Dare Me ... More!

Several characters are subjected to a hypnotic force that compels them to accept any dares given to them. ANY dares!
Author Title Published
Eric continues to grapple with the Dares he's been given. Then, Dylan shows up to take things to a whole new level.
Eric, who had previously humiliated and sexually abused both Brandon and Dylan with dares, gets a taste of his own medicine. Spoiler: He doesn't like it.
Brandon and Dylan recall more of their missing day spent with the mysterious "Master." Then, a new player enters the game .
As Dylan and Brandon's temporary amnesia is lifted, they have a flashback to the previous day and recall just what the hell their "Master" had them doing.
Dylan and Brandon make their naked way out of the hotel only to face more humiliations on the way home.
Kyle learns what power he has over Brandon and Dylan, who later clear the air between them while getting ready for their strip show.
Dylan's morning presents new challenges of a sticky kind. Then, both guys go in search of appropriate clothes for their upcoming Full Monty.
Brandon finds new ways to embarrass Dylan but is shocked when the tables are turned.
Dylan's night of humiliation continues as Brandon takes him to an expensive restaurant for dinner ... and revenge.