Return To Dicksburg

By BateFan
published August 23, 2020
3101 words

Matt, an executive at DFX, receives concerning letters of resignation from his former employees: Rob, Xander, and Youssef. He has no choice to but enlist the help of his friend Brad, a private investigator to get to the bottom of the resignation of his three best employees.

*Hello, all! This is an adaptation of one of my favorite stories so far in 2020 by Hypnothrill. I took the main premise of his story “Welcome to Dicksburg” and decided to add my own spin to it. This is my first story that I’ve ever written, so I am very open to any comments. I do have an idea of where I want this story to go, but I also am not sure when I will be able to write the next part. Much credit to all the writers out there! So without further adieu - enjoy, and let me know what you think! *

Matt was the youngest executive in the firm’s history. Matt worked closely alongside Rob, Xander, and Youssef before they left for the Fourth of July. He didn’t find it weird that the three of them had requested the entire month of July off, and quite frankly, wasn’t bothered, so he approved it without hesitation. He figured three of his best employees deserved a hard-earned vacation.

Fiscal Year 2020 had been an absolute disaster so far. Matt even decided that he would join the three of them and take the month off. He had worked hard for seven years in industry, it was about time he gave himself a reward.

Matt arrived at work on August 1, ready to start anew. He went straight to his office, only to find three envelopes from Rob, Xander, and Youssef, respectively. Matt opened and read them all one after the next. Resignation Letters he thought to himself. But what was even weirder is that each letter was identically written. The letters read:

“Dear Matt,

I am writing this to inform you that I will no longer be working for DFX Inc. Please consider this my resignation. In the past month, I have learned what it truly means to live a good life. A good life consists of serving others, being happy, and spreading the good news. I am grateful for everything you have taught me. Enclosed, please find a small token to remember me by.”

And then sincerely, Rob, Xander, and Youssef, each on their respective letters.

Matt then reached into each envelope to see what the “token” provided was. He noticed there was a small 2x4” picture in each.

What the fuck?! Matt thought as he looked at the first picture. It was Rob posing up against what Matt surmised to be a barn, naked and hard. While the image was disturbing for Matt to view the first time, he had to give Rob some credit. The guy was an absolute stud. He was muscular, toned arms, legs, 8 pack abs. Wait, *what am I thinking? *

Matt looked through the remaining pictures, absolutely horrified that Xander and Youssef provided the same exact photo. Same background, same position. The only thing different was the size of each guy’s cock. Rob was above average at 7.5 inches. Youssef was average, but thick at about 6 inches. Xander was hung. His cock had to be at least 9 inches.

The workday hadn’t even started and Matt had no idea what to do next. He just lost three of his best employees and he was pretty sure there was something much darker going on. He packed up his workbag, stored each picture, and left the office.

Matt hopped into his Audi and booked it out of the parking garage. He was feeling buzzed

“Siri, call Brad” Matt spoke into his Sync commands built into his car. Brad was a close friend of Matt’s. They were college roommates for three years and best friends nearly since move in day. Brad was a criminal justice major during his college years and worked as a private investigator in the Chicago area. The majority of his cases were of insecure spouses who believed their significant other was cheating – Brad was unable to breakthrough and really find his groove as a respected investigator. He was Matt’s first instinct to call.

“What’s up, broski”

“Dude – I received the strangest three letters today. I’ve told you about my team at work, right? Rob, Xander, and Youssef?”

“Yeah sounds familiar”

“Well, given the whole pandemic going on and how DFX is going to be slow for the foreseeable future, I gave them the entire month of July off. I vaguely remember them saying that they were going to go South together. I think Rob has family house on the Florida panhandle, or something. Anywho, I get all three of their letters of resignment today.”

“Yeah, I think I’d hate working for you too” Brad joked.

“Ay fuck off, I’m a great boss! Anyway, this is just weird. These three guys live a pretty nice life at DFX – they make six figures, each, and have the potential to make pretty good bonuses. What’s even weirder is that each letter said the exact same thing. Word for word. And they each included a fucking nude as a thing to remember them by?”

“LOL aw did you keep them for some private Matt time?”

“Fuck off Brad – do you really not see where I think this is going? Obviously I think there is a greater issue at play and I want your help in figuring out what’s going on.”

“Ahh the student has come to the Master. This does sound weird though, I’m definitely intrigued. The only thing is I have to figure out if Karen’s husband is cheating on her by the end of the month. Just given her name I want to do a good job because I kind of rely on positive Yelp reviews to keep my PI business intact.

“End of the month? I promise we’ll be back by then. I have a feeling that they’re just being held against their will. Even if it takes longer than the whole month, I’ll make sure I get you back to Chicago in plenty of time to not screw your entire business over.”

“Alright, cool – I’m in. I’ll throw a bag together.”

“Awesome – thanks man, I’ll swing by your place in two hours”

Matt pulled into his apartment complex, headed straight for the elevators to his penthouse suite. He loved absolutely everything about his apartment, but absolutely nothing beat the view. On one side, he was perched right over the Riverwalk, one of the most popular destinations throughout the city. On Saint Patrick’s Day, he would always host a party to watch the green dyeing of the river. On the other side, he had a great vantage point of unique Chicago architecture.

He took in the atmosphere one last time, packed a bag, and bid adieu to his apartment. While definitely optimistic, Matt had no idea how long he would actually be gone. He went straight down to the garage, hopped in his car, and started his route to Brad’s place.

Matt saw Brad standing outside his apartment with his suitcase, just waiting for him. “Ay let’s go.” Brad said and hopped right in as Matt pulled over on the curb.

“Well, actually, where are we even going?”

“That’s your first job is to figure out where we’re going.”

Matt handed Brad the envelopes with the letters and the pictures inside. Within a minute, Brad found a marking on the top corner of the envelope. “35620-DB” it read. Brad punched these numbers into google to see if it would yield any results. Fortunately, they did. Brad grabbed Matt’s phone and put an address into the GPS.

“We are going to Dicksburg” Brad said.

“Dicksburg? Is that really what it’s called?” Matt retorted.

“Yep – trust me I do this for a living. There wasn’t much information on the town on Google, but I plugged in the address to the only hotel/motel I could find remotely close in the area”

“Alright, well cool – thanks.”

“Just doing my job,” Brad said, “Now if you don’t mind I’m gonna pass out. I’ve been up late the past few nights and definitely need to catch up on some sleep if I’m going to be in tip top shape for this investigation.”

Within ten minutes, Brad was snoring beside Matt.

Matt just turned on a few podcasts and let the drive take him. There wasn’t much interesting along the route. They passed a lot of farmland. The South wasn’t exactly known for big cities, or any large mountains. The drive was easy, flat, just long. Within no time, the sun had set, and Matt and Brad had arrived at their lodging.

“Duke’s Inn” the sign read, with the “vacancy” sign also lit.

“Yo sleeping beauty – we’re here. Good luck sleeping tonight – you’ve been passed out for like 10 hours” Matt spoke to Brad.

“Eh I’ll be fine, I packed some melatonin, and maybe I’ll do a little more research before I fall asleep again”

The two men strolled into Duke’s Inn to check in to their rooms. The motel didn’t have a big reception area, just a little window with a button and a sign saying “Ring for Service.” Matt pressed the button, and he heard a southern-accented voice call out.

A young man then appeared behind the desk. The young man was very muscular and built. He wore a button down but kept the top buttons unbuttoned to show a tan figure. He had on some sunglasses, that appeared to be flashing lights into his eyes, but it was a very subtle flashing. Matt was exhausted from the drive and didn’t even pay attention to this man’s attire.

“Welcome to Dicksburg!” The attendant spoke. “When you’re here it feels like home. How may I help you to-“

Matt interjected, “Yeah can we have two rooms please? You can put them on this credit card. To be completely honest, I’m not sure how long we’ll be staying, could you just charge us daily until we leave?”

The attendant spoke, almost robotically, “We find that people like to stay in Dicksburg much longer than they anticipated. It really starts to feel like home.”

Matt kind of rolled his eyes, “Yeah.. whatever. Look I’m extremely tired, could you just give me a key to my room?”

“Sure thing sir, you will be in room 2 and your friend here will be in room 5. Here are your keys. Please do enjoy your stay and feel free to call if I can make sure stay more pleasurable” The attendant winked.

Matt was irritable all of a sudden. He was tired, dehydrated and all he wanted to do was fall asleep. He grabbed his key and went off to room two.

Brad was definitely more alert than his friend. He was already starting to see how weird this town was. The young attendant mentioning that Dicksburg would feel like home every five minutes? The sunglasses, with a subtle flickering light? And how on Earth could he improve his stay? He thought to himself.

Brad grabbed his key and thanked the attendant. “Thanks for setting this up. In the meantime do you know if there’s anything I can do to learn more about where we are?” to try to deflect the real purpose of being in Dicksburg, Brad said “Just want to make sure we make the most of our time here!” “Why of course sir, there’s a great informative channel as soon as you turn on the TV that will tell you everything you need to know about Dicksburg.” The attendant told Brad.

“Great, thanks man – take it easy.” Brad returned.

Brad opened the door to his room. It appeared to be a very standard room. Two queen beds, a bathroom, a sink, and a mini-fridge. Brad started to get comfortable on the bed, turned the AC on to max coolness and grabbed the remote and turned on the TV.

An old-timey narration started immediately. The production value of this documentary was definitely sub-par and in need of some modernization.

In Dicksburg, we’re proud of a lot of things,” Brad thought to himself that at least the voiceover was soothing., “We’re proud of our football team, We’re proud that all our businesses are locally owned.” The video showed a montage of smiling, barrel-chested men standing outside various local shops and restaurants. “We’re proud that you’ll submit to us soon”

That moment sort of glazed over Brad’s attention span. What did this video just say? Submit? I have to pay closer attention. This place is fucking weird.

Brad didn’t notice that the TV was also providing a faint flicker, and the background there was even a fainter spiral forming. The southern drawl voiceover continued of all the things the town was proud of.

“And we’re extra proud that all the food we eat in Dicksburg is grown locally. That’s why no man goes hungry in Dicksburg. And of course we’re proud of our zero unemployment rate. There’s always plenty of work for every man to do in Dicksburg, and they’re always happy to do it.”

Brad was starting to get more comfortable. He was learning all about the town of Dicksburg, all the flicker continued and the spiral became more obvious. Brad unbuttoned his pants and unknowingly started to caress his own dick.

“So what’s our secret? Well, it all goes back to 1762, when Elijah Duke built a plantation on the land that would become Dicksburg.” The screen started flashing even a bit more intensely. Each time a man appeared on the screen, there would be a flash of that man naked and hard. But the flash would only last for a millisecond.

Brad didn’t even notice. He was comfortable. He was learning. He was happy to start to learn about what a great town that he was in.

The spiral and the flickering continued to be even more prominent on the TV screen. The southern voiceover continued on, “You want to join us. Dicksburg is your home. You want to be apart of this community. There is no place like Dicksburg”

Brad had started nodding his head. He was agreeing with all the words that were currently being spoken at him. They were becoming self-evident truths.

Suddenly the music changed to a steady, martial drumbeat as the screen showed an oil painting of a stern-looking man with a Roman nose and piercing blue eyes. Brad leaned forward towards the screen; there was something in those eyes that demanded his full attention, that commanded his respect. The flicker and the spiral continued on with those piercing blue eyes.

The screen paused on this sight. With more dialogue droning in the background. “You want to be here. You are in Dicksburg to support the Duke cause. You love Dicksburg because it feels like home. You are always horny in Dicksburg. You will always be willing to pleasure a fellow Dicksburg man. You love to suck cock. You love to eat ass. You love to serve your fellow man. When you are in Dicksburg, you feel at home.

Instinctively, Brad started repeating the words that he was hearing. *I want to be here. I support the Duke cause. I love Dicksburg because it feels like home. I am always horny in Dicksburg. I am always willing to pleasure a fellow Dicksburg man. I love to suck cock. I love to eat ass. I love to serve my fellow man. When I am in Dicksburg, I feel at home. *

Brad’s eyes became unfocused and he started to form a dopey grin. He was horny, and he was alone. He began undressing until he was naked. Brad continued to stroke his rock hard 8” cock as he was transfixed on the screen.

The video continued on, “Even since, the Dukes have been Dicksburg’s first family, and the town has prospered under their wise guiding hand.” The slideshow continued, with more oil paintings and then old photographs of more stern-looking men who had that same Roman nose, those same piercing blue eyes. “Today, Simon Duke and his sons Davis and Jackson carry on their proud tradition of leadership.” The screen showed a bearded man in his late 40s, flanked by his two college-aged sons, the family lineage carved into their stoic faces as they stared into the camera with those same piercing blue eyes. Brad was captivated. Brad felt safe.

The flicker and spiraling blue eyes returned to the screen. “You are home. You love Dicksburg. You feel welcome in Dicksburg. You are always horny. You love to obey. You love to serve. You are happy to serve. You will carry out the Duke’s mission. You are happy. You are home. Welcome to Dicksburg. When you cum, you will submit yourself to Dicksburg.”

Brad repeated. *I am home. I love Dicksburg. I feel welcome in Dicksburg. I am always horny. I love to obey. I am happy to serve. I will carry out the Duke’s mission. I am happy. I am home. Welcome to Dicksburg. When I cum, I will submit to Dicksburg. *

“No trip to Dicksburg is complete without a visit to Duke Plantation,” the narrator continued as the video showed footage of a beautiful old white plantation house atop a hill. “We’re sure you’ll agree.” Then the camera zoomed in on the front porch of the plantation, where Simon Duke and his two sons, wearing their Sunday best, stood and smiled into the camera.

“Welcome to Dicksburg,” Simon Duke said, fixing the camera lens with his powerful gaze.

“Welcome to Dicksburg,” his son Davis repeated.

“Welcome to Dicksburg,” his son Jackson echoed.

The video continued with flashes of hard cocks. Brad was enthralled by the screen. He continued stroking his cock. He was getting close to submission. He felt so good. He started moaning. “Oh yes, oh yes, oh yessss” as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Then in one stroke, his cock started to erupt white, hot cum.

There were three, four spurts from his cockhead. Each spurt draining his person even more, truly submitting to the Dukes. Each spurt brought his dopey smile even bigger.

“Welcome to Dicksburg” Brad intoned, smiling broadly, as he reached over to grab the phone to dial the front desk.

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