By Anyonka
published September 18, 2020
3051 words

Jay and his boyfriend agree to go camping with Jays childhood best friend and his awkward friend from uni

**Chapter 1 **

Jay was 6ft tall and in shape with blonde hair and blue amber eyes. It had been 3 years since Jay had seen his child-hood best friend Darren. They had stayed in touch through text but both had gone to different universities. Jay had come out as gay and was now in a relationship with Collin.

Collin was 6’4, brown hair, blue eyes and had an athletic build much more of a jock than Jay. The two had been dating for 2 years now and were driving back to their hometown to meet with Darren so they could catch up after years. They had planned a camping trip with all three of them as well as Ian Darren’s friend from university.

“Do you not think it will be weird?” Asked Collin.

“ naaaa, why would it be weird?” Answered James giving a reassuring smile

“Well, you’ve not seen Darren for like 3 years and you haven’t seen him since you came out. Now we are about to spend 3 days in the woods with him and his friend … personally i would have just gone for coffee and gage it from there.” Said Collin

“ Darren and I go way back, besides he doesnt mind that im gay ANNNND he gets to meet the most amazing man im the world.” Jay said smiling as he focused on the road ahead.

“I’d say, is that an amazing man me? but we both know you’ll say it’s you.” said Collin rolling his eyes.

“Ummm bamboozled yet again. But do you not agree I am the most amazing, SEXY, CHARISMATIC human in the whole world.” Jay said sarcastically.

“Hmm.” said Collin looking down at his phone

“Hey you!” Jay jabbed at Collins side

“Stop, yea yea you know you’re the bestest most sexy man ever.” With sincerity Collin placed his hand on Jay’s thigh and squeezed. “There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for you.”

“Gross…” said Jay pretending to gag.

Collin rolled his eyes once more and sighed before going back to social media.

Jay pulled up outside Darren’s house.

“Here” said Jay poking Collin

“Ahh yay.” said Collin rolling his eyes

“Stop rolling your eyes Mr they’ll stay like that.” said Jay

Jay stepped out of the car and stretched after the long drive. He began knocking on Darren’s front door.

“WHY HOWDY!” Yelled Jay as Darren opened the door

“Oh god, here we go.” said Darren before hugging Jay, Darren was 6’4 muscled with black hair and brown eyes. “ How have you been?”

“ I’ve been good thanks and you ?”

“ you know, just waiting for my husband to come back from the war.” Darren said winking

“Here I am and I have a confession,” Jay puts his hand in front of his face .”I’m already married.”

“Ahhh so that’s the huge guy talking to my friend is it?” Darren said nodding in the direction of Collin who had his back to the two almost eclipsing the smaller frame of Darren’s friend Ian.

“ looks like it,” said Jay

“ Dang he looks like he’s about to pass out haha” Said Darren as he watched Jay sway side to side hunched over.

“COLLIN! Get your fine ass over here.” shouted Jay

“huh? “ Collin was so tired he barely even knew where he was. “Yea…. umm coming.”

“ Hey Collin nice to meet you bro.” Said Darren extending his arm for a high five.

“Oh my God i regret this trip already,” Jay said, burying his face in his hands.

“ nice to meet you bro, mostly looking forward to hearing all about Jay’s embarrassing childhood.” Collin said with a grin returning the high five.

“Oh there’s plenty, why don’t you give us a hand with some of the camping equipment while i tell u bro.” said Darren.

“Sure thing bro, just show me what needs doing.” said Collin

“Yea no probs, did Jay ever tell you about that time he fell on top of that girl with the colostomy bag?” said Darren winking at Jay.

“You can both choke.” Said Jay.

“Only on your dick babe.” joked Collin slapping Jay on the ass and planting a small kiss on his cheek.

“GAYYYYYYYYYYYY.” teased Darren before descending further into the house arm around Collins shoulder off to get the camping equipment. Jay noticed Ian had not come any closer to the hose and was awkwardly standing next to his car. Ian was smaller than the other men 5’7 and about the same size as Jay with the same amber eyes.

“Umm hi dude,” said Jay, he always hated meeting new people.

“Hey, where did Collin and Darren go ?” Asked Ian shifting from side to side like he was anticipating something.

“Oh they’re just getting the camping equipment. You’ve got a good memory already learnt his name.” said Jay, Ian shifted more

“Yea i’ve always been good with names, so um what do you two do?” said Ian going red in the face.

God, I have no energy for people like this to learn to socialise! Thought collin then he said “ I’m a nurse as of last month, just graduated. Collin is an engineer, new grad too. You?”

“I do psychology.”said Ian, the awkward silence filling the time. “Um–h–how long do you think they will be?”

“I don’t bite, I promise,” Jay said, using a smile to belie how uncomfortable he really felt. “They won’t be too long i imagine… So what were you and Collin talking about?”

“Oh… umm… just boring stuff.” stuttered Ian.

“Can’t be more boring than this conversation,” Jay whispered under his breath, before speaking up, “ what’s boring stu…” Jay tried to say before he was hoisted into the air by Collin in a large bear hug.

“Rawr,” said Collin, nuzzling into Jay’s neck.

“Stop no one wants to see that and keep your rawring to yourself.” said Jay

“ right we are all set brochachos.” announced Darren , “ hop in Ian, race u down there mate.” Darren said before punching Collin in the arm.

“You’re going down town man no way you’re winning.” said Collin “Oh i thought i would be driving,” said Ian, “it’s just you’ve been up all day you might want to sleep on the way down.”

“Na i want to race Collin, you know assert myself as the alpha male.” said Darren while flexing his biceps.

“HA you?! An Alpha? Please.” Said Jay

“You’re laughing now ,but you won’t be laughing when you’re all licking my feet and begging to touch daddy Darrens biceps.” Darren teased.

“Grim.” said Jay as he got into the passenger’s seat. Collin soon joined him then both cars set off to the woods.

** Chapter 2 **

Roughly 20 minutes later Collin pulled into the car park of the camping site. “I won, I won, I’m the alpha male.” said Collin while punching his fists in the air.

“Wow the alpha.” Jay said, rolling his eyes.

“Yea boy be careful or you’ll be licking my feet tonight.” he said winking at Jay.

“Funny.” Jay said as Darren’s car rolled up next to them. Collin got out of the car and walked over to Darren’s window and tapped it, Darren rolled it down.

“LOSER!” shouted Collin while signing an L on his forehead. “Beta bitchhhhh.”

“Yea,yea ill still beat you at the real manly stuff like constructing a tent or starting a fire.” Darren said defensively.

“We have a lighter and firecubes i think that’s no longer a feat of masculinity anymore.” said Collin. At this point Jay had left to get entry tickets to camp in the woods. Ian had gotten out of the car now and was grabbing a few of his things he had brought. “I can grab that if you want mate,” said Collin gesturing to one of the bags Ian was struggling with.

“No no it’s fine i can manage.” said ian

“ Not very well dude just let him help,” said Darren “ we both know ure the beta anyway,” Darren slapped Ian on the back.

“Okay, umm fine.” said Ian handing the heavy bag to Collin.

“Shit that is heavy what the fucks in that dude…” Collin said his veins and biceps bulging as he hauled it over his shoulder a slight clang of mettle.

“It’s a projector i thought we could watch a movie later maybe?” said Ian, beginning to get clammy.

“Oh sure, maybe.” Collin said dismissively.

About 30 minutes later the camp was set up with Ian and Darren’s tent next to the fire with the food and drinks as it was bigger and Collin and Jay’s tent sat on the opposite side of the fire. Throughout the construction of the fire and tent Jay and Darren had got to reacquaint themselves with each other. While Collin attempted to talk to Ian who consistently ended conversations or looked down at the ground while addressing collin.

‘He’s weird as fuck right ?” Jay whispered to Collin who was rummaging through some of the bags they had brought.

“Ummm he’s just shy, a bit like you when we first dated.” Collin said, winking at Jay.

“Wow, but seriously dont u think he’s weird he just gives me weird vibes he’s barely said anything and he hardly even talks to Darren.” Whispered Jay

“Maybe he’ll get over it by day two for now, my love,” He cracked open a beer ,”it’s beer time.” Collin then went and kneeled next to the fire poking it with a stick as Ian sat opposite him. Darren approached Jay furrowing his brow and smiling, “not drinking?” he asked

“Yea i’ll grab one in a second.” said Jay

“Not like you to shy away from drinking you light weight.” joked Darren sipping from his can

“I can handle my drink now,” they both stared at each other before Jay laughed and Darren snorted into his can.

“Not if those social media posts are anything to go by, my favourite quote is .’who the fuck is the troglofyte bitch im not straight im not falling for your triffling ways’. “ said Darren slurring his words

“Don’t remind me ugh it’s so embarrassing.” said Jay “speaking of social media there aren’t any posts of you and Ian on yours.”

“Oh, is there not?” Darren askes confused.

“no , and sorry for saying this but he’s weird he doesn’t speak. Why did you bring him dude?” asked Jay

“Umm i don’t know i thought it would be fun. He grows on you.” Darren smiled “Hmmm” Jay said before grabbing a bottle of vodka and sitting in one of the deck chairs next to the fire. The night continued on with each man getting more and more drunk. Until in a drunken stupor Jay had fallen accidentally pushed Ian onto the ash pit where the fire had burnt out and everyone had called it a night. At Least that’s what Collin and Jay thought. Darren and Ian led in their sleeping bags side by side.

“Hey Darren I need a piss but my flashlight won’t work. Does yours work?” asked Ian

“Umm one sec bro.” Darren rolled over to try to find it , “ do you not have a phone dude?”

“Oh no it ran out of battery.” Ian said, turning his phone off. “Any luck on that flashlight?”

“Na dude,” Darren said, no longer bothering to pretend to look for it and just sinking back into his sleeping bag. Ian began to get frustrated he went to his bag that Collin had previously struggled with and removed the strobe light, hopefully the alcohol would make Collin and Jay where heavy sleepers Ian thought. He set the strobe light in front of Darrens face and just began to talk to Darren. “Hey Darren are you tired?”

“Hmm? yea .” Darren sighed sleepily

“Aww all that alcohol must have made you all sleepy.”


“ Alcohol makes me so tired sometimes I just lie there and barely notice what’s going on… just so tired… and lost in the moment… just my head spinning, round and round. Like my mind is getting more and more foggy, can you feel that all familiar fog to Darren?”

“Yea….” Darren slurred sleepily.

“Exactly that thick fog just makes your mind tingle and go numb making you feel so tired. Like you could pass out Darren but youre talking with me and while i’m talking you need to listen and stay awake it’s important to listen to Ian. Darren you must be so tired, so tired just slowly sinking and spiralling deeper and deeper.” Ian released the first flash. “Don’t worry Ian those flashes are just to help you relax to help you stop thinking and just focus on listening. The sooner you’re done listening the sooner you get to sleep Darren.

“Dude? What are yo—” FLASH “Shhhh Darren relax let me just take over for now just sink slowly spinning and seep deeper down drifting. It’s so hard to think now with the light.” FLASH, “with my voice in your head with that thick fog getting thicker and thicker pushing you deeper and deeper pushing your thoughts out. It would be much better if you stopped resisting Darren.”

“S–s ssstop.” Darren slurred eyes now open looking around in the darkness FLASH FLASH FLASH a constant barrage of light had begun to assault Darren’s eyes. “Yes stop resisting Darren you don’t want to think you want to listen. You don’t need to think you need to listen. Darren be a good boy for me and relax let yourself go let me think for you let me take control.” Ian looked at Darren’s face now with the light illuminating the room a small puddle of drool was forming under Darrens cheek as his glassy eyes stared straight into the light. “Darren, I’d really like you to relax and just let me think for you, I think you’d enjoy that too Darren. Why don’t you get out of that sleeping bag Darren?”

“Y–yea, absolutely.” Darren slowly shuffled out of the sleeping bag, his face still on the floor in a puddle of drool staring at the spiral but now his muscly body was exposed to Ian save for some underwear.

“Good boy Darren, I think its important we help you think better too. So Darren I want this idea to seep its way into your mind and plant itself like a worm going deeper and deeper becoming a part of you, of your personality. This idea is that I am the alpha male, I am in control, all men should serve me and you will never contest my power. You will be happy to comply, to obey, to serve, you are a beta. Understand?”

“Absolutely. I am a beta”

“What did you say before? The betas would be licking the Alphas feet? Well Darren it seems you need to be doing that doesnt it? Be a good boy Darren worship my feet.” Ian placed his barefoot in front of Darren’s face and turned off the strobe light. “Yes, absolutely.” Darren smiled as he grabbed Ians foot with both hands and brought it to his face and began licking the sole of Ians Left foot dragging his tongue up and down.

“How is that Darren?”

“Good, I am happy to comply.” Darren then began sucking on Ians long toes one by one Ians foot slick with saliva.

“Excellent, why don’t you take your cock out and get hard.” Instantly Darren was hard and happy staring forward smiling. “Thats a good boy Darren now youre going to be a good boy and fuck me Darren and each time i ride you youre going to sink deeper and deeper into my control. Darrens personality will remain but his thoughts, wishes and free will will be drained from him. Ok Darren?” Ian positioned himself on Darrens lap, Darren’s cock placed against the entrance of his hole.

“N—nnn no… w-wwhat are you doing.. T-tt to me.” Darren managed to say through gritted teeth.

“Aww Darren this is what you want to relax.” Ian pushed himself down onto Darren’s cock, Darren took a sharp inhalation of breath as Ian grabbed the back of Darren’s hair and pulled him close so he could whisper directly into his ear. With a fast pace and blur of words Ian said, “shh Darren relax let go, give in feel, that pleasure feel your cock in my hole my tight hole being milked. Milked just like your mind, controlled, nice and empty like your mind like that thick fog so much energy to resist that thick fog, give in Darren, relax, cum be a good boy Darren cum, serve me, lose yourself, lose your free will. It would be so much easier to give up and let me take over, take control, take Darren, let go Darren, serve, be a good boy cum ,cum, empty your balls and cum.” What was once a look of confusion on Darrens face was now an empty blank stare as his cock sprayed into Ians hole. “Good jocks blow their cocks, good jocks spray their cocks.” Darren remained still and hard as Ian continued to use his new fuck toy. “You’re going to help Collin see his true calling in life Darren since i couldn’t quite get into his head before, after all he’s a jock and what do jocks do?”

“Good jocks blow their cocks, good jocks spray their cocks.”

“See that’s a good Beta bitch now shove your face in my ass and lick up what’s left of your mind while I sleep.”

“Absolutely,” Darren said, smiling and diving into Ians hole his tongue probing into the tight wet hole before him. One down two to go thought Ian and Collin would be so fun to play with.

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