The Shower Room - Baseball Team

By PupScout
published November 14, 2020
7356 words

The baseball team arrives only to be seduced by the scent of other jocks and transformed by the new shower system.

Kevin and Dan were the first to arrive for baseball practice. They were close buds, growing up in the same neighborhood, playing little league and high school baseball together. They both found their preferred positions back in Little League and stuck with them through the years, Kevin a first baseman, Dan a second baseman. They were both the same height around 5’10”, fit and muscular from playing throughout the years. Dan had short dark brown hair always sporting a scruffy face, while Kevin wore a thick brown goatee complemented well by his collar length, sandy, blonde hair.

Walking towards the locker room, they were anxious for the new Fall semester to begin. They knew they needed to wait until after winter to begin their season, but Coach Sampson was a stickler for year round training. He gave a little leniency for the guys who carried two sports. In the Fall some of their teammates played football and during the winter months, some wrestled. But Dan and Kevin were baseball only and eager to get back.

“I’m looking forward to seeing this new clubhouse” said Kevin.

“Not a clubhouse Kev. We have to share it with the wrestling and football teams.”

“Yeah, that does suck. But I know a lot of guys on those teams and so do you. Heck, almost everyone on the team knows someone on those two teams so maybe it won’t be so bad. Maybe it can be a clubhouse after all.”

“Do you ever wonder why we call it a clubhouse?” asked Dan. “I mean every other sports team calls it a locker room, but in baseball, it’s a clubhouse.”

“Maybe from guys like you who like to see all their teammates hanging out nude.”

“Fuck you” shot back Dan as the two did a quick jostling match ending up in front of the locker room door.

Kevin held the door open for Dan and with an arm spread out low saying, “Ladies first.”

As Dan entered, the scent of the locker room filled his head. For a new locker room, it certainly had a used scent. He couldn’t say he disliked the scent, especially as he was breathing in deeper. Walking the small separation wall that lead into the main locker room, he turned into the locker room and stopped dead in his tracks.

Kevin, also pondering the scent, was right behind him and ran into Dan from the sudden stop. “Come on man, move it” he said as he pushed Dan into the locker room, stumbling in right behind him.

“Holeeeey shit” said Kevin in disbelief as they saw their buddy Todd, the team catcher, being blown by Coach Sampson, his father! And to add to the shocking scene, the wrestling coach’s son Kyle was lying on the floor under Sampson with his face deep in the coach’s ass. A stranger whom they did not know, stood naked on a bench, arms folded across his chest, while the entire football and wrestling teams stood against the far wall, three men deep, buck naked, all staring forward and not saying a word.

“Welcome men. Baseball I presume” said Master Mike. “The locker room is being used currently. Relax and coach Sampson will be right with you.”

Kevin and Dan ignored the stranger. They preferred to speak with someone familiar.

“Todd” demanded Dan, “what the hell is going on?”

Coach Sampson pulled Todd’s cock out of his mouth and looked up at the two men.

“Welcome back boys. Settle in. When the team gets here, we’ll get started.”

“But, um, what’s going on?” asked Kevin.

“What do you mean?” replied the baseball coach.

“Coach, you’re giving Todd a blow job and the entire wrestling team and football teams are watching you!!” answered back Kevin irately. Master Mike meanwhile gave a nod to the men standing against the wall. Seeing the nod, two wrestlers, Steve and Kurt, who knew Dan and Keith, moved forward.

Kurt got Dan in a headlock and Steve did the same to Kevin. The baseball players, despite being strong and athletic, could not compete with the wrestlers on their turf and were unable to escape.

“Take a deep breath and relax buddy” instructed Kurt as he pulled Dan’s head closer and closer to his dark, sweaty pit. Dan offered no resistance. As his head was brought closer to Kurt’s pit, the scent Dan recognized in the locker room increased tenfold. With every breath, Dan found himself wanting more, his cock growing and pushing against his nylon sweats.

Kevin, in the same position, was being held by Steve who spoke similar words. Kevin’s resistance and shock decreased as Steve brought Kevin deeper towards his pit. Kevin was even more pliable than Dan as he voluntarily moved his head deeper into Steve’s wet pit.

Master Mike got down from the bench and walked towards his son Todd. Positioning himself behind the catcher, he placed his hands on Todd’s shoulders and began to whisper in his ear.

“Son, remember how confused you were this morning? Then I sent you to the wrestling room and you saw all those wrestler cocks in their singlets and the strong man scent in the wrestling room?”


“What was it you told me when I asked what you wanted to do with those cocks? You said you wanted them in your mouth. You wanted to suck every cock in that room. Remember?


“That is where Kevin and Dan are right now. They are confused, part of them say run while the other part says stay. Their desire for cock is growing. They won’t say it, but as they watch coach service your impressive catcher cock, their want of sucking cock is growing and rapidly so. No baseball player can resist the catcher’s cock. Ask them and see.”

Todd thought upon his previous desire in the wrestling room, and if Dan and Kevin were thinking the same, he just had to share his cock with them. He would hardly be a friend if he didn’t.

“Coach, do you mind if Dan and Kevin suck my cock too?”

“Not at all Todd. They’re baseball players too. Let me get up.”

“No coach. Stay” insisted Todd.

Todd looked at his two teammates. “Coach doesn’t mind sharing guys, if you’d like to join him.”

Master Mike continued to whisper into Todd’s ear. “Remember son, they have not gone through the shower system. The scent in the room is inspiring them to suck cock, but go lightly. Don’t push too hard. Use your friendship. Tell them to follow their instincts, just as I told you before.” Todd nodded in agreement, “Understood Dad.”

Todd held his hefty cock in his hand, shaking it up and down towards the two basemen, displaying the power of his catcher cock, erect and strong. “You two should join coach and suck on my cock. We’re all friends, all teammates. Take a deep breath, follow your instincts and do as your team captain says.”

Kevin reacted eagerly, taking a step forward. He hesitated and stepped back. “Um, I don’t know. Seems homo.” He wanted to, but the fear of ridicule stopped him.

Coach Sampson addressed the football players and wrestlers against the wall. “Anyone have a problem with Kevin sucking his catcher’s cock?” The room filled with affirmations for Kevin in heavy male voices. “Fuck no.” “Suck it Kev!” “Go for it bud!” Kevin’s eyes lit up realizing he could suck Todd’s cock with no stigma attached. He had two teams of jock men and their coaching staff heartily encouraging him to do so.

“There you go Kev” answered back the Coach. “Now just be a good jock and conform.”

“Okay then. I’ll give it a go” said Kevin as an uneasy smile ripped across his face as he started to get down on his knees next to his coach.

Master Mike instructed Kyle to get out from under the baseball coach’s ass and join the rest of his wrestling buddies by the wall. Kyle obeyed, returning to the rest of the wrestlers against the wall while giving a few of his best buds a tongue swapping so they could get a taste of Sampson’s ass. Meanwhile, Kevin positioned himself right in front of Todd’s cock, next to his coach, as his buddy Dan stood and watched.

“Hold it in your hand” instructed coach Sampson to Kevin. “Think of it as a new bat you’re using for the first time.”

Kevin quickly adapted to the feel in his hand. “Feels good to have another man’s cock in your hand doesn’t it son?” prompted coach Sampson.

“Yeah coach. Sometimes I’ve wondered what it would be like.”

“Good boy. That’s the baseball player in you talking. Give it a few strokes and just follow your instinct.”

“Okay coach” said Kevin as he eyed the catcher’s cock before him. He watched the cock as he stroked it slowly. Taking his other hand, he felt Todd’s dark pubic hair, pulling it and moving it through his fingers; eventually allowing his face to land in his friend’s dank bush as he inhaled deeply, getting more of the scent that he now couldn’t have enough of. Eyeing the cock, erect and proud, extruding from the forest of hair, he began to lick the side of it. It was a catcher’s cock, hard, thick and strong, with the perfect arc like a catcher’s cock should be. Kevin pressed the cock up upward against Todd’s body and gave a lick from the top of his sack slowly up to the head. His tongue licked Todd’s lofty head several times and as he pulled his head away, a stream of pre cum connected his lips to Todd’s cock.

Kevin gave a look up to Todd. Todd smiled and nodded to Kevin. Kevin returned the smile. Turning his eyes back towards Todd’s cock, Kevin opened his mouth and wrapped his lips around a man’s cockhead for the first time of what will be many.

“That’s it Kevin, enjoy our catcher’s cock” interjected coach Sampson. “Baseball players like us love to suck cock. It’s awesome having your teammates head in your mouth, isn’t it boy?”

Kevin turned to his coach with a smile and a nod, and then slowly swallowed Todd’s cock, stopping about three quarters of the way down.

“There you go boy” said coach Sampson, “savor that cock in your mouth. Don’t be afraid of it, swallow it all. Your mouth will get used to it. Baseball men were made to suck cock.”

Kevin moved up and down on Todd’s cock. At first it was awkward exploratory cock sucking from a newbie, but Kevin quickly adapted to sucking cock as the awkwardness dissipated and Todd’s moans increased.

Dan by this time had shuffled closer to the group with unzipped pants and a rock hard cock pointing north. Watching his best buddy Kevin suck the catcher’s cock withered away any of Dan’s hesitation. Dan wanted to suck cock too, and badly.

He fell to his knees next to coach Sampson. The coach stood up to get out of the way, patting Dan on the shoulder as he stood. Dan shifted himself right in front of Todd and next to his cock sucking buddy Kevin.

Kevin took Todd’s cock from his mouth and pointed it at Dan. Despite his strong yearning, Dan apprehensively looked at Kevin and then up at Todd.

“Go ahead buddy. Give it a try” instructed Todd.

Dan smiled up at Todd as Kevin urged his friend, “Go ahead Dan. Cock is great.”

Dan shuffled himself into a better position. He put Todd’s cock in his hand. After a hesitant look up at Todd, getting final approval, he swallowed the catcher’s cock whole.

“Fuck yeah” said Kevin approvingly as he started to explore Todd’s heavy balls in his mouth. The two worked as teammates should, honoring their catcher’s cock and balls. The scent was overwhelming which only made them crave his equipment even more. They took turns on Todd’s cock, both wrapping their lips around each side of Todd’s cock, moving from base to tip, reveling in precum - filled tongue swaps from the juice Todd was so generously feeding them.

The two got lost in the moment as they continued sucking Todd’s cock for several minutes. During that time, they heard other baseball teammates coming into the locker room. They never looked up or took their attention off Todd’s cock, but pattern was the same. There were words of shock and dismay. The words eventually turned to quiet as the football and wrestling guys came over giving them big hugs or playful chokeholds.

“Okay, that’s enough cock sucking for now. You wrestlers and football guys who are not on the baseball team, hit the weight room or get your running in. Those who are on my team, stay and have a seat” instructed coach Sampson.

The baseball players began to sit on benches towards the far side of the locker room. The wrestlers and football players who were also on the baseball team joined them while the remaining football and wrestling jocks, along with their coaches, headed out to the weight room or track.

Master Mike separated Todd from his teammates and headed over to an empty corner in the locker room. “Todd, when coach gives you the room, I want you to instruct the team with the new protocols during the game” instructed Master Mike.

“New protocols?” asked Todd.

“Yes son. Establish the protocols for the team, a team of cock suckers. Again, follow your instincts. How should a baseball team of cock suckers function? Think it through for the next few minutes and when coach calls you up, go for it. If you get stuck or need help, I’ll be here for you. But I want you to handle this as the captain and catcher of the team. And as my son

“Understood Sir.”

Coach Sampson addressed the team. “You guys who were here for football and wrestling practice, I want you to sit next to a teammate that just arrived. Your scent is powerful and they will want to experience more of it. You may remain naked and any new comers who would also like to sit through the meeting naked are more than welcome to do so.”

Several guys got right up and started to take off their clothes, Kevin and Dan shedding their shirts and kicking their pants off which were bundled up by their ankles. There were a few guys who kept their clothes on, but with some encouragement from the others and a few deep breathes next to a teammate who was a wrestler or football player, the room eventually was all nude.

Todd stood in the back and listened as coach talked about his goals for practice, the preliminary batting rotation, starters versus nonstarters, the season schedule and other related matters. Todd was thinking his delivery through. He thought it best to address the team with a strong hard on, showing the power of his masculinity. He was still relatively hard from the attention given to him by his coach and two teammates. He played with his cock and balls behind the seated team as he waited for coach’s hand off. After ten minutes, Todd’s heart jumped as he heard, “and for the rest of today’s session, I’m turning it over to Todd.”

Hearing his intro, the jitters evaporated and were replaced with an attitude the captain of a baseball team should have. Todd’s cock surged with power and became just as hard as it was in Dan and Kevin’s mouth.

He passed Master Mike on his way to the front of the team. His Dad slapped him on the ass and gave him a wink increasing his confidence. Todd was ready to turn the team into the cocksuckers they were meant to be.

“Welcome back guys. I want to go over some of the new signs we’re going to use for the team this year. It’s going to be a really good year with each of us becoming the men we were meant to be. How does everyone like my raging hard on?”

Todd put both arms behind his head as he showed his perfectly arched cock pointing up into his belly. He turned a little to his left and then to his right so every member of the team could get a look at it.

“Kevin did you enjoy sucking my cock while everyone else watched?” Todd asked looking straight at Kevin. Kevin was embarrassed by the question. He didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t gay and he had never sucked cock before, but he couldn’t deny that he did it and that he enjoyed it. Yet he could not bring himself to say he enjoyed it in front of all his teammates.

Coach Sampson broke the silence, “Gentlemen, it’s okay if we have a little man to man fun sometimes. You’re all virile young men with needs, and locker rooms have a tendency to get us horny. We practice and play our sports, seeking dominance over other men, and that can have a profound effect on our sexual appetites."

While coach Sampson was talking, Master Mike motioned to Todd, with his hand extended, pushing down on the air. Todd understood that he had went a little too far putting Kevin on the spot and gave his Dad a slight nod of acknowledgement.

Master Mike could sense the room. The jock scent in the room was doing its job. The team had virtually no resistance. Master Mike sensed some awkward feelings when Todd was showing off his rock hard cock, but no one was puzzled asking what the hell was going on. Master Mike knew they needed the shower programming to become complete cock suckers and that would happen after practice. It was best to end this and get things close to normal.

“Coach, why don’t you hand out the new uniforms and then have Todd go over the signs for practice?” said Master Mike to his slave coach, more of a command than a request.

“Yes Master” replied the coach.

Master Mike winced as he heard those words. It was too early for the team to hear “Master.” The sexual activity had pushed the team’s limits, but cocks have a way of overruling rational thought. And the “Master” brought back all rationality.

“Whoa. Fuck. I’m out of here! This is just too weird” said Dave, the starting left fielder, as he stood up and began to put his clothes back on.

“I’m with you. Who the heck is this guy and why is coach calling him “Master?” joined in Trevor, the third baseman. Trevor looked at Dan and Kevin with a vile glare asking, “and when did you two give up pussy and become cock suckers?”

Dan stood up beginning to lose it from the accusation. “I’m not a cock sucker. I just, well, I don’t know. It just happened. I’m not a fag.”

Todd and coach looked at Master Mike completely lost as how to handle the rebellious uprising. Master Mike approached the front of the benches and raised his arms to get the team’s attention.

“Gentlemen, my name is Mike Masters. Coach made a simple error in pronunciation. I’m here simply to observe. The university is considering eliminating one of the teams this year due to budget restraints. Frankly, judging from the behavior of this team, clearly there are issues that should be addressed.”

The room got quiet. Some of the men glared at Kevin, Dan and Todd for participating in a public blowjob session. Visions of free ride scholarships and dreams of making the pro’s began to evaporate. Fear filled the room and Master Mike could sense it. He knew people were at their most vulnerable when fearful, and immediately took advantage of it.

“Coach, why don’t we take a break. Have the team hit the showers. Relax under some warm water and re-group here in a few minutes

“Great idea. You’ll love the new showers guys, fully automated, very relaxing.”

Some began to move towards the shower room, but Dave and Trevor remained adamant. Coach Sampson moved up to them closely as the others made their way to the shower room.

“Listen boys. You are my starting third baseman and left fielder. That can easily be changed. And if you walk out of this practice, you’re not coming back. I grant you things got weird in here with me, Todd, Dan and Kevin. It’s my fault for letting it get that far. But we are a team, no matter our sexual preferences. I’ll have a word with those three, but in the meantime, I want you to settle down, relax with a shower, and we’ll start again in a few minutes. And I apologize for any awkwardness you felt.”

“Alright Coach” said the outfielder as he pulled down the boxer briefs he had just put on.

“Deal” said the third baseman, “I could use a shower to wash away everything I’ve just seen.”

“Alright then” answered back coach Sampson, “hit the showers and we’ll see you in a few.”

The men hit the showers leaving Coach Sampson, Todd and Master Mike in the locker room. Master Mike knew Coach could not witness the team being reprogrammed.

“Bring some cohesion to your team coach. Get in there and shower with them” he ordered his slave coach.

Coach Sampson dutifully obeyed. Loving the sensation of the shower was a helpful incentive.

Todd approached his Dad sheepishly. “What it is son? Get in there with the team.”

“But Dad, you are going to program them to be something they are not, just like you did with the football team.”

“That’s right son. Now get in there and join them. I promise no harm will come to you. You’ll be the exact same man you are now when you come out.”

“Promise Dad?”

“I promise son. Now be the captain of the team, and get in there with your teammates. The shower program knows who you are and all will be well.”

Todd acquiesced and got into the shower room as coach Sampson was explaining how the showers work. Todd took a shower head next to Dan and Kevin, while coach stood under a center pillar behind them. Coach instructed the men to say their names, team and position. One by one the showers started.

Dave and Trevor were on the opposite side wall of the shower room. Although a bit hesitant, they stated their names, their positions and that they were on the baseball team.

“Hey, coach was right. This shower feels amazing” said Dave to Trevor.

Trevor looked up into the shower to get a good blast on his chest , “yeah it sure…” Trevor did not complete his sentence as his mind got absorbed by the pulsing lights of the shower head.

Dave meanwhile had his head down letting the water fall on the back of his neck and torso. He hadn’t noticed all the voices in the room becoming quiet. He looked up to the shower head, wiped the water from his eyes and like his silent buddy next to him became absorbed by the pulsing lights.

Staring deeper and deeper into the shower head, Dave’s mind began to wonder to sexual thoughts. “I do enjoy playing with my cock. Every guy on the team likes playing with his cock” he thought.

“So it’s okay if we sometimes play with our cocks in front of each other. Even better if a buddy offers to play with my cock and I return the favor. We are men. One team. The locker room was meant for men. Men are to be open, care free and enjoy each other.

Master Mike looked into the room to see if every man had his hand on a buddy’s cock. He was particularly pleased to see Dave and Trevor holding each other’s cock. Resistance can be problematic, but is so satisfying seeing it melt away.

Dave could sense all his teammates in his head. They all agreed that playing with another man’s cock was a good thing to be enjoyed amongst men.

As Dave continued to look up at the shower head he acknowledged that he liked Trevor holding his cock. Then a question popped into Dave’s mind, “would he suck his own cock if he were physically able to do so?” He readily agreed that he would and could sense the agreement of all his teammates. “Who wouldn’t suck their own cock?” he thought to himself almost mockingly.

“So if I could suck my own cock, why wouldn’t I suck my buddy’s cock? Help him out since he probably can’t suck his own cock either. What kind of buddy am I not to suck my teammate’s cock?”

Images of erect, thick cocks assaulted Dave’s mind, as they did to every mind in the shower room. Scenes of men with men, in different scenarios, naked, hard, all comfortable being with each other; men with perfect cocks, thrusting from dark patches of pubic hair and anchored by heavy, low hanging balls, soaked into every mind. Dave accepted the thought being burrowed in his mind that men, free to follow their desires with each other, was natural, even desirable. He could sense the consensus by all his teammates in the room.

Dave continued to feel his buddy Trevor’s cock in his hand. “Cock is great” Dave affirmed to himself as he looked into the pulsing shower head. “There is power in cock. Without our cock and balls we aren’t men. Only men can excel at collegiate and pro baseball. I should embrace, not shun, other men’s cocks. I honor cock and please cock. I appreciate the power of cock. I must become a cock sucker. Good baseball jocks suck cock.”

Master Mike leaned against the shower room threshold as Dave lowered himself to his knees. He watched as Dave stared at Trevor’s hard cock with admiration, giving it a slight kiss on the head. Trevor’s cock surged even harder as Dave moved his mouth down the side of Trevor’s cock, down to the base and back up after taking a deep inhale of Trevor’s patch of pubes. Dave continued the movements a few more times, finally taking Trevor’s thickly, flaired mushroom head into his mouth. Just an inch or so at first, appreciating the shape and feel of head in his mouth, but within seconds, Dave was down to the base of Trevor’s cock delighted as cock filled his mouth and plugged his throat.

Master Mike smirked remembering the words of the left fielder saying “This is all too weird. I’m out of here.” Watching the transformations never got old for Master Mike.

Trevor was receiving the reciprocal programming, accepting the pleasure of another man’s mouth on his cock; realizing, as he received the best blow job of his young life that only a man can effectively service and please the cock of another man. It was natural for men to suck each other’s cock, even selfish not to. He couldn’t wait until he had cock filling his throat too.

The program played out. Trevor switched places with Dave and began to worship his cock. The team accepted their programming with no resistance. Dan and Kevin once again enjoyed a cock sucking session, but this time the change was permanent. There would be no more doubt.

Master Mike knew the load blowing command was soon to come, but he wanted the cum to be in a gel with lots of sweat and pheromones after a good workout. So he ended the program in groups of fours and sent the team through the air drying system changing the reality of Todd now being his son and that they are always to obey him as Master but never to acknowledge him.

As the team gathered group by group into the locker room, they all talked about the power and strength of cock. After the entire team had left the shower room, Dave spoke up.

“Coach, can I say a word?”

“Sure thing Dave. Go ahead.”

“Thanks. I just want to apologize for being a jerk earlier. Dan and Kevin were enjoying Todd’s cock earlier, and I was too ignorant to realize how natural that was. I over reacted and I apologize. I want to suck both their cocks, yours too coach, and anyone else on the team.”

The players around Dave all gave him a pat on the back. It was all in the past, they were new men now.

“Alright men” said coach Sampson, “let’s get these new uniforms on. You’ll like the way the fabric accentuates your ass and bulge. You know you all have to wear cups…”

There were sighs and groans in the locker room and Dan spoke up, “Coach, how can we enjoy seeing each other’s cocks if they’re hidden inside a cup?” Coach Sampson looked at Todd who took the cue to address the team.

“Okay guys, cups can be a drag. I get it. We all want to see some hot cock profile and some heavy balls in those pants. But baseballs are hard and we don’t want our equipment damaged. Right?”

The team nodded in agreement.

“The good news is, our cups and jocks are going to be communal. We’ll share each other’s ball sweat and manly musk at every practice and game. And we are going to have some new protocol on the field. So let’s get out there and get to it.”

Master Mike looked on as the team cheered excitedly in their new uniforms, encouraged that Todd had taken initiative with the communal jock idea. The uniforms were typical baseball pants with heavy belt loops made of a lycra blend fabric that hugged every contour of their legs, ass and cupped bulge. The shirts were short sleeved squeezing their upper arms while exposing their thick forearms, adhering tightly around their shoulders, chests and torsos. It was a prominent display of maleness that fit perfectly in the classic look of a baseball uniform.

Minutes later all the men were outside gathered around the dugout. Coach Sampson addressed the team.

“Alright men. Here is the starting line up for this practice. There is no guarantee you will remain as starters. Your performance dictates that, both on the field and in the locker room.”

Coach Sampson read the starting line up with Todd as catcher, Kevin at first, Dan at second, Trevor at third and Dave in left field along with the two other outfielders, the pitcher and the short stop. Ending the starting line up, he gave the meeting to Todd.

“Okay guys” bellowed Todd, “listen up. I’m going to go over my pitching signs. I’ll then follow it with a second sign to remind us what a great team of cock suckers we are. When I give that sign, think about sucking cock and use that energy to field any hit.”

The players took the field. Todd grasped his cup and adjusted it heartily with his right hand. His teammates did as they were told and returned the signal with the same gesture. Every pitch was to begin this way. Todd crouched into his catcher position. It was an easy site into Todd’s crotch for everyone in the infield. The players readied themselves: legs apart, hips bent with torsos practically parallel to the ground, their new uniforms digging deeply into their ass cracks.

Todd gave a curve ball sign, paused, following with the cock sucking sign. Index finger pointing down, the team knew it meant sucking cock on your knees. Kevin immediately pictured himself kneeling on the locker room floor with a meaty, hairy cock in his face. Dan imagined being in the showers on his knees surrounded by three hard and aching cocks. Dave fantasized being a good boy on his knees as coach Sampson and coach Pierson took turns filling his mouth with cock. Trevor played out the same scene but with his teammates surrounding him with multiple cocks to feast upon.

“Ball” the pitched was called by coach Sampson who acted as umpire during practices.

Todd threw the ball back to the pitcher adjusting his cup again. All the players returned the gesture. A fast ball sign. The players readied themselves. The ball would come swiftly if hit. Then Todd gave the second sign. The index finger and the middle finger, the skull fuck sign.

“Damn” thought Kevin, “To be on a bench in the locker room with my head hanging over the edge, Dan or someone else’s cock brutally skull fucking me; fighting for each breath as weighty cum filled balls slap against my face.”

Meanwhile, Dan saw himself sitting on a locker room bench, untying his shoe, as coach Sampson lifted his head on both sides and mercilessly slammed his cock deep into Dan’s throat, skull fucking him hard.

Dave envisioned lying in bed as his roommate Trevor straddled his head and began pounding his mouth hard. Trevor meanwhile allowed himself more kink seeing himself tied to a chair in coach’s office as player after player and coach after coach came and went, using his mouth as a fuck hole.

Crack! The ball was hit, a grounder heading straight for the second base man. Kevin moved quickly to get his left foot on first base while he stretched his glove out for the catch. While Dan fielded the ball at second base, Kevin could see that Dan was sporting a hard on. It was poking from the left of his cup, tilting his cup off center and leaving a distinct impression against his tight pants.

Dan scooped up the ball, throwing it to first base to get the out. As the next hitter got ready to bat, the infielders threw the ball to each other as baseball players are want to do. Kevin smiled seeing all the guys adjusting themselves.

Second batter came to the plate. The fielders got into position feeling the tight fabric of their uniforms wedging up their asses and holding their cups in place. The signal was given for another fast ball, then the cock sucking signal.

Another skull fuck signal. The players went back to their previous fantasies, except Dan, who now envisioned himself in the shower room on his knees. The backup catcher held his head from behind as his buddy Kevin slammed his mouth with cock, aggressively plugging his throat over and over. Right before the ball was hit; Dan had begun to wonder what cum tastes like.

Crack! The ball sailed passed the shortstop who dove for the ball but landed hard on the ground. Dan ran towards second base as he watched the right fielder scoop up the ball and throw it towards him. Dan could not help notice the erect cock running down the outfielders leg in his new tight uniform, once again pushing the cup off center. The throw was late and the batter was safe at second base.

The practice continued. The second string guys had their time on the field as the starters sat in the dugout. It was a different dynamic in the dugout than previous practices, lots of talk about cock sucking. Players grasped at each other’s cupped crotches, some giving a few taps with a baseball bat against their teammate’s cup, a few guys acting like EMT’s, holding their cup up to their buddy’s face as if it were attached to a respirator as they yelled, “breathe dammit, breathe.”

Coach interceded several times telling them to pay attention to practice. “Gentlemen, cock sucking can wait until the locker room. For now we pay attention to practice. If you want to lust over your teammates’ cocks, pay attention to the ones on the field. We may be cocksuckers, but we are baseball player cock suckers so pay attention to the practice.”

But Coach was all horned up too. He wanted a taste of these young, robust, jock cocks. Not before long, Coach called practice and the team eagerly headed into the locker room.

As the baseball players arrived into the locker room, Master Mike had the football players and wrestlers back in the shower room uploading their hole eating and fucking experiences into the shower system, while allowing all the sweat from their workouts to drain into the gel collectors. For added measure, he injected commands into the shower system for them to play as they wanted but all cum must be shot unto each other or the floor. Master Mike wanted the best gel for his baseball players.

He had to chuckle as he turned around and saw his baseball players pulling down their pants as hard-on after hard-on sprang from their confining cup and pants. Each tossed his cup into a box by coach’s office to be used for next practice. His two earlier rebellious ones, David and Trevor, were already on the floor in a sixty nine position where they were simultaneously swallowing each other’s cocks.

Kevin, Dan and Todd began a hot threesome. Todd stood on a bench while Kevin serviced his cock aggressively with mouth and hand. Dan was on his knees worshipping Kevin’s cock and balls intermingled with a few sweet kisses on Kevin’s cock head.

The above scene was repeated by four other threesomes, while Coach Sampson was on the floor, by his office forming a daisy chain with two of the outfielders and a back up pitcher.

Master Mike stood and watched. The wrestlers and footballer players were still in the shower room quietly being uploaded. He knew the cum would start shooting soon with the baseball players and was curious to see which of the baseball jocks would swallow. There was no swallowing conditioning in the shower programs, so the degree of swallowing will be a good indication of how well the team embraced their new cock sucking mentalities.

It didn’t take long to find out. Trevor was the first. Master Mike heard the panting. The grunts followed as Trevor furiously pumped Dave’s face. Trevor’s ass clenched up and with a series of “Arggghs” as he flooded Dave’s face with his spooge. Even if Dave wasn’t ready for his first creamy load, he got it. Dave stood up quickly and grabbed Trevor’s chin pulling him into a powerful, tongue swirling, cum swapping kiss. The two new cock suckers reveled in the uncompromising taste of man. Wanting more, Trevor got down on his knees and in a rhythmic motion of mouth and hand on Dave’s cock, was fed several large volleys of his best friend’s cum. As Dave did before, Trevor rose to his feet, grabbed Dave’s face and the two men frolicked in the taste of cum once again.

Once the scent of cum hit the air, it was only seconds before every sex group was filling its members’ mouths full of cum. The scent of cum got heavier in the air as cum was dripping down chins and puddling on beards and stubble. Every man swallowed, then yearned for more. Their transformation was complete. They were cock suckers now.

Master Mike ordered everyone into the shower room to clean up. He paused the upload of the other two teams so the baseball players could catch up with their upload. One by one the showers started by the baseball players name recognition and the upload immediately began.

The memories swirled in the baseball players heads. They relived every cock sucking experience they had that day. They experienced once more the scent and taste of cock and cum in their minds. But as each memory came, the shower system took it from their minds, uploading it into the same program that began their new lives as cocksuckers.

The upload stopped and just like their jock brothers and their coaches, the baseball players and coach Sampson stood solid with empty sexual minds ready to be filled, taken away as quickly as it had been given.

The shower system reactivated as the water streamed and the light pulsing started. Every memory of every man was fed into each man’s brain and took root. The memories became the reality of them all.

From the wrestlers’ memories came the taste, the scent, and the sight of a man’s hole. The thrill of licking a dark jungle of ass hairs before getting to the meat; the joy of sharing sweaty hole with each other after practice; the sight of a hairy hole lowered on your face as you anticipate the tasty treat to come; the team camaraderie in a hole eating chain; they became the reality of them all.

From the football team came memories of men’s hot asses in tight lycra pants saturated in sweat; the jockstrap framing a muscular ass; the feel of a tight hot hole as it opens and gives way to cock, wrapping it in warmth and pleasure. Those memories, combined with the pleasure of a cock filled ass, the pleasing pressure on the prostate, the joy of relaxing and giving in; wielding the power to fuck or be fucked; became the reality of them all.

The baseball team memories completed the men’s transformation. The excitement of a throbbing cock, with heavy hanging balls, crowned with a mane of hair; the submission of an open mouth letting head and shaft enter; the feel and scent of pubes slamming against your face; the surge of power as another man submits to worship your cock; surprise, acceptance and primal bliss of cum flooding your mouth; the gift of filling another man’s mouth with your seed; the dominance and submission of swallowing; became the reality of them all.

The shower program gave its last command: to shoot. It was a hodgepodge of sexual activity with every man stroking his own or a buddy’s cock. Holes were being fingered and eaten as every jock and coach jerked off. The male to male sexual energy peaked. Master Mike watched. Coach Kirkland, the football coach was the first to shoot, a volley of cum hitting his wrestling coach buddy all over his lower back and ass. Pierson returned the favor, standing and turning to plaster Kirkland’s pubes in globs of white. Baseball coach Sampson’s face was barraged by incoming loads of cum from Dan, Trevor and Dave as he squatted in a catcher’s position surrounded by his players. New brothers Todd and Kyle, in a heavy make out session, jerked each off until both their hands were full of cum from their brother’s load.

Within minutes every man had shot his load. Rivers of cummy water flowed into the drain to become the powerful scented gel the baseball team needed. Master Mike instructed the football and wrestlers to take the gel from the drain catchers and smear the baseball team with it. They obeyed. Master Mike walked away getting hard as the scent caught up to him. These men were his now. A powerful array of testosterone he could use to seduce any man. And seduce and enslave many men he would.

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