By Tom Gungy
published November 13, 2020
4105 words

Aaron, an honors student jock, and Derrick, a classic nerd, have their unlikely friendship put to the test when a dissociative technology overachieves in its trial run.

(Author’s Note: I’m endeavoring to post once a week again, but I may still be a little rusty. That said, constructive criticism is more than welcome, and I do hope you enjoy the story!)

“And you’re sure this won’t take too long?” Aaron asked with a distracted sigh.

“Nah,” Derrick replied from his computer. “In fact, the process should be instantaneous if my calculations are correct.”

“Alright,” Aaron grumbled, pulling the visor over his eyes, “I’ll believe that when I see it.”

But Derrick wasn’t listening. The young inventor rarely did when it came to criticism of his ideas. He merely continued typing away at his computer, inputting the coding as the last touches for his device. Aaron stood on the far side of the computer lab, impatiently staring into the darkness of Aaron’s device. When the intrepid young engineering major had asked him for assistance, he’d been disinclined to agree. Having shared a dorm room with Derrick for the better part of two years, Aaron had learned that Derrick’s contraptions had a way of rarely working and often injured the poor victim that’d been persuaded into testing them. Since even before the young inventor had come of age though, the pair had found themselves developing into fast friends despite their vast differences, frequently making Aaron the aforementioned poor victim.

Derrick was a classic nerd, stocked with a vast collection of vastly outdated clothes and never without his thick-rimmed glasses to assist his drastically impaired vision. Aaron could practically picture the young man without even having to see him, slouched behind the computer as he further entered the visor’s final coding. He was wearing the usual pair of bulky cargo pants over his scrawny legs, and he’d likely thrown on some t-shirt featuring a reference to some video game Aaron had never heard of. That wasn’t to say the geek was homely, however, as behind the chunky glasses was a well structured face that more than a few young ladies on the college campus swooned for. Aaron had never witnessed Derrick show an interest in any of them though. Rumors subsequently circulated about the mysterious nerd’s sexuality, speculating that he had more of an interest in Derrick himself than anyone of the female persuasion. Aaron was always the first to refute such claims though, assuring everyone that listened to him that Derrick’s disinterest was born of an earnest single-minded fascination with his work.

People listened to Aaron and always had. He’d graduated at the top of his high school senior class as the captain of the football team and dutiful president of the school government. From the moment he entered college, he did so with a splash. He hadn’t needed to pay for a single class since applying due to his multitude of generous scholarships, and even as a junior this had yet to change. Aaron enjoyed the prestige of being the star player of the college’s football team as well, and he was spoken of as a prodigy by the few professors allowed the distinct pleasure of having him in their class. The young man was easy to look at, bearing a superb physique as implied by his prowess on the football field. His bulky, hardened arms were fully visible by the muscle shirt he was wearing, an old high school t-shirt with the sleeves torn away for the purpose of use during training. Even as he stood sighing exasperatedly in the computer lab, this makeshift workout shirt was still drenched with the sweat of his exertions, having come directly from the gym to help his roommate. A heady musk also emanated from the gym shorts that tightly clung to his muscular thighs and filled the small room with his pungent scent.

“Are you done yet?” Aaron groaned.

“Almost!” Derrick chuckled at the jock’s impatience. “What, do you have a party to get to?”

“No, I have a test to study for, and you know it!” Aaron answered with a snarky smirk. “I still plan on creaming you!”

“Yeah, well, there’s a first time for everything, right?” Derrick snarkily retorted.

What few people understood about the unlikely pair’s friendship was how deeply each intellectually engaged the other. While Aaron couldn’t speak for Derrick, the young athlete had long become exhausted by the consistency of which he’d be pigeonholed into the slot of the classic, American jock. People solely expected him to be a handsome face with little to no complexity or intelligence underneath, and he was often saddled with a stereotype of womanizing and toxic masculinity that utterly disgusted him. Other students of a similar crowd were often taken aback by his reluctance to associate with them, and he was often put off by the women that would seek him out, expecting a thoughtless fling from the athlete. In reality, Aaron was still a virgin, but women always assumed this was a lie when told to them.

Despite Aaron’s exceptional academic success, his social life during his freshman year suffered to the point of the athlete becoming almost entirely isolated. At the beginning of his sophomore year, Aaron was nearly ready to simply give in and become what people expected until Derrick, a freshman, became his new roommate. Both being social outcasts by nature, they often found themselves home while others enjoyed a night out, and from there the two developed a fast mutual respect for each other. By the time Derrick was a sophomore himself, the two were as thick as thieves and rarely seen apart outside of class. Finally, Aaron had a friend who acknowledged his brains, not his brawn.

As to what Derrick received from the relationship remained somewhat of a mystery to the older student. He’d asked in the past why the nerd liked hanging out with someone like him, a jock with minimal understanding of geek culture, but Derrick always brushed the question aside saying they simply had a lot to learn from each other. Aaron took the principle of learning more about Derrick’s world to heart. By his junior year he’d watched every “Star Wars” movie, had become an RPG aficionado, and even submitted himself to a few sessions of Dungeons and Dragons when he could find the time. Aaron learned to thrive in Derrick’s world, yet meanwhile the nerd never seemed to show any interest in student government, weight lifting, or sports in general. Derrick merely seemed interested in Aaron, which the jock never knew whether to be puzzled or flattered by.

“Finished!” Derrick cried out in success as he heard the younger student slap the “enter” button on the keyboard. “Now remember, the purpose of the visor is to visually stimulate you into a dissociative state. It’ll be a lot of bright colors, and then we’ll take it off, okay?”

“Got it!” Aaron approved with a chummy thumbs-up. “When is it supposed to-”

“I don’t know about you, but I think we got a lot of great data today.”

Aaron felt the visor being lifted from his face, and he startled backwards to see Derrick standing in front of him. The young inventor had approached with surprising speed, hadn’t he? Wasn’t he just sitting at the computer? Why hadn’t Aaron heard him cross the room?

“Wait, what?” Aaron queried in vague stupidity.

Seeing the jock’s puzzled expression, Derrick’s own brow furrowed in confusion.

“What do you mean, ‘what?’” he asked in return. “What’s up?”

“A- Are we not testing?” Aaron continued to question before suddenly wincing in pain.

“Ow,” he grumbled, raising his hand to his forehead under the sudden onslaught of a sharp headache.

“You don’t remember any of that?” Derrick asked in marked surprise.

“Remember what?” Aaron groaned, massaging his temples.

“Aaron, we already tested the visor,” Derrick slowly informed his friend with an expression of concern.

“What?” Aaron exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Derrick assured with a confident nod. “You seemed fine, a little distracted, but that’s to be expected with the way you were being blasted with visual stimulus. You were responsive to my questions though. You perfectly exhibited all the symptoms of dissociation.”

Derrick crossed his arms with a consternated frown.

“Are you sure you don’t remember?”

“No!” the frantic jock cried out. “Shit, dude! Did I get brain damage or something?”

“Nah,” Derrick mumbled thoughtfully. “That’s not really possible. The only thing I can figure is…”

“‘Is’?” Aaron urgently pressed.

A wide smile spread across Derrick’s face, and in that instant Aaron couldn’t help but picture friend as a reckless child who’d just stumbled a great secret of devious potential.

“Derrick?” Aaron timidly prodded.

“I don’t know,” Derrick finally said, the smile diminishing to a poorly disguised glimmer of mischief in his eyes. “I’ll need to run some more tests.”

“Well, you’ll need to find someone else’s help for this one, bud,” the larger student declined, pursing his lips. “I’m at my limit of weird here.”

“Dude, no!” Derrick pleaded, his face suddenly turning dire. “You’re such a good subject! Besides, I need more consistent data to start.”

“I thought you said you got plenty of good data,” Aaron objected.

“That was before I was the only one that remembered it!”

“Look,” the scholarly sophomore adjusted his glasses, his tone turning diplomatic, “if you promise to try the visor again tomorrow, even if only for one more time, I’ll help you study for tomorrow’s test tonight.”

Aaron raised an eyebrow.

“All night?” he scrupulously negotiated.

“For as late as you want,” Derrick promised, setting down the visor to extend his hand for a shake.

Aaron stared at the hand thoughtfully for a moment before seizing it with his own and flashing that winning smile everyone loved him for.


The young men shook on it, and after Derrick packaged away the visor with pointed delicacy, the two returned to their dorm to carry out the first half of their bargain. Despite Aaron’s stipulation, Derrick helped him to master the subject material within a few short hours and the two went to bed early. Aaron cheerfully woke the next only morning immensely much more well-rested than he had intended. Derrick was already gone, his bed neatly made as usual, leaving the older student to wonder where his friend had gone. As Aaron prepared for the day though, his thoughts lingered on that strange smile Derrick had featured the day prior. It seemed a much more chaotic expression than he’d come to expect from the habitually organized and refined inventor, pressing him to question what prompted it. He trusted his friend implicitly, but the jock couldn’t help but wonder if Derrick wasn’t beginning to develop more sinister machinations than just testing a simple visor on him. Aaron tried to shake the notion off as a simple flight of fancy, but despite his best efforts to forget it, the grin haunted the college athlete for the rest of the day. Then the time came to rejoin Derrick in the computer lab.

“There he is!” Derrick announced to no one particular in the regularly disregarded computer lab upon Aaron’s entrance.

“Hey,” Aaron half-heartedly responded, setting his bag in the chair next to his friend’s.

“How did you do on the test today, dude?” he conversationally asked, obviously engrossed with the computer. “I looked over to check on you, and you looked like the test just told you ‘it was your father’.”

He chuckled as he ended with a vague imitation of “Star Wars”, but Aaron didn’t answer, staring at Derrick’s face with fixed scrutiny. If the young nerd noticed, he didn’t say anything. Instead Derrick continued typing code until he handed the visor from the desk to Aaron.

“Go ahead and throw this on,” he prompted. “I’m almost done.”

Aaron stared at the device in his hands for a moment before relinquishing a small sigh.

“And you’re sure it’s safe?” he asked, the timidity in his voice poorly masked.

“Perfectly,” Derrick assured him before turning to face his friend.

A familiar glimmer twinkled in his eyes.

“Don’t worry, dude. You’re in my hands.”

Aaron slowly nodded, still clearly nervous, before looking down at the visor again. He emitted another brief sigh. He knew there was something Derrick wasn’t telling him, and he knew his friend had a bad habit of putting the project before safety. Regardless though, Aaron also knew he’d made a promise to the young inventor, and ultimately Aaron trusted Derrick more than anyone else on the campus. That’s why, despite his premonition and better judgement, placed it over his head. He spent a brief moment of securing it in place while Derrick was still typing, and then he took another deep breath to try and slow his suddenly pounding heart.

“Okay,” Aaron panted, “I think I’m-”

Aaron noticed how remarkably relaxed he was first and foremost. His thundering heart had instantly slowed to a calm, rhythmic beat, and his hands, previously fidgeting with the visor, were now hanging limply at his sides. A part of him recognized that something strange had happened, but no aspect of him was alarmed by this enigmatic event. Instead, the masculine jock stood stock-still with a relaxed smile on his face as he felt a pair of hands begin to pry the visor of his head. The darkness was stripped away to reveal Derrick, staring up at him with a mixed expression of curiosity and anticipation.

“Aaron?” he softly prodded. “How do you feel, dude?”

Aaron looked down at Derrick with a subtle, blissful smile. His eyes seemed strangely dull, and he felt as though he was regarding his friend through a light fog.

“I’m great, bro,” he dopily guffawed, seemingly oblivious to how stupid he sounded.

“Yeah?” Derrick asked with a chuckle.

“Yeah, bro!” Aaron reaffirmed, becoming more active and vehement as he began to come out of his daze despite the lingering fuzzy feeling in his mind.

“Bro, like, that shit made me feel hella chill! Can I go again, bro?”

“Maybe in a second,” Derrick sputtered, barely able to constraint his laughter, “but first, how does your head feel?”

Aaron’s brow furrowed as he considered the question. Then an ecstatic grin blossomed across his face.

“Woah, bro!” he cheerily exclaimed. “No headache this time, dude! Good job!”

“Glad to hear it,” Derrick smuggly returned. “Turns out that the pain you were feeling was your conscious mind being sore from trying to escape trance.”

“Trance?” Aaron asked stupidly.

“Yeah,” Derrick nodded. “It ends up that the program hypnotically pacified your conscious mind by visually overstimulating it. You had a headache because you were essentially mentally exhausted.”

“Oh,” Aaron nodded, his dull expression betraying his ignorance of what was being said.

“But while you were under, I submitted you to a little intelligence dampening,” Derrick explained with a dubious smile. “Your mind can’t be exhausted if it’s too slow to even remotely keep up, so you won’t be having those headaches anymore.”

“Ah, thanks bro!” the jock beamed, obviously not comprehending the full extent of what had been down to him.

“It’s no problem, dude,” his friend chuckled before looking down at Aaron’s shorts. “You seem to really like the visor, huh?”

Aaron cocked his head in confusion before directing his attention to where Derrick was looking. Sure enough, through the tight, breathable fabric of the jock’s gym shorts was the obvious, straining outline of his fully erect cock. The member throbbed against the shorts like a beast trying to break free of captivity, and the impressive size of the appendage aided to the illusion. A substantial stain was already pooling from its tip, causing the bright red fabric to darken to glistening crimson. Looking down upon his piece, Aaron’s look of puzzlement became a lustful smile as the cock throbbed even harder in his shorts, the sight of his own virility urging on the dumb jock’s horniness.

“Fuck yeah, bro,” he groaned, reaching down to caress himself through the fabric.

“Woah, dude!” Derrick guffawed. “You’re acting awfully horny for a guy that hasn’t popped his cherry yet. Aren’t you a virgin still?”

“Yeah,” Aaron stupidly answered with brazen candidacy, obviously too distracted by his cock for his dull mind to think before speaking. “I jack off thinking about pussy, like, all the time though.”

“Dumb studs like you love pussy, huh?” Derrick adjusted his own crotch as he goaded on the jock.

“Fuck, yeah,” the older student groaned louder this time.

Both of Aaron’s hands were at his groin, pawing at the shorts like a lust-madened animal. The fact that he had an audience didn’t seem to perturb the jock, presumably because he was too caught up in his own fiery passions to care, but it had also appeared to have slipped his mind that he could simply remove his pants to allow for more direct access to his cock. Such a complex thought was impossible to the sex-addled jock in his state, so he simply continued to ineffectively assault his throbbing member through his clothing, rubbing and kneading the bulge like a child fervently playing with clay. Derrick watched, obviously bemused, as his friend oafishly stimulated himself in such a cartoonish way.

The jock quickly grew more and more fervent as mere minutes passed, falling into the rhythm with the utilitarian speed of a beast in heat. His face grew increasingly red from his fervent exertion, eventaully matching his precum smeared shorts. His groans of pleasure became louder with every stroke of his trembling hands, and the jock’s strong legs began to quake under the tremendous pleasure of an impending climax. Then finally the athlete thrusted his hips forward with an unconscious moan. It took everything within Derrick not to laugh at his foolish friend’s doltish expression of bliss as the stain in his gym shorts suddenly doubled in size. The jock panted like he’d just scored the touchdown, but the nerd smiled to think that the athlete was so dull as to confuse his own pants with the end zone. The jock quickly slowed down after he’d relieved himself of his passions, rubbing his softening bulge only a few more times before looking back up to Derrick with a sleepy smile.

“Did you have fun there, big guy?” Derrick snickered.

“Yeah,” Aaron dopily agreed with a half-lidded grin.

“The visor sure makes you horny, huh?” the nerd inquired.

“Yeah,” Aaron repeated.

“It’s good to see my programming is working in that regard too then.”


Derrick shook his head with a smile. It was obvious that scant little was making it through to his friend at that moment. The nerd held up the visor to the panting jock.

“Hey, since you seem to like it so much, why don’t we give the visor another shot?”

“Sure!” Aaron complacently complied, taking the device. “Dunno why I didn’t wanna try it back on in the first place.”

“Oh?” Derrick casually inquired as he reseated himself behind the computer.

“Yeah,” the muscled junior stupidly guffawed as he slid the visor back over his head like a hangman’s noose, “I thought you were going to trick me or something.”

Aaron heard Derrick’s fervent typing come to a sudden pause, and a quiet stole over the room.

“Yeah,” Derrick responded, his voice hardly a murmur. “How silly…”

“You back with me, dude?” Derrick asked, lifting the visor to reveal the thorough dazed eyes beneath, staring miles into space.

“Yeah, bro,” Aaron answered slowly, dully, as if from a half-sleep.

“That’s good,” Derrick replied, gazing at his friend quizzically. “Do you know who I am?”

Aaron’s head slowly craned downward to regard the slightly shorter sophomore.

“You’re… Derrick,” he haltingly responded.

“And what am I?” Derrick prodded, anxiousness obvious in his voice.

“You’re… the smart one. You’re in charge.”

Derrick beamed maliciously upwards at his stupid friend.

“And what does that make you?” the nerdy student snidely continued.

“I’m… the dumb one,” Aaron droned in his increasingly dopey tone. “I… obey?”

Derrick’s eye narrowed as his hand shot up to clench onto the taller muscular man’s jaw. The sight of the lithe geek so dominantly seizing his physical superior would’ve been laughable were the intense seriousness in Derrick’s gaze not so ardent. Aaron, for his part, merely stood with the slumped posture of a zombie, arms hanging limply at his sides while his face was dragged downward to come intimately close to Derrick’s.

“I heard a question in there, moron,” Derrick growled with a bullish voice that Aaron had never heard from his friend before, “but that couldn’t be right since you’re much too thick to question things, aren’t you?”

Aaron gulped in sudden fear. He felt that this was wrong. He thought he should do something, say something, yet nothing came to mind. The fog he’d experienced from the first session of the day had thickened, filling his mind like a mass of marshmallow. The honor student, pride and joy of the college professors, could barely string together a sentence of his own volition. The answers he’d provided Derrick were the only ones he could think of, and they echoed around in his sludge-filled head like chanted oaths in an ancient cathedral, authoritative and unquestionable:

Derrick is the smart one. He’s in charge. I’m the dumb one. I obey.

“I’m the dumb one,” Aaron sputtered with the panicked expression of a dumb animal. “I obey.”

The hand was removed from him, and Aaron smiled in stupid, giddy relief.

“Very good,” Derreck praised with a light pat on the jock’s cheek, “and you’ll do anything I say?”

“I obey,” Aaron repeated with an oaf’s grunt.

“Then suck my cock, moron,” Derrick commanded as he shucked his pants away, down around his ankles, to reveal a turgid member straining within his underwear.

Aaron stared dumbly at the white briefs for a moment, as if contemplating what to do next. Years of prolific thinking and studying had made mindfulness and instinctual response for the brawny young man, but his vain attempt at introspection was akin to trying to grasp a handful of the mist that had overtaken his mind. Through the density a muffled notion of his heterosexuality permeated his consciousness with the vaguest feeling of doubt, similar to that which had caused him to slightly question Derrick’s undeniable dominance over him, but the jock had learned from his earlier failing. Doubting the sophomore had been wrong, and the phrases echoed through his mind once more with incontestable authority.

Derrick is the smart one. He’s in charge. I’m the dumb one. I obey.

The hulking athlete dove down on his knees and yanked down the nerd’s outmoded undies with the hungry abandon of a man possessed, seizing Derrick’s throbbing cock between his trembling hands before engulfing it entirely within his mouth. Derrick smiled, watching his friend choke on his member. The junior’s unpracticed mouth made clumsy work of the blowjob, but being a virgin himself, Derrick didn’t particularly care or know the difference. In fact, the social outcast wasn’t even certain he enjoyed his dick in a man’s mouth, but he did enjoy his domination and the humiliation of his only academic rival, the only one who could even compete with him being reduced to a beast at his beck and call. As the nerd forcefully gripped the back of Aaron’s head, Derrick thought about how he’d been deprived of the social opportunities that had come so easily to his new fuck toy. Jamming his cock deep into his former friend’s throat, he reflected on how this dumb jock had tried to intrude into his singularly sacred pursuit of academics by trying to deseat him from what little he had. Finally, he came into Aaron’s throat with a smile, thinking of how well the once exemplary student would fit in amongst the other jocks as his own personal dumb himbo.

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