Pan-Galactic Human Fan Club

Super-straight dude Charley gets abducted by a bunch of human-loving alien hunks. The beefy space bros keep telling him that humans are all naturally obsessed with sculpted muscles and huge dicks, but that’s crazy talk. So what if Charley occasionally slips away to jerk off to the thought of servicing giant alien dicks? That’s totally normal, right?
Author Title Published
Charley replays his most recent encounter with Zethro and does some product testing with Crage.
Charley meets up with Crage and Zethro to pump some iron and maybe some other things.
Charley and Tyzon deal with technical difficulties while cleaning up.
Afterparty in Tyzon's room. Charley finds his new friend's muscles unusually stimulating.
After the club meeting, Charley needs some alone time to process recent events.
Charley meets the rest of the Human Fan Club and learns some interesting things about his artificial body.
Charley, the slightly dim narrator of our story, gets catfished by a member of the Pan-Galactic Human Fan Club interested in cultural exchange.