Light Work, Hard Play

By Dace -
published December 27, 2020
5844 words

Kyle and the other boys get to work and start to make peace with their new sexualities. Kyle gets some me time to blow off steam, and makes a new friend.

It felt strange but comfortable to sleep bare-assed with two other men. Antonio either got frisky or had a wet dream in the middle of the night. Connor wound up with his back to them, but grasping Kyle’s arm like a life preserver in a storm. They’d wiped themselves off with a sheet at some point, so Antonio’s new batch of cum cooled on Kyle’s chest until it was nothing but a thick paste in the morning. Connor woke up first, rolled over, and started licking before they even knew what was happening.

Before they had the chance to do anything more than admire and fondle each others’ erections, the suite door popped open. Niko poked his head in, smiled, and said “Breakfast! Ten minute.”

The showers were barely big enough for three, but Thor was already there when they arrived. He looked at them sheepishly, checking them out just as they did the same tohim. Kyle hadn’t seen him in the showers before they came up to the resort, but it was obvious he had missed out: Thor was hung like a bear and had a mat of dark hair that seemed to point to his crotch as the shower wet him down.

All three of them crowded in around him, occasionally pressing against each other as they tried to soap up and shampoo without slipping. It was impossible to really fit around each other, and the slick sensation of flesh sliding against flesh left everyone horny even though they hadn’t had any of the damned fruit in hours. Kyle found his cock pressed perfectly into the crevice of Connor’s ass and felt the other man just slightly push pack against him. It was all he could do not to grip the other man’s hips and just - he didn’t even know what, but he know he wanted it and Connor did too. Antonio had to flip the water to cold to chase them all out of the shower. They managed to towel off without succumbing to the obvious desire all around to drop everything and rut for hours. Thor’s cock was still drooling as he pulled his briefs up, staring at Antonio’s plump cock the entire time.

The table at breakfast served a whole lot of long, guilty silences along with the eggs and toast. There was some sort of fruit salad too, but nobody touched it, even though it didn’t smell remotely like the stuff they’d had the last two days. They did not meet each other’s eyes the entire time, and it was a relief when Niko and Brian showed up to divide tasks. Thor wound up with him and another guy named Peter or Pyotr or something. Between Thor’s height and Pyotr’s lanky form, they almost seemed like living nesting dolls.

Brian led them to a huge kitchen bay with long steel tables, one of which was stacked high with plants full of the fruits they’d been eating. Their job was apparently to cut off the seedpods and fruit, then trim off the branches from the stalk and sort them all into piles. The seedpods had a sort of wooden casing that seemed to have something rattling around inside, and were about as long as Kyle’s hand. The leaves had some sort of slick substance that got all over their gloves and made everything slippery, and Brian suggested that they hold off on the trimming and leave it for last. After pitching in to show them how it was done, he left them alone.

For a solid half-hour, they worked in total silence, cutting and sorting. Then Connor and two other guys rolled in another crateful of plants, apparently freshly harvested, and unloaded them onto one of the tables. The bins of sorted plant matter were maybe a third full. Staring down a mountain of work, the ice finally broke as Thor started cussing in what seemed to be especially heartfelt Norwegian.

“Man, wonder what they use it all for. No way even an army of horny guys could eat all this.” Pyotr gestured with his pruning shears.

“I think the vines are what Brian was burning in a little incense bowl when he, uh-” Thor and Pyotr laughed at him.

“When he showed you his cock?!” Thor joked, miming with one of the seedpods. “Yeah, that’s what mine did too.”

“Do you think we’re going to stay – uh, like this? Gay, forever?” Pyotr asked. He eyed the fruits he was cutting off. “I mean, it was fun but … right now I think of pussy and I don’t even want it.”

“But if you think of your dick sliding in and out of Brian’s mouth you get a little chubbed up, right?” Thor and Pyotr looked at him, confused. “Horny, erect, stiff, chubbed – like that.” Kyle pointed to Thor’s shorts, where there was obviously a little stiffness to be worked out. Comprehension dawned all around.

“Yes, chubbed. Isn’t fair that a shot and a little fruit can make you gay,” Thor replied. The tall Norweigan frowned, thoughtful. “I mean, it was a lot of fun. Even if I missed out on whatever it is you guys were doing when I got back to the room last night.”

“It just sort of happened. I don’t think anyone felt like we didn’t want you to be there. Heck, we almost, uh, you know, in the shower this morning. Hey, is it hot in here?”

Pyotr laughed at them as Kyle mimed fanning himself with some of the fronds.

“My room, we all slept together. Same bed. Very stucky,” Pyotr said. “Stucky? Sticky! Yes, sticky.”

“How did you even fit? Isn’t one of your roommates that huge guy from Germany? Hans, or something?” Thor asked.

“We slept on top of Hans. He’s very soft. I think maybe he was gay before, he was very good with his hands.” Pyotr answered, making vague shapes in the air. “Or maybe just German!”

Kyle joined in with the laugh even though he didn’t really get it. They kept the banter up as another load of plants arrived and they moved to the second table, dragging their bins along. After a little while, Connor and the others returned, added a fourth set to the table they’d just cleared. Brian arrived soon after, wearing a speedo and a gym shirt, for whatever reason, to teach them how to trim the plants they’d been hauling all day.

Finally, they broke for lunch. There was deep-fried fish and french fries made out of some sort of local starch, paired with more of the beer, so everyone was in much better spirits than at breakfast. Someone said that one of the guys in charge had told them that they wouldn’t have any more work this afternoon, which set off a round of questions about what everyone had done all morning. About half the group had been down harvesting the plants either in some orchards full of the stuff nearby or in the kitchen, and apparently three guys had been cleaning various rooms around the place - standard housekeeping stuff - or moving the crates they’d brought off the ferry into storage. The last four people kept kinda quiet until Connor called Antonio out on it.

“Uh, it’s sort of weird.” Antonio answered, obviously a little uncomfortable. His English was best out of everyone that had gone, so he wound up speaking for them. “There’s another part of the resort, apparently. We were helping clean and stock it. But it’s like, uh – there’s like a big shower room, and hot springs and stuff. And there were guys there, fucking, the whole time. It was sort of hard to concentrate and we, um, got distracted in one room with some smoke in it, like uh, incense?” Everyone exchanged significant looks.

“You mean.” Connor broke into the ensuing silence. “That while we were all actually working and shit, you guys were getting laid in a spa?”

“Who do I have to blow to get that job?” someone joked and then everyone was good-naturedly ribbing each other about it. They all loaded their plates and the platters up in the dishwashing machine, then dumped the leftovers in the compost bin. The whole place really was a high-end resort, sort of an eco-tourism thing. Come enjoy nature, guilt-free, with a side of dudesex. Some part of it still didn’t ring right for Kyle - who paid for this? Who had built it? How did the fruit turn people gay?! How had he never heard about it? Every angle he approached it from seemed like it was too big to take on at once.

Most of the guys sort of gravitated to the balcony outside the dining room, where there was apparently a little wet bar that Bors was idly cleaning and restocking. The Hungarian was apparently the bartender for the resort, and kept making drinks for everyone anytime they asked. It made Kyle wonder whether he was here to work or something else. Brian had mentioned “the season” as if tourists were on their way, but now it almost didn’t make sense. Who would come all the way out here, when the only real attraction seemed to be fruit that turned you gay? Nobody seemed to care that they were taking advantage of the resort’s amenities, and nobody was paying for the drinks that Bors was making for them.

After having a drink – a really good drink; Bors made them strong but not too strong – off on his own as he looked outover the sea, Kyle decided to go exploring the resort grounds.

The little lounge rooms they’d all fucked around in yesterday were empty but sort of boring. All the cabinets were locked now, but the breakroom was full of more beer, a basket of the gay fruit, and a little stock of the incense Brian had burned. Kyle took a sniff - definitely the same stuff they’d been trimming all morning, though apparently it was just the stripped bark that Brian had burned to make him all dumb and stupid. Made him wonder what happened to the wood underneath.

Exploring further took him to a part of the resort that was less modernist in style; a hallway with drywall and drop ceilings terminated suddenly in a corridor with flagstone tiles and soft lighting. He could hear running water somewhere, and his heart seemed to jump a little. This must be the place Antonio had mentioned; the spa area or whatever. There didn’t seem to be anyone in the corridor, and for a moment he was relieved.

He started to turn back, but stopped himself. He’d been vaguely horny all day - almost certainly just an after-effect of the fruit and everything yesterday. If he went back to his room he’d have basically no privacy to beat off, or worse, he’d probably wind up having sex with whichever of his roommates was there. He didn’t even really know why it was worse; everyone knew the score, it wasn’t like anyone had really chosen this. But if nobody was in this spa - and from what Antonio said the place was pretty big - he could definitely find a place to quietly beat off to just get it all out of his system for the day.

The corridor wasn’t terribly long but it seemed to go on for a long time, curving back and forth. He found the room Antonio had mentioned. It was like a huge shower room, with dim lighting and dispensers all along the wall and a sort of sitting area in the middle for whatever reason. Soft, rubberized mats covered the floor, too, which seemed strange. Kyle passed that room up – not only was it right on the hallway, but it was the first real room he’d found, and it’d be hard to miss someone jacking it right in the middle of the place. Where did people even put their clothes? Were there changing rooms or cubbies or something?

The hot springs turned out to be about a hundred feet further down the corridor, which was where the running water noises were coming from. One wall suddenly turned into cubbies, with neatly rolled towels in each slot and a bench to sit on. Kyle peeked around the corner and saw that the corridor ended in a bigger room, so he decided to strip off there and let the rest sort itself out. If someone asked, he was just enjoying the spa before the big rush. The towel was a little skimpy, but soft and fluffy. Wrapped around his waist longwise it barely reached halfway to his knees, and with a little knot to hold it together it covered even less somehow. Whatever; nobody was around anyway. Heck, he imagined half the people on this island had seen each other naked at this point.

Around the bend was a huge open-roofed area with a couple pools in it. The whole place smelled vaguely sulfurous – these must be mineral springs. Two of the pools were giving off a little mist, which he figured meant they were hot or at least warm. Maybe he’d hang out there and relax after he got off. He was still half-hard even as he walked around in the slight breeze with nothing but a towel to show for it. But this place was even more open than the last one. It wasn’t just open-air. It had a little porch area with more pools and what looked like a jacuzzi overlooking the ocean, with a couple of benches placed around. Kyle thought it would be kinda hot to beat off all exposed to the elements like that, but not when just anyone could walk by.

So he wandered further into the resort, following the noise of rushing water. There was a fairly large room set up like a waterfall that he passed. This turned out to be the source of the majority of the noise, once he was past it. The hallway had a few more openings, and he was curious, so he kept going. One was a sort of lounge - a few benches, chairs, something that looked like a hammock or something. Two were saunas, full up on mist so thick that their little windows were uselessly fogged over. He remembered what Antonio had said about there being a room with incense or something in it that had made them all sex-crazy again, so he detoured around them.

The last room was weirdly quiet and dim, with a floor that was just a pool of water. It was maze-like, with really dim lights that threw off more heat than light. He splashed around until he found a nice nook, tucked his towel onto a little shelf next to a votive candle giving off some kind of nice, woody scent, and started stroking. His cock had never really stopped chubbing up, the idea of sex intruding all the time while he’d checked out the various rooms in this sprawling place. Being able to touch himself was a relief, and he could almost feel the blood surging down as he rolled the skin back and forth a little.

His mind wandered to the work they’d done that day, cutting and stripping those bushes of fruit and stuff. As weird as it might have seemed, he had actually really enjoyed working with Thor and Pyotr. When Thor had said that he felt like he’d missed out on the little orgy last night, the memory actually made Kyle a little horny again. Between the crude jokes, Brian coming and going in nothing but that really, really tight speedo, and Pyotr’s infectious grin, the work had gone really quickly. And neither of his workmates were hard to look at. The big Norweigan’s chest hair kept poking through the too-tight shirt he’d been wearing, and Pyotr’s very close-cropped blonde beard made him look like an impish devil, ready to tease.

The idea of them fucking leaped into his mind, Thor picking up the smaller guy, his huge cock slipping right into the cleft of the Slavic guys’ legs as they wrapped around him like a pillar. God, the idea of stepping up, sliding one arm down to feel Pyotr’s cock as it squirted precum all over Thor’s hairy chest, pressing his own cock in underneath as his chest crushed the little guy between the two of them –

Holy shit. He was fantasizing about those guys. Like, straight up craving them. He looked at the little candle, took a deep breath. Damn it. He suddenly felt weak at the knees, and put his bare ass against the stone walls of the maze. This must have been the room Antonio had talked about. No wonder he was horny. For whatever reason, he didn’t want to stop. Heck, he didn’t even want to move, it felt so good. The idea of Thor or Antonio or any of the others finding him here, touching him, their tongues and bodies pressing against each other and sliding, slick and –! Kyle came, suddenly spurting into the open air of the nook, the rest dribbling along his hand and thigh.

He leaned back against the wall, enjoying the sensation of the slow, flowing river of cum down his thigh, trickling and catching on leg hair. Even the smell was pleasant - almost like a sauce: vaguely spicy. His hand drifted to his mouth, and suddenly he was tasting it, licking along his palm like a cat, trying for every drop of that amazing flavor. He looked down to see if he could scoop more of it up and gasped.

Where his cum had landed in the little pool of water at his feet, it had lit up, a sort of red-orange light coming from the water as tendrils of cum spread and slowly drifted away on the current. Reaching down, he realized that it wasn’t just water at his feet - it felt slightly slippery, in a way he hadn’t noticed while walking through it. The tiniest remains of cum on his hand lit up with that same color, like a blacklight stain the color of a tangerine. A drop of cum fell from his dick into the pool, reviving the color in a sudden burst then fading to flow off like the rest. What the fuck was this place? What was in the water, for that matter? He went to flick off more cum off his cock and - holy goddamn shit.

Whatever it was, it felt great. Really, really great. Maybe he was still sensitive from just cumming, but the mix of watery lube-stuff and cum made his cock roar right back to life with an almost-painful rush of blood. If he hadn’t been kneeling already he’d have fallen, and as it was he staggered and moaned way, way louder than he intended. When he came back to reality, he realized he’d slipped and splashed the stuff all over himself - and now his crotch and his leg were glowing a sort of red-orange from the mix.

“Man, that’s going to be hard to explain if someone finds me here,” he whispered to himself, then laughed. Nobody was around to hear, anyway. “Man, that’d be hard to explain!” He said again, loudly.

“No explanation needed, man.” A voice drifted over from somewhere else in the maze.

“Holy - shit, sorry, thought I was the only one here.” Kyle answered. The voice was obviously somewhere in the room with him, but it wasn’t clear where. The trickling noises made it hard to tell if the guy was right around the corner or way on the other side of the room. Who would be - oh, shit. This was a resort. Maybe this was a customer. “I, uh. Hope I didn’t disturb you. Uh, sir.”

“No need for ‘sir.’ I’m a working stiff too,” whoever it was chuckled. The voice wasn’t entirely familiar. “And I don’t mind company, either. I just had a nice bit of solitude in the sauna. You turned left when you came in, right? I think I know where you are if you did. I’m in the little room you passed on your way in.”

“Oh, uh, yeah. I know where you are.” Kyle looked down at himself, glowing orange from where his cum and the lube-stuff had got all over him. No way to hide that, and he’d wander around this place for an hour if he tried to go back another way. Nothing for it - he took a deep breath and tried to look confident and cocky about the fact that his body was literally glowing from cum. His dick was still hard as a rock, to boot, and making it perfectly clear where the orange glow had come from. “I’ll see you in a second, then.”

The little room was really just an expanded nook with a bench in the middle and two little streams of the lube coming off the walls to make a tiny moat. The voice revealed itself as a slightly older guy - well, not old, just in his mid-thirties, maybe. He was built like a goddamn house though, with just a little grey in his hair and a stomach you could probably bounce a brick off. Kyle felt his balls - and his fucking ass, of all things - twitch a little at the sight. The guy smiled at him. “Oh, there you are. I’m Mike.”

“Uh, hi, I’m Kyle.” He extended his hand, completely forgetting that it was still covered in lube and glowing orange. “Oh, I’m sorry, I -”

“Nice to meet you.” Mike reached out with his own hand, and the lubey handshake was definitely weird but holy god did it feel nice. “You must be new; I think I’d have noticed you around the resort before.”

“Yeah, this is my third day, I think.” Mike gestured to the bench, and Kyle sat, suddenly aware that he’d left his towel in the nook. The older guy’s crotch was covered over, barely, by the same kind of towel he’d worn. “I’m sorry, I left my towel-”

“Don’t bother on my account. And I’m pretty sure most of the place is clothing optional, after all. Here, if it’ll make you more comfortable …” Mike flipped open his own towel, rose up a little, and tossed it behind them. Mike’s cock bobbed up from between his legs over a pair of shaved-smooth balls, foreskin rolled back and leaking a little bit - and glowing just a tiny bit red. “You interrupted me, but I don’t mind the company.”

“I didn’t know about the - uh, the colors.” Kyle gestured. “What does that?”

“Some sort of reaction between the fruit, cum, and the lube from its leaves. Not my expertise.” Mike shrugged, the movement of his shoulders like some sort of geologic force. “Little different for each person, too, as you can see - mine’s redder. I’ve seen guys shoot off in every color of the rainbow!”

Kyle chuckled with him, and the image of a bunch of guys cumming made his dick twitch a little. “Do, uh - is this like a sex resort? I mean, kinda feels like stating the obvious, but …”

“Oh, right. You’re new. It certainly didn’t start out that way, and nobody’s forcing anyone to do anything, per se. You actually do need the shot, more for the fruit than for anything else on the island. You could eat one or two and get nothing but a fever, but it’d still make you horny and a little gay. The shot just … opens your mind a bit. Something of a catalyst. Then your body figures the rest out on its own.”

Kyle stared at him. “So wait, you just - uh, what?”

“Don’t worry too much about it. You’ll be fine. Actually, more than fine, judging by your cock.” Kyle looked down, and found he was leaking precum into the lube around his cock, leaving a bright fluorescent ring around the head as it trickled down the shaft. “Do you want a hand with that?”

Mike waited for his assent, leaning over and scooping some of the lube off the trickling stream of it on the floor before holding it over Kyle’s cock to drip onto him. Once the first drop of it hit his skin, he wanted more - holy shit that stuff was good. He reflexively grabbed Mike’s neck, lunging in for the kiss and pulling himself towards the stack of muscle sharing the bench with him.

Grinding against Mike was completely different than what he’d done the day before with Brian and his roommates. He could feel the other man’s cock sliding underneath him, slick with lube, his own leftover cum dripping off his leg. Mike kissed back aggressively, hungrily - the feel of shaved smoothness against his own neglectful scruff felt amazing, and their tongues thrust and rolled against each other.

Sitting against him, his cock rubbing against that smooth, muscled core, Kyle felt completely wrapped around this hulk of flesh, riding it and sliding along. Mike’s prick was like a hot poker under him, the slight upward bend seeming to line up perfectly in the crack of his ass, the dribble of precum and river of sweat mingling to make him convulse on his slick seat, the feeling of the ridged cockhead teasing his asshole. Some distant part of him was upset, screaming nonsense about not being gay, but all of him wanted that cock, that incredible, hard heat, and most of him wanted it inside him.

Mike somehow – holy fuck, those muscles, flexing against him hard as granite – lifted them off the bench and lowered them to the floor, right into the middle of the lube stream. The water flowed around them, leaving smears of orange and red lava-glow downstream as Mike went back in for the kiss, his body pressed between Kyle’s legs like a column of rock. The slickness was cool between their bodies, almost oily. They slid against each other but the fluid barely dampened the raging fire of Mike’s uncut cock against him. Mike leaned low, kissed Kyle’s chest, nibbled lightly on his nipple and pecked lightly up the line of his collarbone as the younger man’s moans reverberated through their bodies in a bass drone.

“You want this cock, don’t you boy?” Mike growled in his ear, teeth gently capturing his earlobe. “You want my cock in you, huh?”

Kyle wanted it, wanted it more than anything, mewling between shallow, panting breaths and babbling uncontrollably about needing it inside him. There wasn’t a sentence left in him, no string of meaningless words that could explain. He just wrapped his legs around Mike and pulled him in, desperate.

“Good boy.” Mike said, and Kyle squirmed in pleasure underneath him, pressing his butt against the hardness of Mike’s muscular thighs. “You’re going to like this.”

The teasing pressure became harder, insistent. Kyle felt himself fighting it, but the stream of slick lube gel made each pressing jab easier, smoother, his muscles more pliant as warmth suffused them. His breath caught as the blunt head finally breached him, Mike’s reassuring words sliding along the periphery of his awareness as that furnace-hot prod slid inside, filling him completely and sending warmth through his core.

Kyle’s ass seized, squirming and pulling, desperate for more of it, all of it, the thick arrowhead prong widening and stretching against his ring like a drill as it slid ever-further. The smooth, cool sensation of Mike’s balls arrived as the knot at the center of his being throbbed against his awareness. His eyes rolled back and incoherent moans tore out of him as his hands clawed at the muscled rack of Mike’s back. The fullness receded, returning to press directly against that knot, making him cry out from sheer sensation, beyond anything he could have ever known.

He came again, his head diving into the lube-water-stuff beneath him. It was reedy, musky, slick and made his skin sizzle with electric heat - and then his cum drifted by, fluorescent orange against the clear lube. He couldn’t resist, and his tongue flicked out to lick it.

It was like he’d died and gone to heaven.

The gummy consistency of the cum gelled for a second on his tongue, then dissolved. He felt it flush along his body like a jolt of hot water from the shower, a sudden contraction and release of every muscle in his body, half a hair from a seizure. Behind him Mike moaned loud and low, and all Kyle wanted was to wring that sound out of him forever. His ass began slowly squeezing, pulling the thick pole of Mike’s cock into him. The older man growled something deep and scratchy in his ear but the words were meaningless, just grunts between animals in need.

Mike’s cum shot into him like a river of stabbing heat in his guts, the man’s muscular arms wrapped around Kyle’s core like steel cables. Somewhen, the larger man had yanked Kyle upright, impaling him on his cock while kneeling on the slick, lubed ground. Kyle could see the orange glow of his earlier orgasms trickling along his body as a sudden spurt of incandescent red dripped below him, mingling with his own cum in twisted patterns as Mike’s cock slowly sawed in an out of him.

“Good boy.” The older man whispered in his ear, and Kyle felt the whimper rush out of him from somewhere deep inside. His own cock throbbed in the free air, occasional dribbles of the lube reaching it and producing spikes of twitching pleasure. He’d already cum twice, but his cock refused to give up. Mike’s steel-cabled arm stroked down his body and arrived at his cock; the casual grip of that rough hand around his balls pressing another moan out of his chest. Mike’s fingers slid down and around, touching the very edge of his ass where Mike’s cock was still breaching him, tracing lightly at the place where they were joined with just a touch of the lube.

Kyle shuddered, and in that tiny quake Mike’s hand shifted, gripped his cock, which slowly became pumping him with inevitable, seismic force. Each stroke was met with an equal pressure from within him, the blood-gorged uncut prick up his ass matching the muscular grip around his cock in perfect sync. A slow, even roll around the flare of his cock and his balls churned, breaking out and squirting cum into the cupped hand, his legs twitching and gripping Mike’s thighs and desperately shoving the older man’s cock deeper into him.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head, and he felt himself go limp, slack into Mike’s arms. At some point the stud removed himself from Kyle’s ass, curling him up on the bench to recover and dabbing at him with a towel. Kyle just stared at the pendulous weight of the other man’s cock, thick and still heavy against those shaved balls.

After an eternity, Mike helped him up. Kyle half-staggered, half stumbled out of the room, falling flat on his ass in the little shower nook by the door. He rinsed off with the older man’s help. Their cocks were still half-hard, probably from the candle aroma, but his balls ached from their release. Heck, his muscles felt like he’d run a marathon then lifted a truck with his bare hands, muscles he’d never met before speaking up in protest.

Once he was finished washing him off, Mike pulled him in for a long, wet kiss that felt halfway to another fucking. He deposited Kyle in a little booth, tousled his hair, and said “See you around, stud.”

And just like that, he was gone. Kyle probably stared at the lightly veined stone wall for a solid half-hour, his mind slowly rolling over the most incredible sex of his life. There was a vague urge to go back in, wallow in that lube and just rub himself all over in hopes that someone, anyone came by and fucked the life out of him all over again. He found he could suppress it, just barely, and stumbled back towards his bedroom. It wasn’t until he passed a staring Pyotr in the hallway that he realized he’d forgot his clothes entirely; he found he didn’t care. If anything, he was upset. He wanted to see Pyotr naked. He wanted to just kneel down and rip Pyotr’s gym shorts off and just -

Pyotr was gone a second later, and Kyle fought the urge to just turn around and embrace him, lick him, kiss him, beg him for the cum on his balls. His dick was hard as a nail again, leaking precum in dribbles on the hardwood floor. Kyle pulled himself together, and walked as fast as he could to the bedrooms. He could hear the distant sound of two men - no, more than two men, a lot more - grunting and moaning, and he fought the impulse to go join them, feel that rut roll through him over and over until there was nothing else left. Fuck, his hands were trembling as he pushed the door open, stumbling into the room and towards his bed.

The darkness felt like a womb, still and slightly rocking back and forth as his body roiled around him. He craved dick, wanted it desperately, more than any drug he’d ever heard of from any addict burned down to their bones. The vague conjuring of his high school girlfriend refused to resolve into anything real; fading away into the fantasy of his new friends sliding their fantastic cocks into him. At some point his penis erupted all over him yet again, untouched, and he let out a low groan at the commingled agony and pure unadulterated pleasure it brought into him.

And then the door darkened; another man standing in the light. And another, slender next to the hulking mass of the first.

“Kyle? Are you okay?” Thor asked, looking in. “Pyotr said you were acting strangely.”

Somewhere, very far away, he felt his balls twitch in anticipation.

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