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Noel, the protagonist of "Destination: Utopia" goes through the final step of his integration into the system. Inside the maintenance-chamber, he receives the final touch to become a B-Drone. How will he react to the heavy modification he'll undergo?
6/6/21, 4:26 PM
He is finally on his way to become a fully functional drone. But at the moment, all Noel can think if is the bodysuit which he was fused into. The rubber on his skin is not only covering his genitals in a separate sheath. It has another function he's going to experience.
5/15/21, 10:53 PM
Our protagonist - the young, tall and beautiful Noel - is close to a major step in the process of his integration into "the System". He's about to receive a very special kind of clothing, worn by all drones in "Utopia". But he has to pass one more step without 107's assistance: The final analysis which will determine the drone-type he's most suitable for.
3/13/21, 1:59 PM
A few readers approached my friend on Twitter and asked for more content about "T-Drones". In this special chapter of Destination: Utopia, a character of another universe finds himself being dragged into the system against his will.
9/20/20, 12:47 PM
Our protagonist Noel underwent the first, more or less exhausting analysis successfully. Until now, Noel didn't notice any major changes in his personality. However, the system is constantly working on improving his (already high) acceptance for becoming a permanent servant in a new society based on happiness and pleasure.
8/16/20, 2:17 PM
Will our protagonist meet the same fate as the other boys inside the chambers around him? Is 107 really as kind and as trustworthy as it seems? Read the recent chapter of Destination: Utopia and follow Noel on his journey!
7/26/20, 11:42 AM
Everything you need to know about T-Drones, as seen in "Destination Utopia: Noels Journey"! Special: Interview with "107" - Noels assistant-drone tells us a few details about itself!
5/20/20, 9:21 PM
Noel follows his assistant-drone deeper and deeper into the labyrinth of the system. Still barely clothed in just some thin, rubbery underwear which, as he learns, serves another purpose besides preventing him from walking around on his bare feet and with his private parts exposed. Follow Noel into sector 0C and join him in unveiling yet another secret of Utopia.
5/16/20, 9:06 AM
Our protagonist continues on the path of his integration-process. With each step he takes, he takes a step deeper into the system. Utopia is, as Noel will learn in this chapter, not exactly what everybody thinks it is. Slowly but surely, the nanobots inside his body prepare him for his transformation into a drone. Yet, it's still not uncovered what the purpose of all the drones is.
2/29/20, 9:33 PM
Things get serious for Noel. Our young protagonist will be introduced to the first assets of the system with a "penetrating" behavior. His body will receive the first changes and later on, Noel will get an idea of how large "Utopia" actually is.
2/17/20, 10:53 PM