly, but surely. He still felt weird being naked. And it still felt strange shoving that thing up his butt. Frank reviewed graphs with him. Stick figures, showing his progress.

Frank noticed he felt weird about getting hard. “They all get hard,” Frank said laughing. “Don’t worry about it.”

Putting on the sensors was no big deal after a while. He was focused more on Frank’s direction. The feedback guided him. He looked forward to the reps. To working hard and hitting the right form.

Frank knew what he was doing. Mike didn’t question his methods. Results spoke for themselves.

Mike runs into Sam at the regular Gym. He still goes there to work out several times a week. Sam tells Mike how good he looks. Touches his pecs and his shoulders. They work out together later in the week. Sam asks him about his workouts. Asks him if he gets hard? Mike is glad Sam brought it up. He’s been wanting dying to know. Sam admits he does and always finished himself off in the shower. Mike admits he’s started doing that himself. As they are saying goodbye Sam pulls Mike in for a big bro hug and whispers, “try it with the sensors on…”

Mike felt a shiver run through his body.

Mike thought it was funny he never thought of that. Frank had told him to take them off before he showered. But, his balls and cock were tingling and getting hard as he walked to his car. He knew he was gonna try it.

At his next session, he left the sensors on when he went to shower off. He was hard as a rock through the last half of the session just thinking about it. He knew it was gonna feel good. The loads he’d rubbed out in that shower were some of the best he’d ever felt. He figured the sensors could only make it better.

The water stung Mike’s hardon as stepped into the hot shower. He felt a familiar twinge from the sensors and his cock bounced as it spasmed deep inside. He didn’t cum but it felt like he had a little. He looked down and a big single glob of cum leaked out as he squeezed the head. His hand felt so good around the head, and he started stroking it slowly.

He moaned out loud. And shot a glance back towards Frank’s Office to make sure he hadn’t heard.

Mike knew he wouldn’t last long. He wanted to hold back. He wanted to feel the reward from the sensors as he came.

But, now he realized he didn’t know the right form? What the sensors were looking for? He thought of Frank teaching him in the early sessions just reaching out and guiding Mike to the positions he wanted him in. He felt the buzz and excitement of the reward just thinking about it.

He almost came right there.

Thinking about Frank teaching him the right form moving him into position triggered the reward. Mike’s cock almost blasted from it. He was breathing harder. Before he could think of anything else he imagined Frank moving his naked body into all the positions he’d taught him and felt his cock erupt blasting pump after pump out as the reward sensation flooded through his body.

He felt almost weak as it finished and he slipped the sensors off. He knew if he stroked some more he could probably blast another load. But, he was so loud when he came a moment before he didn’t want to risk Frank hearing him.

His legs quivered from the workout and cumming so hard. He carefully changed and went home. He fell asleep looking forward to the next time.

“How was it?”, Sam asked at the gym.

Mike looked around then said, “Man it was so damned good…”

They compared notes as much as they could there in the gym. How good it felt. How hard they had cum.

Mike did it again at his next session. He came even harder this time. He learned to make it last a little longer. Hold the images in his head longer. Frank placing him in the positions he wanted for the optimum workout. Cum blasting out of him, wave after wave.

The reward sensation got stronger each time.

When he thought about it he’d get hard. It was like being an 18 year old again. He felt like he was on a hair-trigger too and would cum if anyone touched his dick. He would save it up during the week for his after-session jerk offs.

Sam and Mike had to stop discussing it at the gym. It was too tough trying to hide their hardons. They’d cover for each other. Mike started wearing compression shorts under his loose outer shorts. Finally, they had to stop working out together. It was too distracting.

One night Mike got a text from Sam saying he’s coming over. He showed up at Mike’s door holding a clear plastic pouch holding a set of sensors.

“Holy shit! How’d you get those?”, Mike asked.

“I snuck ’em out of Frank’s office. Told him I had to piss.” Sam said.

“Hey these are mine!”, Mike said getting excited.

“Yeah, and I brought mine.”, Sam said lifting his shirt so I could see the two on his nips. “I gotta put them back tomorrow. If Frank found out he’d be pissed.”

They smoked a big fatty joint, downed a couple beers and pulled up pornhub. Mike went and put his sensors on. But, put his t-shirt and boxers back on. Sam was just wearing some jockey shorts when he got back. Already rubbing his hardon through them.

Mike relaxed a little and started getting into it. He was rock hard watching the chicks on the screen. But the reward didn’t come on until he started thinking about Frank training him, and how big he was gonna get. How all the guys were going to be impressed and look up to him.

He and Sam lost themselves in all the pleasure they were feeling and both shot big loads. After a while, it was ok they were there doing it side by side. Jacking their hard cocks. Feeling amazing sensations running through their bodies. They both ended up naked with cum all over themselves.

Mike didn’t want to look over at Sam afraid he’d feel all weird. But, he didn’t. He looked Sam up and down, chest heaving, splattered with hot cum, his hand still slowly stroking his cock.

They both looked at each other and laughed. Then they did it two more times. Sam collapsed asleep on the couch after cleaning up then was gone when Mike woke. He’d taken the sensors back to Frank’s Gym.

He caught a glimpse of himself in the bathroom mirror. He really was looking good. The gains were showing. He liked how the other guys at the gym were giving him respect. They knew he’d put in the hard work. Frank and his crazy sensors really had got him back on track. He really owed Frank a lot.

At his next session, Frank reached out and moved Mike into a slightly better position. His touch was electric. This hardly ever happened anymore. Usually Frank just gave him some verbal correction. Mike felt his dick bounce and he leaked out a drop of precum.

“You Ok?”, Frank asked.

Mike didn’t know what to say. “Yeah, I’m good, sorry about that Frank.”

After the session, Mike was jacking away at his cock in the shower.

“Hey! I warned you not to do that.”, Frank’s said his voice booming in the shower room.

The reward that came from the sensors made Mike shoot all over the wall and his legs.

Frank waved him over to his office after he was dressed.

“Hey, I told you not to do that for a reason..”, Frank said.

“Frank I’m sorry, it just feels so good,” Mike said.

“Mike I gotta cut you from the schedule. I caught Sam in here with his sensors the other Morning. He put you up to this shit huh?”, Frank asked.

Mike tried to argue his way back in but Frank wouldn’t budge. All Mike wanted was to get back in good with him and continue his progress.

“You’ll be fine you’re on the right track now Mike. You don’t need me anymore.”, Frank said.

Mike knew he was right. But he wanted Frank’s respect. And knew he’d lost that. He’d do anything to win it back. Frank didn’t seem to care.

Sam had been kicked out too. Mike crashed early that night. After smoking a lot of weed. In his dreams, he kept trying to fix things with Frank. Showing off how he could do all his forms perfectly. The more he tried to please Frank the more the reward went away.

He woke hard. Started stroking it gently. Remembered seeing Frank wearing sensors and naked in the dream too. He remembered watching Sam blast loads out with them on. He wondered what Frank would sound like doing that. He started building up and shot his load all over his belly. He felt really good and that phantom reward he sometimes got when he came.

Sam dropped by after work. They bitched about it for a while. Frank wouldn’t even return their texts or emails anymore. They were fucked. Mike still continued working out. He and Sam found ways to hide their hardons and worked out together again. The guys would all check them both out. Their gains were pretty impressive.

One of the guys asked him what he’d done. Mike told him as he finished up his reps. This guy Sully had heard of Frank.

“They say he’s really good…”, Sully said. “Hey, maybe you can spot me some time.”

Mike was blown away, when one of the really big guys ask you to spot or work in with him, it’s like you have arrived.

Twice a week he helped him with his powerlifting and taught Mike a few of his moves. Sully moved him like Frank had. His touch made Mike shiver a little. He told Sully he was ticklish to hide it.

One night after their workout Sully pulled him into his shower stall. Silencing him with one finger against his lips. Strong hands guided Mike down onto his knees. He hadn’t felt the sensors in over a month. But, it was like they were on full blast right now.

There was Sully’s big semi-hard cock and balls. The smell of them invaded Mike’s nose. He knew what Sully wanted. It turned him on like he couldn’t believe. Sully shoved Mike’s head into his crotch. He got a real lungful of that worked out gym sweat ball smell and his lips brushed against his hairy balls.

Mike could feel his dick get hard all at once.

Then the head of Sully’s cock was in his mouth. Smooth. Clean. Not nasty like he was imagining. No taste. Just smooth skin with a little bit of sweaty balls smell. Sully moaned a little.

Mike felt a rush and a shiver through his body.

He started eagerly sucking at that cock. He didn’t remember deciding to do it. It just started. He wanted to make Sully feel good. He felt an electric thrill running through him. Sully’s cock got harder. Stiffening and arching up a little. Filling his mouth. Sliding so easy in and out. Opening his throat. Making him feel so full.

As he was about to cum Sully pulled out and splatted cum all over Mike’s face. Then stepped out of the stall motioning for Mike to stay there for a while. Mike slumped back against the tile wall. Stroked his cock once or twice and fired off his own load.

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