Slave Collar for Alex - Chapter 1

By Pawn
published August 31, 2020
2175 words

Alex gets a mind-controlling slave collar put on him by his younger brother Cody.


I was just a normal high school senior when this all started. I was popular, I was on the football team (although my last season was over at this point). Life was good.

I was at school one day, talking to my best friend Aiden.

“Dude, did you hook up with Lindsey last night?” Aiden asked.

“Oh yeah, her mouth was all over my dick. It felt sooo good.” I was grinning ear to ear. I’d never had any kind of sexual experience before. It was my first blow job and Lindsey was hot.

Aiden gave me a high five. “Nice dude, nice.”

I noticed this nerdy gay junior, Kevin, walking down the hall. “Hey fag, how’s it going?” I asked. I stepped up to the much shorter junior (of course everyone was shorter than me).

“Leave me alone you jerk.” Kevin said, “Just because you’re big and strong doesn’t mean you can pick on people. Don’t you know with great power comes great responsibility?”

I stepped back and thought this over, but the nerd walked away before I could come up with a response. I’ll admit, come backs aren’t my strong suit.

“Guess he told you.” Aiden said.

“Am I a jerk?” I asked.

“Yeah kind of. I mean, you do make fun of gay people a lot.”

“It’s because it’s disgusting! I would never put another guys dick in my mouth!” I meant it too. How could a cocksucker ever be a real man? If it was my mouth on a dick or my body in a grave, I was pretty sure I’d choose the grave.

“Well good thing no one’s asking you to.” Aiden shook his head at me. “You need to be nicer to gay people, it doesn’t matter to you.”

“Whatever,” I said, and headed off to class.


After school that day, Alex’s younger brother Cody (a high school junior) was walking around downtown after school when he noticed a new store. Or at least, new to him, but it looked very old. I guess I never noticed it before. Over the door in faded paint it said “Al’s Plot Devices.”

Cody stepped inside and had a look around. The place had a random assortment of stuff on the shelves, old dolls, tools, a rusty cymbal. Who would buy this crap?

He was about to leave when he saw a black leather necklace held together with a small clasp. The price tag was $200! He wondered why it would cost so much.

“Excuse me sir” he said to the old man behind the counter (Al, presumably), “What’s this?”

The man looked up. “Oh, that’s a slave collar.”

“A what?”

“It has mind control powers. The person wearing the collar, the slave, has to follow orders from the person that put the collar on him.”

“No way. You can’t be serious.” Was this old man crazy?

The man walked over to where Cody was standing. “I’m serious. If you want you can try the collar on here and I’ll show you how well it works.”

The old man stared Cody right in the eyes. Creepy. Cody held his gaze for a minute before looking down.

“Ok…um, that won’t be necessary, I believe you.”

“I’ll tell you what, if you take it home and try it and it doesn’t work, bring it back here and I’ll give you your money back.”

Cody thought about it for a minute. And then he sprang a boner when he realized what he could use the collar for if it worked. His ultimate jack off fantasy. “OK, deal.”

Cody quickly paid for it. “Well thanks, have a nice day!”

“Have fun,” the shopkeeper said as Cody left.

I will, Cody thought. You see, despite being a really nice young man, Cody was very kinky. And very gay. He’d been fantasizing about dominating guys for years, every time he masturbated that’s what he thought about. And number one among his fantasies was dominating his cocky older brother, wiping his arrogant jerk smile off his face.

Plus his brother was just smoking hot, even if he wasn’t a jerk Cody would be into him.


That evening Alex was hanging out in his room when Cody came in.

“Hey Alex, you’re a fucking jerk.” Cody said. “You’re always such a dick and a homophobe. I think you should be nicer to me.”

What the fuck? Where did this twerp get off telling me what to do?

I walked over to him and stood face to face. “Yeah, and what are you going to do about it?” I asked menacingly.

“I’m giving you a chance to apologize now, or you’re going to be real sorry.” Cody said. He seemed nervous but he stood his ground.

“Oh, OK.” I said. Then I grabbed him and lifted him up (he didn’t weigh much at all) and I slammed him to the floor knocking the wind out of him. Then I stepped on his chest. “You’re just a little bitch, and I don’t do what you say. Get the fuck out of my room before I beat you senseless.” Then I let him go.

Cody got up. “I warned you.” He said, then turned and fled before I could do anything else.

“Yeah, whatever!” I called after him.


Cody snuck into Alex’s room in the middle of the night. As quiet as can be, he tip-toed over to his brother’s bed.

Alex was definitely sound asleep. And he was a deep sleeper. He looked like a perfect blond angel when he was sleeping.

Cody took the leather collar and slipped one end under his brother’s muscular neck. He brought the two ends together. Alex moved a little in his sleep and Cody almost had a panic attack thinking Alex would wake up. He dropped the collar.

When Alex stopped moving, Cody waited a few seconds then grabbed the ends of the collar. He worked the clasp, locking the leather collar in place.

Now to try it out. He was so excited!

“Hey Alex,” Cody said, shaking his older brother. “Wake up, I’ve got a question for you.”

“Whaaa?” Alex said, blinking awake. “What the hell are you doing you freak, I’m trying to sleep?” Alex could go from sleeping angel to angry demon pretty quickly.

“I order you to get out of bed and pat your head.” Cody decided to start with a little test order.

“Huh?” But Alex got up and then patted his head. He was just wearing his underwear, and Cody like the view.

“Nice.” Cody said. It was actually working. “Now I order you to take off your underwear, then kneel on the floor naked in front of me and wait for my orders.” Cody commanded. His dick was rock hard in anticipation. Now for the moment of truth. Would this thing work?


“Now I order you to take off your underwear, then kneel on the floor naked in front of me and wait for my orders.”

I was still sleepy and very pissed off, so my first thought was to punch Cody in the face. But I found myself pulling down my underwear. In a few seconds I was completely naked in front of my brother.

“What the hell?” I said. I tried to stop moving but I kneeled down in front of my brother.

Cody had a big smile on his face. He started laughing at me. “Oh my god this is awesome!”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I tried to move but I couldn’t seem to send a signal to my body to get moving.

“What did you do to me?!” I asked.

“I order you not to raise your voice so much that you will wake Mom and Dad. And to answer your question, I’ve made you my slave. Around your neck is a slave collar. Since I’m the one who put it on you it lets me control you. I order you never to attempt to remove it or ask anyone else to remove it, and you will do your best to stop them if they do try. Understand?”

It seemed I had to answer his questions too, because I wasn’t able to stop myself from replying. “Yes, I understand your orders. You fucking fag, why are you making me stay naked?”

“To humiliate you, obviously.” Well it was working, this was embarrassing. “It’s fun! I think you’ll make a great little slave.” And then Cody patted my head.

“I’m going to kill you.” I wanted to punch him in the face and wipe that smile off, but of course I couldn’t move.

“I warned you earlier today, didn’t I? I knew you’d react that way but hey, you made your choice. You thought you had nothing to fear from a scrawny guy like me didn’t you?”

“This is bullshit. I’m going to get free and when I do you’re going to pay.” I was fuming, although still staying quiet as ordered.

Cody was unphased. “Your threats are meaningless. My threats on the other hand, you should fear. Now sit and jackoff.”

I didn’t do anything. It seems that order didn’t stick. “Fuck you!”

“Oh right, I forgot.” Cody said. “I order you to sit on your ass and jackoff until you cum.”

To my horror, I complied. Apparently if he said it was an order then I had to do it.

I sat down, my naked ass on the floor, and then got my dick in my hand and started stroking it. Pretty soon I was hard.

Masturbating in front of another guy was seriously gay. I’d never even jerked off in front of a girl! My cheeks were red from the embarrassment. And Cody couldn’t take his eyes off me! I felt exposed. I looked down and focused on my work and did my best to ignore my younger brother.

Cody made it worse. “You should see yourself, you look so ridiculous. I order you to say ‘I like dicks’ over and over while you do it.”

Automatically I began to speak. “I like dicks. I like dicks. I like dicks.” I was getting close to cumming. ’I like dicks. I like dicks. I like dicks uhhh." My cum shot all over my stomach.

“Ha ha ha! That… was priceless. Now, I order you to use your hands to smear your cum all over your face and get as much as you can on you.”

I did as I was told, feeling my slimy cum on my face. I even smeared it on my eyelids. “You are such a fag, watching me jerkoff.”

“You’re the one who likes dicks. And I hope you enjoyed it, because unfortunately for you it’s the last time you’ll get off for a while. I order you not to masturbate or get off by any other means without my permission, like, even if a girl literally falls on your dick, you will push her back off.”

“You can’t be serious. Look, you’ve had your fun but don’t you think this is enough? Get this thing off me.”

“Are you kidding? Having you in my control is going to be so much fun. I’m never letting you go.”


“I order not to clean your face or put clothes on until the morning, and now go back to bed.”

“I will find a way out of this.” I said as I got back in bed and pulled the covers up.

“Oh, that’s mean. I’m just trying to be your friend. I order you not to attempt any escape, and also never attempt to hurt me or get revenge on me in any way. Good night slave.”

Cody left me to lay there in the dark. I couldn’t sleep for a long time, to busy thinking about what just happened to me. I guess my brother’s not so nice after all.

And he called me slave. Did that make him my master?

The cum on my face soon dried. I explored my new leather collar with my fingers. I could feel the mechanism to unlatch it, and I knew exactly how to undo it, but despite putting all my willpower into it I couldn’t make the finger movements to free myself. I couldn’t even get out of bed to get dressed.

It seemed for now I was stuck being a slave to my younger brother.


Cody jacked off that night thinking about his brother being his slave. And planning future humiliations to inflict on his jock brother. Cody was patient. He would increase the humiliation one step at a time.

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