KING REX 2: The Horde of Future-Heroes

Series Summary

King Rex in the Far Flung Future!

Author Name Published
8/3/19 12:19 PM
Is he the Savior, or the Bringer of Doom?
7/26/19 1:44 PM
Is it Horde Election time again... or do they mean Horde ERECTION time again...?
7/12/19 1:36 PM
6/29/19 7:29 AM
The Horde Girls return and everything goes back to normal.... as if.
6/15/19 10:26 AM
6/1/19 6:35 AM
Whatever happened to Teen Superion's Big Brother?
5/18/19 6:40 AM
5/3/19 10:08 PM
4/20/19 11:31 AM
Solar Boy wants it for all the right reasons/ Rex makes an important discovery
4/5/19 6:52 PM