A Waking Trance

By The Influencer - theinfluencer28@protonmail.com
published September 6, 2020
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Ashton lets Thomas hypnotize him, but when it doesn’t work, Thomas insists that it worked perfectly

Ashton sat upright in the chair with his eyes closed. “This is stupid,” he said.

“You can change your mind if you want,” Thomas said. “This was your idea.”

“No, just get on with it.” Ashton sat across from Thomas, alone in Thomas’s family’s study. It was their summer break from university, and coming from wealthy enough families, neither had to work or take summer classes. That left them with a lot of down time. Up until this point, they had filled it with games of tennis, golf, clubbing, and general lounging around. The time off was beginning to bore Ashton.

Thomas had casually mentioned that he had been learning hypnosis and suggested meeting girls at the club to practice on, but Ashton volunteered himself. “Are you sure?” Thomas had asked at the time, but Ashton insisted as a way to cut through the monotony of their day. He said that if Thomas could do it then he’d be Thomas’s wingman to find women to act as his subjects.

“So, how will I know if it’s working?” Ashton asked, his eyes still closed.

“It’s not going to if you don’t shut up. Now breathe in…” Thomas said, softening his voice. Ashton took a breath in, then exhaled when Thomas instructed him to. This went on for some time, and between breaths, Thomas vaguely spoke about how Ashton was feeling relaxed, how his body was becoming lighter, releasing tension, and so on. Ashton let his mind wander when it became clear it was just going to be like this over and over. He’d ride it out and in a few minutes tell Thomas it didn’t work.

“And… open your eyes.” Ashton did, and he was greeted by Thomas’s eager smile.

“So now what?” Ashton asked.

“Nothing. That’s it.”

“What do you mean, ‘that’s it’? You didn’t do anything.”

“Yes, I did. You’re in a hypnotic trance,” Thomas stated.

“No, I’m not.”

“How can you be so sure? You’ve never been hypnotized before.”

“What are you talking about?” Ashton argued, getting quite annoyed. “I’m wide awake. I don’t have to have been hypnotized to know what it’s supposed to be like.”

“You only know what you think it’s like. Plus, there are lots of different ways to hypnotize someone. You don’t know all the ways.”

“You’re just fucking around. I knew this was dumb.”

“The point is you can’t know that you’re not hypnotized. But I understand you would need proof.”

“There’s nothing to prove, cause I’m not,” Ashton insisted.

“Very well. In… forty one seconds, you’re going to look down. If you can maintain eye contact with me that entire time, then you can be sure you aren’t hypnotized.”

“Fine, whatever,” Ashton said, looking into his friend’s eyes. Thomas had a smug look on his face. Ashton suppressed the notion that he was nervous Thomas was actually right. He knew he was just bluffing and trying to mess with him, but once he waited out the time they could just act like this never happened.

The pair waited in silence until a siren erupted from Ashton’s pocket. He instinctively looked down and saw his phone flashing inside his pocket. “Told you,” Thomas said.

Ashton switched off the alarm. “Very funny. Seriously, was this whole thing just for that joke. You must be more bored than I am.”

“That wasn’t a joke. I told you you wouldn’t be able to help but look down, and you couldn’t.”

“Yeah, but not cause I was hypnotized,” Ashton insisted. “It’s cause you messed with my phone. You wouldn’t done the same thing even without being hypnotized.”

“Perhaps,” Thomas conceded, “but then again, you were actively trying to avoid looking down. You can’t say for sure that your behavior wasn’t in part influenced by being in a trance.”

“Oh come on,” Ashton said. “This is getting out of hand. Let’s just forget it and do something else. I’m sick of this.”

“No,” Thomas said sternly. “You’re going to sit here until you are certain you’re in a trance or until I’ve said you can get up.”

“What the fuck?” Ashton had never heard Thomas take that tone with anyone, let alone himself. “Dude, I’m out of here.”

“Ok,” Thomas said, his tone lightening, “but if you leave, then you’ll be admitting you are in a trance.”

“What? Of course not. I’m just leaving because this is dumb and you’re being an idiot.”

“Are you? Or are you getting up because you’re certain that you’re in a trance like I’ve said. Maybe your natural instinct is to stand up because you know it’s true.”

“None of that is true. It’s all bullshit. I don’t know why you’re being so weird about all this.”

“Fine, I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. But before you go, can I ask you something?”

“What?” Ashton said, gritting his teeth.

“How come you’re still sitting?” Thomas asked innocently.


“You made such a fuss about leaving, but here you are, still sitting on the chair. You haven’t budged. How come?”

“Because we were talking.”

“Ah. So it wasn’t because I ordered you while you were in a trance. Are you sure about that?”

“Yes! Christ, dude, give it a rest already.”

“But you see my point. Either you can get up or you can’t. So far, the evidence seems to be that you can’t.”

“Evidence? What evidence?” Ashton asked. “I’m just sitting here.”

“Because you have to.”

“Because I want to.”

“But you don’t want to,” Thomas said, leaning in. “Isn’t that right? You’ve wanted to leave for the past two minutes. But you can’t because I haven’t said you could and you’re still not convinced that you’re in a trance.”

“This has gone on long enough. I’m outta here.”

“Very well,” Thomas leaned back in his chair.

Ashton sat very rigid in his chair. He wasn’t moving, but he was breathing heavily through his nose like he was exerting a great deal of effort. He dug his fingers into his thighs and shut his eyes tightly. Thomas just sat and watched. Finally Ashton gave up. “GAAAH! What the fuck?”

“Everything ok?”

“Yeah, I’m just… my legs fell asleep sitting here for so long.”

“Now look who’s full of shit.” Thomas stood up and walked around Ashton’s chair.

“Fuck off,” Ashton called out, not being able to turn his head to see Thomas. Eventually he came back around the other side. “I’m done with your weird head games. When I get out of here I’m never coming back.”

“Suit yourself. I suppose that means you’ll be leaving then?”

Ashton heard the contempt in Thomas’s voice. Ashton strained once again but wasn’t able to budge.

“The beauty of this method of hypnosis, is that I’ll know exactly at what point you’ve fully accepted your trance.”

“What are you talking about?” Ashton said, still struggling against his own legs.

“It’s a technique I’ve developed that I’ve been calling a ‘waking trance’. It’s risky because if it doesn’t work it can leave me very vulnerable, but when it does, it has a much stronger impact than other methods. It relies on the subject unwillingly consenting to the surrender of their own will. Every step you accept more and more, and as you do, the trance itself becomes stronger because you believe it to be that strong.”

“What sort of fucked up bullshit is this?”

“It’s what you signed up for. You asked to be hypnotized and you have been. You didn’t say I couldn’t keep you like this forever.”

“No, no way. This is still just some trick. I’ll bet I’m just glued to this chair or something.”

“Good, keep fighting it. Every time I break your rationalizations, it fortifies the trance in your mind. When I snap my fingers, you’re going to stand up, take off your shirt, and sit back down where you will once again be unable to get up from the chair.”

“I’m not doing that,” Ashton said.

“But you have doubts,” Thomas contradicted. “Seeing everything that’s already happened, you’re afraid you will do it and it’ll just prove that you’re actually under my spell. And when you do, it’ll become that much harder to resist.”

Ashton could feel his adrenaline pumping. Even if he wasn’t hypnotized, this situation was getting out of hand and he felt trapped. He considered taking off his pants so that if they were glued he could just slip out and get away. Before he could, Thomas snapped his fingers. Ashton hesitated for a moment, and in that small window of time he thought that he would be able to remain seated. However, that hope was fleeting as he rose to his feet, unbuttoned the buttons of his polo shirt, slipped it over his head, and sat back down.

“Fuck!” was all Ashton could spit out. He covered his chest, feeling exposed in front of his now leering friend.

“Now do you believe?” Thomas asked with a smile. “I suppose we’ll know if you can get up from that chair, but if you did manage to, then it would be too late for you anyway, huh?”

Ashton was sweating. He didn’t know what to do. He was afraid to stay, but also knew that if he got up, Thomas would just warp the situation to say it proved his point. But even if he did, he was still lying and Ashton could just leave. But if it was a lie, then staying wasn’t a problem, because it was all a trick in the first place.

“I can see you’re conflicted,” Thomas interrupted his train of thought. “I’ll make this easy. Hypnosis only works if you choose to believe you’re hypnotized. Like it or not, you do believe. If you don’t want to be, then you should go.”

Ashton hated agreeing with Thomas right now, but he had a point. Despite everything, all he wanted to do was leave anyway. Ashton grabbed the seat of the chair and pushed up with all of his might, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get away.

“Seriously?” Thomas said. “Now you’re just being stubborn. You know you’re not glued cause you just stood up. Either you get you’re in a trance or you think I’m lying. Which is it?”

“I… I don’t know.” Ashton was on the verge of tears. He was so confused and afraid.

Thomas rolled his eyes. “When I snap my fingers, you’re going to stand up, take off your pants, and sit back down.” Thomas snapped his fingers immediately.

Ashton tried to protest, but was already on his feet and undoing his belt. “Fuck fuck fuck,” he said as he dropped them to the ground and stepped out of them. He was back in the chair before he knew it, wearing only a pair of briefs.

“Do you believe me now?” Thomas asked impatiently.

“Yes, ok yes. You did it, you hypnotized me. Now take it back.” Ashton was wailing, but soon he came to a realization. His acceptance felt like opening a pressure release valve. Once he heard himself say it, he lifted himself off the chair effortlessly. He even got up too quickly overcompensating how much effort it would take.

“Finally. Doesn’t that feel better, big guy?” Standing next to each other, their size difference was more apparent. Ashton was a little taller and his torso was a little wider. With his clothes off, it was easy to see the natural muscle on his frame, as well as the smattering of body hair that he had on his chest and belly.

“Fine, I admit that you did it. Now wake me up or whatever.”

“I thought you were awake,” Thomas said cheekily.

“Dude, enough. This isn’t cool.”

“Take off the rest of your clothes,” he ordered casually.

“Dammit, I said quit it,” Ashton said as he yanked the socks from his feet and pulled his underwear down. “I don’t want to be in a trance anymore.”

“Fine, suit yourself. You’re not glued to the chair anymore. What’s stopping you?” That was true. Thomas hadn’t given him any orders not to put his clothes back on or to leave. He could even kick his ass, which was highly tempting right now. But Ashton didn’t do any of those things. He just stood there.

“What’s going on? I can’t move.”

“Sure you can,” Thomas said, poking Ashton in his side. Ashton flinched and stumbled a few steps, but shortly after regaining his balance he just stood still again.

“I don’t understand. What gives?”

“Ah yes, this was always the part that I understood the least about this technique. The waking trance I put you in has several levels. You’ve experienced the first few: Complete Denial, Doubt, Acceptance. I’m not sure what to call this one, but the closest I can come up with is ‘Resignation’.


“At its core, hypnosis is essentially a guided meditation. As the hypnotist, I’m guiding you through your trance. At first, your mind resisted the guidance, but through some gentle conditioning, it’s not only accepted the fact that you’re in a trance and will follow my direction, but that my direction will override your own decisions. Simply put, you’ve given up fighting me. Your unconscious mind, anyway.”

“What? No I haven’t.”

“That argument is hard to support while you’re naked. You aren’t even covering up anymore.” Ashton went red with embarrassment. He’d actually forgotten he was naked, and now that he was aware of it, he wanted badly to put his hands in front of his genitals, but he couldn’t make them move. He wasn’t paralyzed or frozen; his hands swung naturally at his sides, but he couldn’t move them in any specific way. Ashton fought back the thoughts that Thomas was right and he couldn’t do it, but they proved more powerful than those that believed he was still in control.

“At any rate, come along. We’re ready for the main event.” Ashton started following Thomas along. The walked down many of the sprawling hallways of Thomas’s parents’ estate. He knew they would be away all day, which was a relief given the state he was in, but also terrifying that no one was around who could help.

Thomas led them to a bedroom and gestured for Ashton to enter first. He did, ashamed that he couldn’t even resist suggestions from Thomas. When he entered he saw that there was not only a bed, but a camcorder pointed at it and a pair of bright theatrical lights.

“What… What is all this?” Ashton asked.

“Get up onto the bed.” Thomas ignored his question, and Ashton couldn’t get any more clarification without climbing onto the soft comforter spread neatly across the mattress. Thomas turned on the camera and Ashton saw the red light come on. “Go ahead and introduce yourself.”

“My name is Ashton Walker,” he said directly into he lens. He looked up at Thomas and asked, “What is all this?”

“I’ll ask the questions. Tell us why you’re here.”

“Because you told me to?” Ashton answered, again to the lens.

“And why did you listen?” Thomas asked.

Ashton shut his eyes. “Because you put me in a trance and now I do everything you tell me to do.” Part of being hypnotized meant that he couldn’t lie when asked a direct question, making this all the harder to fight.

“That’s right,” Thomas said, directed more for the audience than Ashton. “Ashton here has been hypnotized and is in a trance right now, so he’s gonna put on a show for us.”

“God, please don’t,” Ashton pleaded.

“Are you horny right now, Ashton?”

“No!” Ashton said, excited that he had what felt like even a minor victory.

“When I snap my fingers, Ashton,” Thomas narrated, holding his hand out so the camera could see, “you’re going to become extremely horny.”

“No way. You can’t—“ Ashton stopped when Thomas snapped his fingers. His entire body shivered and tensed up, and before his eyes, he saw his dick stand at attention. “Fuck, that’s impossible.”

“How are you still not getting this?” Thomas asked. He quickly resumed his narrator tone. “How do you feel now, Ashton?”

Ashton’s hands were braced against the mattress while he kneeled on the bed. “Scared, embarrassed, angry, and really really horny.”

“Do you want to jerk off?”

“No. I mean yes, I want to cum, but not in front of you and definitely not while you’re recording me.”

“Well, I can solve one of those problems. I’m going to snap my fingers again, and when I do, you’re going to start jerking yourself off. When you do, you’re going to make it as sexy as possible for the camera.”

“Please, I’m begging you. Don’t make me—“ Thomas snapped again, and Ashton’s hand went straight for his cock. “—masturbate in front of… um, oh fuck.” Ashton bit his lip as he stroked his cock sensually, glancing down the barrel of the lens between lustful looks at his own body. He raised his arm and flexed it above his head, showing his armpit as he puffed out his chest. The effort in his face was apparent as he pumped his cock rapidly, taking care never to turn too far away from the camera. He got up onto his knees and began feeling up his chest as his body was on full display.

“You really seem to be enjoying yourself,” Thomas said, projecting so the camera would hear him clearly. “You must really want everyone to see you jerk off.”

“No, I hate it,” Ashton responded as he teased the head of his cock while squeezing his nipple.

“Then how come you’re doing it?”

“Because I can’t stop,” Ashton said, squeezing his eyes tight, frustrated that Thomas was rubbing it in.

“And why can’t you stop?” Thomas asked.

Ashton sighed. “Because you hypnotized me, and now I do whatever you tell me.”

“That’s right. So when I tell you to use that bottle of lube behind you to put on the best show possible for the men watching this, you will?” Thomas asked, though both men knew it wasn’t a question.

“Yes,” Ashton droned as he reached behind and opened the bottle he only just discovered. He squeezed it into his hand and coated his hard dick with it, gliding up and down along the shaft. Despite the circumstances, he still shivered at the sensation of stroking his well-lubricated cock. However, another thought seized him that he couldn’t ignore once he had it. He fell onto his back and raised his legs in the air. He gently inserted his slick fingers into his asshole, penetrating his virgin hole with two fingers. He craned his head up so the camera could see him seeing the camera as he jerked off with one hand and fingered himself with the other. Off to the side, he could see Thomas, just sitting and watching, satisfied with his work.

Ashton tried as hard as he could to keep from cumming, but the imperative to entertain his audience overrode any sense of self-preservation he still had. He took great gasping moans, which he only partially enhanced for performative effect, as he shot his load all over his chest and stomach. Even after he finished, he continued to finger his hole, unable to stop while the camera continued recording. “You can relax now,” Thomas said, and Ashton’s hand flopped to his side. “Sit up,” he ordered, and Ashton pulled his depleted body up. Semen stained his naked chest, and his semi-erect cock was shiny and softening.

“And go ahead and introduce yourself one more time for us,” Thomas directed.

Ashton swallowed, “Ashton Walker.”

“And where can your adoring fans find you on social media if they want to get in touch?”

Ashton clenched tightly, trying with all his might to not answer, but he only held out for two seconds before replying, “I’m @richashtonwalks on Twitter and Instagram.”

“So make sure you DM Ashton. He’ll send you any pic you ask for, isn’t that right?” Ashton nodded resignedly.

“And that’s a wrap,” Thomas said, turning off the camera.

“Dude, I get it, alright? You hypnotized me. I’m in a trance. You can make me do anything you want. You proved your point. Just please please don’t post that video.”

“Oooh, sorry. If only you’d said that sooner…” Thomas said as he picked up a laptop from the floor. There’s a cable connecting the camera directly to the computer, and Thomas turned it toward Ashton so he could see a video of himself playing on a website littered with pornographic ads. He recognized himself from a few minutes ago, and even though he couldn’t hear anything, he knew what was to happened as soon as the computerized version of himself began stroking his cock.

The oxygen left Ashton’s lungs. The video was already posted. His name and information was out there. He couldn’t stop it and Thomas wouldn’t let him. An emptiness washed over Ashton as the realization of his circumstances settled in. “And there it is,” Thomas said, “the final stage: Surrender. I know it’s pretty harsh getting there, but I have to be sure that you know that there’s nothing I can’t have you do. Do you understand that now?” Ashton didn’t answer, but stared blankly ahead and gave two slow nods. “Good. Look at me, Ashton.”

Ashton’s gaze drifted over to Thomas, who’s eyes penetrated Ashton’s soul. Ashton’s mouth hung open, his body limp, as his only directive was to look at Thomas. Anything else was superfluous to that command.

“I’m going to wake you from your trance,” Thomas explained, “but even when I do, you will still have the compulsion to follow anything I say without question, to believe everything I tell you without doubt, and to feel everything I describe without hesitation. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” Ashton said. He wanted none of those things, but had no fight left.

“I’m going to count backwards from three, and when I snap my fingers you will be fully awake. Three, two, one,” he said, snapping after he said one.

Ashton blinked and perked up. The vacuum in his mind was gone, and he felt perfectly normal. “Whoa,” he said, blinking a few more times. He hadn’t realized he had been staring and his eyes were dry and scratchy. “That, that was intense,” he said. He looked down and confirmed he was naked and still covered in his own cum. “So, did any of that really happen?”

“It did. All of it,” Thomas said. Ashton’s heart sank.

“What the fuck? I can’t be around you anymore,” he said, making a dash to leave.

“You’re not going anywhere,” Thomas said, and Ashton stopped. He wasn’t frozen, but the ability to walk out of the room vanished in an instant. He still desperately wanted to get out, but it was no longer an action he could take.

“I told you,” Thomas said, clicking around on the laptop. “You’re not in a trance anymore, but what I say goes. And I say we do round two.” Thomas set the computer down and turned the camera back on. “Get on your knees and suck my dick like you love it.”

Ashton couldn’t help but immediately drop to his knees and undo Thomas’s pants. He pulled them down, revealing a throbbing erection that he swallowed up. He enthusiastically sucked Thomas off, but strained his eyes up to see the camera recording and pointing down at himself.

“And after we’re done here, you’re gonna check your messages and look for other hot guys that I can practice my hypnosis on.” Thomas cooed pleasurably as Ashton deep-throated his former friend. He focused on giving Thomas the best blow-job possible, but in the back of his mind was mentally preparing to help Thomas ensnare his next subject.

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