Realism Pack

Series Summary

What happens when your program your working on for school has a downloadable mod? Investigate it of course!

Author Title Published
All seems to be going well in preparation for the Valentine's Dance, until some big things occur back at home.
2/6/21 8:09 AM
After waking up after a fun night, Trevor tries to enjoy the rest of the little trip.
2/4/21 6:25 AM
12/1/20 8:55 AM
11/30/20 9:28 AM
After receiving some winning tickets for a trip to the Spa, Trevor goes around asking who is interested in accompanying him.
11/28/20 8:20 AM
Wrapping up the final day of the Bake Sale, what could possibly ensue?
11/13/20 10:30 AM
The Second Bake Sale is here. Trevor begins to notice some newer effects on some people.
10/30/20 9:45 AM
10/16/20 8:57 AM
Back from Vegas and done resting from such an eventful trip, it's time that Trevor expands his horizons with something tasty. So let's get ready to throw a school bake sale!
10/6/20 10:16 AM
5/30/20 8:34 AM