Summers' House - Chapter 7

By ulver91
published September 28, 2020
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Michael is back home and Bob have a long day at work.

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Chapter 7

Monday: Michael

“Thanks bro” I said as I got out of his car.

The weekend was wild, me and my bros had a blast. We stayed at Brad’s, his folks were rich so the place that they bought him was huge. At first we were only me and my bros but then Brad’s little brother came with his friends and some chics. Were they college freshmans or high school seniors? I don’t give a fuck but the girls were total sluts.

I fucked several times that little blond girl Nancy, or it was Stacy? To be honest I didn’t give a crap about her name and I was sure she didn’t remember her own name also, she was totally wasted. Well, with the amount of beer we had, we all were wasted. We drank a lot like at frat parties I used to go to before I dropped out college. But the point it’s that I was sure that the slut’s pussy was sore now.

She was so fuckin’ lucky to have my prime beef inside of his pussy all the weekend. I got the looks to have any whore I want, and this weekend Stacy was the lucky one.

Some people would say I’m cocky, but I know what I’m, a fuckin’ Alpha. I had the attitude and the looks. I knew what people sees when they look at me, some want me to fuck them, some fear me, and others are clearly jealous of me. And I got it, I knew I was a total stud.

I’ve worked hard for my body, I worked out at the gym every day so I had this big bodybuilder frame, big fuckin chest, thick arms and legs. I had the same green eyes and blond hair of my dad but I covered my body with ink so I don’t have this clean boy look, instead the tattoos gave me the ‘bad boy’ look that sluts fell for.

To make it simpler, I was a Summer, I was an Alpha.

I walked into the house and I saw it like I never saw it before. It was white clean. All these years living there and I never had seen it like that. It must be because that fag that live with us.

I got it, the business isn’t going great and we need money but I never understood why Dad rented the room to him. He was disgusting. A man must be strong, masculine and imposing but he was nothing like that.

I could spend hours talking about what’s wrong with him but what really wrecks my nerves it’s the way that he looks at me. I could see at his briefs glares that he wants my fuckin’ beef and I’m a pretty chill guy but something I couldn’t bear it’s a disgusting fag. If any homo would dare to look at me he would be dead immediately but Dad had made it clear that we need his money so I tried my best to not bash him.

My head was killing me so I walked to the kitchen to look for some painkiller. The kitchen was neat too, even when it was refreshing to see the place like that I was getting mad. Imagine that fag cleaning the house was bothering me so much. I couldn’t stand living with a man that doesn’t act like one. I took the pill and I headed to my room.

I laid on my bed for some time waiting for the painkiller to made his effects but I couldn’t stop thinking about that pathetic fag prancing around the house. This was our house and rules. That queer was insulting our hospitality so I needed to do something.

I headed to his room and looked all over the place. Shortly after he moved in I found out that he kept his savings on a little box, so in the following months I had taken from him some bucks and a stupid watch that I selled. That’s the only reason I tollerated his stupid face around, but today I wasn’t in a good mood. After some minutes I found it under some of his clothes.

I quickly opened it and took 50 bucks. Dad has made it clear that we needed his money and he was right, if the queer wanted to live with Alphas he needed to pay his due. Knowing that the queer was in his place, like those nerds I used to take his money on high school, helped me to feel better but I was still a little mad.

I couldn’t grasp how my Dad let the fag being all over the place. I felt my blood rushing so I needed to calm down before doing something stupid.

I returned to my room and changed my clothes. I wouldn’t spend my day there, I was going to the gym and maybe get some more beer for later.

At the moment I was heading out I was already feeling better. Maybe it was the painkiller or knowing that his money was in my pocket. The only thing I fully knew it’s that I needed to talk with my Dad later.

Monday: Bob

I couldn’t wait any longer for it to be time to leave. I even could swear that I was seeing the clock in slow motion.

I arrived early to the workshop after leaving Dan at his job. I didn’t have a lot to do but I needed to keep pushing the business so I worked hard. I fixed a brake on an old truck that was left for us last week, then I did some oil changes and it was done. In less than an hour I had already finished my work.

I was bored to death after that. Usually I spend those free times with Michael playing some cards or doing exercise together but today I was alone. I tried to fix some papers I kept letting for later but my mind couldn’t focus either.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Dan.

Under the blue coverall I was still wearing Michael’s cum drenched jockstrap, that was a reminder that now I was Dan’s property. Any man would feel disgusted to be another man’s bitch but I had the feeling that it was my place. Dan showed me that it was my place. I was a beta after all.

In the last two days he played with both of my holes and today I even woke him up with a blowjob acting as a slut for him, and it felt fantastic. I loved being his bitch. Before him I never felt that wholeness feeling during sex, it was like he had rewired my pleasure points and now all was about him.

I missed him so much.

All I wanted to be doing in that moment was being on my knees with his Alpha dick on my mouth. I loved the feeling of his pelvis slapping my face as his cock thrust in and out of my mouth. Well, to be honest I loved everything about servicing Dan.

But now I was at work, I needed to act like an Alpha not like the bitch I really was.

I tried to focus on something else so I did some workout. It helped for some time but from time to time my mind was coming back to Dan. I was feeling like some addict on withdrawal.

Around 3 o’clock I couldn’t bear it longer so I closed the door.

I took off all of my clothes leaving only the jockstrap, Dan wouldn’t want me to take it off.

I began to fantasize about being with him as I stroked my dick over the jockstrap. I replayed in my head one of the many times I fucked with some slut, but this time he was in my place and I was his bitch.

We were at some cheap motel.

He grabbed me by the hand and led me to the room. I was happy to follow him.

He pushed me inside and began to undress me with his big hands only leaving me with some lace panties. He liked to leave them on because he could see how slutty I dressed for him.

I could feel his strong breath over my neck while he explored my body with his hands. Soon I felt how his fingers slide into my panties and reach my pussy. I began to moan because I had the pleasure of being his plaything.

“Please, slowly daddy”, I beg with the sluttiest voice.

He didn’t care for my pleadings, he was the man after all. I knew that begging only pushed him to show me who was in charge. He roughly thrust his fingers inside of me as he kissed my neck. Even when it was painful I liked the feeling of his rough finger expanding my insides.

Meanwhile his other hand reached my mouth and I was happy to show him how good I’m. I could feel his breath getting deeper as I twirl my tongue over his fingers, I was a good bitch. His hard cock was pressing over my body so I pushed myself over him so he could know that I wanted him too.

“You want to taste my big cock?”, he asked me even when he already knew the answer. Hearing me beg was like a game for him, he loved to see me humiliate myself in order to increase his ego.

“Yes Daddy”, I said between moanings.

“How much do you want it?” He said in my ear.

“It’s all I want” I beg. “Please let me taste your big cock”.

He released me from his grip and pushed me to my knees. I looked directly into his eyes, pleading as I unbuttoned his pants.

“Good bitch”, he said proudly.

I slowly lowered his underwear to release his dick. Without stopping looking at him I began to kiss his dick like it was the most important treasure in the world. Then he grabbed his dick with his big hand and he pushed it through my lips. It was too big for my mouth but I tried my best to let it go all inside.

After I got his dick lubricated with my mouth he threw me to the bed and after a second he ripped my panties. He spitted over my pussy and began fingering me again.

“Beg for it”, he said.

“Please, fuck me Daddy”, I said. “I need you inside”.

He acted like I didn’t say anything so I knew I had to keep begging.

“Daddy fill me with your big cock” I said. “I want you so bad, I will be your sex slave, I will be your slut but please fuck me now”. I kept begging for a little longer as he continued spitting and thrusting his fingers inside my pussy.

Finally he decided that I was worthy of him, so he got over me and he pushed his big dick inside of my cunt. He started slow but soon he increased the pace ‘till he was fucking me like a machine. With every thrust I felt his dick sending waves of pleasure all over my body.

I grabbed his face with my hands and pulled him over so I could kiss him. He tasted like whisky. I made out with him as he kept fucking me senseless, I was so fucking lucky to be his.

After some minutes I could feel him trembling and filling me with his seed.

He came.

“More please”, I said loudly.

I was lying on the floor of the workshop soaked in sweat fingering myself. I could feel my big fingers thrusting my ass but I couldn’t get to the climax. It wasn’t the same without Dan.

After trying for some more minutes I got frustrated. It was pointless.

I took the clothes that were scattered all over and I left the workshop.

Monday: Dan

I was so tired.

The work wasn’t hard but it was frustrating. I didn’t feel valued there. To them I wasn’t anything more than another slave, and to me they weren’t more than a paycheck. All the weekend I felt so powerful and in control but getting back to work got me back to reality. I was nothing more than another working slave.

I was walking to the bus stop when I heard Bob’s car horn. He was there waving his hand at me. I was so in my head that I totally forgot about him.

“Hey”, I said to him trying to be chill.

“How was your day?”, he said as I got in the car.

I was trying to figure out Bob, he had changed so much on the weekend that it was like he was a different person every day. I was so used to him being cold and distant with me that this nice and needy Bob was kind of taking me by surprise. But I wasn’t complaining, I began to feel fond of him.

“Terrible, but at least we’re going home”, I said.

“I can help you to feel better”, he said as he reached my crotch with his right hand.

He wasn’t only nice and needy I almost forgot that he was also slutty. I grabbed his hand and I let him feel my crotch for a moment, then I put him away. I was the one in charge and I needed to keep him needy for what was about to come. I passed most of my work time planning the next step and I was ready to put it on movement.

“How long have you been here?”, I asked, trying to do some small chat . “I hope you didn’t wait for me too long”.

“Like an hour”, he said as he began to drive.

“Why have you been here for so long?” I was curious. I knew that he couldn’t lie to me so it was going to be interesting.

“I didn’t have a lot to do at the workshop so I got bored”, he said. “And I couldn’t stop thinking about you so I got here hoping that you left work earlier.”

“And what were you thinking about me?” I said.

Then he told me about his jerking session in the workshop, his fantasy and how he couldn’t cum. My dick got hard hearing him telling me how he wanted me to dominate him like a cheap slut. I have never thought of my masculine landlord wearing some sexy lingerie for me, but the idea was fascinating, maybe I could play with that later.

Also It was astonishing how his brain worked. I suggested to him that “he loved being my bitch” and now he was trying so hard to be the best one. The better part was that he had so bigoted views on women that for him a “bitch” was some submissive bimbo that their only purpose and pleasure it’s to serve his man.

“I would be so happy to fulfill your fantasies Bob and let you blow me all night long”, I said. “But there’s a problem…”

“Michael”, he said without looking at me.

“Maybe we could do something about it”, I said and he turned to me.

I knew I had his attention.

Monday: Bob

Dan explained everything to me on the way home.

It was simple, he wanted me to use that white noise app on Michael. He said that it wasn’t anything I should be worried about, that only it would relax him and put him to sleep all night meanwhile we can have some fun.

I would tell Michael that a friend of mine recommended to me that miraculous relaxation app that every professional bodybuilder used. That it was a mix of positive reinforcement and white noise that would help him to focus on their gym training.

I didn’t know why he wanted me to approach Michael, he was the Alpha after all, I was sure Michael would listen to him but he insisted that I was his Dad and it would be easier. He was the one in control so I was in.

We arrived at the house and Michael was nowhere to be found. Dan said it was for the better so now he had time to put his video ready.

I headed to the bathroom and I took a shower. I wanted to be clean for Dan so I washed all the cum and sweat I collected during the day. Then I put on my uniform and went to Dan’s room. He was there sitting in front of his laptop. I began to feel horny being alone with him, I didn’t know if his plan would work so I decided to take my chance now.

“Is it ready Daddy?”, I said being slutty. “I want to play with your big cock now”.

“In a minute”, he said without looking at me.

I kneeled in front of him and began unzipping his pants.

“Please Daddy, I need you so bad”, I begged like a whore.

“Fine, but you’ll do something for me later”, he said.

I didn’t need to hear it twice. I quickly lowered his pants and took his soft cock in my mouth. I sucked him slowly, I wanted him to know what I would be doing later if his plan worked. Soon I lost track of time being down there, I was focused on the waves of pleasure that his dick was sending in my mouth that I didn’t hear what Dan was saying to me.

I was trying to get his big dick deeper into my mouth when I felt his hands grabbing my head. He took his dick out of my mouth and he said to me.

“It is ready”.

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