By Ayyy
published October 11, 2020
17772 words

Eric is given a new device that he’s told will help him stay in shape while the gym is closed during the incoming pandemic. That depends, of course, on your definition of “in shape”.

“This… This is a freaking jockstrap!” I yelled, holding up the sample. In return, the asshole just smirked.

“Your point?” He replied, as if I’d said that the sky was blue.

“It’s… It’s a jockstrap!” I explained, as best I could. What do you say to a guy that replies like that when he just gives you a magic jockstrap?

“It’s not like it’s magic or something,” he stated, as if reading my mind just to make me hate him more. “It’s a new technology we’ve developed, partnering with this gym for rapid deployment. Due to the upcoming lockdown, you won’t have access to this gym for some time. Could be weeks or even months if people don’t follow the social distancing guidelines.”

He flashed me that same smirk again. “Wear this for one month, and you won’t have to worry about your gains when the gym reopens.”

I rolled my eyes again at the stupid catchphrase the representative repeated once again.

“You realize how crazy that sounds, right?” I asked. “It. Is. A. Jockstrap.”

“It. Is. Technology.” He replied smugly. “And good stuff too. Look, you don’t have to keep it. This is complimentary with your membership. In fact, if you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with the product after 30 days, we’ll pay for your next year of membership. No questions asked.”

“No questions?” I asked, now much more intrigued.

“None!” He replied, giving off an reassuring smile.

I rolled my eyes again. “Say I was interested. What’s the catch? How often do I gotta wear it?”

“No catch. And we recommend you wear it as often as possible. In fact, for the first month or so, we recommend you don’t even take it off.”

“Excuse me?” I said, slightly disgusted.

“Oh, don’t worry, it has harmless self-cleaning chemicals inside. You can wear it for years and it’ll stay fresh as a rose,” he explained.

“Um, no thank you,” I replied, still a little uncomfortable.

“Don’t knock it until you try it,” he singsonged, with his very punchable, trademark smirk. “Besides, keeping it on for the first month is part of the requirements to receive the free membership.”

“How the fuck are you gonna check on that?” I asked, starting to get uncomfortable fairy vibes from this guy. He was very fit, but so were most of the fairies in this gym, and you could never be too careful in my opinion.

“Oh don’t worry, we won’t put cameras anywhere in your house or something like that.”

“Then how would you know?”

“Oh, we trust you,” he stated.

It was my turn to smirk.

“Alright deal!” I announced, extending my hand.

“Great!” He replied, touching his elbow to my palm. “But it doesn’t protect against this virus, so we use this handshake for now. Just go work out for the day and when you’re done, come back to me and I’ll have the device and the contract ready for you.”

I rolled my eyes. These pussies and their social distancing measures. Personally, I never understood why the government wanted us to start doing all these new things anyways. It all seemed so cowardly and annoying. I was allowed to go wherever I wanted to go, after all! Anything less was an infringement on my rights!

The only good thing about this whole thing was that my classes were all going remote. And since I was sure many people, including myself, would still be on campus, I knew there would always be some parties going on.

And as long as I’m there, it’ll always be a rager. After all, I’m one of the star football players in the university. A full athletic scholarship and a pretty easy ticket into the major leagues meant that everything here besides working out and football was pretty much optional. At least, that’s how it should be. This “pandemic” nonsense is now threatening to cancel the season, too!

It was a good thing that the guy let me work out before signing anything. I needed to blow some steam or I’d blow a hole in that smug asshole’s chest. It didn’t help that I could feel his eyes on me as I moved under the bench press. Him and every other fag in here. It was one of the most annoying things about being in the university’s gym. Too many fairies and not enough people to care. So instead, I have to cover up around here. I’d love to show off my guns to the ladies, but if it means some fag is gonna get a show, I’m out.

It sucks too cause the gym is where I really shine. Sometimes even more than out in the field. Being the quarterback, I’ve gotta be as strong as a rock and as quick as a fox, so I can easily put a few weights on each end of the bar before going in. And when I’m done, I can easily go for miles on the treadmill. It’s enough to impress any lady in here. If it weren’t for the couple of fags lurking around, I’d be bringing home a girl from here everyday!

And don’t get me wrong, a lot of the guys in here are strong and normal, but it’s those couple of fairies that I just can’t stand. Unfortunately, university policy means that me and the other guys in here can’t do a damn thing about it. It’s so frustrating.

I decided to do a couple more reps on the push press before I go, just to get a little bit of more out of my last time in a while. After all, I would have no idea if that… thing actually works or if it’s just some guy selling underwear for some fetish. If it weren’t for the fact that, aside from some old, very light dumbbells, I didn’t have any gym equipment at home, I wouldn’t have even considered his offer. Unfortunately, full gym sets were expensive, so his offer, as crazy as it was, was the best I could hope for.

I took a breath of relief as I came out from my last rep, cool and ready. The gym always had a way of taking my stresses away. Every rep made me lighter, stronger and better. The drops of sweat were my weakness leaving me and my breath was new strength being built. It was exhilarating to say the least.

Sighing as I recognized it was over, I walked back to the man, ready and prepared for another barrage of annoyance as I stepped up to his smirking face again.

“Eric, yes?” The man confirmed.

“Yeah, just gimme the stuff before I change my mind,” I groaned.

“Okay, well, first, here’s your copy of the device,” he gestured, pointing his case on the table. I peered inside to see a plain, black jockstrap and held in my disdain.

“Okay, great, where’s the contract?” I asked.

“Uh-uh, first you gotta put it on,” he stated.

“Um, what? I don’t wanna put anything on without signing,” I explained.

“Sorry buddy. I need you to put it on first before you we can commit. I gotta know you wanna do this before you sign on,” he replied.

“Can’t I at least read the thing while I put it on?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure, so you can run out with it and sell it off online? No can do man, it’s too expensive,” he stated.

I sighed, grabbing the case and walking into the locker room. I slowly walked over to my locker and pulled out my clothes, sighing again at my change of boxers that I wouldn’t get to put on. I looked around, checking that none of the fairies were around before I stripped off my shirt and shorts, letting my thick, bulging muscles breathe. I basked in the rush of coolness for a moment before hooking my thumbs around my boxers.

As I did, a well-known fairy of the gym walked by, noticing my current state. I scowled at him, growling a little bit to shoo him, which he did quickly. If only these locker rooms had any privacy, I wished. With that out of the way, I slid down my boxers, letting my 5 inch softie breathe. Girls always gushed when they saw this thing rise and grow to its full 10 inches when hard. Hell, I’ve even scared a couple of them off in the process, which is fine by me. This is a weapon of kings, after all.

As I slid on the jockstrap, I could already tell it was actually comfortable. Firm, but still soft. Snug, but still breathable. It was like a warm cushion cupping my tool. Looking down, it actually looked pretty good. My hard cock stretched it out pretty nicely, and it tickled the tip just enough to keep me constantly interested. It firmly held and squeezed my muscled cheeks, like fingers firmly grabbing what was theirs. I actually kinda liked it… a lot.

I smiled to myself as I grabbed my pants and shirt, pulling them over the jockstrap, like my own little secret. Secret to staying in shape, of course. I packed up the rest of my stuff and got ready to leave. I threw my two pairs of boxers out on the way out, since I obviously wouldn’t need them. Based on how many underwears were in the trash, it was clear that I wasn’t the only one who had tried the thing out. The thought comforted me a bit as I walked out and back to the rep.

The world felt weirdly the same given the awesome secret I was hiding. Only the rep seemed slightly phased, glancing down for a second before meeting my eyes with his trademark smirk.

“Looks like someone likes his new look,” he noted.

“How could you tell?”

“You can’t stop smiling! It feels really good, right?”

“Yeah, it actually does,” I had to admit. My cock and balls were well supported in it. Honestly, I kinda wished I’d worked out in it.

“Great! Now just sign here and you can be on your merry way!” He stated, offering me the form. I tried to read it for a second, but the letters started to swim around a little and I got a little distracted. I only really managed to read the title.

“Twinkstrap?” I asked. What an odd name.

“Oh, it’s just a branding thing. Don’t worry about it,” he stated. My worries drifted away. “Just sign now!”

I felt immediately compelled to sign the form. After all, it felt pretty good, so what could go wrong, right?

I had to mess around with my signature at the end because for some reason, the dot I made on the “i” in my name looked a lot like a heart, but after a quick scribble, I handed the form back to him.

“Okay, great! You’re good to go!” He announced.

“Don’t I get a copy or something?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” he offered, and my concerns drifted away. I mean, plenty of people probably signed today, right? Someone would back me up.

Before I knew it, I was walking home. The walk was relatively uneventful. Just a few people were left in the dorms, quietly gathering their things and moving out. It felt weird having this secret hiding so close to me. It felt so obvious to me but no one could tell a thing! Honestly, it was quite exciting on its own. It’s probably why I stayed hard the entire trip. That and the fact that it kept rubbing my cock at the tip the entire way home. It made my head swim a little but it really felt great!

When I unlocked my door, I was immediately bombarded with the sound of some RPG blasting on the TV. Two of my roommates, Shane and Aaron, were intensely focused on the game in front of them. All my roommates were complete nerds, which was a drag, but I wanted the extra cash that came from having such a cheap place, so I dealt with what I could.

“Stay at the door!” My other roommate yelled. Kyle came running into the room, mask and gloves on. He immediately began spraying me down, much to my annoyance.

“Yo what the hell? Quit it!” I yelled, blocking my face and coughing afterwards.

“It’s disinfectant! I’m not trying to get this thing now with me being this close to graduating! Now go take a shower!” He yelled back. Kyle had the distinct honor of being the nerd of the nerds. Apparently, he was on track to graduate with highest honors in a degree of something to do with medicine. He wanted to be a surgeon or something, so he made sure to drop all his medical advice on us whenever possible. This pandemic was a huge moment for him in his double major in Buzzkill.

“Geez okay, fine! FINE! JUST STOP WITH THE SPRAYING!” I yelled back, finally getting him to quit. What I would give to punch him in the face right now. Even if I did, he’d just complain about how I wasn’t social distancing.

“Sorry, Eric, but we gotta do what we gotta do to stay safe,” Kyle explained.

“Yeah, whatever,” I muttered before moving past him to the showers.

“You know, you seem… different,” he noted as I walked by. I don’t know why, but that gave me a lot of glee.

“Hey thanks! It’s this– uh, new workout I’ve been trying. It works great!” I stated, saving myself. How do you tell your germophobic roommate that you accepted a strange jockstrap from an unknown “market representative” and now your hard-on hasn’t gone down since you put it on?

“Right…” He whispered. He seemed a little lost in thought honestly. It was like he was staring right through me.

I simply gave him a weird look before continuing my path to the shower. It was getting kind of late, so I grabbed my PJs and boxers and quickly made my way in.

I glanced at my boxers for a bit before setting it on the bar with my towel. I was torn between wanting to put it on and wanting to throw it out. And somehow, the throwing it out side was winning! The jockstrap just felt so good! Honestly, I didn’t even want to take it off as I was hopping into the shower. Then, the realization that the tech could get ruined with water began to scare me. Ultimately, I did want this thing to work, right?

When I began trying to slip it off, I felt an incredible dread come over me. Like I was making a huge mistake. And I wasn’t sure if the mistake was taking it off or putting it on in the first place. Did I really want to throw my boxers away? What was wrong with me?

I tried pushing the jock down further when suddenly, in what seemed like a response to my actions, the damn thing began glowing! I freaked out for a second, but then a strange sensation welled up within me. I felt so good. I let out a giggle involuntarily as I felt my head fog over. So good…

After a bit, I snapped out of the weird funk I was in and stepped into the shower. I couldn’t remember what I had been doing, but I was sure that I would not be putting on my boxers when I came out. After all, why would I wanna take the Twinkstrap off?

As I let the warm water fall over me, my mind kept turning to the jock. It was making me so hard and horny. I didn’t have to jerk myself off often given the number of women willing to do it for me, but today I was feeling especially horned up. I slowly grasped and began stroking my rod inside my jock, going to my mental porn stash for material. There were plenty of women I could think of, and it didn’t take much time for me to be on edge. Before long, I could feel myself tumbling over, but just before I came, the weird thought of the rep for Twinkstrap popped into my head. I was already about to cum though, so I had no choice but to relish the thought of him as I came, splattering my jock and the shower walls with my cum. My thoughts troubled me for a moment, but I quickly brushed it off. Everybody has a stray thought once in a while, after all.

I quickly cleaned myself off before finishing up my shower, grabbing my towel and wiping myself down. When I finished, I took a long, hard look at the boxers in front of me. The feeling that the boxers seemed like the obvious choice lingered in my mind, but the jock kept teasing me, drawing my thoughts to it.

But it was dirty, right? I’d just worn it back from the gym, even if I did shower with it. I thought about what the representative had said, and inspected it. With shock, I realized it wasn’t even wet. It felt new. Untouched almost. Not even a hint of dampness.

I grabbed my boxers, wanting to inspect it for some reason before making a final decision. The moment I touched it, the jock glowed again. I knew I should put on the boxers. I wanted to put on the boxers, right?

My head grew foggy. I’d have to take off my jock. The thought of doing that left a pit in my stomach. I could visualize the reasons I had to take it off in my head, but the fog grew thicker and thicker, covering each of the reasons. Once they were gone, I couldn’t remember them ever being there.

I thought about it for a moment. There were reasons to take off my jock? It didn’t seem possible! But then if I couldn’t take it off, then I couldn’t put on the boxers, right? The fog grew thick in my head as I felt… something get seared away.

When I could finally think again, I realized something. I didn’t wanna put on those icky boxers! My jock was perfect! I was already hard again from wearing it, after all. As my mind cleared, I became satisfied with my choice.

I glanced in the mirror, checking myself out.

I looked hot.

I winked at my reflection, taking in my hardened, hairy body. The jock accentuated my v-cut by guiding the viewer down my weapon, which was stretching out its packaging. My muscles were tough yet natural after years of putting them to use. My face had this dull smile as I appreciated the spacy look in my plain brown eyes. I ran a hand through my brown hair before adorning my shorts and shirt, tucking in my secret. I grabbed my towel and quickly balled up my boxers before tossing them into the trash and taking the bin out, dumping it in our main trash bin in the kitchen.

“Look at you, helping out,” Shane noted as I dumped out the contents. Honestly, I just wanted to be rid of the stupid thing.

“Oh, I just wanted to do my fair share,” I stated, glad I got noticed for doing something. I could use it later against the twerps to my advantage, after all.

“I’m gonna go to bed a little early today,” I announced after a small pause.

“Really? It’s not even 9?” Aaron noted, although he didn’t look away from his screen. “Did you even eat dinner?”

“Oh, I’ll just have a protein shake,” I lied. I honestly just wasn’t feeling hungry. “Just don’t bother coming in to check up.”

The three of them grunted and excused me, allowing me to quietly slip into my room. I didn’t know why, but today I really wanted to be alone in my room for a bit. I glanced at my closed door, suddenly feeling possessed with a certain motivation. Before I could get cold feet, I quickly stripped off my shirt and shorts, tucking them away underneath my desk before hopping into bed. I needed to let my body breathe under the covers. A part of me got really excited about how little there was protecting my secret. How Kyle, who slept in the bed on the opposite side of our room, could easily swipe off the covers and see me in my new wrapping. The thought excited me so much, I wanted to touch myself again. I couldn’t stop myself.

I palmed my hard cock, moaning a little as I did so. I was just so horny! The thing kept rubbing my tip so much, I was already on edge again. I began to reach inside my jock to start stroking, but thought better of it. I wanted to feel more of the jock on my cock, not less.

And soon, I didn’t even really need it. I was just about ready to blow, when I heard the door knob start turning. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stop myself, and went right over the edge, causing me to have to cover mouth as I moaned. I came straight into the jock, pumping load after load into it right as Kyle peered inside.

“Hey you okay?” He asked.

“Y-yeSSS,” I sputtered, as I shot another two ropes out of me. I was only one small cover away from being exposed!

“You… You sure?” Kyle asked again, unsteadily. “I thought I heard moaning as I came in.”

“It…” I trailed off for a second, catching my breath. “It must’ve been the door or something.”

Thank God the door creaked a little as Kyle tested it out. He still seemed unsure, but it looked like he didn’t know how press further. “Alright… I guess. Good night.”

“G’night!” I called out, sighing again as he closed the door. I felt around my jock, ready to clean it, only to realize it was as dry, soft, and fresh as it was when I got it.

I loved this “Twinkstrap”! And best of all, I won’t even have to worry about my gains when I got back to the gym, I realized as I closed my eyes. I knew it would work just the way I wanted it to.

My dreams were very, uh, unique to say the least. It was a series of them, back to back. In each one, I started off hanging out with some hot girl at some place. I’d really hit it off with her and we’d be getting ready to head to my apartment, but I’d excuse myself for a second. I’d go over to some other part of the place, where a random guy would get my attention. He’d wrap his arms around me, caress my buttocks, tickle me. Each time I’d try to leave, he’d get closer until I realized that I really didn’t want to leave him. I’d start to sink into his arms, shove my ass out so he could get a better feel, giggle loudly whenever he tickled. The girl would then come over, but I’d brush her off, dragging my new man into the bathroom to thank him for saving me. Each time I brought him in and sank to my knees, I’d realize: this was where I belonged.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I noticed was how horny I was. The second thing was that at some point in the night, I’d kicked my covers off of myself, leaving myself exposed to the world and specifically Kyle, who was lightly snoring away just a few feet away.

But the third, most alarming thing I’d noticed was on my bed. Was that… Was that my hair?!

I jumped out of my bed, thankful for my dexterity, which left little sound to be heard. There, on my bed, was an unnatural amount of dark brown hair that had fallen out. Looking down, it was clear that I still had a decent amount left, but that didn’t change what was in front of me.

I ran to the bathroom to inspect myself. I’d definitely lost some hair overnight. Thankfully, none of it was on my head. It started pretty much only below the nose. I wanted to panic and scream! What had caused this? What else would it do?

As thoughts were just about to begin racing through me, my jock began glowing, and I heard the representative’s deep, relaxed voice.

Don’t worry about it.

I could feel my tension slipping away as I relaxed and sighed. Sure, I was 21, but bodies changed sometimes. Everything would be okay.

Meanwhile, my jock pressed insistently on my cock, which was begging for release. I obliged, sighing again at how good it felt. I rolled through the sensations again, relishing the powerful sparks of pleasure coursing through me. When I came this time, Kyle was the one who flashed through my head, making me chuckle. Like I’d ever be attracted to him, even if I was ever a fag.

I quietly slipped back into my room, putting on the shorts and shirt under my desk. I made myself a quick breakfast before turning on my laptop. After all, my classes we starting online. I had to at least pretend to show up.

Oddly enough though, I found that I just couldn’t pay attention to what was going on, even if tried. It looked like math or something, but the numbers swam through my head, bouncing around and confusing me. Every time I tried to concentrate, I noticed my jock glowed very faintly, and suddenly my thoughts drifted and lost focus.

“Did everyone get that then?” The professor asked. I looked down at my notebook, only to realize that there was nothing there. I hadn’t written down a thing. Usually, I would at least write down enough to get me a passing grade, but it was like the information didn’t even process in my head.

And honestly, I found myself caring less and less. By the time class was over, all I’d done was write down my own name and some doodles, but I couldn’t help but feel any concern about that drift away. Guess I was just having a bad day.

Luckily, it was the only class of my day, so I hopped off just was the rest of my apartment began to stir. The day was pretty uneventful overall. I chatted a bit with my roommates, played the couple of games we all liked, chatted some more, jerked off in secret, played some more games. My actual friends were doing other stuff for the week to get ready for the lockdown, but this wasn’t a bad substitute. It was actually pretty nice.

Towards the end of the day, Kyle and I were watching action movie. It was one of the few things we both actually liked. Today though, Kyle seemed more interested in me.

“You sure you’re okay man,” he began.

“Yeah bro, why do you keep saying that?”

“You just… You seem so different. I don’t know why,” Kyle explained. He seemed a little lost in thought.

“Look, I told you, it was a new regimen I tried. It worked very well.”

“Yeah, but then why aren’t you working out today?” He asked.

I stared at him for a moment. I realized that I actually hadn’t worked out at all. The jock was probably gonna keep me where I was at, not improve me at all, right? And I always wanted to improve.

“Huh, you’re right. Guess I just got so wrapped up in hanging out with you guys that I forgot,” I explained.

“But that’s also a thing. You never hang out with us,” he pointed out.

I rose, ready to go to my weights, and patted him on the shoulder. “Who knows man, things may change when we’re all locked up in a house like this.”

I left to our room, not waiting for a response. I quickly got out my weight set, and tried to get into my routine. Something just felt off though. I just couldn’t pull myself together like I should’ve been able to. The sweat didn’t feel good, it felt icky. My breathing felt off and just not right. The familiar exhilaration wasn’t there. Honestly, it bored me, and soon each rep felt like a chore than something fun. The only exciting thing was my jock, distracting me with every rep.

Chalking it up to the lightness of the weights providing no challenge, I sighed and cleaned up before heading into the shower. My routine ended up being similar to yesterday. I stripped down, thought about removing my jock before realizing what an awful idea it was. I then came all over my shower and jock, getting lost in that strange post-orgasmic bliss (even as I came thinking about a man) and finally, I threw out my boxers before leaving. Those boxers were bland anyways.

Before long I was back in my bed, stripped down to my jock, smiling from a separate post-orgasmic bliss as I drifted to sleep.

The majority of my week carried on just like that. I’d wake up, clean off the hair that had left my body, and go to the bathroom to inspect myself and wank. Then I’d go to my classes, get way too distracted with myself, and have another wank. I’d spend the rest of the day hanging out with my roommates (all of whom had gotten very interesting suddenly, I might add). At some point, I’d realize that I’d need to at least try working out before going to bed, so I’d halfheartedly do a couple reps before realizing just how bored I was. I’d then jerk off again, hang with my roommates a bit more, take a shower, jerk off in said shower, relish the nice, foggy feeling in my head that came whenever the jock glowed, and then immediately throw out my old underwear. At the end of the day, I’d chat with my roommates a bit before going to bed, where I jerked off again before going to sleep.

For a little while, I was a little concerned at how often I needed to cum every day, but I brushed it off pretty quickly. If anything, the Twinkstrap had felt even better as the week progressed, so it made sense that I would be a little hornier than usual. It started to feel even better when I decided to just throw out all my boxers towards the end of the week. They were just taking up space, and I doubted I would ever need another underwear. This thing was amazing!

I was a little concerned towards the end of the week, when I’d noticed that the jock had gotten a little lighter in color at some point, but that too wasn’t really a concern once the thing glowed a bit and the stress slipped away. After all, I was cumming into it a lot, and if it stopped working, I’d just get a year of free membership. It worked out perfectly!

Speaking of working out perfectly, it seemed like my roommates had gotten a lot more chill since we’d started locking down. I knew part of it was because I had begun to get more interested in what they were doing, just to have someone to talk to, but they’d definitely gotten more chill, too. It probably started when I’d say down next to Aaron and Shane, and they’d both got that same glassy-eyed look that Kyle had gotten that first day. Since then, all three of them had started talking to me more, inviting me to play with them and such. I was terrible at the games but they assured me I’d get better with time. Each of them had even reserved some time for them to use my weights, saying they wanted to see what the big deal was. Sure, this was all only temporary until my real friends settled down, but it was nice knowing I wouldn’t be totally alone.

It also didn’t help that I ended up having some really awkward texts with my real friends. One of them tried to talk to me about more rumors about the football season, but I couldn’t focus on what he was saying. The numbers and stats he was referencing kept spinning in my head, and my thoughts drifted to some clickbait article I happened upon. When I tried to bring those articles up, he’d just tell me I was being weird and to focus. It was so annoying! I was glad my roommates weren’t being such drags. They’d just lightly chuckle and almost zone out when I talked about my new passions, but at least they weren’t mocking my life choices!

That said, I had to admit, it was getting a little awkward being with them sometimes given what I thought about as I jerked off. It started off as one of them showing up in my mind only whenever I came, but now they kept popping up throughout my sessions. And worst of all, they didn’t turn me off at all! It was weird and awkward, but I couldn’t say a word about it to them.

Not to mention, my dreams were so much worse. Soon, dream Eric just stopped approaching women all together, choosing the “comfort” of a man. And comfort increasingly seemed to only be achieved by having said man in my mouth. At the end of the week, I even had a dream where a girl, who seemed to be important to me, ran away crying after I got down on my knees in front of her and began sucking off her brother. When I woke up from that one, I realized I’d come from the thought.

I wasn’t sure what those dreams meant, but I felt like it was slipping into my real life. Was I gay? Or bi? When did gay porn get so good? And when did my male professor get so cute?

All those questions definitely puzzled me, but honestly, I found myself caring less and less. After all, I was still pretty confident I was straight. I knew from my sexual history that men had no place in my bed. This was just being locked down that was screwing with me. It was so stupid that I was forced to stay down like this. I could only hope that the next week would yield something better.

I’d just woken up after a long night of sucking off random men in my dreams, including a waiter who I didn’t have enough money to tip, when I noticed that today, there was no hair in my bed. I couldn’t understand why until it dawned on me.

I was completely hairless from the nose down.

Not a single hair could be found below my nose whatsoever, not even on my cock, which honestly looked nicer not having that icky hair all over it. I jumped out of bed, thankful I wouldn’t have to clean anything, before inspecting myself. Everything seemed okay. Hell, everything seemed great! As far as I could tell, hair loss was the only change to my body. The jock worked!

“What the FUCK?!” A voice behind me screamed. I turned to see Kyle, who was staring at my ass, completely exposed by my jock.

I jumped back into bed and wrapped myself in my covers. “Why are you awake n-nerd?!”

“You fucking giggled when you were looking at yourself! Loudly! For like half a minute straight! How was I supposed to stay asleep?!” He barked.

I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. I didn’t even notice. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize…”

“What happened to you? And why are you wearing a fucking jockstrap?”

“I don’t know. I wanted to know what it felt like, I guess,” I stammered out an excuse.

“And so you decided that was all you needed to sleep?” He asked, climbing out of bed, holding his temple like he was trying to process my insane levels of stupidity.

“It’s pretty comfortable,” I reasoned.

In response, Kyle just looked at me incredulously. “Get the fuck up and put some clothes on!”

Consequences be damned, I immediately jumped out of bed and leaned towards the hiding place for my clothes.

“Wait a minute,” Kyle called out as I reached down. I paused. “Stand up and look at me.”

I did as I was told. My roommate looked at me hard for a solid minute before he slowly approached me. He saluted the top of his head before guiding the hand to my head. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I felt him kinda feel my hair as he pulled away.

“You’re shorter than yesterday,” I stated. I looked at him, shocked.

“What? How’s that possible?” I asked. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, you were taller that me yesterday. Now we’re about the same height,” he explained. He took a long look at me. “Medically speaking, that shouldn’t be possible.”

I didn’t wait for his explanation. I immediately hopped over to the bathroom to get a good look. Sure enough, I’d definitely lost a few inches. Where before, I was around 6’2", now I was about 5’11" by my measurements. Kyle walked in behind me.

“You must’ve taken something. Some new designer drug? Anything?” Kyle asked.

I looked at him and shook my head. I stared at him, pleading with my eyes. He could surely fix this, right?

He looked at me blankly. “I knew something was up when you came back from the gym last week. You sure you didn’t take anything? Did someone slip you something?”

I shook my head again. He looked at me again before I noticed his eyes shift down to my lips for a second. “You know… you’re kinda cute when you’re confused.”

I looked at him, shocked. Was Kyle, my roommate, a fag?

“What? Don’t pretend like your cock isn’t still hard right now. The jock covers nothing.”

I looked at him sheepishly. I wanted to be furious with him. I wanted to want to kick his ass to the curb for acting like he could come onto me. But when I looked at him, I couldn’t muster up the emotion of anger whatsoever. Just… Something else….

“I-It’s a morning wood,” I stammered.

“Yeah, generally, those tend to go away when you realize you’re three inches shorter than you were the day before.”

I looked away, unable to meet his eyes. Then, he turned my face to him, holding me by the chin.

“Don’t worry, that’s kinda cute, too,” he winked. Then, without warning, he kissed me directly on the lips. I sunk into the kiss, wrapping my arms around him and leaning into him. It felt good having my cock rub up against another warm body. I wanted to stay in that moment forever.

Then, before I could even truly relish it, he pulled away.

“Huh. Interesting,” he noted, back to his usual, medical self. As he turned to leave, he grabbed my ass and squeezed, causing me to moan out quietly. He smirked and left.

I could still feel his hand on my ass and his lips on mine.

It felt good.

I wasted no time rubbing and palming my cock. Occasionally, a women from my past popped into my head, but primarily, Kyle was the main focus of today. It started with his kiss and grope, but soon extended beyond that as my fantasies ran wild. Each new scene pushing me further and further until I came at the thought of me kneeling before him.

I gasped for breath, confused and happy by what just happened. I could still feel the tingling sensation of where he squeezed a little. It’d be a shame to cover it up. Maybe soon, I wouldn’t have to.

I quickly walked back into our room, where Kyle casually checked his phone, not even acknowledging my presence or what just happened. Somehow, that made it hotter. I clothed myself before walking back out. Shane looked over to me from the kitchen he was firing up.

“Good morning!” He called out.

“Morning!” I said back. What a nice little secret we had.

By the end of the day, I was extremely tired. My classes had been ultimately very boring. I didn’t really bother trying to understand anything from them and the porn I was watching was far more interesting anyways. I wasn’t sure if it was curiosity or something else, but I kept finding myself drawn to gay porn. Especially the ones where the small, weak twink gets pounded by a bunch of guys. It just seemed so… interesting.

When my classes ended, I jerked myself off again before heading over to our TV where my roommates were. I couldn’t help but think about Kyle when I rubbed myself again. I even squeezed my ass a little to try to get the same feeling, although it was much better when someone else did it.

Kyle seemed to know immediately what I had done when I walked out, but the other two were none the wiser. Still, Kyle never acknowledged it, so neither did I. Instead, I started browsing Tumblr and some gossip blogs that I had recently stumbled on. One day I had decided to make some accounts and I didn’t know why, but I just found it so interesting. Sometimes, I didn’t even notice when one of the guys left to log into their classes.

Nothing really happened past that until I was about to take a shower that night. I was about to go in, when Kyle pushed me through the door and locked it behind us.

“You think you’re being discrete, coming in here over and over again? What is this, the fifth time today?” He asked.

“I-I’m just taking a shower,” I explained.

“Sure you are. And I’m just checking up on your ass,” he stated, before reaching down into my shorts, and giving my ass another tight squeeze.

I moaned again before gasping out, “K-Kyle. I’m n-not gay.”

“Me neither, but that doesn’t change how cute you looked in that tight jock,” he stated. “I wanna see it.”

“M-My jock?” I asked, unsure how to react.

“Of fucking course, your jock,” he grunted, unable to contain his annoyance. “Strip and show it to me. Now.”

For a fleeting second, I didn’t want to do it, but then that familiar fog crept into my head. I tried to reason against it, but I realized I couldn’t imagine a better idea. Why wouldn’t I wanna show him my underwear? It would let body breathe a bit, too!

I smiled as I stripped off my shirt with one hand, tossing it to the ground before turning around and winking at him before bending over and lowering my shorts. I didn’t know what had come over me, but I felt compelled to make sure he enjoyed the show. And he clearly did based on how he already had a hand in his pants.

“God you’re acting like such a slut,” he gasped, causing a spark of pride to swell in me somehow. “Come here.”

I immediately followed through. Once I was in range, he grabbed my ass, pulling me in close. I moaned out at the nice feeling.

“You’re pretty big,” he noted, looking at my crotch.

“Mmm, ten inches,” I stated proudly, reaching down to start palming at it. He slapped my hand away.

“You sure?” He asked, grabbing the measuring tape in the drawer.

“Yeah, I know how big I am,” I replied defiantly. Still, he measured.

“Hmm, looks more like 9 to me,” he stated. I scoffed at the accusation and he gave me a hard stare. “Doesn’t matter what it is. It’s mine now.”

He cupped my balls and then wrapped his hands around my rod. Then, he pulled.

On the spot, I immediately came. It was just too much and his hands felt so good! So much spilled and splattered out, as I moaned and leaned into him.

In response, he simply slapped my ass, causing me to stand up straight.

“You’re not gonna take that off, got it? Not even in the shower,” he ordered.

I frowned and wanted to tell him that he couldn’t tell me what to do like that. That was he was being too aggressive when I was clearly the person who should’ve been dominant. The thought formed in my head and soon after, my jock began its familiar glow. Kyle looked shocked, but I couldn’t help but let the familiar foggy sensation fold over me.

What was I thinking about again? Oh right, Kyle ordered me never to take off my jock. Not that I ever would.

“I never do,” I replied, winking. Kyle seemed to study me for a minute before nodding.

“Good. Keep this ready for me,” he stated, massaging my ass before moving to the door. “I’ll be back for it soon enough.”

When he closed the door, I quickly jumped in the shower and began rubbing myself furiously. Fuck, that was so hot! I truly and dearly wanted more! I couldn’t even think about a girl the entire session, and I barely noticed when I came at the thought of Kyle fucking me.

When I finished my shower and dried off, I was so happy, I almost forgot to put on a shirt. I thought about leaving it off until I realized Shane and Aaron would likely be shocked by my hairless chest.

Kyle seemed to like it though. The thought left that familiar fog in my head as I walked out, leaving my shirt on the railing. I smiled to myself as I walked out of the bathroom and jumped into bed, at some point losing my shorts in the process, too. It was a good day.

The week had gotten progressively hotter as Kyle and I got more and more daring. Every morning consisted of me posing for him in various seductive poses which I found very hot. I used to feel so conscious of any man seeing too much of my body, but now the thought really excited me. It didn’t even matter that my roommate turned out to be a total fag. He was giving me the attention I had long since neglected. And I had a lot of catching up to do.

The days tended to follow with us measuring my height and cock length in the bathroom. Over the course of the week, Kyle claimed I went from 6’2" down to 5’5" and my cock went from 10 inches down to a whopping 3 inches. He said that it had gone down in girth considerably, as well. Honestly, I had no idea what he was talking about. For a time, I felt like I could vaguely recall myself being taller, but something seemed off about that. Every time I tried to think about it, my jock glowed and I felt more and more confident that I had always been no more than 5’5".

Even if he was right, I wasn’t sure what was causing the change. I was barely eating anything except salads and fruity candies, sure, but that didn’t cause height loss. And it certainly didn’t shrink your cock.

Kyle seems convinced that it’s the Twinkstrap, but I doubt it. After all, it just maintains my muscle mass. And it’s been doing pretty well, in my opinion. Kyle seems to think even that’s not true, but I disagree. After all, it’s my body, right?

Either way, he seems to really be enjoying my body. We sneak out multiple times a day now just to mess around and relieve some pressure. At first, he just played with my ass and rubbed himself off, but after a couple of days in, he ordered me to handle his cock. I had to admit, it was weird at first, touching another man’s cock, but it actually wasn’t too bad. Around the second day of me giving him half-hearted handjobs, Kyle sat me down and told me one day that I should enjoy his cock more. From that moment on, I found myself experimenting and looking forward to it soon enough. By the end of the week, I realized it was a little over double my size, but that just made it hotter. And hearing him gasp or moan when I tried something new felt like music to my ears.

I’m sure my moans had a similar effect on him. Over time he’d gotten more aggressive with my ass, especially as he claimed my cock had less to work with. In fact, even I started to prefer him playing with my ass more. It started to feel like it did when I used to play with my cock, only even better! Meanwhile, my cock just didn’t seem to do it for me anymore unless Kyle touched it. By the end of the week, if I had to masturbate (which wasn’t often thanks to Kyle), I could get off solely by massaging my ass and asshole.

That, of course, led to us getting more adventurous outside the bed and bathrooms. Even sitting was starting to get me horny over the week as I’d subconsciously start grinding when I did. Kyle had to always be near me when I sat down or else my secret would be blown.

Speaking of which, Shane and Aaron seemed none the wiser to our escapades. One time, Shane came close when Kyle and I had been alone in the house one time. The other two had gone to pick up groceries, so it wasn’t long before I was grinding my ass against Kyle’s (unfortunately clothed) cock in the living room while I “practiced” the game we were playing. I had come twice before they came back quicker than expected. Luckily, Kyle was able to quickly get up and spray him down so he was distracted while I put on my clothes. Afterwards, I finished him off in our room while gushing about how hot it was that we almost got caught. He rolled his eyes as he spanked me once to completely shut me up.

Honestly, hanging with Kyle was such a dream. Sometimes, I would barely remember what happened through the foggy lust he got me into, but I knew it felt so good. A girl I had a fling with a couple times a couple months ago tried to invite me over one day, but I pretty quickly blocked her number. I really had more fun with Kyle now than I did with any of my previous flings and Kyle told me it was dangerous to go out now anyways.

At the very end of the week, the two of us were cuddling while watching some porn. I was still so curious about gay porn, so I convinced Kyle to watch it with me, which he agreed to while chuckling. I enjoyed the feeling of his arms around me, noting the slight definition that had appeared since he’d used my weights everyday. It felt really nice.

We were watching some twink getting roughly pounded by the bottom half of some faceless guy when Kyle spoke. “Do you have a thing for twinks or something?”

I turned to him slightly. “I don’t think so. Like I said, I’m straight. Why do you ask?”

“Cause we always watch porn with twinks in it.”

“Oh? I didn’t notice. Guess I just found them the most interesting.”

There was a slight pause before I asked, “Do you have a thing for twinks?”

I wasn’t sure why I was so concerned. It wasn’t like I was dating him or something. This was just some quarantine fun.

“Heh, this thing’s called a Twinkstrap, right?” He asked as he began massaging my jock. Over the course of the last week, it had gotten much more red somehow.

“Yeah,” I replied, sucking in my breath as he cupped my left butt cheek.

“Then you won’t have anything to worry about,” he said with a smirk. I wasn’t sure entirely what he meant, but it sounded like I was okay, so to thank him, I began grinding more and more against him.

On screen, the twink began sucking off his partner.

“We haven’t tried that yet,” Kyle suggested.

“Isn’t that a little gay?” I replied with a nervous chuckle.

“Eric, you’re gonna like having something like that deep down your throat,” he stated, eyeing me carefully. I didn’t believe him at first, but then that familiar fog settled in. The thought of sucking a cock came a forefront in my mind. At first, it repulsed me. Then, I slowly felt all my negative thoughts surrounding the idea get consumed by the fog. My throat suddenly started to feel dry.

I could almost feel it as repulsion turned to curiosity turned to longing turned to lust.

Another long pause occurred before I spoke up. “D-Do you want try it?”

Kyle looked at me and smiled. “You do.”

I knew he was right. Before long, I’d slipped down onto my knees in front of him while he’d stripped off his pants. His hard cock stood straight in front of me, expectantly.

I grabbed it, placing my thumb on the tip as I usually did to move around his pre-cum. My mouth started to water with anticipation.

“Come on then, I know you don’t wanna wait,” he stated. My fears fled as I dove onto him. My mouth immediately exploded with flavor. This was the best thing I’d ever had!

I began sucking and slurping, deeper and deeper until he’d begun tickling the back of my mouth, teasing it.

“Damn boy, you’re a natural at this,” he announced, causing me to glow with pride. Something inside me knew this wasn’t beginner’s luck as I swallowed him whole, quickly getting into the rhythm. It was so easy and so good!

I began swirling my head and tongue, causing Kyle to moan as he ran a hand through my hair. Then, as I pulled all the way out, I kissed the tip before going all the way in all at once. He grabbed my hair, causing me to moan as I felt him twitch in my mouth.

“Good God, I can’t wait till you’re a twink,” he muttered. I didn’t know what that meant, but it seemed to make him happy, so I doubled my efforts.

Just a few moments later, he yelled, “I’m coming slut!”

I popped off him as he came, using my hands to protect my face. A pool of cum formed in my hands once he was done.

He stared at me for a second. “Why’d you pull out?”

“I-I didn’t think I’d like the taste,” I explained, not sure what to do with what was in my hands. It seemed kinda gross honestly.

“Eric, you’ll love and crave the taste of cum,” Kyle stated. When the familiar fog came this time, it was quick. It was like a lightbulb turned on. Something primal, and instinctual welled within me and took hold in my mind as the cum changed into this delicious treat right before my eyes. I immediately lapped it up with a smile on my face, sticking my tongue out afterwards to show Kyle it was all gone. What was I thinking before? It tasted great!

I began cleaning myself and Kyle off with my tongue as he ran his hand through my hair again. It was a perfect way to end the night.

Around the start of next week, my dreams started changing again. Where before I was sucking off strangers and friends alike, now things got more serious. Men wanted to try my ass more, and I was happy to oblige. My dreams ended with a scene where I called a pizza delivery guy just to ride him as soon as he came to the door. Romantic, I know!

When I awoke, I was alone in my bed. Kyle moved back to his bed whenever we slept in case Shane or Aaron wandered in. I scratched my abs a bit as I rose. It felt a little softer, but I was positive it was just in my head.

I walked over to Kyle and kissed him to wake him up. Like my own prince, I thought with a giggle.

When his eyes opened, he took me in for a second before his eyes widened.

“You… You actually shrunk!” He stated.

“Yeah, duh, you already said that,” I told him. “You also said that stopped happening like a couple days ago.”

“No, like, your muscles!” Kyle exclaimed. “They’re smaller.”

“Sure they are Ky,” I replied, laughing. My jock was protecting me after all.

“You really can’t tell?” He asked.

“Yeah, I ‘can’t tell,’” I stated, putting air quotes around the last two words.

He stared for a moment more before he chuckled. “You’re such a stupid slut.”

I smiled. “Well, your ‘stupid slut’ really needs to get off, if you would be so kind.”

He happily obliged.

The rest of the day got progressively weirder to say the least. Both Shane and Aaron caught onto Kyle’s joke, saying that I had somehow shrunk overnight. They’d already been joking about how I used to be much taller, too, and it was getting a bit annoying. I honestly considered going to class just to get away from them, but thought against it. Classes just seemed too boring nowadays. A lot of university stuff did, in fact. My coach had sent us an email in the morning saying that football season was over for us and honestly, I was relieved. I had honestly lost all interest in the sport. There was this new dating show that came on at the same time on Sundays that seemed so much more interesting.

It was weird though. I tried texting my actual friends about the show and all they wanted to talk about was the football season. When had they gotten so boring? One of them tried to invite me to a party for Friday night, but I declined. If all they wanted to talk to me about was football, I think I’d rather spend time with my much cooler roommates.

Over the day though, I noticed that Aaron and Shane kept sneaking glances at me. At times, I’d catch them staring, and I’d giggle when they got startled and looked away, embarrassed. It was honestly kinda cute. When they began to realize I really didn’t mind, they got more daring, putting their arms around me while we played, tickling me at random times. It was a lot of fun!

At some point, Kyle seemed to get angry about the whole charade. He yelled at me to put on a shirt, which caught me by surprise: first because I didn’t know I wasn’t wearing one and second because he of all people wanted me to put more clothes on given that he was taking them off.

The next day came soon enough, and despite me sucking him off numerous times, Kyle still seemed so jealous. He pointed out today that I used to have 8 packs where I now I have 4, and I couldn’t help but giggle it off. I didn’t really understand what he was talking about, but something told me he was being so silly. The Twinkstrap would protect me. I knew it worked. Around the fourth time I sucked him off, he finally addressed the concern a bit differently. He’d just cum in my mouth, and I was rolling around the flavor a bit, my mouth in an open smile to show him. He pulled my head up by the hair and looked at me directly in the eyes.

“I don’t care what those guys wanna do with you. You’re mine,” he announced.

In response, I just smiled, my tongue sticking out a bit. His cum tasted very good.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get much of a say over who could use my mouth. Just one day after our conversation, Shane pulled me aside into his room.

“You’ve gotten a lot slimmer,” he began. I knew it wasn’t true, but I couldn’t convince anyone of that. Sure, it did seem odd that my hands covered less of Kyle’s cock during his first handjob of the day and that he could much more easily wrap his arms around me when we cuddled. But my muscles were always more fitting on a wide receiver than a quarterback, right? I was sure I was right. Either way, I looked hot, and isn’t that what mattered?

“And you’ve gotten a lot shorter. And a lot more spacey,” he noted. That last one was probably true. I hadn’t gone to class at all this week. One of my professors messaged me with concern, but Kyle told me I’d feel better if I just deleted the email. He was right!

“Most importantly,” Shane stated as he came up close to me. “You’ve gotten a lot hotter.”

Fuck! Not Shane, too! I could handle living with three nerds, but two, or even three fairies? This was ridiculous!

I scowled, looking away, but Shane wasn’t having that. “Uh-uh. Kyle’s had you all to himself a bit too long. It’s my turn.”

With that, he pushed me down to my knees and began unzipping himself. My mouth immediately began watering, my body driven by some unknown instinct. When his cock came free, I realized that, while slightly longer and thinner than Kyle’s, I knew I would come to love it just as much. Without waiting, I began to swallow his cock whole.

It wasn’t long before Shane began spurting down my throat, and I suctioned off every last drop. When I finished, I looked up at him and smiled.

He smiled back before simply stating, “Kyle’s gonna have to learn to share.”

For the rest of the day, I alternated between sucking off Kyle and Shane. I barely saw the living room as the two men kept asking me back into their respective rooms. A small pang of guilt had hit me when Shane thought I wouldn’t be able to satisfy both him and Kyle, so I worked hard to make sure I took care of them both well.

A couple of days after that, Aaron finally caved to my sexy mouth. By that point, the guys claimed that my abs were completely gone. As if I had anything other than my flat, smooth stomach, without an ounce of fat or muscle. My chest and arms, of course, had some hardness to them, but they were always pretty soft. It was exactly like the representative promised! I wouldn’t have to worry about making up for anything when I got back!

Meanwhile, the other three guys had actually put on muscle. My weights would’ve been useless on me, but now, each of them were much firmer than before. It was nothing fancy, and Kyle and Shane admitted they didn’t want much more than what they had, but they were all strong enough now to easily dominate me if they ever wanted to. That thought got me so hot!

In fact, it was kinda how Aaron got to me. Kyle had gone for a shower and Shane was in his class as Aaron came into my room and slammed the door.

“On your knees. Now,” he ordered as he pulled me out of my bed and pushed me against the wall.

I don’t even remember what I was doing at the time. Suddenly, all that mattered was doing exactly what Aaron wanted.

His cock was probably the thickest and the shortest of the trio. It stretched my throat to its limit, but that just made it more fun!

“Fuck dude, Shane was right. Your mouth is heavenly, Eric,” he muttered, running a hand through my hair. “The best I’ve ever had.”

“Oh yeah?” I teased, smirking a bit. “How much have you ever had?”

Aaron looked angry for a second, before he quickly spanked me three times. Hard. I nearly came and had to catch my breath while he spoke.

“It doesn’t matter how much I’ve had. All that matters is what I’m gonna do with what I have now,” he explained. I looked him in the eyes. He was right. All I cared about at that moment was what he wanted to do with me next.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get much further than a quick blowjob before Kyle came out of the shower. After all, he was still insanely jealous and would not be happy to know what’s been in my mouth the last couple of days. Aside from him.

Aaron left, but I knew he wouldn’t be gone long. I was gonna get much closer to all my roommates soon.

By the end of the week, my roommates all believed that I had changed completely. They were really being quite ridiculous. This trim, lithe body was exactly what I wanted and worked so hard for. Not an ounce of muscle existed. While I had some fat, it only made me look cute, smooth and innocent. The only part of me that wasn’t thin and lithe was my thick ass. It felt so good and sensitive now. I didn’t know when that happened, but I was glad it did. All three of the guys loved playing with it, so it made my adventures that much more enjoyable. Not to mention, my hole was even more sensitive than that. I’d even stopped playing with my cock completely, since my hole could get me off much easier.

I tried thinking about it for a little bit, since I had a weird, nagging feeling that that hadn’t always been the case, but every time I tried, the Twinkstrap glowed and suddenly I found myself knuckles deep up my ass, rolling with the insane pleasure. I couldn’t really remember looking any different anymore, and honestly, it felt too good to care.

I spent pretty much all of my time sucking off one of my three roommates now. I spent more of the day on my knees than I did standing up. I was sure by now that they all knew what was going on, but Kyle still hadn’t officially acknowledged it.

That all changed later that day. Shane, Aaron and I were playing a game (I was in between them and I kept getting distracted by their new muscles, so I kept losing), when Kyle barged in through the door.

“Weren’t you supposed to pick up this week’s groceries?” Shane asked.

“I tried, but there was something much more pressing on my mind,” Kyle stated. He began to approach me.

“Whoa, what happened to social distancing?” Aaron asked.

“Not important right now. Eric, come here,” Kyle ordered. I approached him.

“Have you fucked either of them yet?” He asked.

“I wouldn’t!” I replied defiantly. “I’m straight!”

“I’m done waiting for you to get over that and I’m done worrying about whether you two got here first,” Kyle stated, pointing at the other two. “Lay down on your back. Now.”

“But–” I began, but the resistance died in my throat. I didn’t even want to disobey him. I knelt and slid down until I was facing up on the floor.

“Take off those shorts and spread those legs,” he ordered. I complied, grabbing my outstretched legs with my hands. I had already been shirtless for about a week now, so only my jock remained. It was around this time that I could feel the fog creep in slowly as my jock, which was getting to a very light red, faintly glowed. As if it was expecting it would be needed.

Kyle unbuckled his belt and slid down his pants, kneeling in front of me. He lifted me so his cock lined up while I rested my legs on his shoulders.

“Kyle…” I pleaded. I wasn’t sure what I wanted at this point. The fog was jumbling up my thoughts.

“What?” He asked. He’d already begun teasing my hole, rubbing his cock just outside of it. The feeling was rolling over me in waves, disrupting my every thought. My head felt foggier than it ever had before.

“I…” I began, whimpering. Through the haze, I could see Aaron and Shane had gotten up to see the show, slowly jacking themselves off.

“Trust me Eric. You’ll love this,” Kyle announced. At some point in that time, he’d already lubed us up. This felt wrong. Like I was beginning to cross the point of no return. I wanted to dwell on the thought, but the fog provided a new one. My dreams of nights prior, which had exclusively turned into me bottoming as much as possible, filled my head. Every negative thought I had about the idea was replaced by another dream, another spark of pleasure, another thick cock. I could feel my heart rushing blood into my head, my brain on fire as something began to change. My lust grew and grew as a yearning deep within emerged. It settled on my ass and turned into a longing. A longing to be filled. A need to be filled. A craving for cock.

My focus settled onto Kyle, who knelt before me, towering over me. He felt so powerful, so manly. So dominating. I saw his cock, teasing my hole, testing me. My new cravings drew me to it, and drew me to him. I wanted him to enter me, fuck me, fill me and make me scream for more. This felt right.

As my head spun with this new realization, I thought about what he said. All I could do was mutter two words only he could hear. “I know.”

Before I could say anything else, he proved it in a million ways. The feeling of being filled up by him sent a surge of searing pleasure up my spine and through me. I arched my back and moaned as I felt him fill me completely. My brain was a mixture of fire and pleasure as he began moving in me. I didn’t know why I stopped him before. This was amazing! Incredible! Magnif– mag– Amazing!

I began moaning out loudly as my hands moved on their own, roaming around both our bodies. Soon enough, Kyle began fucking me earnestly, pumping harder and faster with each passing second.

“FUCK YES!” I moaned, my body unable to contain itself. “FUCK ME KYLE!”

I began encouraging him more and more to go deeper, harder, and faster. I was only cut off when he started kissing me hard on the lips, though that just increased my moans. I wrapped my arms around, digging my nails into his back as the pleasure coursed through me. I felt like a hot, uninhibited slut. And it felt great!

“Get ready, slut,” Kyle ordered, as I felt him twitch inside of me. I begged him to cum in me, moaning loudly as I finally felt his hot seed shoot into me. Like a lightning bolt shocking me to life, the feeling immediately sent me over the edge, shooting my load all over my jock and the two of us. The pleasure shut me down for a second, as all I could focus on was the hot cum and hard cock inside me. All I knew was one thing.

I wanted more.

When I finally opened my eyes as Kyle began pulling out, I couldn’t help but pant and giggle. I was being so silly before, saying I didn’t want to get fucked. I loved it!

“Holy shit,” Aaron called out, pointing at me. I was confused for a second. It’s like, yeah, I’m a slut dude. So what?

It took a second before Kyle spoke up. “Looks like our slut’s becoming a blonde.”

I just giggled. I didn’t know what he meant, but I did like the idea. Maybe I should bleach my hair?

“Let me at him,” Shane suggested, kneeling down. “I wanna see if it’ll get worse if I fuck him, too.”

“Yeah, sure, I got my fill for now. Though I’m sure you haven’t,” he looked at me, smirking. He didn’t need to convince me though. I definitely wanted more.

Nobody picked up groceries that day. Or the next. When Shane finally did, Kyle, oddly enough, didn’t even bother moving when Shane dropped the bags and sat down next to him, pulling me onto his lap. The tension in the apartment completely faded that day, when Aaron and Shane took turns fucking me until Kyle wanted another turn. Kyle seemed to relax completely, now that his main concern had ended. I spent most of my day now with my legs spread, especially now that the three of them just stopped going to classes, too. It bored them just as much it bored me apparently, so I wasn’t arguing.

That said, Kyle always seemed to have the upper hand in any decisions. For some reason, I felt more submissive towards him than my other roommates. Shane started to get mad at some point, saying that Kyle was hogging all the good boypussy. It got to the point where Aaron had to jack him off just to satisfy him.

It was partly because Kyle seemed to have a rule about me. That, for now, I was a one person ride. I asked him why, and he told me he was waiting for the right moment to do something really special.

Maybe it had something to do with all the silly “changes” they said happened to me. First, they told me that somehow, I was brunette before and that I only think that I was always a blonde. They say my eyes changed to a sky blue now, too. My nipples were apparently “not always so sensitive” and my lips weren’t so thick. I mean, they even started telling me that boypussies like mine don’t naturally get wet. Like, how silly can you get?

Kyle said something about how I was getting too dumb to understand what they were talking about. At the beginning of the week, he started giving me these annoying tests. As the week went on, they got harder and harder until I was so annoyed by them that I just started grinding on Kyle to make him too horny to continue. Luckily, the tests stopped after that.

It was kinda funny that I was having this much fun with guys even though I was straight. Not that I would have any trouble with the ladies when the gym reopened. The Twinkstrap saw to that!

I couldn’t have been more happy with the Twinkstrap. I even wanted to tell my old friends about it, but it was kinda difficult. Last week, a lot of them had blocked my number, calling me a fag and other hurtful things. I didn’t really end up caring too much since I found myself much happier with my roommates anyways. That said, just this last Sunday, something seemed to change about a couple of them. They actually tried to share some gossip blogs with me, including some posts on the sites I used! It was the first time in the last month that I actually liked having a conversation with my old friends. Over the course of the week, a lot of them had gotten much nicer, and quite a few even unblocked me! There was still a bit of time before things got back to normal, but I was glad they were starting to get better.

It was around the end of the week that I decided I would call the representative and tell him I was so happy with the Twinkstrap. Today was the 30 day mark on using the Twinkstrap and he’d left his number and address inside the case it came in, so I figured it would be nice. A part of me felt that there was something wrong with my decision, but thinking too much made my head hurt, so I made the decision to just stop really thinking.

I was in my room, about to call the rep, when Kyle walked into our room.

“Ricky, come here, I’ve a surprise for you,” Kyle explained. Oh yeah, I started going by Ricky now, too. It just felt much cuter.

I giggled, jumping up and down a bit before running to him, letting him wrap his arm around my shoulder. When we got to the living room, Aaron and Shane were already waiting there sitting on opposite sides of the couch, naked. I was the only one who actually wore anything nowadays with my jock, so that wasn’t surprising.

What was surprising was the television screen. On it, a twink was bouncing like a slut while moaning as he had one guy in his mouth, while two other guys filled his ass. He seemed to be enjoying himself immensely as he went along. I couldn’t help but be very curious.

Next to the TV was a full length mirror facing a mattress similar to the one in the porn. What was going on?

“You still won’t admit that you’re as gay as they come, Ricky, so we’ve designed something to fix that,” Kyle explained, guiding me to the mattress.

“I’m straight!” I said defiantly. I was completely ignored, so I pouted in anger!

“That boy on screen is clearly gay, right?” Shane asked. I nodded, my anger turning to confusion. Where was this going?

“So it follows, that if you end up acting exactly like him, you’re clearly gay, too,” Aaron explained. I began to protest, but Kyle interrupted me.

“Just try it Ricky. I’m sure you’ll understand how you feel after we do this,” he stated. I nodded. I might have been able to argue with Aaron, but definitely not Kyle.

Kyle guided me down to the mattress as Shane and Aaron laid down on it. I sat in-between them, unsure of myself. I glanced over at the screen to look at the twink, slowly moving to emulate him.

I wasn’t him though, right? That wasn’t me on screen. My jock began to glow as I felt a fog crawl in again. It had gotten to a soft pink now, and it looked so cute!

No! I have to focus!

Shane and Aaron were already hard beneath me. Kyle and I met eyes as he smiled down on me.

“Just know, you’re still mine. I just wanted a hole to myself,” he stated. With that, he brought his cock to my lips, and I opened them. I began sucking on him, getting lost in the feeling. My lips were so sensitive now, and this felt so satisfying.

Shane soon lightly slapped my ass to bring me out of my daze. “We’re next.”

I raised my ass, allowing them to line themselves up under me. I looked up at Kyle, who I still had in my mouth.

Was this right?

Kyle answered my question by putting a hand on my head, lightly pushing me down. I understood what he wanted, and lowered myself onto the two men. The filled me more and more but my ass never hurt. It just felt better with each inch. I kept thinking I couldn’t fit anymore, and then another inch brought me to new heights.

After about half a minute, I was basically sitting. I stopped moving entirely as I needed a moment to take it all in. I felt immense pleasure and pride over my accomplishments, but something seemed off.

I wasn’t gay… right?

Kyle wouldn’t let me sit on that thought though. Literally.

“Now bounce like the slutty gay twink you are,” Kyle ordered.

The fog slammed into my conscious thought as the pleasure overtook my mind as I began slurping, moaning and humping my brain away. I could feel my body ignite with pleasure every time the three cocks entered me. I could feel myself getting addicted to it, the lightning bolts of pleasure knocking away every rational thought I had. I felt amazing! Nothing would ever be able to beat this feeling!

My eyes glanced to the screen and that’s when I noticed something. I sank down on Shane and Aaron’s cock at the same time the twink did on screen. When the twink slurped, I slurped. When he popped off the cock he was sucking to lick around the tip, I realized how much I wanted to do the same. He started moaning like a slut, and I found myself trying to moan louder and with more passion. We were soon in sync. I was him and he was me. For minutes on end we’d do the same thing. When we differed, I was the one doing the sluttier thing. I was even sluttier than the gay, porn star twink.

But that means–

“Oh fuck, this is too good!” Aaron yelled, his thrusts getting erratic. I clung to my last thought as I felt him begin to twitch. The sensation brought Shane to the edge, too, and soon they both shot into me. As the torrent of cum lit up my every nerve with pleasure, I moaned and hummed, causing Kyle to soon push himself over the edge, too.

Cum filled my body and stuffed me completely, causing my entire body to shake with pleasure. Not a second later, my own orgasm took place, my weak load being nothing in comparison to what I had been stuffed with. As the pleasure blanked my mind, only one thought came to pass.

I’m gay.

It was several minutes before I came to, the pleasure starting to recede from my mind. Only Kyle’s cock had left me as he collapsed on the mattress. Shane and Aaron both also looked exhausted from the session.

I looked around them, my body covered in sweat and cum, and the thought reiterated itself in my head.

I’m gay.

The thought recalled something deep within me. I stared at the mirror and realized something. This wasn’t me. I looked into the mirror and saw a stranger. I was Eric, quarterback of the university’s football team! I used to be straight and loved it! Hell, I wouldn’t have even been caught in a pink jockstrap like this one!

Wait… The jockstrap… The Twinkstrap…

Suddenly, for the first time in four weeks, I felt like I could think clearly. They hadn’t been joking. This thing had been changing me. Molding me into something else.

I eased myself off of Shane and Aaron, feeling soreness for the first time in weeks. I stumbled into my room to grab the case with the representative’s contact card. I fumbled with my phone, dialing the number of and shaking as I held the phone to my ear.

The man on the other end didn’t even wait for me to speak. “Come to the gym.”

I hung up, knowing he knew I had figured it out. I stumbled my way out of my apartment, not bothering to even put on some clothes. I had to fix this as soon as possible. Hell, twenty minutes ago, I would’ve gladly skipped my way outside, ready to suck on the first cock I saw.

I didn’t know which was worse: The fact that I would’ve done it or the fact that it didn’t seem as awful as I knew it should’ve.

I got a couple of stares on my way to the gym, but I didn’t care. I wanted– no I needed answers. What had happened to me? How could I fix it? Was this even remotely reversible?

When I got to the gym, the first thing I noticed was that the sign up front was gone. As was most of the equipment inside. I thought for a second that I had gotten lost, but then, inside, I saw the smug smile of that twisted representative.

“You…” I panted, staggering my way inside. My cock was already hard again from the Twinkstrap. Looking back, I probably should’ve discarded the thing that literally edited my DNA before walking up to the person who knew a lot more about it than I did.

“Hello!” the representative replied cheerily. He glanced at his clipboard. “Eric, I presume? Or do you go by something sexier now?”

Something inside me wanted to tell him “It’s Ricky now, sexy!” and wink at him, but I knew to hold myself in.

“This thing did something to me,” I stated.

“Oh, it didn’t do everything you’re probably worried about right now. Just a few hormones here, a couple of gene edits there, a pheromone or two, and maybe a cognitive realignment once in a while. Your body and instinct acted on the rest,” he explained.

I wanted to scream and punch him in the face, but I could tell that he was much bigger than me now. He had muscles that were big, sexy, hard, juicy– FUCK!

“I must say, it did a fine job with you. You’re quite the sexy, slutty twink now,” he noted. I had to swallow the pride the involuntarily welled within me. “Though I guess you had a harder time accepting it than most.”

“Most?” I asked, remembering with horror the trash bin on my last day at the gym.

“What? Did you think you were so special? We estimate we got about 96% of the gym’s regular attendees, and even approximately 72% of the people who happened to show up during the week. Most the regulars who didn’t take were already gay anyways, so we doubt they’ll care too much about the gym’s new situation,” he stated.

The information whirled around in my head. Many of my old friends were probably in the mix there. I thought back to my texts with some of them. The majority of them didn’t seem to have changed really, but everyone’s body is different, right? They could’ve just been slower and I’d have no way of knowing.

“Why?” I asked, the fear clear in my voice.

“Isn’t it obvious? Or are you one of the ones who lost a little too many brain cells?” He wondered. “Money. This place was free for university students. It made some money, but it was honestly wasted space. Plus, this college leaned on the conservative end of things anyways, and could use a little more acceptance. My benefactor simply has a bit of a predilection for twinks with zero inhibitions, so all works out in the end.”

I gave him a confused look. He rolled his eyes. “Do you see the poles slut? And the lights up there? This place is gonna be a strip club soon enough. We have our workers and our clientele all in one fell swoop. The world after this pandemic is gonna be a lot more fun.”

I looked around, noticing the beginnings of the new set up. It was mind boggling. “You won’t get away with this! I know! Other people know! Someone will say something.”

“My benefactor is a bit too powerful for that honey. And besides, the Twinkstrap saw to any of your friends who might have been concerns. Like I said, we got our clientele with this thing, too. As for you,” he explained, pulling out a sheet of paper from a folder. “You signed, among other things, a non-disclosure agreement. You can tell people, sure, but you’ll be financially crippled by the end of it. You agreed to this, so it’s not as simple as just backing out.”

He watched as my heart dropped. He really did have my hands tied. There was nothing I could do.

After a moment, he sighed. He walked up to me and examined my Twinkstrap. He flipped to a chart with colors on his clipboard and seemed to compare my jock to the color spectrum of pink he had there.

After thoroughly examining what he found, he spoke up. “Ugh, fine. Mopey sluts don’t do us any good anyways, so you’re not worth much like you are. I can reverse the changes the device made.”

I perked up. Was it really that simple? Would he actually do it?

“It’s a little complicated, but it’s not impossible. You’ll still be bound to the NDA, but you’ll be back to how you were before. Maybe an inch shorter or something.”

I took a moment before speaking up. “And why should I trust you? How do I know you won’t just do something to the device to make this worse?”

“Cause there’s no money in that. If you walk out of here like that and go tell somebody and violate the NDA, our secret’s out and your body is proof. If I reverse everything, you’ll look like a madman if you go around saying that you became a twink because of an underwear. I’m only even considering this because you somehow managed to come here and not beg me to fuck you, so clearly, you’re a little more resistant than most. It’s too much of a hassle to keep you in check, even with the NDA and this is the easiest way to wrap up loose ends,” he explained. I looked at him with shock. His logic made sense, as much as I could process it.

"That said, you have to decide pretty much right now. That thing’s done most of its work, and if you wait much longer, the effects will be permanent. Hell, one good fuck would put you over the edge.

“Your choice: Go back to the old you or stay this way forever?” He asked.

I looked him in the eyes. I could tell that he wasn’t joking. Just a bit longer, and I’d be done. A twink forever.

He could change me back. I wouldn’t go weak in the knees at the thought of man. Cum wouldn’t be my favorite snack anymore. I’d be able to concentrate on something other than cock for the first time in a month. I hated gay guys, so why would I want to stay one, right?

He could make me the tough, strong, Adonis that attracted all the ladies all the time. I’d be back on top. Back on track to live out my amazing life. I’d be able to go back to football, and I wouldn’t have any competition in this university, apparently. I’d have a life of luxury, with all the women and money I could ever want.

It’d be a great life, I knew.

But it wouldn’t be perfect.

Maybe it was the past three weeks that had been so pleasurable that I gained a new respect and envy for those around me. Maybe it was the jock that kept teasing my cock and kept squeezing my ass in a way I knew wouldn’t be as nice as it would be in my old body.

Or maybe it was that the representative’s massive, thick cock had been hard the entire time, straining his khakis.

I knew I could never go back to my old life. I would always feel like I was missing something, never living my life to the fullest.

I could feel myself grow weak in the knees as I felt the familiar fog grow in my head and creep over me. I realized this entire time that I had never actually been accepting it. A part of me was always guarding my old self whenever it appeared. It was the only reason I had this whole realization.

No more.

I sank to my knees, my ass tingling as I felt the longing and craving within me grow more and more. The representative smiled as I laid on my back and lifted and spread my legs, my mind waving my old life farewell.

“One fuck will make it all go away?” I asked. He didn’t reply. He got on his knees as he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants. He was hairless too, but his muscles were thick and hard. He grabbed my legs and aligned my ass with his cock. Just as he pushed the tip of his thick cock to my ass, the fog completely consumed me. The last thing I saw was the Twinkstrap glow. I never noticed it before, but it was a beautiful neon pink. It was by far my favorite color.

I felt him enter me, and it stretched me to my limit. It was even bigger than Shane and Aaron combined. At that moment, something in me surrendered. My old life came into my head. My old dreams, goals, desires and interests. The fog rolled over them and seared them away. With his first thrust, I realized I never wanted to touch a football again. With his second, I realized I didn’t care for studying or classes or working out at all. With the third, my inhibitions vanished. And with the fourth, any remaining desire I had for women vanished.

He picked up speed, and I lost count of his thrusts, but it changed me no less. Thoughts of men and cocks and ass consumed every other thought I had. I realized I had only one goal in life. To make as many cocks cum as possible. Any desire to be straight vanished as I knew I was gay and happy with it. I began moaning and mewling as I felt saw myself in every position possible, taking as many cocks as possible. It was amazing, it was euphoric, it was heavenly.

I noticed it this time when my intelligence faded. I could feel neur– ne– brain thingies in my head repurposed solely for pleasure. It felt so good!

The feeling of wrongness was the last thing consumed by the fog. When they met, I could feel myself getting happier and happier. I couldn’t recall anything from my past anymore. All I knew was that the Twinkstrap had fixed me. This was right! This was perfect! This was best choice I had ever made!

I was brought out of my dreams when the representative grunted, “I’m gonna cum, slut!”

“DO IT! FILL MY GAY, TWINKY, SLUTTY ASS UP WITH YOUR CUM! FUCK ME!” I yelled, not caring who saw. Hell, I wanted people to see it. His cock was so big, it felt like I was being fucked into heaven itself.

I could feel his cock begin twitching, and it made me begin spasming with pleasure. When I felt the first jet of cum, I could almost feel my brain shut down from pleasure. All I could see was pink by the time the second spurt shot through me. All I could think about was how perfect this was, and how satisfied I was with my decision.

It must have been several minutes before I came to again, because the rep was already up and buckled when I saw him again.

“Moooooore!” I whined, pinching my more than sensitive nipples. I moaned at the spark of pleasure I gained from it. I could still feel how big his cock was, and judging by how it still managed look so good back in his pants, I knew I wanted it again.

Instead, he just looked at me and laughed. “Sorry, slut. I’m expecting more recruits soon enough, and if they’re as needy as you, I gotta save up.”

I moaned in disappointment, although it probably sounded more like lust. Just then, my phone buzzed. Before I could reach it, the rep grabbed it.

“This your boyfriend?” He asked.

“At least one of them,” I explained. He then began to call them.

After a couple seconds, he smiled. “Come pick your slut up at the gym. We’ve got some things to discuss.”

I hollered and cheered when Brady took to the stage, strutting in so sexily. It was hard to believe this was the same linebacker who could wrestle a bear just a year ago. He was so much smaller and skinnier with his dancer body. I loved it!

I was glad when I found out he had gotten a Twinkstrap too. We got along even better than before! It helped that he often found himself bringing too many guys home a lot of the time. Most of the old football team had gotten Twinkstraps, but I was obviously the sluttiest, so of course he called me to come help out. It was always a great bonding experience.

As he removed his mesh black shirt, leaving him with just a pair of leather short shorts, I scanned over crowd. It almost seemed like a slower night, being a Wednesday, but honestly, you couldn’t tell. The club probably still had close to a hundred guys in it, ready to party. I couldn’t help but think about how right that representative was. This was a total success!

I had only realized recently that I never managed to get that rep’s name. That day was the last time I saw him, after all. Plenty of people from the same company had come by over the few months we were in lockdown, but he never showed. I could only guess his business with this place was over.

I would’ve been disappointed, having lost such a massive cock to ride, but I didn’t have to worry.

“You trying to think again, slut? You know there’s no point in that anymore. Why worry your pretty little head with thoughts other than cock?” Kyle teased, as he sat down on the stool next to me.

“Who says I wasn’t thinking about cock?” I asked him, smirking. I ran my hand up his thigh, appreciating the company uniform he wore and how well it showed off his massive cock. After Kyle came to pick me up that day, he and rep began talking. I couldn’t pay much attention, given that I had two juicy cocks in my face, but about week after that, Kyle came home dressed in the same uniform as the rep. He’d dropped out of college, but for some reason, the company still wanted him to help oversee the strip club when it opened. I can still feel how hot the congrats sex was that night. His cock had become almost identical to the rep’s, and it’s been filling me up ever since.

“There’s only one cock you need to think about right now,” Kyle stated, pulling me off my stool. I got message loud and clear as I knelt down and unbuckled his pants, my mouth already watering over the pleasure I was about to experience. It was hard work, servicing such a huge cock, but it was worth the effort.

“Geez, couldn’t even wait until you were on stage today Ricky?” I heard to my right. From the corner of my eye, I saw Shane come up to the stool where I sat. It was hard to miss him, given how big he’d gotten. Soon after Kyle joined the company, Shane suddenly had decided that he wanted to get bigger. Much bigger. He’d purchased the weight set I never could and spent pretty much all his time working out for a solid month. When we came out of quarantine, he had a massive, hard cut body. The company didn’t employ many jocks or muscle heads, but having a couple helped with attract some more clients, so Shane became one of the very few, and he clearly loved it. His latest video of him fucking Derek, one of the university’s old wide receivers, had been one of the company’s most profitable videos since!

In response to him, I shook my head, not wanting to spend even a second without Kyle’s cock in my mouth. Luckily, he answered for me.

“He’s got the day off. I decided he was working a bit too hard on servicing other people instead of me,” Kyle announced. I doubled my efforts in response. I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t devoted to him, after all. With such a huge cock, everyone wanted him. The former wrestling team had even tried to steal him once with a massive orgy right outside our apartment. Had it not been for the fact that I had just invited the football team into our apartment for an orgy of our own, Kyle might have actually considered it! It was something I would never let happen again.

“Speaking of servicing other people, where’s Aaron?” Kyle asked.

Shane smiled. Since he and Aaron had started going out, they had both dropped out of college. Shane obviously had his porn career to keep him afloat, but Aaron didn’t have such luck. After a long argument that I had to end with a spitroast, Kyle had finally agreed to let Aaron become a waiter at the club. He was kinda out of place, since everyone else who worked here was a complete and total twinky slut, but he seemed okay. That said, Kyle seemed disappointed by him, to the point where last night, he mentioned that he was going to have to do something with him soon.

“He should be coming out shortly,” Shane stated, pulling out my buttplug and slipping his finger up my already lubricated ass. I moaned, loving the feeling of having something in both holes. I no longer needed to wear the twinkstrap 24/7, but every time I took it off, I’d feel emptier than ever. It helped that I usually only wore clothes when I was stripping them off on stage, but having something in me was the only thing that did enough.

The feeling was enough to put me over the edge, but I held off. Kyle always loved it when we came together.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long. I could feel his thick cock twitch in my mouth and I knew it was time. I began moaning loudly, cheering him on as best as I could. When he came, my brain exploded with pleasure, feeling my treat flood my mouth. Every time it happened, I felt the exact same feeling. Total, pure bliss.

When I finally slipped off him, I looked to the stage to find that Brady was completely naked and had been joined by Eddie from the baseball team, who only wore his own pink Twinkstrap and was clearly getting off on being the center of attention. He was one of the few who hadn’t actually gotten a Twinkstrap originally. He seemed very confused, even angry, at first, but then Kyle ordered me to give him a black baseball cap from the company. Now, as he spun a pink baseball backwards on his head and began twerking in front of the audience, I couldn’t help but think I might have had a part in making that sexy ass. I was just glad my other friends were enjoying this life as much as me.

“Kyle, uh, you sure I have to wear this? I don’t think it works as well on me,” I heard another voice call out. Off to my side, behind Shane, Aaron walked up to us in nothing but a tight, black jockstrap, his cock hard as a rock.

“It attracts more customers this way,” Kyle explained. “Do you like it?”

“I mean, yeah. It feels,” Aaron drifted off for a second, his eyes slightly glassy as the jock– no Twinkstrap glowed bright pink. “Amazing.”

I looked at him with shock before turning to see Kyle’s knowing smirk facing me. Then, I giggled, jumping up and down in joy. I couldn’t wait!

“Oh Aaron,” I exclaimed. “You won’t have to worry about a thing!”

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