Series Summary

There’s a hidden gym in the city that will turn you into your greatest fantasy.

Author Title Published
When confronted with the past, a man must remain strong.
7/27/20, 11:45 AM
The truth is, a lot of times, a man's identity is all in his name
7/26/20, 11:31 AM
The battle everyone's been waiting for: Strong v Woody, winner take all!
7/25/20, 11:33 AM
Strong plots his escape from Apollyon -- but first, he's got to take care of Woody
7/24/20, 3:28 PM
A nearly 300lb Strong wrestles Brad for dominance
7/23/20, 1:11 PM
Becoming a 300-lb bodybuilder over the course of a weekend is bound to have some kind of psychological effect....
7/22/20, 12:51 PM
If you start some kind of power-play, you better be ready to finish the job.
7/21/20, 11:28 AM
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Locker Room...
7/20/20, 12:47 PM
7/19/20, 12:55 PM
Strong's workout with Woody becomes very competitive -- only one will make it to the end.
7/18/20, 11:19 AM