Blood Brotherhood

By Hypnocigarboy
published October 5, 2020
5517 words

A college student is taken over by a costume and seeks out others to join his ranks.

Blood Brotherhood

Sinking into the soft leather of his couch, Keith slacked back and sighed. The night before Halloween and he still hadn’t been invited to any parties. A college sophomore, and he still hadn’t had the chance to party like he dreamt of, hanging with the frat guys on campus.

What he wouldn’t give for a night of drinking, partying and getting high as the sky and feeling included for one halloween, getting to dress up as someone else and maybe even get a cute girl to come back to his dorm. His smirk grew, as he pulled out the small glass instrument from the cabinet beside his couch, filling it, and taking a hit.

His cold blue eyes relaxed, as he continued, packing the bowl and enjoying himself as his mind continued to dim. Finally, he was dazed enough not to care. Exhaling, he stood up, stretching as the wifebeater slacked around his shoulders, his shorts slipping and almost falling before he pulled the bands tighter.

His parents had always told him to clean up a bit, but after coming back to college, he felt like slacking was alright. Entering into the bathroom, he tossed his shirt aside and scanned himself in the mirror.

Keith had a slightly above average build, nothing like the jocks or football players on campus. His muscles were toned, and he had a set of abs showing, though he could have done better as of late. Sliding his hand down his chest, he reached the trail of dark hair leading to his crotch, biting his lip. He wasn’t quite the Calvin Klein model either.

Running a hand through the knotted dark hair, he considered his choices again. While he had ordered himself yet another Grim Reaper costume, maybe next year he could at least try for something bolder. A superhero maybe? Maybe a sports star? Maybe someone interesting, and not his boring old self?

Narrowing his eyes, he turned from the mirror, dropping his shorts and letting his nude body free. The chill air of the bathroom made his nipples harden, as he inhaled. A shower tug it’d be then. Kicking aside the worn clothing, he slipped into the glass shower, closing the door and turning the knobs, freeing the water to spray onto himself.

It was cold at first, but steadily warmed, flooding over his body as he felt the stink of weed and sweat drain off of him. His hands found the shampoo, lathering it into his hair roughly. His brisk fingers slid along his scalp as he hummed to himself, allowing his dazed mind to go far off.

He felt his cock stretching to attention, as his fingers slid down his chest, letting the shampoo clean from his hair. Gripping the soap, he slid the bar along his body, turning the showerhead away as he lathered his body up. His tan skin became soft and wet, slick from the soap. Leaning against the wall, he let himself play with his nipples, his hips rocking his cock forward and back.

With a groan, he lathered his hands up with more soap, sliding one around his hard cock, feeling it slicken and glide quickly up and down. Keith could feel his body writhe and beg for more, as he played with himself. Carefully, he found himself sliding a finger into his ass, reaching inside. Prodding his prostate, he felt himself see stars.

Aggressively groaning, fingering himself deeply, Keith’s body became aroused beyond belief, the best feeling he had experienced when high, as he approached an orgasm. His body was coming closer and closer, as he slid his hand along his slick member, until, under the hot water, he convulsed.

Thick spurts of white cum shot onto the shower wall, like a painting that he was proud to have created, soon to be washed away. The last dribbles of enjoyment slipped off of his cock and down the drain, as he cleaned what was left of himself, and exited the shower.

Exiting the bathroom, he found a box placed nearby, leaning between the door to the bathroom and the doorway into his apartment. How it had gotten there, he wasn’t sure, but he was still too dazed from his high and his orgasm to care or see the risk.

Assuming the package must have been his costume thankfully coming a day early, he picked it up and sat it down on the table in front of the couch, lounging back into the leather again, wrapped up in his towel as he steadily dried in the cool fall air blowing through the window.

Keith carefully took out his knife from the cabinet, sliding the blade across the tape and freeing the contents inside. With a careless flick, the knife slit a small gash on his finger, sending a few drops of blood flying. Hissing at his carelessness, he ran to the bathroom, wrapping his wounded finger in a bandaid and washing the knife.

Returning a bit more sober to the box, he carefully opened it more, swiping the blood off the thin cardboard as he stared into the contents inside. The glossy contents shined in the dim light of the room as he lifted the contents out of the box. It felt soft, but as he slid his fingers across the cool, slick surface, he felt a twinge of eerie arousal.

Holding up the package, he stared at the rubber suit that had been mistakenly sent to him. It was black, shiny, looking an awful lot like something he’d seen often in porn. Though, this one seemed strange, adorned with an attached extra bit of fabric, almost like a cloak or a cape. Someone had a thing for odd fashion, he supposed.

The box contained no return slip, nor a name anywhere on it. The last thing he wanted to do was go door to door and offer up a sex suit to his neighbors and get even more odd stares. It did seem to be made for a man though, and just big enough to fit him. Curiosity fueled Keith as he smirked, heading back into his bathroom.

The rubber was thicker than what he imagined, as he searched for an entry point to the suit. As he pulled, the neck of the suit stretched open, and Keith carefully took a step inside of it. He could feel the silk interior stretch around his foot, as it sank in deeper and deeper into the fabric.

His face flushed red and he could feel a slight arousal from the touch, as it clung tight to him. Soon, both legs sank into the suit, his feet and legs locked into the tight rubber, squeezing them as he rubbed his hands along the glossy outside.

“Fucking christ.” He spoke, groaning as he felt his cock harden again. Keith was used to being ready at attention quickly, but even within ten minutes of his shower, this was new to him. The fabric glided up as he pulled it, as his thighs and cock soon slid inside. Pulling it tight, his cock plastered itself against his stomach as his arms slid inside, cocooning themselves in slick latex as he felt the suit snap at his neck.

For a moment, Keith felt so strange, looking to himself in the mirror, he slid his hand along his chest, sliding easily across as the suit squeaked beneath his fingers. His hands slid around his body, gripping every curve and muscle as he flexed, the cape behind him weighing on his back. He felt almost like a supervillain in it, or some latex vampire.

His hands slid up his neck as he felt the scruff of his face, the soft rubber making him moan as he touched himself. Soon, he narrowed his eyes, retreating his hands to the rock hard cock vacuumed to his stomach. It stretched against the rubber, as it gripped him tight. The small codpiece below housed his balls, squeezed tightly inside.

Gliding his hand against the rubber, he felt the soft fabric ride up his cock and back down, making his back arch. He watched himself fondle the hard mast in his reflection, grinning as he narrowed his eyes. He was fucking hot. So goddamn hot in his suit. He didn’t even care to try and give it back, or even take it off, as he ran to his bed.

His erect nipples pressed into the suit as he gripped them, his body falling back onto the bed. The soft latex teased them tightly as he felt a massive grin spread across his face. It sent surges of pleasure through him as he stretched his back, arching it as he played harder, his cock sliding on its own in the suit.

“This…this is so fucking hot. I feel so fucking amazing.” He cursed up a storm as he felt his body shaking, raising a hand and gripping it tightly as his muscles tensed in the suit. It was like nothing he ever experienced, even when losing his virginity.

The suit was almost becoming tighter as he began to sweat, twisting and teasing his nipples as he let one hand fall to his cock, gripping it and sliding it hard against the rubber, returning the hand to his face and gripping it. Why was he so horny? What was on this suit? Soon enough, he felt his body getting hotter, the suit tightening against the sweat.

He could hear it squeak as it shifted and twisted, the sound like a siren song to him. He could hear it day in and day out, as soon, his body was rapidly approaching a climax. Hoisting his crotch up in the air, he gripped his nipples as his cock rocketed his thick load, several times his normal amount, into the suit and up against his stomach. The sticky release sliding against the rubber within.

Blinking, Keith felt himself slide back, his head resting on the pillow as he watched the stars fade from his view. His hands still were skin tight shiny black gloves, that he raised above himself to stare at. His body ached for rest, as he obliged, slipping his eyes closed, he felt the warmth of the suit keep him comfortable.

He lay, mummified, cocooned in this suit, as he let his exhausted body relax, falling into a quiet sleep. As he felt his mind wander, the suit warmed further, before clinging to him even tighter, as the suit began to prod him, prodding into his skin like needles.

The rubber suit pinned into him, draining not just his load into itself, but feasting on his blood as well, as it slid up higher on his neck. The rubbery fabric liquified into tendrils that climbed his chin, reaching his mouth, nose and ears, and entered him. His face became cocooned, soon his whole head, as the suit began its transformation.

His muscles inflated with the rubber now invading his bloodstream, his skin paled as his blood was feasted upon, and his body began to change just as the tone of the suit shifted to a dark blood red.

Keith felt his dreams change, as his body changed as well, his thoughts going to dirty, nasty thoughts that made his cock rise, standing up now from the rubber in it’s own sheath. His mouth stretched within into a wide smirk, as he felt his canines grow, sharp and long, his entire bodily makeup becoming deformed and changed.

Night began to fall, as the suit continued it’s invasion and corruption, changing the young stoner into a horny vessel of corruption and control, just as it had been built to do. Soon enough, the rubber receded from his head as Keith breathed in, opening his now red spiralling eyes to see the world in a much clearer view.

His face was much more angular, the skin pulled tighter from his loss of blood and fat that the suit consumed. Stretching his mouth open in a yawn, the sharp fangs pinned out of his mouth, razor sharp as needles.

Raising his hands up, he scanned over his muscular arms, shining in the moonlight that lit up his room now. The glossy material stretched and cocooned his muscles, creaking as he flexed his newfound strength. Gripping his hands tightly, the muscles beneath grew and glistened.

Sitting up, his body creaked, as he could feel his abs stretch against the rubber. His nipples clung and locked into the fabric tightly, feeling the smooth fabric massage them even from the slightest movement. Keith could only let out a low growl of arousal from it.

Baring his fangs in an evil smirk, he let a clawed hand slide down his rubber suited body, leading to his cock. The tip was sensitive as it stretched free from the rubber, making a pop as it stood at attention. Keith’s fingers gripped the rod and slid down.

Letting out a deep growl, he felt his body shake with just a single touch. How was his body so sensitive now? Stroking heavily, he felt his body behave almost like an animal, forcibly pressing itself against his hand, which beat his cock with an inhuman strength. He could feel the muscles in his body ache and twitch, so much larger and stronger than before.

The creaking and squeaking was soon all he was able to hear as his body convulsed, his mouth turning to a snarl as he tossed his head back, letting out a howl as the load shot free from his cock, the now black liquid splattering to the ceiling, sputtering back down onto him like ink.

His face contorted back into a sinister smile as he felt the relief, the thick load covering a portion above him. Keith had become something new, something strong, and something dark and corrupt. He could feel that deep desire growing now inside of his mind and body as his load left him. He needed to breed.

Feeling the ache in his mouth, Keith stood, exiting to the bathroom to scan the inside of his mouth. Thick white fangs protruded down just as he had felt. Flexing, the cape behind him waved slightly, as he felt his mind wander in hunger and lust. Revenge, anger, all those dark feelings welled up.

He knew who to turn to, who had denied him a once in a lifetime experience. Keith had never felt involved in college life, let alone joined a frat, but just as they’d denied him an invitation, they’d denied his attempts to join many times over. His clawed fingers gripped the windowsill as his red eyes pierced the night, looking over the small college town.

Swinging his cape, he felt the rubber consume his body, shaping him into an inhuman rubber shape, which soon reformed into a small rubber bat, swinging itself from the ledge and echoing a screech off into the night.

It’s small rubber wings batted the air as it courses through the town, gaggles of people putting up decorations, gathering candy and food for the next night’s fun. Groups of young men and women nearly drunk parading around in costumes even the night before. It was a shame, he thought, that he couldn’t have tried to be more sociable, but now, he could bring his happy Halloween by force.

Soon, Keith could spot the large home in the distance, brightly lit by pumpkins and ill fitting decorations that looked cheap and handmade. A jeep of young frat bros sped down the road from the home. They set out in search of beer, cheap pot or some trick to use the following night, leaving their other brothers alone and vulnerable.

The bat swung itself around and flew quietly onto the roof, climbing down to an open window into what would presumably be the attic. What it had actually been was a cleverly disguised room they used to smoke pot in, just by the scent, to prevent any traces in the home. The bat landed in the dark, spotting a young man laying back on a stained couch.

Tom’s body was buff, thick, and his hair was short and spiked from his head, dark blonde hair, as he slid in comfortably to the couch. His blue wife beater stretched against his muscles as he scratched at the goatee on his chin. Lifting the joint to his mouth, he took another hit, setting it down and holding it in.

With an exhale, he relaxed, watching the tv play cartoons as he laughed. His eyes pink and squinted, he couldn’t take notice of the man approaching behind him. Though, feeling a presence now behind himself, as he turned around confused, Tom found nothing there.

Turning back to the TV, his vision was blocked by a glossy rubber suit, as he looked up to see the man before him stare him down. “What the fuck?” He said, as he went to stand, before Keith bared down onto him. Tom went to yell, but quickly, the fangs bit down into his neck, as Keith fed from the jock.

His body grew weaker as he drained him, slurping against his muscular neck, as Tom let out a wheeze of exhaustion and submission. Separating himself, Keith licked the red from his lips as Tom stared up at him, weakly trying to shift away before he went to take more.

“Sit up, boy.” Keith commanded, as Tom’s eyes met his own, the blue going red, as he sat up before Keith. “That’s right, sit up and touch me.” He ordered. The jock’s hands slowly reached out, sliding against his suit, the fingers making the rubber creak and wrinkle slightly, as Tom continued.

Keith gripped Tom’s head, forcing it against his crotch, “Worship it. You want to worship it, don’t you, boy?” Tom’s face nuzzled the rubbery fabric, his lips caressing the rubber cock contained just inside. A soft smile formed as he went harder, his hands gripping Keith’s thighs as he licked his bulge.

Keith smirked down at the hypnotic slave before him, salivating over the cock he would soon receive. Popping his cock free from the mound, Keith forced it into Tom’s waiting mouth, as he slathered over it, moaning. “That’s it, your nothing but a slave to it, doesn’t it feel so good to surrender?” Keith spoke, he could feel the darkness taking over his lust.

Humping into Tom’s mouth, the rubbery cock twitched, as Keith brought the cape around the young man, the slick fabric stretching itself around him and hiding him. Soon, all he could see was the glossy suit of his master, and the overpowering dick he couldn’t take his mouth away from.

It twitched, as Keith’s clawed hands forced the cock in deeper, as Tom moaned, his own cock leaking in his torn shorts, as Keith felt himself getting closer and closer. The humping became rough, violent and angered, as he felt himself arch his back, grip Tom’s head and force it down hard, firing his load down the jocks throat.

Tom nearly gagged, but soon Keith watched as Tom stared up at him, the dribbling black ink beginning to wrap him up, consuming him as it flowed through him, over him, and soon, he was nothing but a glossy cocoon of muscle, hardly in the shape of a man. Separating from the mound of rubber, he could see the cocoon slowly squeeze the young man inside.

It had begun it’s conversion, and soon, Tom would join him as his vampiric slave, under his absolute command. Keith slid his hand across the cocoon, as it twitched, the sound of moaning coming from within. Letting out a growl, he smirked. His revenge had begun.

He let the cocoon continue as he stealthily slid down the stairs, hiding in the shadows like he was one himself. Making his way down to the living room, he found two other young men, relaxing with a drink as they discussed their dates.

Keith narrowed his eyes, knowing now that these frat boys were nothing but sex crazed young men, and shaking his head at ever considering to join them. Still though, he wanted to belong, and now, they would belong to him. He would have his fun now, and embarrass them, humiliate them…

The room went dark as Keith let his suit stretch and liquify, binding both of the men up as he had them stand apart from each other. The light returned, as Keith looked both of them over.

Marshall was tall, with thick curled black hair, light brown skin and a t-shirt, emblazoned with his college team. He filled out both his shirt and jeans well, but not nearly as muscular as Tom, just 2 floors above. He tried to yell out at Keith, who silenced him with a large tendril. His brown eyes seemed angry but gave way to fear at the sight.

David was just as tall, wearing a varsity jacket for the school over top of his white shirt, as well as fitting jeans. His muscles seemed larger than Marshalls, but the body seemed much more built for taking damage as a linebacker. His red hair was neat and short, as his green eyes stared, confused and afraid.

Salivating over their bodies, Keith turned them to stare into his eyes as he hypnotized them, his red eyes glowing and swirling, as he took their bodies over. They watched as he controlled them with his tendrils.

Moving them close together, he whispered into Marshall’s ear, whose hand moved to his pants, unzipping them as his cock slid free. His hand gripped it, as he slid his hand up and down, as David was forced to watch.

“You will watch each other, and get more aroused the longer you do. You love the male body, you want to serve it. Stroke yourselves.” David obeyed, removing his hand as he started to jerk himself off to the sight of his frat brother. Both men fought against him, but became flushed, speeding up as they watched each other stroke and obey.

Keith wrapped his arms over their shoulders, moving them closer as he cocooned them partially in his cloak. As they came closer, he spoke between them. “Fuck like animals, your bodies are driving you both crazy with lust.”

As if it were magic, both men shifted and shook even worse, as the tendrils around them loosened, and they dove into each other. Marshall gripped David with a hard grasp, pulling his clothing off as David followed suit with Marshall, scattering their clothing to the ground. Both kissed and bit into each other’s flesh as they slid against each other, moaning and groaning in ecstasy.

Taking David and flinging him onto his stomach, Marshall slid his thick cock into him. The young man groaned as he took the massive erection, gripping the ground as he felt himself becoming full. Rapidly beating his own cock, they both breathed heavily as they fucked each other rough.

Keith felt his fangs descend as his hunger grew once again. Sliding himself into Marshall, he took him from behind and invaded. His rubbery arms pulled him close as Marshall’s spiralling eyes looked to Keith with fear. “You’re mine now, surrender.” Keith commanded, as Marshall felt the larger suited man’s teeth sink into him.

His fucking increased, breeding his friends ass quickly and roughly, as David convulsed, his load spurting out and splattering across the floor as Marshall’s soon followed. It spewed into him, thick and wet, leaking out as Marshall felt Keith invade him deeper.

The rubbery hands slid against his skin, massaging him as Marshall groaned, forced to take the cock deep. David retreated to Keith’s side, arms wrapping around him and clinging to him, nuzzling into his rubber suit greedily. He lapped at the latex clad muscles that slid against him, as Keith roughly wrapped an arm around his neck, holding David still as he finished with his friend.

Marshall slid against the floor, feeling the rubbery cock inside grow larger, inhuman, spreading him wide as he came closer. Keith bared his fangs and growled, gripping both of the jocks roughly as he threw his head back. The load spewed out, squirting the thick, viscus slime into Marshall, who laid on the ground moaning, as it began to leak out.

Soon, it came alive, as Marshall, in his moment of clarity before submitting completely, frantically flailed as he was cocooned, slowing and submitting to Keith’s vampiric transformation. Soon enough, the fighting form became a wriggling mass of shiny black rubber, beginning to coat itself dark red.

David was tossed forward, as he stared up at Keith somewhat fearful. The vampiric rubber demon bared down on him, swinging his cape wide as he leapt onto the man. Fangs pierced him as David let out a gasp and rattled breath. Drinking from him, he felt the vampire spew something into his blood, as he had with the others.

Becoming weaker, David fell into Keith’s grasp, who held him as he slid his hands across the jock’s body. Glistening rubber teased his nipples as David shook, his empty cock now rejuvenated and standing at attention for more. Slipping his sharp tongue down the jock’s abs, Keith slipped his mouth around David’s cock, slurping it and sucking heavily on it. His tongue coiled and slipped around the man’s member, who felt the rubber hands grip his chest, squeezing his breasts. David gasped, as he felt the inhuman suction bringing him closer and closer.

David moaned, “Yes, master. Please don’t stop.” His dull voice moaned, as he pressed himself into the vampire’s mouth. Soon, he felt his fangs and teeth press against his skin, sliding back out, as back in. David couldn’t hold back against the feeling, he couldn’t resist surrendering to his lust, as he groaned, his cock hardening and spurting into his master’s mouth.

Keith was quiet for a moment, before taking his cock, and standing, pressing it against David’s lips. “It’s your turn now boy, take it and join me forever.” He commanded. His face showed lust and malice, as David greedily agreed and began. Keith pressed him down onto the cock, forcing it down his throat and he growled.

He recovered so quickly, his body, glistening and rippling with thick muscles clad in rubber made him feel inhuman, like a god. Relishing in the proud feeling, he gripped him harder, punishing him as his cock twitched. He would be finished soon.

David smiled as he sucked his master off, gripping his thick thighs as the rubber creaked and squeaked as his grip strengthened. That was, until he felt the thick load flow into him. David fell back, feeling the rest spurt over him as he grinned. It began to consume him, as Keith put a hand on his head, grinning.

Soon, just as the last, he was trapped and writhing inside a rubber pod, being transformed just as Keith had, and becoming a rubber vampire. Gathering the mounds, he brought them to the basement door, taking Tom from the attic as well. They would turn better in the dark and damp.

Opening the door, he quietly snuck down, spying an interesting sight. The final jock, muscles bulging, made use of the gym they’d formed downstairs. Keith watched from the shadows, approaching carefully to the beautiful sight.

Marco lifted the weights slowly, as his headphones blared, unaware of the danger upstairs or nearby. His dark hair was greased with sweat as he pumped away. His caramel skin dripped with sweat that dropped off of him into the shirt below as he continued.

His arms bulged wide like Tom’s, clear work that had been done hard to earn them. His legs and chest matched the same, thick and masculine. He slicked his hair back as he took a break, laying back onto the bench and breathing heavily. His exhaustion gave Keith just the opening he needed.

Marco closed his eyes as he let his mind wander, a set finished was a good enough call for a break. Laying his head back to the side, he felt the presence nearby. Before he could react however, he felt his legs bound by soft but firm fabric, coiling around his chest and arms, binding him to the seat.

Keith stood over him from the shadows, emerging and standing over the helpless muscle man. Thick tentacles began to slip beneath his clothing as they slid from Keith’s cloak, invading and teasing his body. “Relax, you’ll find yourself very comfortable soon.” He instructed.

In a snap, the restraints on Marco tightened, popping his clothing off with a tear. The fanged Keith stepped beside him, lowering his clawed hands to the males body. The rubbery fingers poked and prodded his muscular build, running over the thick veins with the cool, slick rubber. His eyes widened as he began to shake.

It…tickled. It felt so soft, so incredibly good, that Keith began to wiggle his fingers beneath Marco’s arms, as he twisted in the grasp of the restraints. He couldn’t fight back, as he shook, sweating through the uncomfortable touching. Soft gloved touching became rough pressing and squeezing as Keith tortured the muscular frat boy.

Marco begged loudly and cackled as the bottoms of his feet were tickled, slid over by soft rubber over and over and he became weaker to the touch. By what Keith could tell, he was enjoying the torture very much, as his cock had erected, spilling out a clear trail of precum. Keith returned to his sides, grinning sadistically as his prey gave into the torture and succumbed to enjoyment.

The rubber wrapping him began to consume and tickle him as well, soon, cocooning his entire form into a thick rubber suit, bubbling up as more spots were tickled. His body slicked with sweat as his cock pressed against the cocoon, popping free. Just as his entire body was consumed in rubber, succumbing to the delirium of teasing and torture-play, he felt his cock rocket cum out, splattering onto the ceiling.

The tickling cocoon slid off and returned to Keith, he watched the poor man breathe heavily, tired and weakened. Spreading his wings wide, Marco tried to retreat before the vampire cocooned and bit into him, cursing and corrupting him as they melded into one with the rubber.


Lighting the cigar, Keith leaned back into the throne, laying his head on his fist as he looked over the group of men before him. Pale, tired faces stared back at him, their masculine bodies clad in shiny tight rubber bodysuits, just as red as his own, as they stood at attention for orders.

The throne they’d constructed was well made, but he wanted more. Needed more men, more control, more domination. His red eyes flashed as he took a puff on the cigar, smirking evilly as the new prey was brought before him, ready for corruption.

The young man was a freshman, clean shaven and optimistic, but caught instead by the group of demonic vampire jocks and their sadistic leader. He was gagged, shaking as they set him down before him. Keith stood, walking towards the freshman, kneeling and taking the cigar, blowing the smoke into his face.

His eyes glowed bright, as he spoke, dark and deep, “You will submit to us, boy, and let us feed. You’ll become one of us, and serve your new master.” He leaned in, taking another hit, and removing the gag, forcing the young man to inhale.

His rubber hand gripped the freshman’s groin, who gasped and inhaled, as he continued to feed the smoke to him, watching him suffer, but become slowly more used to it, and more turned on. Soon enough, he gasped, waiting for more. His eyes stared up into his masters, who pushed him back into the crowd of rubber men.

“Feed, brothers. Corrupt him and make him just as us. We’ll take more of them, and more, until we can spread this corruptive curse to the world, and they’ll all see who their master should be.” Keith sat back down on the throne, his four original vampires guarding him, kneeling and standing beside the throne, as Keith returned, resting a leg on his knee as he returned his head to his fist, puffing on the cigar.

His gang of vampires descended on the freshman, biting and sliding their slick shiny bodys against him, horny and hungry and meeting both needs with growls of passion. All Keith could see was red, and that was all he would ever want to see, as his eyes spiraled, losing himself too, in the lust filled sight.

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