Master of the House - Chapter 3

By Swizzington ft. Jaybird -
published August 18, 2020
8839 words

James, Levi’s hypnotherapist friend, enters the fray…

[Author’s Note]: Thank you to everyone who is still reading this series! It has been a lot of fun, and while I don’t have any ideas set in stone right now, I definitely think we might see more of Blaine in future :-)

A HUGE thank you to JayBird, who wrote the bulk of the sex scene in this chapter. Without his help, this story would probably never have been finished. He’s a great writer, and I strongly recommend you check out his work here!

And as always, a thank you to Christian, my wonderful editor!

Anyways, enjoy!

James Horner was always late. He didn’t know why, and he didn’t do it on purpose. He just never seemed to arrive on time.

He glanced at his Rolex. 6:18pm.


He shifted his BMW 7 series into park and stepped out, his handcrafted Italian dress shoes making a satisfying clack as he made his way across the driveway’s concrete.

He banged his knuckles several times against the dark wood of Austin and Levi’s front door. He moved the wine bottle he was holding from his right hand to his left.

While he waited, he took a few steps to the side and looked at his reflection in the glass. He liked what he saw.

James had always been tall, ever since a growth spurt in his early teens had seen him hit six foot before some of his classmates had hit five. Admittedly, he hadn’t grown much more after that, topping out at 6’4".

He had been a competitive swimmer in both high school and college, and although it had been seven years since graduation, he still went to great lengths to keep his long, athletic frame in good shape.

Although he only loosely understood the psychology behind it, he had found over the years that people fell into trance much easier when they were being hypnotized by someone who was tall, attractive - and a little imposing.

James liked to think of himself as somewhat of a ‘tasteful eccentric’, an impression he tried to affect through his choice of clothes. On his head he wore an old fashioned newsboy cap, its grey wool hiding the golden brown hair on top, which he kept much longer relative to the shaved back and sides.

On his handsome face he sported a well-crafted goatee, which he had grown recently in an attempt to give himself an air of mystique and sophistication. He figured it would play well with the customers, and it had. The hypnotherapy business was booming.

His toned body was clad in a form-fitting, sky blue dress shirt with a white contrast collar, the top button unbuttoned. The shirt wasn’t tight, per se, but it definitely didn’t leave much to the imagination. Atop of the shirt he had elected to wear a pair of grey suspenders, which went well with his charcoal grey slacks and chestnut brown oxfords.

The door finally opened after a long couple of minutes. James’ blue-grey eyes fell on Austin. The two men were well acquainted, naturally, but they were not exactly buddies. James had known Levi since middle school, and had been best friends ever since.

When Austin came along it had proven a little…awkward. But still, they were grown men now, they knew how to be cordial.

“Sup Austin,” James smiled, stepping forward and offering the bottle of wine to his host.

Austin stared blankly at the wine for a few moments, as if struggling to comprehend what he was looking at. Eventually he blinked and straightened up. Smiling, he took the bottle and said. “Thanks, James. That was kind of you. Come on in.”

James accepted the invitation and stepped into the foyer. He looked Austin up and down with bemusement. The man was dressed strangely - the bow tie seemed overkill. His hair was completely different. And where was his beard…?

“You gave yourself a makeover?” James mused jovially.

“Yep,” Austin replied happily, stepping back towards the kitchen. James followed him. “Manbuns are so 2015.”

James chuckled politely but said nothing. In truth, he was just making conversation. The way Austin chose to style his hair was of little interest to him.

“They’re just through there, in the dining room,” Austin said, stopping stiffly and gesturing sideways. “The food will be ready shortly.”

“Oh, cool,” James said. “You’re cooking?”

Austin beamed. “Yup! It’s my pleasure to serve.”

James gave a close lipped smile and a short nod as Austin turned and stepped away. This seemed a little odd. Austin wasn’t usually much of the ‘serving’ type.

Brushing it off, James entered the dining room. As he did so, his eyes fell upon an unexpected scene.

He saw Levi, dressed neatly in a two-button navy blue suit with a yellow tie, standing beside another man, who was sitting at the head of the table. Levi was carefully pouring whiskey into a tumbler in front of the guy.

James looked the stranger over and quickly concluded he didn’t recognize him. He was young. Very young. Probably still in college, James figured. His preppy clothes and arrogant swagger suggested he came from money and privilege.

“Didn’t realize this was such a formal occasion,” James laughed, stepping forward and hugging Levi as his friend turned to greet him. “I woulda made more of an effort!”

Levi embraced James stiffly. James could smell his friend’s aftershave. He pulled away slightly and noted Levi’s beardless face. He hadn’t seen Levi clean-shaven since freshman year. Apparently both partners in this marriage had recently decided beards had gone out of style.

“Oh, I’m not dressed up,” Levi replied, smiling warmly. “I just got back from work half an hour ago.”

James took a small step back and looked his friend in the face. Levi’s eyes looked a little strange. A little…glassy

“Well take your tie off at least,” James grinned, figuring Levi’s glazed stare was probably no big deal. He was likely just tired from work. He knew Levi was always burning the candle at both ends. “You’re making me feel underdressed!”

Levi straightened up. He shot a furtive glance to the younger man at the table, and then looked back to his friend. “Nah, it’s okay. I think I’ll stay like this. Don’t wanna get sloppy, you know?”

“Suit yourself,” James shrugged confidently, his tone neutral and unfazed. He sat down on the side of the table adjacent to the mystery college boy. “Name’s James. James Horner. Nice to meet you, bud.”

The boy took a long pull from his glass.

James couldn’t help but wonder…should a kid that age be drinking whiskey…? Not that he really cared, he just found it curious that Levi, of all people, would allow it.

Draining the tumbler completely, the handsome kid slammed the glass back to the table.

“Hey man,” he said loudly, smacking his lips a little. “I’m Blaine. Blaine Baxton. You must be James, the vaunted hypnotist I’ve been hearing so much about.”

James’ eyes lit up as he smiled widely and looked at his friend, who was still standing attentively with the bottle of bourbon in his hands. “Oh, so Levi told you about me? Only good things, I hope!”

“Would you care for another?” Levi said, apparently oblivious to the flow of the conversation. He raised the bottle slightly and looked at Blaine expectantly.

“Nah,” Blaine replied dismissively. He gestured towards the seat at the opposite end of the table. “Not quite yet. Take a seat, my guy.”

Levi nodded and returned to his chair.

Blaine turned back to James to resume their conversation. “Yeah, Levi said you were a hypnotherapist. I’ve never encountered another hypnotist before, so I was eager to meet you.”

“Oh yeah?” James replied amusedly. “See yourself going into the hypnotherapy business, do you?”

Blaine shrugged, “Maybe. I gotta admit, I’ve been having a lot of success with it lately. It’s pretty fun. But Levi said you think hypnosis has some pretty lame limits. That you can’t make people do what they don’t wanna do, stuff like that?”

James smiled knowingly. In jest, he leaned in a little closer, adopting a mock conspiratorial tone. He knew full well Levi could still hear them.

“Well just between you and me,” he said playfully. “I may not have told Levi the whole truth. Trade secrets, right? Gotta tell the customers that so they don’t get too leery about the whole ‘mind control’ thing, otherwise you’re out of business real quick!”

Blaine snickered, “Yeah, I thought as much.”

At that moment, another college-aged boy entered the room. James glanced at him. For some reason he was dressed exactly the same as Austin, almost as if it were some sort of uniform. He carried a basket of breadsticks into the room and silently placed it on the table.

“Hold on a minute, kid,” James called out as the boy silently moved to return to the kitchen. There was suddenly concern in the man’s voice. He hadn’t been totally sure with Austin, but with this guy it was painfully obvious. “What’s your name, son…?”

The kid in the bow tie turned around, straightened up and placed his hands behind his back, “My name’s Ryland. How may I serve you, sir?”

James frowned and looked back at Blaine, who was smirking menacingly.

“You hypnotized him,” James stated flatly. Then he glanced back at Ryland. “He’s in a trance right now?”

Blaine shrugged innocently, “Not a full trance. Just kind of…you know…a half trance? Had a few issues early on with him resisting me, so I keep him that way all the time these days. Keeps him docile.”

James swallowed hard. He paused for a moment, choosing his words carefully.

“Keeping someone in that type of permanent trance state…is highly unethical,” he said, eventually.

Blaine shrugged again and smiled, “So sue me, man.”

James straightened up and hardened his tone, “I get it. I was like you once, too, when I first started out. Pranking your buddy by making him think he’s your servant? Just a bit of fun, right?”

Blaine didn’t reply. He just leaned back in his chair and kept staring James down, the smirk on his face never wavering.

James swallowed, “Yeah, well, it’s actually an abuse of power. If you’re gonna get into this business, you can’t be doing that, buddy. I’m afraid I’m going to have to undo whatever you’ve done to this boy.”

“You can try…” Blaine grinned wider. He seemed to be generating a great deal of amusement from the situation.

James skipped a beat, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“His free will has been locked away, deep inside his psyche. A while ago, Ryland and I came to an agreement of sorts. We agreed that no one - not even him - should be able to access or alter his subconscious in any way. No one except me, that is,” Blaine explained smugly. “Isn’t that right, Ryland?”

“Yes, sir. Only you hold the key to my subconscious,” Ryland replied evenly, his glassy eyes staring straight ahead.

James frowned. He scratched his goatee as he studied Ryland. The boy’s face was blank, his body unmoving. He didn’t seem perturbed by the conversation in the slightest. It was as though there was not even the tiniest bit of doubt in his mind. No concern at all. He seemed perfectly content with his situation.

Whatever Blaine had done to this boy’s brain, it had been a very thorough job.

James looked back at Levi, who was watching with interest, but didn’t seem particularly concerned either.

James asked his friend. “You okay with this, Levi?”

It was Levi’s turn to shrug. “He is Blaine’s friend. Not really any of my business, I figure.”

James’ eyes narrowed. Wait a minute…was Levi hypnotized too..?

He analyzed Levi’s expression. Certainly, the evidence so far strongly suggested his friend had been compromised, but it was hard to tell for sure. If he were, it was far more subtle. Blaine’s hold over Levi’s mind was not nearly as strong as his grip on this Ryland boy.

James turned back to Blaine and looked him over. If what Blaine said was true - if he really had designed the trance so that no one else could help Ryland directly - it meant James had been left with only one option to resolve this. He was going to have to hypnotize Blaine himself.

James made up his mind. He exhaled, smiled, and relaxed into his seat.

“Well alright then,” he said congenially. “It’s Levi’s house. If he’s okay with it, then I guess I won’t make a scene.”

“But don’t you have some sort of ethical obligation as a hypnotherapist or whatever?” Blaine responded with a cocky smirk.

James shrugged lazily. “Meh. On second thoughts, I guess it’s not that big of a deal. It’s not like you’re making him do anything dangerous or illegal, right? And the kid looks happy enough. Heck, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t abused my power once or twice.”

Blaine nodded, satisfied. “Good man. Ryland, you can go.”

“Yes, sir. Cedo maiori,” Ryland briefly bowed at the waist and returned to his duties.

“Hey Levi, gimme some of that,” James smiled, gesturing towards the whiskey bottle.

Levi briefly glanced at Blaine, who gave a single, curt nod. Levi extended his arm and offered James the bottle. James popped the lid and filled the glass that had been set on the table before his arrival.

He took a long, slow swig and considered his next move. Of course, he knew he needed to act. He needed to take Blaine down into a trance and have him free Ryland, and whoever else he had enthralled.

But how to do that? It wouldn’t be easy. Blaine was clearly knowledgeable about hypnosis. He would need to be careful…and covert. While there was obviously no danger of Blaine hypnotizing him, if the kid figured out what he was trying to do and put a stop to it, James knew he might not get another chance.

Fortunately, James was an expert in such matters. It wasn’t his first rodeo by any stretch. Those acting classes in college were about to prove useful once again.

“So, Blaine,” James said casually. “How did you and Levi meet?”

“We met through his husband, actually,” Blaine said. He looked at the bottle of whiskey beside James and gestured at it. “May I?”

James shrugged and coolly slid the bottle towards the boy. “Sure, pal. Knock yourself out.”

James was more than happy to allow the teenager to drink. He knew a little bit of alcohol would make Blaine more susceptible and unsuspecting.

“What’s your technique?” James followed up.

Blaine blinked dumbly. “My technique…?”

“For hypnosis. We all have one. Personally, I’m a metronome guy. I find the steady rhythm of the beat really helps calm the subject’s thoughts and align them to my way of thinking. You?”

“Oh,” Blaine smirked. There was a glint in his eye. He reached down under his polo and pulled out his necklace. He raised it up to eye level and started to gently swing it back and forth. “I use a repetitive swinging action with this gem to focus their attention.”

“Hmm, interesting,” James nodded, his eyes falling on the crystal with mild curiosity. “Can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan of the pendulum induction, to be quite honest.”

“Why’s that…?” Blaine asked, his voice suddenly softer, more alluring. He continued to swing the crystal with perfect rhythm. “Maybe you just need to get some more experience with it…”

James’ gaze followed the crystal back and forth. “Well, there’s just one problem with it….”

“Oh yeah…?” Blaine cooed gently.

“Yeah…” James breathed, his eyes tracking the gem closely.

“What’s that…?” Blaine said, continuing to swing the pendant with perfect precision, his voice barely above a whisper. “Personally, I haven’t had any problems with-”

In an instant, James smoothly lunged forward and snatched the crystal out of the air, ripping it off the string and clutching it in his fist.

“That,” James grinned.

Blaine froze for a moment, as if struggling to process what just happened. Eventually he lowered his arm and exclaimed, “Dude! What the hell, man?”

Holding the gem between his thumb and index finger, James raised it up to his eyes and studied it closely. He looked pleased with himself.

“Not a bad choice,” he said approvingly. “Refracts the light well enough. Definitely works to capture the subject’s attention. Still, if you’re gonna go this route, I’d suggest getting a pocket watch. Can’t beat the classics. But you’ll find silver plating works better than gold, actually.”

“Okay…” Blaine replied slowly, clearly dumbstruck by the man’s audacity. It was the first time that he had seemed truly unsettled.

Still smiling, James lackadaisically tossed the gem back in Blaine’s direction, the boy catching it easily in the palm of his hand. With a slight frown, Blaine slipped the crystal into the pocket of his shorts. It was useless now.

Now that he had disarmed Blaine and put the boy his place (the shock with the necklace had undoubtedly knocked him off his bearings and increased his mental susceptibility), James knew it was time to move to the next phase: the mirroring process.

He yawned and stretched dramatically in his chair. He looked Blaine over and subtly adjusted himself until their postures matched. Mirroring, James knew, was an important psychological tool for building a mental connection without the person realizing it.

After that, things settled down, and the three men began to make small talk again; about work, about college, about sports, about the weather. Typical, mindless conversation.

Whatever Blaine did, James followed it. When Blaine placed his left arm on the table, James casually did the same a few moments later. When Blaine would scratch his chin, James would innocently reach up and scratch his own in the same way. As the conversation progressed, James effortlessly matched the boy’s every move. He knew that the unconscious part of Blaine’s mind would be noticing these identical behaviors, even if his conscious mind didn’t.

James could tell it was working when, after a while of this, he reached up and scratched the back of his head. Sure enough, Blaine slowly did the same, without even thinking. No longer was James the only one mirroring. Their unconscious behaviors were becoming linked.

Good, the hypnotherapist mused to himself. Time to up the ante…

Conversational hypnosis was, in James’ professional opinion, the most challenging form of hypnotic induction. When clients came into his office, it was easy. They wanted to be hypnotized, and they would go along with his every suggestion.

Conversational hypnosis was different. The subject wasn’t a willing participant and so it required a great deal of subtlety. If you messed up, there were no second chances. To compound the problem, every individual responded slightly differently, some more intolerant of suggestions than others, which made it inherently unpredictable.

James knew he needed to be careful, and he knew there was still far to go. But now that the connection between them had been made, and the rapport established, it should be much easier.

Blaine might have a talent for the standard pendulum induction, but he was still young, still naive, and covert hypnosis was a whole different ball game. James knew that if he can just pull off the next few minutes flawlessly, Blaine would never see it coming.

“Must be tiring, being a college student,” James then said, following up on a comment Blaine had made about his classes earlier that day. He stretched back in his chair and slowed his speech ever-so-slightly. “Must be exhausting, even…”

On cue, Blaine yawned slightly and nodded. “Yeah man…it really is.”

“I bet sometimes, when you’re just sitting there in the lecture hall…you just wanna fall right to sleep…yeah…?” James continued, sympathy in his voice. “I bet as you sit there in your chair, you just want to nod off into a nice, cozy slumber…?”

Blaine nodded slowly, his eyelids drooping slightly. “Yeah…sometimes…”

Internally, James was high-fiving himself. Blaine was already starting to seem drowsy.

Looks like this will be easy after all…

Maintaining his mirroring behavior, James forced a yawn of his own and nodded. “I remember when I was in college. So, so tiring… All that walking around campus. Having to sit and pay attention in class for hours. All that homework and late night cramming sessions. It’s all just so, so tiring. I remember thinking to myself all the time, it would be so much easier to just… sleep… you know? So much easier to just relax and sleep…”

Blaine nodded again, slower this time. His blinking was becoming less frequent.

“Yeah…” Blaine said quietly. “I know, right…sometimes I wish I could just-.

“Drop right off to sleep…?” James interrupted quickly. Interrupting the subject was a good way to generate befuddlement in their mind, as well as get them used to the sensation of having their thoughts stopped against their will.

“Yeah…” Blaine agreed slowly. “Drop right off to sleep…”

James kept his gaze fixed on Blaine. Blaine did the same. Eye contact, James knew, was another essential component of the conversational induction. He slowed down his own blinking to match Blaine’s rhythm.

“You’re probably feeling pretty tired right now, I would bet,” James said quietly, lowering his voice to a soft, gentle coo. It was his special ‘hypnotist’ voice, the one he used when he wanted to guide someone down into a nice, deep trance. “Are you feeling tired, Blaine?”

“Yeah…” Blaine murmured, nodding.

James nodded too. Another technique: ask questions in which you know the subject will answer in the affirmative. Draw them into a habit of agreement to increase susceptibility.

“I bet you just want to relax and take it easy, huh?”

“Yeah…” Blaine agreed, hardly blinking now, his eyes never leaving James’.

James continued. “You probably just want to drift off into a nice…deep….sleep… right, Blaine?”

“Yes…drift off…into a nice…deep-"

“Sleep…?” James interjected again. Blaine closed his mouth and his head nodded. James continued. “That’s right. When you’re this tired, it would be so easy to just relax…and drift…and sleep…wouldn’t it?”

“Yes…relax…and drift…and sleep…” Blaine repeated, his voice barely above a murmur.

“That’s right,” James said softly, still nodding, blinking even slower now to maintain pace with Blaine. “Good…just listen, and relax, and drift…just let your thoughts start to slow as you listen, and relax, and drift…”

“Listen…relax…drift…” Blaine repeated, his eyes starting to glaze.

“Good…” James cooed softly. He was encouraged. He could tell Blaine would soon be ready to be dropped fully into a trance state. Soon he would begin the countdown. He just needed to soften the target a little more.

Knowing that he would soon have the boy under his spell, James started to wonder what he would do with him. Probably he would just erase any knowledge Blaine had regarding hypnosis and create a mental block in his mind so that he would never be interested in exploring it in future. Because clearly, he could not be trusted to use the power responsibly.

“Listen….relax….drift…” Blaine said again, without any prompting.

James blinked slowly. He hadn’t expected Blaine to take any initiative in the conversation at this point. But that was okay. Good, in fact. That just meant Blaine was internalizing the words even deeper into his subconscious mind.

James nodded. “That’s right…good, Blaine….just listen…relax…drift…”

Blaine’s face was slack, his eyes vacant, as he murmured. “So easy to just…listen…relax…drift….thoughts starting to slow….listen…relax….drift…”

James kept nodding. He blinked once, keeping his gaze on Blaine’s. “Yes…that’s right…thoughts starting to slow now…just listening…relaxing….drifting…”

“Feeling so tired now…” Blaine muttered, his words slurred, his gaze unblinking. “…So easy to stop thinking…to listen…to relax….to drift…”

James kept nodding and held Blaine’s stare. He repeated the boy’s words. “So easy to stop thinking…to listen…to relax…to drift…”

James knew Blaine was nearly ready now. Just a little more listening. Just a little more relaxing. Just a little more drifting…

“Easier to just listen…” Blaine murmured quietly, slowly, his eyes glazing over. “So easy to let thoughts drift…so easy to relax….right…?”

“Yes…” James murmured quietly. He could feel a burning sensation in his eyes. A small thought in the back of his mind realized he hadn’t blinked in a while. But neither had Blaine, and he needed to keep mirroring the boy’s behavior. It was almost over. He just had to keep going.

“So easy to listen…” Blaine continued slowly. “Almost like…it’s too tiring to talk…so easy to just listen….and relax…”

James kept nodding. He didn’t even need to speak anymore. At this point, Blaine seemed to be actually taking himself deeper into trance.

“Feeling so tired…so sleepy…so easy to just listen…relax…drift…yes…?” Blaine continued.

James nodded slowly in agreement and sat quietly, his eyes fixed on Blaine’s. He was vaguely aware he was no longer leading the induction, but that was okay. This wasn’t too unusual. It happened with certain clients from time to time. They got so into the hypnosis that once he got the ball rolling, they would lead themselves down the rest of the way. All he needed to do was keep maintaining eye contact, keep mirroring, keep listening, keep agreeing, and Blaine would do the work for him.

“Too tiring to talk…” Blaine said quietly. James stared into the boy’s eyes. They were totally unfocused. Totally glazed. Blaine was falling. He wouldn’t even be able to hold a sentence soon. “Easier to nod…and to listen…relax….drift…”

James closed his mouth and nodded his head.

“So easy to listen…relax…drift…” Blaine murmured again.

James continued to try and maintain eye contact, but it was becoming difficult. His eyelids were feeling heavy. But he needed to keep mirroring. Needing to keep nodding, and listening, and relaxing, and drifting.

Listen…relax…drift…so easy…

James was feeling tired now. Very tired, in fact. He knew he would. This type of mirroring induction inevitably spilled back onto the hypnotist a little, but he had anticipated that. It was nearly time now. He just needed to keep going a little longer, and it would all be over.

“Ready now…ready to just go to sleep….on the count of five….” Blaine said.

Wow, James thought to himself as he continued to nod and listen. Blaine really had taken the initiative. The kid was no doubt feeling extremely tired too, making him eager for the trance to begin.

“That’s right,” James said, finding his voice and speaking for the first time in a little while. He knew it was time to end this. Time for trance. “Ready to sleep now…ready to go deep….on the count of five….”

“Yes…” Blaine agreed, his face blank and expressionless, his eyes glassy. “Ready to fall deep…on one….”

James kept nodding. It was time. “Five….mind falling deeper and deeper….”

“Four…..” Blaine butted in softly. “So deep now, so relaxed….”

“Three….” James added, his voice barely above the whisper. He was almost there. “So tired, so ready to sleep….

“Two…” Blaine said, still unblinking as he continued to aid James in the induction. “Thoughts drifting away fully now…”

James knew this was the moment. He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, Blaine suddenly clicked his fingers and interrupted him.

“And…one!” Blaine said with surprising force, the awareness instantly coming back to his eyes.

Faced with the completely unexpected, something in James’ mind short circuited. In that fleeting, split second after the snap, he felt a lurching feeling of shock in the back of his mind as a tiny, surprised yelp escaped his lips. But then it was too late. It all happened so fast, and he was too tired to push back. His heavy eyelids closed as his head lopped forward, his chin hitting his chest.

As his mind fell deep into the dark abyss, James Horner stopped thinking.

“This looks great, Austin,” Blaine said cheerfully, smiling as he looked over the table at the bounty of food Austin and Ryland had prepared.

“Oh, thank you, Mr. Baxton. That’s very generous of you to say,” Austin beamed happily. He was standing at attention beside the table, staring at the same spot on the wall Blaine had commanded him to look at during their first dinner together days earlier.

“How’s yours, Levi?” Blaine asked, looking down to the other end of the table.

Levi finished chewing the mouthful of food he was working on. He swallowed and smiled, “It’s wonderful, Blaine.”

Levi didn’t seem to mind that his husband was serving as a waiter. Neither had he seemed particularly perturbed as he watched Blaine thoroughly dismantle and reprogram his best friend’s mind just minutes earlier, locking away the hypnotherapist’s free will and placing him permanently under Blaine’s leadership.

Speaking of which, at that very moment, James reentered the room, having been ordered by Blaine to use Levi’s new shave kit to rid himself of his silly goatee. On Blaine’s orders, he had also thrown his pretentious flat cap in the trash, slicked his hair tightly to the side with pomade, and found one of Levi’s ties to add to his outfit.

Blaine looked his new subordinate over as he returned to the table. James had that look in his eye. A slightly zoned out look a man gets when his will was no longer his own.

Blaine smiled with satisfaction.

“Tie looks good on you, man,” he said, gesturing towards the dark red necktie now neatly knotted around James neck. “Much less sloppy.”

James smiled sheepishly. He didn’t seem comfortable with the collar fastened. It was tight and restrictive.

“Thank you, sir,” he said quietly. He looked a little dazed, as if he were in shock. As if things had occurred so fast that his mind still hadn’t fully caught up with the reality of what had been done to him.

“I want you to wear ties with all your outfits from now on. It suits you, and it’s important not to be sloppy. Okay?”

“Yes, sir. It’s important not to be sloppy,” James agreed, as the instruction engraved itself onto his mind.

“Good boy,” Blaine smiled. Then his grin widened further as he reflected back on James’ little performance earlier. He laughed heartily. “And to think, James, you actually thought for a moment there you were going to be able to hypnotize me, didn’t you?”

James cast his eyes downward like a broken dog. A sheepish smile formed on his face. “Y-yes sir…”

“Ha!” Blaine chortled. “That was never gonna happen, my dude. But still, it was nice to practice my conversational hypnosis. And you fell for it, hook, line and sinker!”

“Yes sir…” James smiled weakly and turned his attention to the food Ryland and Austin had prepared for him.

For a little while, things after that almost seemed normal. Blaine, James and Levi ate their meals - which were delicious - making small talk as they did. The conversation was primarily led by Blaine, with the older two men responding politely and respectfully whenever they were addressed. Ryland and Austin stood stiffly to the side, obediently responding to any and all instructions they received as they served their guests.

Eventually, Blaine turned to James and asked him. “So James, how many clients would you say you see in a week?”

James slowly put his silverware down and looked up at the ceiling for a few moments, apparently deep in thought. Finally he replied. “My best guess would be around twenty, sir.”

He slipped the honorific smoothly into his sentences, seemingly not giving it a second thought. It seemed natural now. Blaine was the superior hypnotist, after all, he deserved James’ deference and respect.

Blaine’s eyebrows went up at James’ response, a look of surprise on his face. “Wow. That’s actually way more than I expected. Do you get any hot guys?”

James smiled embarrassedly and looked away. Having been completely heterosexual up until ten minutes ago, James had never given much thought to whether any of his male clients were attractive. As he thought about it now, however, he realized a few of them objectively were.

“I’d say four or five of them are nice looking,” he replied, a little awkwardly. He wasn’t used to talking about the attractiveness of other men.

Blaine smiled. “That’s a good start. Next time you hypnotize them, I want you to bend them to my will. Make them nice and obedient, then send ‘em my way.”

Blaine was excited by this opportunity. When he had initially told Austin to make sure James was invited tonight, it was primarily with the aim of ensuring that the hypnotherapist would not interfere with his plans for the married couple. From the very moment that Levi had first mentioned having a hypnotist friend, he knew he would need to neutralize him.

He hadn’t realized at the time, however, that through James’ business, he would now be able to get a steady supply of handsome, preppy sex slaves…

James frowned as he considered his master’s command, which was not the response Blaine expected. Clearly, something deep inside James strongly opposed this idea. “But, Mr. Baxton…that’s highly unethical…I could get-”

“No buts, James,” Blaine said firmly. “Remember who you serve now.”

James hesitated for just a second, his bottom lip quivering. He scarcely resembled the man that had swaggered into Levi’s house an hour earlier. “Please…sir…”

Blaine’s face tightened with annoyance. “Resistance is pointless, James. Your will belongs to me. Just relax…and sink…and obey…”

James paused, a muscle in his left cheek twitching agitatedly as his mind tried to struggle against the cage Blaine had trapped it in.


“No buts,” Blaine said. “Just relax…sink…and obey.”

“Relax…sink…obey…” James whispered back, almost involuntarily. He continued to resist for a moment more, but it was hopeless. He couldn’t break free. He couldn’t fight it. It was impossible.

James’ fleeting resistance caved. He released a long sigh and bowed his head in submission. “Yes, sir…I hear and obey…”

The gleeful smile returned to Blaine’s face as he finished eating. “Well, now that everyone in attendance has come to my way of thinking, I guess it wouldn’t hurt if we had a little after-dinner fun.”

Levi and James shot each other furtive looks, before turning back to Blaine.

“What did you have in mind, Blaine?” Levi asked tentatively.

Blaine smiled knowingly. “Ryland, start cleaning this stuff up. James, Austin, come to me. On your knees. Levi, I just want you to watch and pay attention.”

Blaine unzipped his shorts and pulled out his already semi-hard cock as James and Austin did as they were instructed, dutifully falling to the floor in front of their new master.

“Take turns,” Blaine smiled. “Sharing is caring, after all. No hogging.”

Austin took Blaine’s dick first without hesitation. It didn’t seem to occur to him that his husband was in the same room, watching everything he was doing.

Soon after, James followed. On Blaine’s command, they would swap back and forth. James had never given another man a blowjob before, and his inexperience showed. As Blaine moved towards the climax, he let Austin take care of things.

Blaine groaned with pleasure as Austin bobbed up and down in his lap. He ran his fingers through Austin’s tightly combed hair and took hold, controlling the older man’s head as he pleasured himself using Austin’s adept mouth. James sat there beside him, on his knees, watching intently. In the background, Ryland continued to quietly take the dishes back to the kitchen.

Levi blinked as he watched the scene unfold before him. Something about this didn’t seem right. His husband and his best friend were on their knees, sucking off a college student - a college student intent on staring him down as he enjoyed himself. Something in Levi’s mind clicked. It was too much. Too weird. He quickly stood up.

“Blaine!” he yelled angrily, his heart pounding. He was not exactly sure what to do next.

Blaine looked up with only mild surprise, “Oh,” he said simply. He lazily raised his hand, clicked his fingers, and said softly. “Sleepy Levi.”

Instantly, Levi felt a pleasurable warmth roll over him, like a wave. He exhaled deeply and let his arms full loosely to his sides. A part of him, the part that had realized something was terribly wrong, continued to fight, continued to keep him awake, even as his eyes became so very heavy.

“N-no..” he mumbled helplessly. He was so tired all of a sudden. He couldn’t move.

“Sleepy Levi,” Blaine repeated, clicking his fingers again. “Sleepy Levi. Sleepy Levi. That’s it, go down nice and deep. Sleepy, sleepy Levi.”

Levi couldn’t do anything. He was powerless to resist as his own subconscious betrayed him. While his spine stayed straight, his eyes closed and his head fell forward until his chin rested against his chest. His arms hung loosely at his sides as his conscious awareness went out like a light.

Subduing the older man made Blaine even hornier, especially considering the guy’s husband had kept his lips wrapped diligently around Blaine’s cock the entire time. It didn’t take long after that for Blaine to explode in Austin’s mouth.

“Swallow…” Blaine murmured as his back spasmed with pleasure, the cum gushing from his dick.

Austin instantly obeyed, greedily swallowing down the younger man’s semen.

“Good boys…” Blaine groaned with ecstasy, a relaxed smile forming on his face. He turned his attention back to the entranced Levi. “Now…Levi, clearly, you still need to learn your place in this arrangement. I guess I didn’t do a good enough job reprogramming you earlier. So, as you stand there and listen closely, I want you to feel me now inside your mind, sliding the key into the lock and entering the deepest parts of your psyche. Do you feel me, Levi?”

“Yes, Blaine…” Levi mumbled, his eyes still closed, his head hanging loosely.

“Good…” Blaine cooed softly. “Now I’m going inside the deepest part of your subconscious, and you’re going to help me install some new thoughts. When I click my fingers, you will repeat everything I say out loud in the first person, and as you speak, you will feel those words inscribing themselves permanently onto your mind. You will continue to do this until I click my fingers a second time. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Blaine…”

Blaine clicked his fingers as he eyed Levi hungrily. Then he said. “You have a great deal of respect for Blaine Baxton. You admire him. As a result, you now find it perfectly natural and reasonable to address him as ‘Mr. Baxton’ and/or ‘sir’.”

“I have a great deal of respect for Blaine. I admire him,” Levi repeated, his eyes still shut. He could feel an itching on the inside of his forehead, almost as if the words really were being enduringly tattooed onto his brain. “As a result, I now find it perfectly natural and reasonable to address him as ‘Mr. Baxton’ and/or ‘sir’.”

“You have come to terms with the fact that Mr. Baxton is now the master of the house.”

“I have come to terms with the fact that Mr. Baxton is now the master of the house," Levi dutifully repeated, the cogs in his mind whirling as the new thoughts slotted neatly into place.

“You are perfectly fine with Mr. Baxton controlling your husband and best friend. In fact, it pleases you.”

“I am perfectly fine with Mr. Baxton controlling my husband and best friend. In fact, it pleases me.”

“When Mr. Baxton gives you an order, you will not find it strange or upsetting. You will be happy to comply.”

“When Mr. Baxton gives me an order, I will not find it strange or upsetting. I will be happy to comply.”

“You enjoy following Mr. Baxton’s orders. It fills you with a great sense of pleasure.”

Levi’s eyes stayed close, his face serene, as he recited, “I enjoy following Mr. Baxton’s orders. It fills me with a great sense of pleasure.”

“Mr. Baxton is the master of the house. You have accepted this. He allows you to live here, and in return, you give him your total loyalty and obedience”

“Mr. Baxton is the master of the house. I have accepted this,” Levi repeated. “He allows me to live here, and in return, I give him my total loyalty and obedience.”

Blaine clicked his fingers again. He smiled smugly. “Good. Now Levi, I’m going to wake you up, and you’re going to be a good boy from now on, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

Blaine’s cruel smile widened. “Now on the count of three, Levi, you’ll be wide awake. One…two…three!”

Levi’s mind rebooted as his eyes opened slowly and he lifted his chin up off his chest. He looked around dazedly, as if he were not quite sure where he was.

“Feeling better?” Blaine smirked.

Levi gave a small smile. “Yes, Mr. Baxton. Thank you.”

“Good boy,” Blaine said gleefully. “Now that’s settled, there’s no reason for you not to have some fun as well. Relax and observe. In fact, I think you would be more comfortable naked. Why don’t you take off your clothes…?”

Still in an obedient haze, Levi did as he was told, slowly removing his tie and then his shirt. Next he lowered his pants to the floor to reveal the white briefs he had absentmindedly thrown on that morning. He was typically more of a boxers kind of guy, but since Austin had purchased so many and they were clean, he had simply slipped them on without a second thought. They were rather comfortable, actually, and he had already decided earlier that day that he would always wear tight, white briefs from now on.

“Austin, I think we need to show James the ropes. Go get the lube I’m sure you and your husband make good use of. Oh, and fix your hair. It got kinda messed up just now. Servants should never look sloppy, after all,” Blaine said, winking knowingly at Levi.

While Austin walked out of the room with a resolute “Yes, sir!” and a smile, Blaine leaned forward towards James and whispered into the older hypnotist’s ear.

Levi watched, blankly observing the events unfolding in front of him as James started slowly removing his own clothes, his eyes glazing even further as Blaine’s gentle whisper filled his mind with new thoughts.

A satisfied smile grew on Blaine’s lips as he stood up and pulled off his polo shirt, followed by his shorts and underwear, revealing what Levi had expected already; a very toned chest and core. The young man clearly spent a lot of time in the gym.

At that moment, Austin marched back into the room, looking considerably neater. He held the lube out in front of him, offering it to Blaine with both hands.

“Oh, no no no. That’s for you, Austin. Strip down. Now. You find yourself incredibly aroused by James, don’t you?”

Austin immediately started to take off his clothes as he admired the athletic, toned body of the man in front of him. Now completely naked, James had gotten down on his hands and knees, his bare ass in the air.

“Yes, sir,” Austin agreed, as his exposed cock grew noticeably harder.

“While we were at the mall yesterday, you told me that with Levi you’re generally the bottom, but now, you want to fuck James. Fucking him will please me, so that’s exactly what you want to do, isn’t it?” Blaine said resolutely.

“Yes, sir. Anything for you, sir,” Austin said, eyeing James hungrily.

“Well…get to it,” Blaine said, grinning. Austin immediately got down on one knee and massaged James’ ass. James gently let out a moan as Austin’s fingers playfully loosened him up.

As Levi did as he was told and watched his husband begin to penetrate James, he found himself getting hard. Blaine moved across the room, getting up close behind him. He began to rub Levi’s shoulders as he leaned forward to speak softly into the older man’s ear. “You’re so uptight, Levi. Austin told me as much. Why don’t you just let yourself go. What you’re watching is so hot! It’s so good to obey me, Levi. Jerk off.”

“Yes…sir,” Levi said and he pulled his briefs down and began jerking off—he felt so calm yet so horny. Austin and Levi had been together for years and had never had a threesome before. Levi couldn’t help but be turned on, even if he wasn’t involved.

“That’s it, Levi. You three play by different rules now. My rules,” Blaine could feel himself getting hard again as he watched Levi start jerking off faster and his hips start gently bucking.

Blaine began stroking his cock. He was getting hard again already. Speaking slightly louder now, he said, “James, who is in charge?”

James, in between grunts of pleasure, let out, “You, sir!”

“James, who is the better hypnotist?”

“You, sir!”

Blaine guided Levi forward and bent him over the chair, ensuring he could still see the two well-muscled men fucking in front of them. He looked over Levi’s back, “Austin, who is your devoted husband?”

“Levi, sir!”

“And who do you obey unconditionally?”

Austin’s eye twitched ever so slightly and his rhythmic pumping into Jame’s ass paused for the briefest of seconds. But he moaned in pleasure as he nearly yelled, “You, sir!”

Blaine gently pressed his cock against Levi’s ass as he leaned over and wrapped his arm around Levi’s chest.

He whispered softly into Levi’s ear, “Keep stroking…”

Blaine let out a slow, “ohhhh fuck!” as he entered Levi. His cock throbbed with pleasure while he began to thrust in and out of the groaning, broken man in front of him. He leaned back and marveled in his conquest as he began fucking Levi in earnest. The sight of the two men on the floor, rivaled by the view of the muscles tensing in Levi’s arching back, drove him to the edge again.

Blaine leaned forward and whispered into Levi’s ear, “Who do you serve forever? Who owns you?”

Levi turned his neck to look Blaine in the face, and with a devoted gleam in his eyes, “You do, sir.”

The orgasm that instantly took hold of Blaine caused him to tremor as he forcefully thrust into Levi’s ass. His groan overtook the room and he breathed heavily, the three men pausing to admire him. They awaited further commands, unsure of what to do – the only sounds were the soft clinking of plates in the kitchen and Blaine’s contented breaths.

Blaine pulled out of Levi and looked around at his three new, manly servants. He smiled, still somewhat out of breath, “Well, I didn’t say stop. You’re done when I say so.”

And they dutifully resumed.

“Morning,” Levi said, blinking groggily as he stepped into the kitchen.

“Oh, heya!” Austin exclaimed happily. He put down the pan he was scrubbing and turned to face his husband. It was unusual for Austin to be awake this early. It was even more unusual for him to be wearing nothing save for the tight blue speedo he wore at that moment. The only other adornment upon his smooth, toned body was a subtle stainless steel eternity collar locked around his neck. Blaine had fitted all three of the older men with such collars at the culmination of the dinner party the night before.

Austin approached him and playfully straightened Levi’s bow tie. Concealed underneath his buttoned-up dress shirt, there was no sign of the slave collar Levi would now wear forever.

The smell of aftershave filled Levi’s nostrils as his husband stepped in close. He glanced at Austin’s perfectly smooth face to confirm: Austin had already shaved today.

What time had he woken up?!

“Big day today,” Austin said, smiling calmly.

“It is?” Levi asked dumbly, picking up his suit jacket and shrugging it on over his dress shirt. But as he buttoned the top button on the jacket, the memory popped back into his mind. One of the last things Blaine had said last night, before he had left with James and Ryland. “Oh, that’s right. Mr. Baxton and Ryland are moving in today.”

“That’s right,” Austin beamed excitedly. “I’m going to go to his dorm in an hour and start bringing his stuff over.”

Levi looked his husband up and down. He smiled cheekily. “Are you going dressed like that?”

Austin laughed heartily. “‘Course not! I got this real nice button-down shirt that Mr. Baxton chose for me. It’s gonna look great tucked in to my brown chinos. Just need to decide whether to wear a necktie or a bow tie…”

“Wonderful,” Levi said, picking up his car keys. A part of him was a little jealous that Austin got to choose the type of tie he could wear. The compulsion that Blaine had locked into Levi’s mind last night now compelled him to only wear bow ties to work.

He really didn’t like bow ties, but he knew he had no choice but to obey. Mr. Baxton was their master now, after all.

“Oh hey, by the way,” Austin added. “You don’t mind if Mr. Baxton takes the master bedroom, right?”

“Of course I don’t mind,” Levi said firmly. “That makes perfect sense.”

Austin smiled even wider, his eyes slightly glazed, almost as if he were looking through Levi, “Great! You’ll be fine in the little guest room. I even ordered this cute little thing for you off the internet this morning. You can put it on your door. It’s a sign that says ‘Servants’ Quarters’ on it. Pretty cool, right?”

Austin looked proud of himself. Levi blew some air out his nose with amusement and stepped past his husband. “That’ll be fine, I guess. So long as Mr. Baxton approves.”

“Oh he does. I already got his permission.”

Levi nodded. “That’s good then. But where will you sleep?”

Austin shrugged, “Honestly, I’m not sure yet. I think Mr. Baxton might want me in there with him…”

Levi paused for a second, looking off into the distance. Then he sighed, and a rueful smile formed on his face. “Well if that’s what Mr. Baxton desires, who am I to say no, right?”

“Exactly,” Austin grinned and nodded. “This is gonna be such fun!”

“Okay, see you tonight,” Levi smiled, “I should be back around seven.”

“Okie dokie,” Austin beamed as he returned to the sink to continue his chores.

They said their goodbyes and Levi stepped out of the side door into the crisp morning air. He checked his reflection in the glass one final time, then turned and walked down the driveway, passing Mr. Baxton’s cars as he headed towards the bus stop.

Levi smiled as he strolled happily down the sidewalk. For a brief moment, he considered how different life would be if he hadn’t agreed with Austin’s plan to hire a housekeeper last week.

He was glad he had made the right choice.

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