Viral Loads Chapter 1: Voicemails

By S. Q. Neemie & kuro -
published September 22, 2020
3372 words

Stuart and Gary have their days interrupted by a cock-growing disease spread by semen.

Stuart’s Voicemail, 10:15 am

Dude. Dude!

I fucking need you to pick up, man.

Eeergh–Fuck it, I’m gonna leave this on a voicemail, man. It sucks but I really gotta talk this through and I don’t even know if you’re gonna this. I mean, if shit’s really hit the fan maybe the cell service isn’t gonna last and we’re all gonna get infected and I’m all alone, man, and–

Whoo. Breathing it through, man, like you’re always saying I should do. Fuck, I could really use your advice right now, dude. I can’t even fucking describe what’s going on.

Fuck–I gotta tell you, though, man. I gotta deal with this somehow and I gotta get this off my chest.

Dude, why aren’t you picking up? I fucking need you right now, man.

Okay. Hoo boy, this isn’t easy. You know Coach Bigwood? The football coach from back in high school? I ran into him at the U’s weight room this morning. He said hi and it was pretty chill and everything but then–fuck, it wasn’t chill at all, bro. I went to the locker room after my workout and he was there changing too. Nothing too weird, right? He was on the other side of the room so we sorta nodded at each other, still really chill.

Then this fucking dude comes in, one of the real meatheads at the gym, you know? He walks in and just slithers out of his tank and shorts and stands there buck naked, looking at the Coach. And the thing is, the guy’s dick is like–inhumanly big, man. Like, fat but still dangling down to his knees, right? I can tell Coach is really weirded out by the guy, and I know you woulda been a white knight and told the guy to stop staring, but I was totally freaked by the guy so I ran off to the shower. I’m not fucking proud of it, man, but that’s what I did.

When I get out of the shower, dude, I turn the corner back to the locker room, and there’s the Coach and the meathead guy, both naked now. The guy’s got Coach Bigwood lying on those benches they got, you know? and he’s just ramming his weird huge cock into Coach’s mouth. Like, just slamming him, dude. And the Coach has got his eyes streaming cuz it’s so big and he looks like he’s not into it–I mean, like you’d guess, right? But that dude just keeps slamming past Coach’s stretched-out lips with that hog dick he’s got. Fuck! It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen, man. I’ve never seen a pile drive like that in porn, even, and here it was two dudes, and one of them was my old Coach! Fuck, I’m gonna need therapy just off that, bro, and that’s not the worst of what happened.

All at once dude-bro starts cumming, just really shooting into Coach Bigwood’s mouth. It’s a hella lot, dude, so much it comes pouring out of Coach’s mouth even though I could see he was swallowing some of it. And fuck it, man, the more Coach swallowed the more he looked like he was getting into it, so that by the end Coach Bigwood was fucking sucking on that fire-hydrant cock and he was fucking purring, man. And–I’m not shitting you, dude, I swear–the more he swallowed, the bigger Coach’s cock got. It fucking grew, man, like one of those foam things we played with when we were kids when you spray them with water. It just kept getting longer and longer and thicker and thicker and–fuck it, I can’t get the image out of my head. It’s fucking unnatural, man.

I must have made a noise or something, because the meathead dude spins around to look at me. His cock pops out of Coach Bigwood’s mouth and he fucking nails me, man, with a huge spray of cum out he fucking flings with his cock out of Coach Bigwood’s fucking cum-filled mouth. It splats all over my chest, and I fucking drop my towel and run. Fuck! I know it makes me a coward, man, but I was so freaked by all this shit.

I’m locked up in the bathroom at the gym now, and I don’t know what to fucking do, dude. I’ve tried to wash my chest off but I can still smell the dude’s splooge. It’s fucking in my skin, man. I really need your help. I-I’m scared, dude. The news on my phone says there’s been attacks like this all over the fucking city. I gotta know you’re okay, dude, and you got a plan for coming to save me. I’m gonna turn my phone off to save the battery, but please please please dude leave me a voicemail and let me know you’re out there. I’m fucking begging, dude. Please.

Gary’s Voicemail, 11:38 am

Gary! Gary, you’re never going to believe what I just saw. Fuck it, I’m not gonna wait to tell you - you’re going to listen to this whole voicemail or we’re going to have words, asshole.

So I’m on the underground, right? You get crazies on the underground, everyone knows that, but this really takes the cake - I’m getting ahead of myself. We were a few stops from my station, and this businessman gets on the train - kinda tall, square jaw, looked like he could be Clark Kent, or something. Looked normal, is my point. Like he was on his way home to cut up a turkey and pose for a Norman Rockwell portrait, right?

Anyway, he stowed his phone as he got on - looked pretty spooked, actually - and sat like a normal human being for a stop. I dunno, I didn’t really pay attention until - well, until he started squirming. It was obvious why, once you looked; he was either smuggling the biggest kielbasa I’ve ever seen or he got really generous blessings from three separate fairy godmothers…

…I’m still here. Where was I? Right: the dudes around him were, y’know, obviously giving him some space - who wouldn’t? - but his fucking trouser-leg started ripping at the seams. I’ve never seen anything like it. He was going, like, ‘no no no’, but it looked like he was getting off on it big time. Jesus, it was huge - like, purple, veined all the way along, must’ve been a foot-and-a-half? Two feet? Fuck -

Kay, I’m keeping it together, but I’m coming over. We’re in the same building, so -

“So anyway, he’s giving these strangled moans out like they’re going out of style, and I-am-not-shitting-you-right-now, but when I turn around there’s a-fucking-nother guy doing the same thing! Like, both ends of the train car!

Well, lemme tellya - people were eyeing the emergency stop button, but then Kent Jr over here starts fucking jacking off, and the train’s waiting for a platform! We couldn’t do anything but watch!

So we basically got treated to, like, a two-man bukkake squad. They fucking went at it like champs - I’d have been impressed any time I weren’t literally in the same room with them. Or, y’know, trying to get home.

This one guy tried to stop them, but it was water off a duck’s back. I thought I was on a prank show - because how the fuck does that happen in real life? - until, well. They came at the same time, and, man, where could you hide that much jizz? And it was jizz - it fucking coated the carriage, but it felt - it smelled - it…

Look, it was jizz, alright? It got over fucking everyone, and I got soaked, and then the next stop came up and I got off and walked and… when are you coming back? I need you. I, ah, really need you. I’m in your apartment, just let yourself in, and-

Stuart’s Voicemail, 12:03 pm

Dude, you have no fucking idea how fucking fucking glad I am you’re alll right. Seriously, I’m tearing up a little here, that’s how freaked I am right now.

But, man, how many times do I gotta tell you to listen to my voicemails when I send them, dude? I’m not in my fucking apartment, man, I’m stuck in the fucking bathroom at the gym. I keep trying to get out but there’s this trio of dudes out in the hall. They’ve got, like, swords for dicks, dudes. I mean, they’re fucking three feet long or some shit. And they’re just wandering the hall out there.

Like, I watched this whole fucking psychodrama a second ago through the door. This guy comes running down the hall, obviously trying to escape, yeah? But the dudes just grab him and slam him up against the wall of lockers, like it’s some kind of 1980’s bully flick right? Only instead of stuffing him into the locker or punching him or anything, they start rubbing those huge dicks all over him.

You know how some dudes say that their dicks are like a baby’s arm? These dudes’ dicks are like the Rock’s fucking arm, man’s and they’re strong enough to keep that guy pinned until they shoot their jizz all over him. I mean, the dude was fucking drenched, man. And almost as soon as he got creamed, the fucker started moaning and shouting, and then this huge heavy thing wriggles up through his track suit from his crotch, man. It was like watching someone give birth to a fucking python! Then the dude creams himself, under his fucking clothes, so much that his shirt gets even more soaked and he gives himself some sorta smegma beard or something, all while smiling like some fucking horned up idiot. Fuck! It was the weirdest thing I ever seen, dude, and it’s freaking me out that I was sorta into the way it smelled… the jizz, I mean…

Fuck! I gotta snap out of it. Knowing you’re close is giving me courage, dude. I’m gonna make a break for my apartment. Stay there, okay? I guess it doesn’t matter anymore that I’ll be streaking the whole way, right? I mean, at least I’m not sliding my fat-ass ol’ dick along some dude’s slippery track suit along with my bros…

Shit, man, shit! Shaking it off. STAY PUT. I’m on my way to you. Fuck, wish me luck. And dude, once I get there I could fucking use a normal bro hug where our crotches are the approved foot apart, you feel me? Gary out.

Gary’s Voicemail, 12:49 pm

Okay, so it wasn’t a huge amount of cum, or anything, right? It just got on my hand. So I’m probably fine? I didn’t even lick it up. I kind of- no, it would be gross to get Clark Kent’s jizz anywhere near me, let alone inside m- mmph. Okay, shake it off, shake it off. I’m cool.

…I listened to your voicemails - sorry about that. Is this thing happening everywhere in the city? Maybe we should make for the motorways - we could find a dude to hitch a ride with? If we hitchhike, maybe we could find a trucker to get with. I mean, a guy to ride. I mean- you know what I mean.

I’m looking out your window - waiting for you, jack-off - and… I’m not sure it’s safe for you to dash over here. The street’s pretty empty - there are no crashes, or anything - but… but I think I see people lingering around. There’s a guy in an alley a block or two away and I swear he’s either got a canoe he’s smuggling or he’s just as hung as six people put together. He’s - holy fuck, Gary, he just grabbed that-

…He just assfucked a guy, driving them to the ground as he tore through his clothes, right there in the street. That’s the freakiest thing I’ve ever fucking seen - nobody helped! I didn’t help. How could I? I… the guy seems fine. He started humping back pretty much instantly, and he’s got a prick the size of a picnic basket that’s fucking the concrete.

Get here fast. Or I’m going to go out and help people. And I don’t know how I’m gonna do that, exactly, but I’m going to… I. Come for me, Gary. Come over me. I mean - you know what I mean.

Uh, Stuart out.

Stuart’s Voicemail, 1:04 pm

Dude, Stuart, I guess if we keep on calling, we’re gonna connect sometime, yeah? Fuck, but I could stand to hear your voice.

So, I’m here, man–well, almost here. I’m in the fucking basement of the apartment. Such shit has been going down, man. So I jogged over here with my dick hanging out, but I was in no way the most indecent thing out there–as I guess you know. And when I get to my place, there’s that dude who runs the front desk–you know, that sulky metro guy–looks like a model but has a face like something’s been up his ass for years? Anyway, he’s leaning out the door waving at me and he looks normal so I sprint over to him. He’s like, ‘The whole town’s fucking insane,’ and I’m like, ‘Dude, I know it,’ and he pulls me into the little business center they got and locks the door. He’s all freaked out because one of the maintenance guys just hosed him down with that supercharged jizz everyone’s got out there. He looked it too–like, that nice purple silk shirt he was wearing was a mess, and I bet he’s never gonna be able to change that hairdo because of all the man-juice in it.

So we’re there together in the business center, and I ain’t got nothing to talk about with him and he’s just sitting there worrying about his cum bath, and all of a sudden he starts going “Uh oh uh oh” like a fucking cuckoo clock, and then his nice slacks are blooming out in front. I take one look at that monster snaking down his leg and I fucking hoof it, man. But the shit thing is, with him blocking the door there’s only another bathroom to run into. So I’m fucking stuck in another one, dude, but it’s a hundred times worse because the door doesn’t lock on this one and so I have to get in a stall. And there’s a fucking gloryhole in this stall, man, and so the dude just stuffed his fucking two-door cock right through it. I’m literally trapped in the shutter with a huge drooling cock in front of me, dude! What the fuck am I gonna do? This thing is fucking wet, man. Like, there’s a pool of fucking precum all over the floor. It smells–it smells– Shit, dude, are you still in the building? I really need you to come save me.

Gary’s Voicemail, 1:13 pm

Well, your line’s busy, but I think I got your most recent message. You’re here, right? You’ve got a big, wet dick in front of you? Don’t worry - I wouldn’t miss that, uh - I wouldn’t… want to leave that for you to handle on your own. Wouldn’t be right.

But, shit, the elevators aren’t working - or… I think I hear moaning from the shaft. The long shaft, you know - it runs… the length of - the lift shaft. Not any other kind of shaft, that would be crazy, right?

So I’m on the stairs, fuckin’ whispering into my phone like some kind of nature documentary guy. But… it’s like being in a haunted house. I keep hearing doors slamming, and, like, echoing yells or moans or- it’s spooky, dude. I keep thinking someone’s gonna come up and slam their big, fat dick into my mouth, which would be - it would be… bad. Right? Yeah. Bad. Wouldn’t want that.

You said the business centre? I’ve got, like, five flights to go. Shit, I should be quiet - what’s-

Stuart’s Voicemail, 1:28 pm

Hey, I’m whispering right now, dude, so you can listen even if you’re in trouble.

Dude, I got a confession to make. Shit, ya gotta be nice to me about this, yeah? Remember when you told me you fancied your cousin and I didn’t say anything about it to her when we started dating? That’s the level of nice you gotta be.

I licked it, dude.

Just a little man, and it was like I wasn’t even thinking of it. Fuck, the guy had all this pre drooling out of his dick, yeah? But then the flow stopped and this little white pearl squeezed out of the head and fuck, I was slurping it up before I even knew what was going on. I didn’t even realize what was up until I’d swallowed, man.

Fuck, man, I’m so miserable about this cuz the dude’s spunk–even just that drip–was the tastiest gravy I’ve ever had. Shit, no lie. Fuck, what does this mean? Am I gay now or something? I fucking really want some more. It’s like a craving, dude.

I don’t know what to do, man. I’ve got my eyes shut tight so I can’t see the juicy meat in front of me, but I can still smell it, Stuart. It’s like having the best dinner right in front of you. Fucking god, man, I really don’t know what to do. Would it–would it be really bad if I–if I just–

Shit, is that you calling me? I fucking hope so.

Gary’s Voicemail, 1:33 pm

Uh, hey, man! Would you believe me if I told you that I got away scot-free from, well, Scott? The nerd who we only know exists because of his fuckin’ LAN parties?

…Probably, on reflection. But, like, that’d have been Scott from before - this Scott was, uh. He was still nerdy, right? Those chunky glasses and the tartan shirt, but - well, either he had the best set of compression shorts in the world or he, uh, got infected. Because his cock was, like, three feet long and gushing enough precum to fill a bathtub.

He didn’t get any on me! Or, like, not much. But - he grabbed my face and gave me the messiest kiss I’ve ever had. Then he just - turned away, kept going to where he was going, like he didn’t have to worry about me any more.

That’s good, right? Everyone else had sex with the guys they infected. So I’m fine, right? I’m special? And I, like, barely watched his ass as he went away, and nearly didn’t fantasise at all about licking it out. And I was bi before this started, I’m pretty sure, so that was probably normal.

…So I’m in the basement. I haven’t seen the purple guy or Scott anywhere, but I think I can see the business centre. Is that-

Voicemail record ends

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