Easy Cum, Easy Go

Wealth, fame and hot, gay sex come easy when you’ve got the power to rewrite reality. Unless you have a penchant for letting other people have a say in the changes you make, that is. What could possibly go wrong?
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Abuse of Warren's powers leads to a fuck-fest of legendary proportions. Can he wrest back control in time to keep from losing everything he has, or is he too horny to care? Find out in the epic, 85%-sex-scene conclusion to *Easy Cum, Easy Go*!
Norman heads over to Warren's to talk shop about his career, but will the superstar agent go too far with his reality-change powers? You know what they say: the harder they cum, the harder they fall...
Norman Aster is working his regular shift at the restaurant when a mysterious stranger walks in and changes his life forever... except his life has always been that way, right? *Right?*