The Revenge of Jafar

Series Summary

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get worse, someone goes and finds a magic lamp containing a tyrannical genie, Hell bent on world domination.

Author Title Published
8/29/20, 11:35 AM
8/28/20, 4:39 PM
Not everyone at Alconbury is falling for Jake's charms.
8/22/20, 1:58 PM
Jake makes a new person's cakes shake with his snake whilst others aren't awake; but is it a mistake?
8/21/20, 8:29 PM
8/17/20, 5:19 PM
Two's company, three's a party. As the ex-lovers reunite, they both realise things have changed, and are about to again.
8/15/20, 2:09 PM
Controlling the masses, controlling yourself - it's not easy either way.
8/13/20, 2:44 PM
7/25/20, 3:56 PM
7/25/20, 5:08 AM
7/21/20, 8:06 PM