Barkley’s Big Day

By Alpha Artemis
published October 3, 2020
2970 words

A cheating boyfriend is punished and made a good boy.

Barkley spread his legs wide and arched his back, showing off his wagging ass with the tail plug that had been shoved inside of him. His caged cock hung between his legs, his full balls on display for the ma snapping photos of him. He looked back and let out a loud bark at the sound of the camera going off.

The man snapping the photos chuckled and snapped a few more before going over and taking Barkley’s cock in his hand and lightly rubbed the pup’s balls, making Barkley arch his back and whimpered as he dribbled pre cum on the floor. The man clicked his tongue and push Barkleys head down and commanded him to clean up his mess. Barkley eagerly began lapping at the puddle of pre cum on the floor as the man moved the tail in and out of his hole, making Barkley whimper as he lapped up his own pre cum.

Inside his own head Barkley was mortified at his behavior. He just could not stop himself from behaving like some dog in heat. Master…ugh why can’t he call Master by his name. Every time he tried to think it his mind said Master. And this thing on his dick!? Master had called it a chastity cage. It was…annoyingly comfortable well at the same time being endlessly frustrating. He could try and get hard but all it did was drip pre cum out the tip and make his balls more tender. It made going to the bathroom when master let him go outside easier though. All he had to do was hike his leg and let go and it would splash to the ground.

This all started a few weeks ago when Barkley had gotten home from work. Master had been seated on the sofa and said they needed to talk. He had found those messages on Barkley’s Facebook he had left open and knew Barkley had been cheating. They had argued. Barkley had stormed off to the bedroom. Master had walked in and offered Barkley a drink and said they could talk things out. And the next thing Barkley remember was waking up caged with this weird plug in him and he was acting like a dog and could not remember his or Masters name. That had been a few weeks ago and things had just gotten more humiliating since then. His meals where fed to him from a bowl on the floor. He was sent out back to take care of his bathroom needs and praised afterwards. He was no longer allowed on his favorite chair and instead curled up on a blanket on the floor at Masters feet. And the sex. He was a top! And yet this new dog brain just craved cock in his ass. Master would take his tail out and just fuck him silly anywhere he wanted and Barkley just shoved back against it and whimpered like a bitch in heat. And he never got to get off! It had been weeks since he had last cum. All he did was drip and drip in his cage. Worst of all was when Master had invited his friends over. They had all laughed at Barkley and took turns petting him and teasing his locked balls. Several had even fucked him well the others watched and he just barked happily and took it all. They had all taken photos with him and promised Master to be sure to post them on Twitter and Facebook and tag him. His life was ruined. It was just a few flings! Master was blowing this out of proportion!

Barkley’s Master, Paul, finished teasing his pup’s balls and gave the pups ass a light slap and told him to go play. He watched him scramble across the floor to find an old rope toy and began chewing and tossing it around. He strolled to his office and sat down and began to work on the final touches to the project he was working on. He could hear Barkley playing with a squeaky toy and felt his pants tighten thinking about his pups’ tight hole and great head.

After he had found those messages on the computer he had been crushed. He had been head over heels in love with Bradley. Had been. The first few days he had pounded Barkley so hard, fucking out his anger and hatred that the pup had started whimpering and crying from the pain. He had reigned himself in and even apologized to Barkley with some special treats and a long belly rub session. Now that he had been more broken in, he could be used a bit more roughly and would just whimper happily and press back against the top.

After he watched Bradley pass out from the drugged drink, he had made for him, Paul had stripped him and put the headphones he used with his therapy patients in his ears and then turned on a special file he had been working on for some of his kinky friends. It had started as a way for a couple to experience pup play with more ease and to help soothes fears and anxiety from trying something new. But Paul had changed a few of the instructions in the file. He had trapped Bradley in the body of Barkley. The “total top” who would never “do any of that freak shit” was now a passenger in his own body watching himself get bitched out by any man as he romped around on all 4s and played with dog toys. Paul chuckled at the irony.

As he continued working, he heard a small jingling from Barkleys collar and the pup came crawling over to him and sat down at his feet exhausted. He reached down and pet the boy on the head and then tipped his head up so he was looking Barkley in the eye. Though mostly glazed over in happy submission and dimwittedness’, he could see the small spark that was Bradley in there. Fighting. Raging. Probably swearing up a storm mentally.

“Heya boy!” Paul crooned as he scratched behind Barkley’s ears and kissed his nose. Barkley whined happily and panted and thumped his rubber tail into the floor. This in turn cause his cage to tighten as he got horny and soon, he was rubbing his tail into the ground to force the plug into him further.

“You horny little mutt. I bet your in there right now aren’t you Bradley. I imagine you’re wondering why I did this? All these years we have been together. All the time I invested in this relationship. Getting us a place in the city. Paying off student loans for you. All well you fritted away your time partying and fucking half the city. I’ll admit I was absolutely furious when I found out. But over the past few weeks I’ve worked it out. And I am past it now.”

Barkley wagged happily against Master, not understanding much of what was being said but enjoying the pets and attention. Inside Bradley felt a spark of hope. Was Master, ugh that word again, going to let him free? Was he going to undo whatever he had done to his brain and let him be a person again? One thing was for sure, Barkley thought. First chance I get I am beating the tar out of this asshole and then taking my half of our things and moving. Maybe with that cute little foreign boy from across the city. He seems like he’s well off and desperate. All this passed through Barkley’s head well Master continued to speak and Barkley paid half attention to him, planning what to do when he “got out”.

Paul smiled. He knew exactly what was going through Bradley’s mind right now. As soon as he thought he could get away with it he would try and hurt Paul as painfully as possible then run off with whatever he thought he was owed. Probably to some other poor soul who he could dupe. Paul had no intention of letting that happen. “Well boy it’s been a fun few weeks. But taking care of you has gotten to be a bit of a chore. And I just do not have time for a full time pet right now. I talked to some of my friends in the BDSM community and they found a wonderful family for you. A lovely married couple and their live-in house boy has offered to take you in. They are actually on their way today. However, they said they wanted you happy and carefree as possible. So, I think it’s time I firmly put Bradley to sleep. Bradley if your listening to this. I loved you. I think I might still love you a bit. Even after you hurt me. And this is the best thing I can think to do for you.”

With that Paul slipped a pair of headphones in Barkleys ears and then scooped up his now vacant eyed and half-asleep puppy. He laid him carefully on the bed and just laid there with him softly rubbing his belly and teasing his caged bits for the last time.

Bradley was screaming in rage. How dare this little faggot do this! He couldn’t dictate his life like this! People would come looking for him! They would find out! But as the hypnosis began to sink into his ears Barkley realized that he was wrong. His parents had passed years ago. He was an only child. His relatives where all very distant and he had driven them away with his party boy behavior and “I don’t care” attitude. The only “friends” he really had where the boys he hooked up with and drinking buddies. And he did not think any of them would come looking for him. He was stuck.

The weird sounds and voices began to lull Bradley to sleep. He could almost feel parts of his consciousness dimming. Wiping away Bradley and just leaving Barkley in place. A happy playful puppy who could not get enough sex and loved being used as a cum dump. Whose cock was locked and useless other than pissing. A dumb dog plaything for some family he had never met.

As the last of Bradley faded away Barkley gave a few whimpers in his hypnosis induced sleep and ran his hands and feet like a dog trying to get away from something. Paul simply rubbed the pup’s tummy and murmured soft reassurances. And soon Barkley slipped into a normal sleep and Paul removed the headphones right as he heard the doorbell ring. He smiled and slipped out of bed to go and greet Barkley’s new family.

Opening the door revealed three figures. One was a large muscle bear with salt and pepper hair with a bright smile on his face and leash and collar in his hands. The other was a tall otter with a button up shirt just opened at the top so his chest hair could be seen sticking out. He had an identical smile and was holding the hand of the third family member.

A boy who could not be much older than 23 but looked about 19 was standing slightly behind the otter. He was wearing a bright green t shirt with a fire truck on it with a cartoon Dalmatian riding it and a look at his jeans showed a plastic waist band sticking up out of them, which Paul noted had snaps on them. He was clean shaven and had dark blonde and brown hair. He smiled shyly when he saw Paul looking at him and pulled a bit further behind the otter.

“Welcome in. You must be the Rinter family. I’m Paul” he said reaching out and shaking the two men’s hand and welcoming them into the house. “Pleasure to meet you Paul” said the bear with bright smile “I’m Amos. This is my husband Jacob” he said gesturing at the tall otter who smiled and nodded, “and the little guy tucked behind Jacob is Aiden. Say hi Aiden.”

Aiden shyly crept forward a bit and said in a soft voice “Hello Mr. Paul. It’s nice to meet you.” He then slowly slunk back so he was half behind Jacob. Amos chucked, a deep belly laugh, and said to Paul “Aiden is a little shy with new people. He’s from a really conservative part of the country so he is still getting used to things. But he’s our little boy and we love him” he said lifting the boy up and settling him on his knee as they all sat down in the living room. Aiden blushed red and curled his face to hide in his daddies’ shoulder, taking comfort in the warmth and scent of the two men who had rescued him, even as his shirt lifted up, revealing the back of a colorful diaper.

“Well I imagine you’re ready to meet Barkley huh?” Paul said as he smiled at the boy hiding from him. Cute. Paul had never really been into the ABDL scene but littles never failed to make him smile. Specially the shy ones.

“We sure are” Jacob said, speaking up for the first time. He had a lighter tenor voice then Amos with a trace of an accent Paul could not place. “We have been looking forward to this all week. Aiden can’t wait to have a puppy to play with.” Paul smiled. This was a good family. This was what Barkley needed. He smiled to the family and stood up.

“Let me go get him. He may be a little sleepy we just finished preparation’s for today.”

Paul stood up and went into the other room. Barkley was awake and listening to the new voices. Paul tapped his side and Barkley hopped off the bed and began to follow him. He led him out to the living room where Barkley saw the family and instantly wandered over to them to say hello.

“Aww well aren’t you a cute one” Amos said in his booming voice as he turned Aiden around to see their new family member. Aiden smiled and reached out a hand to pet Barkley and giggled happily when Barkley rubbed against him and licked the boy’s hand, barking happily. Jacob leaned forward and ran his hands down Barkley’s naked sides, enjoying the muscle there and admiring the handsome curve of the pup’s butt. Bradley had always been obsessed with his looks and now it was paying off in all new ways.

Aiden climbed down and began playing with Barkley, tossing a nearby toy and saying fetch and laughing when he brought it back. The older men watch for a few minutes before Jacob spoke up in a low voice that Aiden could not hear. “So, we did not tell Aiden what about Barkley’s past. We thought it might be upsetting for him. As far as he knows this is just a guy who wants to be a full-time pup. Is there anything we need to be aware of?”

Paul thought for a moment and then replied, “No. His mind has been reduced to that of Barkley. If you need him to be human for a bit, I have a list with some triggers on it for you. Don’t expect him to carry on a long conversation or cook dinner. But if you want to go out for family dinner and take him with you this trigger will turn him back into “Bradley” but sort of edited Bradley. He still knows he’s a pup. He knows who is family is. But he will remember basic things like eating with utensils and how to use a restroom. What he talks about is up to what he experiences with you all. He won’t have much to say on most topics.”

Jacob smiled and said “That works perfectly for us. Thank you.” Amos grinned and called for Aiden and Barkley. Both boys came running over and Aiden hopped back into Amos’s lap, panting with exertion from playtime. Barkley was sitting between the Paul and Amos looking at them curiously. Amos reached down and put the collar on Barkly and then the leash. Barkley looked confused and then looked at Paul. Paul smiled and pat his former partners head before saying “Don’t worry buddy. These people are going to give you a great home. Much better than my little place. A big yard to run in. Lots of home cooked meals. A boy to play with. You’re going to love it.”

Barkley whimpered sadly and nuzzled Paul but then went and sat by Amos. Amos stood up, setting Aiden on the floor, and shook Paul’s hand again. Jacob did the same and Aiden gave Paul a shy hug and then darted behind Jacob again, taking his hand with both of his. “Thanks again Paul. We can stay in touch if you would like? Send photos so you can see how he is doing and such. And your always welcome to come over for dinner. Just say the word."

Paul smiled and nodded.

“I’d like that. Be good Barkley.”

Paul showed the family to the door and watched them all get into a minivan with a large dog cage in the back that Barkley was loaded into carefully before they drove away waving. Paul grinned the whole time and when he went back inside and sat down at his desk he sighed softly. It was quiet. He would miss having Barkley around.

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