Green Lantern: The Emerald Downgrade

Kyle Rayner, AKA Green Lantern, finds his life suddenly turned upside down by a pair of thugs who take over a powerful mind control machine, that have no idea how to control it.
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The residents of Coast City gather for a ceremony to honor Green Lantern. The event takes an unexpected turn for the hero, who ends up meeting a very peculiar couple eager to spend some time with him...
As the news of Green Lantern's strange behavior spreads like wildfire across Coast City, Terry Berg, Kyle Rayner's best friend, wonders how to help him. Meanwhile, T-Bone makes our hero aware of his ruined reputation, as he and Chuy steal another piece of his dignity.
Things go from bad to worse to the mindfucked Green Lantern, who keeps making dumb mistakes. As the fallen hero struggles to regain control of his mind, he find new unlike pleasures, in the unlike place...
After investigating the S.T.A.R Lab facilities looking how to get out of the problem he's in, Green Lantern faces a gang of bank robbers. In his current mindfucked state, things don’t go too well for Coast City’s illustrious superhero.
It’s a brand new day, and the hero of Coast City, the totally mindfucked Green Lantern, is about to begin his morning routine. But today, things are going to be a little different for Kyle Rayner, as he's going to find out, by helping a truck driver on the highway...
The once formidable Green Lantern is used by his victimizers to provide them information about a high tech device they posses. The fallen hero explain them what that machine is and how to use it, totally obvious to the fact he's giving the thugs more weapons to further humilate and submit him. The very mindfucked Emerald Knight finally gets a reward for his splendid job as a law enforcer.
It's dinner time. Hot pizza for T-Bone and Chuy, and a horny delivery man for a very mindfucked Green Lantern. Kyle Rayner comes to a new understanding of his duties as a superhero, and realized that... he's still a virgin?
Green Lantern's mind reachs a critical point. Kyle Rayner suddenly regains full concious of the humiliations he's suffering and struggles to get back the control of himself. However, the Emerald Knight's determination goes up "in smoke" (to put it in some way).
T-Bone and Chuy explore their new residence, and their discoveries plunge Coast City's favourite superhero even further into degradacy.
Green Lantern begins to see the world from his new servitude position, while his "captives" have some fun in the superhero's former apartment.