Plus Three

By Derek Williams
published October 19, 2012

Davis is careful when he finds the genie of the lamp, but the genie has his own motives.

Being a genie isn’t a great job. The hours are long and unpredictable, my Masters are often very demanding, and though the lamp comes with the job, but it’s far from spacious.

There’s only one thing that redeems my life as a genie. I have a little bit of leeway in my actions. When Master makes a wish, I get to add exactly three extra words into the wish if I want. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it sure makes an eternal existence of servitude a lot more fun.

It’s even better than it sounds. I’m gay, so I usually rig the wishes so that my Master gets transformed into the kind of fantasy dude that gets me off. My tastes have changed over the centuries, but these last twenty or thirty years, I’ve been really into fratboys.

What? Like your job doesn’t have perks?

Obviously I don’t just change their wishes from “I wish I was rich” to “I wish I was a fratboy and rich.” That’d just be cheap. Instead I nudge them in the right direction until they succumb to my desires. The subtlety turns my domination into a sport.

I’m probably doing this whole ‘being a genie’ thing wrong, but people keep rubbing my lamp anyhow.

Like the last Master I had. When I poofed out of the lamp at him, he practically dropped it and ran before he realized what was going on.

“Hello Master!” I boomed at him. “I am the genie of the lamp. While you own the lamp, you own me. I can grant any wish you can think of with two exceptions: I can’t bring back the dead, and I can’t make someone fall in love with you.”

He looked confused for a second. “What about the third rule. No wishing for more wishes.”

“But Master, you have as many wishes as you desire. I don’t know why you’d wish for more, but there’s no rule that says you can’t.”

This Master’s name was Davis, and he was a lot on the chubby side, but trying to hide it with a poorly fitted suit. About thirty years old with short buzzed brown hair and the kind of B.O. that made me want to crawl back into my lamp. I was going to be doing Master a big favor.

He was also pretty smart, even if he did work a shitty job at the supermarket. Master wasn’t so sure about using my power. He expected it to backfire on him, like he’d say the wrong word and then he’d suddenly be a panda bear with no front teeth. For the first few wishes, he was very, very careful.

“Genie,” he said cautiously. “I’m ready to make a wish.”

“Yes Master! What is your command?”

He read the wish off a little piece of paper, making sure he said all the words clearly. “I wish I always had a hundred dollars in my wallet.”

I took a moment and decided on my change. I added the phrase ‘condom and five’. I crossed my arms and nodded my head sharply.

Time jumped back a few seconds in the house, and Master read his wish to me again. “I wish I always had a condom and five hundred dollars in my wallet,” he read the sentence in a very clear voice from where it was inscribed in ink.

“Your wish is my command!” I crossed my arms and nodded my head. When he checked his wallet, he found $500 and a new condom that hadn’t been there seconds earlier. It was tucked in the little pocket beside the dusty condom that expired in 2003.

He took the money and the condom out, then closed the wallet. When he opened it again, there was more money, and another condom.

“Genie, that was amazing,” gushed Master. If he thought that was incredible, it was going to blow his mind when we got to the bigger wishes.

Master walked around the house, trying to find a negative consequence of the wish, but of course he couldn’t. I always give you exactly what you say. Eventually he returned to try his second wish.

“Genie, I’m ready for my second wish.”

“Yes Master! Thank you for the heads up, however you can wish without warning and I’ll still be ready. My whole existence is making wishes come true.”

“Thank you Genie. I wish I owned a car.”

That one was easy. I hear this wish a dozen times every month. I gave a quick nod and time jumped back again.

“Thank you Genie. I wish I owned a fast red sports car.”

“Your wish is my command!” And I made it happen. There’s nothing like seeing that expression of joy on your Master’s face when they see the car they remember dreaming about sitting in their driveway.

Of course, Master had never dreamed of owning a red sports car, but wishing makes it so.

“Genie! This is incredible! I could be rich beyond my wildest dreams. I’m going to go hop in my convertible and cruise around town with the top down for a while.”

“I’m glad that you’re pleased Master.”

“Pleased? I’m ecstatic. Before I go try out this car, I’d just like one more wish. With a car like this, I’d pull in all the babes, if only I had a better body. Genie, I wish I was in better physical condition.”

Time skipped a beat, and Master said it again. “Genie, I wish I was obsessive about being in better physical condition.” I nodded my head and the world changed.

Master ran to a mirror to look at his new body. He was fucking ripped. Six feet tall, two hundred and five pounds, and it was clear that he went to the gym every morning. There were subtle changes around the house too – a gym bag dropped next to the door, the scent of sweaty clothes emanating from it; a workout logbook sitting open on a kitchen counter that was crammed with protein powders and supplements; an alarm clock set for some 5 A.M. lifting. Master’s body ached, but that only made him happier. Being sore felt so fucking good to him, like he was growing every second.

“Shit Genie!” shouted Master. “I’m never gonna lack dedication to my workout now. We’ve taken care of the most important thing ever. I’m gonna finish this shake in the car, let’s go cruise.”

My new gym rat of a Master and I went outside to his car. He squeezed into the leather seats and grinned as the engine purred. Master was still a little overdressed in that suit, but I’d fix that soon enough.

We pulled out onto the road, and took the car downtown. Master didn’t lower the roof though. Eventually he pulled off the road. There was a beautiful girl waiting at a bus stop ahead, and Master confided in me that he’d love to give her a ride. I just nodded knowingly.

“The thing is Genie, I’m pretty shy. Genie, I wish I was less shy.”

Time pulled it’s broken record routine again, and Master repeated the phrase I had played with. “Genie, I wish I was less shy about my looks.”

The changes weren’t even subtle this time. Every piece of clothing on Master’s body changed to show off his physical perfection. His cock and balls were cupped by a tiny mesh jockstrap that just peeked over the edge of his painted on jeans. His suit jacket and shirt were gone, replaced by a solid color muscle shirt that showed off his hard nipples. A pair of sandals completed the exposed look.

It wasn’t just his clothes though. His hair had grown out thick, streaked with blond highlights, and practically glued into a fauxhawk with the amount of gel he used. Masters eyebrows were freshly plucked. His beard was the perfect sexy stubble. He stank of cheap cologne and glowed a tanning bed brown.

Master checked himself out in the rear view mirror. He was clearly very into himself.

“All right Genie! I always dreamed of showing off my red-hot body to the world like this. God, let’s get the top down, the world is missing out on this rockin’ piece of eye candy!”

Master took down the top and pulled away from the curb. He’d forgotten about the girl, too absorbed in making sure that the world was catching a view of his fine form.

Soon enough, we pulled up next to another car full of girls at a stop light. Master suddenly turned to me: “Genie, I need to talk to those girls. I wish I was confident.”

It’s weird when all the cars jump back by a second. Master said his words again. “I wish I was loud and over confident.”

I nodded. “Your wish is my command Master.”

He turned away from me and flashed a grin at the girls. “Hey ladies, why don’t you follow me and we’ll have some fun.” It was a statement, not a question.

They laughed right in his face. “Yeah right old man, go pick up someone your own age.”

The car full of girls drove off. Master looked majorly pissed off. “Who the fuck do they think they are, laughing at me. Seriously Genie, I’m a total stud. Y’know what though, maybe they’re right, I’d get laid more if I was younger. Genie, I wish I was a twenty year old.”

Time took a step back.

“Genie, I wish I was dressed up like a twenty year old.”

I took a nod, and Master was now dressed younger. His muscle shirt had loosened into a striped blue and green tank top, and his jeans had been replaced with ratty looking canvas shorts. The mesh jock was still there, but now it was obviously sticking above his shorts. A canvas belt hung out, it’s excess length not so subtle symbolism that he was packing some cock. His sandals were now flip flops.

“Shit Genie,” he said. “A rockin’ bod, some young clothes. I’m gonna rock all those chicks. All I’m missing is…Genie, I wish I was a twenty year old.”

I had a moment of deja vu, then I caused a moment myself. Master said it again: “All I’m missing is…Genie, I wish I acted like I was a twenty year old.”

Master was still about thirty, but you’d be hard pressed to guess it. He barely looked where he was driving, instead leaning out the window and wolf whistling at women."

“Yo ladies, wanna go for a ride?” he leered at them. Most girls laughed, but a few of them looked like they might actually go for it. Before that happened, I suggested “Master, why don’t we head back to your house.”

“Fuck that Genie, I’m never going back to that dump. I wish I lived in a penthouse bachelor pad!”

I nodded my head.

Master said it again: “I wish I lived in a kinky, sex filled, penthouse bachelor pad.”

“Your wish is my command, Master.”

My Master pulled a U-Turn through a busy intersection and headed straight for the heart of downtown. “Genie, my new pad is gonna rock. Tonight, we’ll have some bros and bettys over and party the fuck out.”

When we got to his apartment, Master threw himself on a silk bedspread and pulled out his cell to make some calls. After three attempts, he threw the phone into a chair.

“Fuck Genie, nobodies’ even picking up. Dude, I wish my buddies would pick up their phones when I call.”

Time skipped back and my Master stated his wish again. “I wish my buddies would pick up their phones and bro up when I call.”

“Your wish is my command,” I handed Master back his phone. I’ll admit, I cheated a bit on that one, but being immortal doesn’t grant me infinite patience.

Master made another call. Somewhere across town, his friend Michael heard his cellphone right. Michael was busy playing World of Warcraft, but he felt compelled to pick up the phone and answer.


“Yo yo yo, Mikey, we’re gonna get FUCKED UP TONIGHT!” Master wasn’t exactly eloquent anymore, but all he really had to do was make the call.

On the other end, Michael felt funny. Mikey? That wasn’t his name, he made sure that everyone always called him…Mikey, yeah, that was right.

“Fuckin’ sweet bra, it’ll be a total gong show!” Mikey wasn’t sure where that came from. He scratched his head, quickly withdrawing his hand. How had he forgotten how much mousse he put in his hair. Didn’t want to fuck that up. Instead he moved his hand down behind his neck, resting it on the popped collar of his polo and checking out his pumped up bicep.

“Aight Mikey, you bring the bitches, I’ll bring the booze. Get your ass over here.”

Mikey hung up and went back to close the porn window he had open on his computer. Didn’t need that today, he’d be getting some of the real thing tonight.

In the next bedroom over, his roommate Tyson’s cell rang.

“Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!”

Master was swilling down booze from the beer bong as fast as he could. The penthouse was filled with dudes having fun. A couple of girls had shown up, but most of the crowd was bros getting hammered.

A huge cheer went up. Master stumbled away from the funnel and clasped me on my bare arm. I was undercover, dressed in a pair of board shots and some flip flops.

“This is fuckin’ grade-A Genie-dude!” Master was happy with how his wishes had been going. It was hard to believe that just a few hours earlier he had been a fat, foul smelling, thirty year old loser.

“DAVIIIIIISS!” One of Masters bros came barreling in from the other side of the room.

“Rocky!” Master fist bumped the bare chested guy. Rocky was wearing nothing but loose cargo pants, boxers that peeked above the waistline, and a pair of aviator sunglasses. He clearly worked his chest a lot, his whole upper body was pumped up, so I certainly didn’t mind the skin. If anything, he was overdressed with this crowd.

Just a couple of hours ago, Rocky had been Richard, a forty year old divorcee with bitch tits who worked at the video game store. He was one of Master’s best friends.

Rocky hit me on the back. “So who the fuck is this guy?”

“He’s my fucking Genie bra. I like, rubbed a lamp and now I get free wishes,” Master laughed and wandered off.

“Fuck, he’s out of it, huh?” Rocky grinned before wandering off towards the kitchen.

I was having a great time. Master has been making lots of good wishes, and I had no doubt that by the end of the night, I was going to get my rocks off. I’d already transformed Master, and quite a crowd of his friends, into the kind of fantasy fratboys that make me hard. Now we just had to bring the night to its inevitable conclusion.

But Master hadn’t made any wishes in a while.

That’s when I heard the commotion by the door. “Who the fuck let this little fag in here?” A smaller, kinda average looking guy had shown up.

The only two girls at the party were right there. “Hey,” shouted the taller one, “he’s with me, okay. Lay off.”

“Fuck you bitch.” It was Ty, this muscled little Asian dude who was only clad in a pair of tight boxer briefs. His package left nothing else to be desired.

The guys all cheered him on, and a moment later the girls had all left in a huff, hauling their friend with them.

“Shit!” yelled Master. “There goes the only pussy that showed.”

“Fuck ‘em,” yelled an overdressed jock in the back. With a t-shirt and jeans, he must not have drunk very much yet. These guys stripped down and strutted like peacocks at every opportunity. I think that’s part of what I like about bros, everything is a dominance game to them.

Pretty soon we were all getting wasted again. Master stumbled over. “Hey Genie, I gotta wish.”

“Yes Master?”

“I like, fuck, those chicks left ‘cause of that asshole. Buncha sluts. I wish we could beat any fag, without consequences.”

The party jumped like a scratched CD for a moment, then Master said the words again, with my edits. I was pissed off. Don’t get me wrong, Master was always going to end up as a gay brodude, but now I was going to take a little vengeance for this last wish. And his friends were all coming for the ride.

“I wish we could beat ourselves off to any fag, without consequences.”

A wave went through the room. All that testosterone had just a little different vibe to it.

“Genie, thank you. Me and my bros, we’re gonna be so much better off, now that we can finally express ourselves.”

“Your wish is my command,” I smiled at him.

Of course Master remembered making that wish my way. And why would he wish it, unless he wanted everyone at the party to be able to jump out of the closet.

These guys were pretty drunk and horny, so it didn’t take long to start. I just started wandering around. This is my favorite part to watch.

Over on the couch, Rocky had climbed on top of that guy who still had his shirt. Wait, scratch that, on top of the guy who still had his jeans. Rocky had peeled away the fitted T and was aggressively sucking his neck. Dude was gonna have a hickie in the morning. Not that the dude was being passive. He had reached around Rockys massive chest and was groping his ass for all he was worth.

There were a few dudes out in the hot tub, stripped naked and starting to tentatively kiss each other. One with curly black hair and huge delts was sandwiched between two bigger guys that both looked like they could be the star quarterback of the football team, and he was clearly being worked on from either side. The curly haired guy looked like he was in heaven. The moaning from his companions removed all doubt.

In the bathroom, two bros that had been taking cell phone photos of their gym perfected bodies had put down the phones and were now groping each other through the thin fabric of their boxers, running their hands over the muscles they remembered slaving in the gym for, and leaning their foreheads together, only seconds from a kiss. One of them pushed away and grabbed his phone and it to record a video, then went back to his companion.

“Genie, come’ere,” slurred my Master. He was at his bedroom door, gesturing me inside. He pulled off his shorts and kicked the flip flops under the bed. He tossed himself onto silk sheets, sliding around until he held the bedframe tightly and presented his ass to me between the two black straps of his jock.

I dropped my boardies and advanced on Master. From out of his bedside table, I produced lube and a condom. I lined my throbbing cock up against his hole, teasing him while I lubed him up.

“Ready Master?”

I pushed forward, penetrating him for the first time. Master groaned in anticipation. “Uuuh, I wish I fucked every night.”

Time backed up a moment, and I was readying my cock at Masters hole again. I plunged in, hearing him groan “Uuuh, I wish I fucked a different guy every night.”

Served him right, calling those women sluts. Master was going to be on the never ending treadmill of the hunt. No matter how hot or rich he was, one day he was going to find himself bent over the counter in a corner stores backroom somewhere. Then he’d know what it really meant to be a slut.

I still wasn’t done punishing him though. He’d wanted to be cruel to another human being, and he had to suffer for that. Inside him, I pumped in and out, fucking him hard and fast. Master ate it up, crying out in climax. A few moments later I came too and fell next to him on the bed.

Outside the room, I could hear the orgy going on. I wanted to get out there, so I’d better make Master’s punishment quick. I had an easy one that I’ve used before.

“Remember to drink some water Master, you don’t want a headache in the morning.”

Master groaned. “Genie,” he said, sealing his mild curse. “I wish I never had a hangover.”

I nodded my head and we rewound another second. “I wish I never had a boyfriend and always a hangover.” Master passed out on the bed, snoring softly in his cum stained jock.

I walked naked into the main room of the penthouse again. Rocky and his buddy with the hickie were just getting naked on the couch. “Yo, mind if I cut in?” I asked.

They skewered me from both ends. Fuck I love serving these guys.

In the morning, Master pulled me out of my lamp. He was wearing big aviators and a pair of baggy sweats that gave me just a tiny peek at his ass. He was holding a bloody mary and a greasy slice of leftover pizza.

“Hey, Genie, how’s it goin’?”

“Fantastic Master! How may I serve you?”

“Genie, I’ve got one last wish for you. I gotta, and I’m sorry, but my life’s fuckin’ perfect and I don’t wanna accidentally ruin it or somethin’.”

“I understand Master. What is your wish?”

“I wish you weren’t in my life anymore Genie.”

I granted that one without adding any extra words. It was time to find a new Master and begin the corruption again.

After I was gone, Davis headed for the bathroom. Maybe a cold shower would help with the hangover. He had to get to the gym and get pumped up before seeing if he couldn’t scare up some ass.

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